Warren Buffett Joins Twitter in the Best Way Possible

    May 2, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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When you’re one of the most successful investors of all time with a net worth of well over $50 billion (one of the richest men in the world) – what’s there left to do?

Join Twitter, of course, That’s what Warren Buffett has done, and he arrived in the most epic fashion of any business magnate I’ve ever seen:

With well over 20,000 retweets, we can can that Buffett has already made a splash. In just 3 hours on the social network, he’s already amassed over 133,000 followers. He’s not yet following anyone, however. It’s verified, so we know it’s really him.

He’s already received a big welcome from another guy you may know, who is also new to Twitter:

Welcome, Mr. Buffett!