Warren Sapp Stiffs Waitress, Explains Reasons


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What's the protocol for tipping at a restaurant if you've received poor service? According to Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp, the protocol is to stiff the waitress.

Before we condemn Sapp to the Hall of Shame for customers, let's take a look at the facts as they have been reported. Sapp and some buddies went to Upper Deck Ale & Sports Grill in the Miami area yesterday to watch the United States versus Belgium World Cup match.

They ordered She Crab Soup, jumbo wings, a Reuben Sandwich, a bucket of Heinekens, french fries, and a Margarita Pizza. The total came to $69.39. Sapp charged the bill on his credit card. In the spot where a customer is supposed to tip on the receipt, Sapp wrote in an enormous "0." He also left a note for the waitress that said, "Boys don't tip."

Here's a look at the receipt which the waitress posted online:

Sapp is coming to his own defense in regards to stiffing the waitress. First, he says that the waitress kept calling him and his friends "boys." Apparently, Sapp does not like to be called a "boy." Additionally, the Hall of Famer said that the service was so bad that they left before the World Cup game even started.

TMZ Sports contacted the restaurant and spoke with the manager about the incident. He said that the waitress who got stiffed and posted the credit card receipt online would be punished. "Regardless, famous or not [the bill] should never have been posted. It should not have happened."

The manager also stated that they are "going to have to deal" with the waitress. However, he would not say whether or not she would be fired. The manager also reported that the restaurant has been inundated with mostly negative calls concerning the incident.

The Twitter reaction has been mixed. Some think that Sapp was in the right for stiffing the waitress, while others are condemning him. Many have even posted negative comments about the waitress for putting the receipt online.

What do you think? Have you ever completely stiffed a server for poor service?

Image via Wikimedia Commons