Watch This Lovely, Charming Animated Short

    January 30, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Every now and then, an animated short will come along that just charms the pants right off of you. “Paperman” has that quality, and it’s also got a lovely retro feel thanks to the black-and-white animation. The lighting is gorgeous, too, and will draw you in from the moment you start watching.

The short takes a sweet look at fate, love at first sight, and paper airplanes, all while drawing the viewer in to a spectacular view of a city. Take a look.

  • Patrick

    What can I say but WOW! Thank you for both showing how powerful animation can be and for making my day that much brighter…

    • Henri Charrière

      Are you shitting me?

  • Sheila

    I am not a mushy person but AWWWWWWWW

  • omer mallhi

    Shows your talent but more importantly your heart.

  • http://renko.marko@gmail.com Marko Renko

    Come on! Waaay over the top at the end. Started great…ended crappy.

    • Dpac

      True that

  • Marshall Neill

    Great story and the animation was spot on. To those who think this is a silly animation, IT’S ANIMATION for crying out loud. The story was great.

    • Vincent

      Actually, just from the animation and the story, you can easily tell it was a Disney film. The beginning of the story was quite nice, but it ended very cheesy and “forced”. Far from what I could call great. Disney is simply unable to create anything special, as far as I’ve seen them. The only thing I did like was the black and white color and the impressive lighting.

      • htk

        They’ve done their job if you can tell it was a Disney film.
        What kind of ending were you hoping for? The main character goes back to his menial job?
        I’d be interested in knowing what your idea of a “special” animated movie is.

  • nicole

    i cried

  • josh

    i enjoyed it from start to finish, including the credits.

  • http://goodrockmusics.blogspot.com peter ojo

    this is good animation

  • Mikey

    I think it’s excellent, moving, the best short that I’ve seen. Exactly what Disney creates, in the simplest of things pure magic of fate itself.

  • Ricos

    Keep America Tidy!

  • Adam

    And that’s how i lost my job… honest!

  • Leanne

    If you liked this search “Signs” on youtube, a similar short story :)