Warren Sapp’s Mansion Up For Auction Due To Bankruptcy

    October 4, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Warren Sapp, former NFL defensive star, is seeing his Orlando mansion go up for auction as part of his bankruptcy case.

Sapp filed for Chapter 7 back in April, saying he owed $6.7 million to creditors, but didn’t have the assets to back it up. Although a Florida judge discharged his bankruptcy case in September, he’s still looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tax debt, child support, and alimony. His $7 million dollar mansion will now be put up for sale as a means to an end.

The 10,000 square-foot house, located in the upscale Lake Butler Sound neighborhood, was built in 2005 and includes four bedrooms, a pool with a water slide, a movie theater, and a two-story wine cellar, among other amenities.

Sapp told reporters that he hadn’t wanted to file for Chapter 7, but had no other options.

“Do you think I wanted to declare bankruptcy?” he said. “Do you think, if there was any other way possible, I would have done it? It was either this or go to jail.”

  • http://yahoo bucknaked

    Go to jail deadbeat dad

  • dean

    Well you decided to PLAY & NOW the wife is going to make you PAY!

  • Robert Smith

    Well it’s about time Warren was pulled off his pedestal. He has treated everyone like crap and has no remorse. Karma is a bitch. No love brother. Bubba Army.

    • http://ROBRO.COM R BROWN

      HEY;SAPP, LISTEN,AS LONG THERE’S A God you can make it, so don’t look down on yourself and forget them folks cause if they had it there blow it too ,cause a fool and his money will soon depart,remember we can’t take it with us when we die so enjoy

  • Eaglesfan

    Well well well Warrrrrren Sapp, you said one day that you would close down the Vet, and you damn sure did, in heartbreaking fashion, Well now your being closed down, in heartbreaking fashion? So tell me Mr Sapp, how does it feel?

    • Bucsfan

      Seriously, Eaglesfan? still bitter after all these years. You got beat and so did your best shot at ever winning a superbowl.

    • B-Man

      Add to the list of folks that will be looking for the gov’t to support them..

  • Nancy

    I thought when you file bankrupt your house and car are protected?

    • juggles


      • MLW

        Not if you can’t pay things that are not protected like student loans, child support, and taxes.

        • sross

          Not entirely correct…in Florida, which is considered a HOMESTEAD state, they can not touch the house you live in unless it is to pay a purchase money mortgage. Even in bankruptcy, the house is protected, regardless of who or what you owe (as long as it’s not your purchase money mortgage, and they still work with you on that)

          As Warren said, “it’s either this or go to jail” He was talking about his child support and taxes. You can and WILL go to jail for not paying those. Soooo…it really wasn’t because of the bankruptcy TAKING his house, he just had no choice but to auction it off to avoid going to jail on the child support and taxes.

          • ACECORONA

            The only problem i have with warren is he is a dead beat dad.
            Other than that, Good luck warren

  • juggles

    couldn’t have happened to a nicer dbag!

    • johnsnare

      Here is a man, who probably never lived in more then maybe five rooms, as a kid, and he needs a mansion.? What goes round comes round. The big bucks are temporary, and welcome to the real world friend. How does living in a mansion, make your life any better.? How many rooms do we all actually live in.? One. the family room or the den, and visit the kitchen when we are hungry, and the bedroom to sleep, or have sex. Reality has a way of being a culture shock. Please, Warren do not screw up your day job.

  • http://whitfolks Dean Ford

    hahahaha trying to be a Baller and you got no $$$, Your History and Karma is a Bi@#$

    I guess you wont be brushing your shoulders off, and Popin your collar anymore

  • Dirty Dan

    Warren say’s, all of you can “Kiss his ass”!!

    • MLW

      Why is this news? This happens every day. Some athelete filing bankrupcty because they have no financial sense.

    • jazziearms

      lots of love and prayers for u warren sapp.i used to hate u when u hurt steve young,but i have become a big fan of u as an agnalyst.inside the nfl really sucks without u.good luck ,god bless

    • http://webpronews teya

      and I totally agree with u!!!!! kiss his BIG BLACK A**

  • Down with the Vickness

    I think we now who the real “retard” is now. Guess what Warren it isn’t Brandon Marshall. You were good at football and that is it. You are a terrible analyst, and despite your best effort to be the “Charles Barkley” type analyst for the NFL you cannot pull it off. Just go away lard a55.

  • Will

    I love it, big mouth Sapp gets what is coming to him, How do you feel? Old, slow and broke. LOLOLOLOLO

  • Buddy Rogers

    “There is one thing I want everybody to know, and that is, to a nicer guy it couldn’t happen.”

  • Thy name is Karma

    Karma was a little slow on this one, but he always shows. Sapp has always been his namesake from scUM on. No class, all mouth, deserves every bit of it. Hope he stakes out a nice box under I-4 and makes a sign that says “Will run my mouth, dance and cheap shot you for food.” L…OH…L my freakin’ butt off.

    • http://yahoo jeff ella


  • babygirl

    I hope that he can get the finacial part of his life back on track, because regardless to what people say he did work for that mansion. I just wish that all these professionals would take a better approach to managing their money. Just because you have alot does not mean it will not run out. I wish the best to you Warren Sapp!

  • Casper

    Well well well….. You reap what you sew……Karma will bite you and it HURTS… funny thing is ur still being nasty and you broke

    • jbloe

      it’s sow, not sew, knucklehead!

  • Tom

    Sure, when you’re still playing and getting paid these expensive over priced homes are fine. When the player retires or stops playing it’s time to sell and move out to a smaller more affordable home.

  • TKaro

    I guess Money Management was a course you slept through in school,who balanced your checkbook? cracker jacks, Next course humility 101 since you aren’t playing football anymore.

  • al


    • http://SudlerReallEstate sergio martinucci

      So he filed a Chapter 7……does that make him old,slow and dumb.?

  • Ben Dover

    A two story wine cellar? Sapp (the name fits) sure is particular about his MD 20/20, grape flavor of course.

  • http://yahoo jeff ella

    WHY is always the black athlete.yea, i know some white ones also,but rarely

    • thundercat 22

      @jeff ella you just don’t hear about the white athlete because when it’s bad news it’s always the black man, good news it’s white who control the media the white man.

      • BigMike

        Ella YOU ARE AN IDIOT..To piggy back whaT the gentleman was saying. 97% of the media is white. They often publish what they want you to think/believe and influence idiots like you to believe what THEY PORTRAY. For example, up until I was 8 I thought Christopher Columbus discovered America, and that Egyptians were White. Why, THAT’s ALL THEY published via books, movies, etc. Now I most certainly dont feel bad for Sapp, but he is not the only one to blow alot of money. P>S> THIS COUNTRY IS FREAKN BROKE, and over 90% of the 50 states are on the VERGE OF BANKRUPtCY..Blacks didnt have ANYTHING to do with that. IN FACT THE FREE LABOR of the BLACK, CREATED THE WEALTH OF THIS COUNTRY. If you look at statistics of millionaires that file for Bankruptcy, the % that are Black would ABSOLUTELY SHOCK your ignorance. Ella the Web ALSO can be used to EDUCATE/ FIND FACTS, so stop using it to spread ignorance.TY

    • marvin

      Jeff Ella, it’s more white guys going through the same than you see published. Every time something is published about a black person some idiot has to throw in race. That’s one of the things that’s wrong with our country now. So divided, I can assure you that there are many more whites filing for chapter 7 than any other race in this country. You are the ones that invented this, so just as soon as a black person files, we get criticized and call all sorts of names. If you can’t find nice things to say about people just mind your own business.

  • robert sewell

    I now see how warren got his last name !! HA HA

  • jbloe

    Did anyone see “Broke” on ESPN recently? It is all about jocks who go broke and why. This is a big problem in athletics, and society in general.

    Until people get some financial sense and reject the empty hypermaterialism this country shoves down your throat every day through popular culture, it will never stop.

    Still, tough to feel sorry for someone who makes millions and then blows it all through sheer greed & stupidity.

  • thundercat 22

    These former players are not smart instead of majoring in P.E and black history try majoring in accouting or finance.

  • _JIM_

    What is it with these athletes and bankruptcy? Sapp made A LOT of money while in the NFL, and I mean A LOT. Not only did he have his team salary, he had endorsement deals along the way also. These guys are supposedly college alums. All of them attended college of some kind. Even though most jump to the NFL before they graduate. Maybe they should stick around school that extra year or two. The NFL should have mandatory courses for each player to have to take before they can sign a contract. It would be in their best interests to learn how to handle that much money and not just blow through it like it’s always going to be there. Sapp should’ve been set for life on the money he earned from playing. I think it’s pretty sad that this is happening to these guys just because they don’t know any better and blow it. Or they get taken advantage of by family or friends wanting them to either give them money or invest in some business that is destined to fail. Smarten up NFL. Start taking care of and educating your players!

  • Gilbert Beyrouti

    Warren Sapp is getting what the hell he deserves. The guy is a moron.

  • Chris

    Screw it, it’s his fault. Should have managed his money better. He made a shit load of money during his time in the NFL, no reason he should be broke.

  • tim

    What do yo expect from an uneducated idiot that probably can’t spell his own name

  • HaHaHa

    Remember the cheap shop on GB Packers lineman Chad Clifton, dislocating his hip. Sapp yelled at the GB coach, “Put a jersay on!” when Sapp was confronted on camera. Ha Ha to you sap. Cheap shot this now.

  • bob patch

    “Do you think i want to declare bankruptcy” . Its not my fault. 30-40 million isnt alot anymore. Boo hoo.

  • James

    I played 5 years in the NFL, didn’t make anyway near Sapp’s pay. I have a nice home, nice cars and it’s all paid off. My rookie year I did buy some dumb stuff but then I grew up! Invested and now I sleep in, spend time with my wife and kids. The NFL’s pension takes care of the rest. Sapp is a nice guy,after the game. He plays till the whisle blows, that’s football. Sapp, the whisle just blew. GAME OVER!

  • BigDaddyMoCheesePuff

    What an idiot….once they take their jocks off the air must stop flowing to their brains.

  • Smitty

    To all of the Mr. Do Rights, no one asks to be in a situation and even Trump fell into some trouble years back no one said he was an idiot. Seek facts before you judge or you will see judgement amongst yourselves.

    • ryk

      Ditto, ditto!

  • brian J

    Most athletes make big money but also pay between 30 to 40% in federal tax, then you pay state tax in every city you play a game(visiting team) that has state income tax, agents receive 4 to 10% of the athlete’s playing contract and 10 to 20% of the athlete’s endorsement contract,you still have to pay your lawyers, accountants and financial advisers.
    Let’s be nice and say out of 30mill you get to keep 12mill. You still have to buy a home cant be a mill plus,car,property taxes,vacations,family(mom,father,sis,bro etc),close friends and don’t have a woman she spending 30 to 50% by herself on miscellaneous bs.
    The key is to live a modest life with only a few major purchases and hopefully no major bad investments keep the children number down as well as the number of wives and you might be able to live comfortable after the game and still live lavish.


    Dead beat dad…not cool. Other than that, God be with you Warren.

  • Monica

    Warren Sapp’s sneaker collection was auctioned off!!! I have never, prior to his BK filing, seen a person’s clothing and/or shoes auctioned off to satisfy a bankruptcy trustee. It seems as though the court is truly out for blood with him.

    I cannot sympathize with him for being a deadbeat dad and continuing to live such a lavish lifestyle without making proper provisions for his children and even his ex-wife. Maybe had he taken better care of his family, he wouldn’t have landed in this predicament.

    Brian J’s comment was spot on. People need to realize exactly how athletes are compensated. Between income taxes, managerial and agent fees, financial planners commissions, etc., these guys are lucky to see 1/3 of the income they’ve generated from what most people consider to be lucrative contracts. It is easy to pass judgment on people when you aren’t in their situation, but considering the average athlete doesn’t earn tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars throughout their career, and the average athlete’s pro career is approximately 3 years, Warren Sapp is an exception to the rule.

    There are too many tales of athletes going broke (ESPN’s 30 for 30: Broke is a good reference) after their professional careers end. There are also too many stories just being disclosed with regards to the illnesses and injuries, some permanent and life threatening, that these men are forced to live with as a result of their years of playing the game, all for a spectator’s enjoyment.

    Be a GOOD man. Take care of your family. But I certainly hope Warren Sapp makes it through his bankruptcy in one piece.

  • http://girlygirlyformayor.com rob harter

    we pay athletes and moving stars way too much. i mean jay leno has how many cars……….noone needs 10 bedrooms or mansions for that matter. the ego plays a huge role. and personally when i see the ego rich go down i love it . i live in a studio apt and am happy………. money will not buy happiness its true.

    • desmond

      you don’t see jay leno in bankruptcy court either.

  • http://yahoo Regina

    calling all athletes, “it doesn’t take a genious to be a millionaire”, use common sense and you’ll keep your millions in tack, use condoms, pay your taxes, pay your bills on time, only marry if you want to share your millions. COMMON SENSE GUYS, START USING THE RIGHT BRAIN.

  • http://yahoo Regina

    calling all athletes, “it doesn’t take a genious to be a millionaire”, use common sense and the right brain and you’ll keep your millions in tack, use condoms, pay your taxes, pay your bills on time, only marry if you want to share your millions.

  • http://yahoo Regina

    calling all athletes, “it doesn’t take a genious to be a millionaire”, use common sense and the right brain and you’ll keep your millions in tack, use condoms, pay your taxes, pay your bills on time, only marry if you want to share your millions.

  • that Guy

    I played in the NFL for 12 years I made about 70million i got to keep about 28 million i built my own home 3000 sf my land cost me about 30,000 and me building my home cost me about 50,000 I have been with the same woman since i was 15 we have 2 kids that are both grown now my net worth is about 19.2 million guys it can be done I wanted my money to out live me.

  • http://believersunderground.whynotnews.eu/ Scott BUG

    OTC Con, and credit default insurance con! AIG to big to fall. Makes it a idol. incorporation legal rights of a person 1917 to big to fail, makes it by legal diff. a legal living Higher Power. a demigod a idol. which means wall st. is a FALSE RELIGION. Earth it’s self will wipe it out. Post Glacial Rebound Effect. prof/past/ed/vlog/radio Scott (BUG) CAS BDS

    • Steve

      @Scott – wtf are you trying to say? How about a complete sentence somewhere amid all the rambling phrases. You sound like a demented high school cheerleader…

  • frank brennan

    What a loser Sapp is. Not only does he not speak English, but he probably has lost count of how many children he has fathered. I use the term “fathered” loosely. What a POS.