Want To See 37 Minutes of Gameplay From FIFA 14?


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Of course you do, regardless of what @YourTitleSucks might say about the title. Considering the previous successes of EA's FIFA franchise, a 37-minute gameplay preview is probably unnecessary to convince people to buy the upcoming release. It could, however, address fears from those who are wondering why they should buy this year's copy. Or confirm them. Nevertheless, the extended "trailer" has been released, and it consists of footage taken from EA's Gamescom 2013 showing.

The first half of the video, hosted by one of the most awkward presenters in history, features two "professional" FIFA players--the video game, not real life--who go at each other on the pitch. The action was naturally recorded, which gives us our gameplay preview. During the second portion of the video, another host takes over, and the awkwardness disappears, replaced by a little bit of attitude. Unfortunately, the second half of the video is done entirely in German, so if you aren't bi-lingual, you may not get much out of it, save for more gameplay video, which is probably the only reason interested parties would be checking out the almost 40-minute video.

With that, here's an extended look at the gameplay features players can expect when they load FIFA 14 on the PS3:

For my money, hearing the frantic German banter as the players try to get the upper hand is worth the price of admission.

As for the video, has EA shown enough to secure your purchase? What about if you bought FIFA 13 last year? Have you seen enough to warrant another $60 purchase? FIFA 14 will be available on PS3, Xbox 360, and the PC on September 24 (in North America; the 26th for Europe). It will also be available for the next-gen consoles shortly after their respective launches.

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