Waltons Reunite at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles

    May 30, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Waltons reunite: There’s a phrase that will make fans of the Depression-era drama extremely happy. I grew up watching reruns of the program on a local station with my mom, and while I didn’t appreciate the show at the time, it has definitely grown on me over the years. There’s a certain warmth to the show that has rarely been recreated, and listening to the family tell one another goodnight is akin to a warm hug from an old friend.

“The Waltons”, which ran from 1971 to 1981, is still quite popular with fans despite the fact that it’s been off the air for a few decades. Of course, reruns have helped keep the show alive in the minds and hearts of its countless fans. The Hallmark Channel, for example, has introduced the program to a generation that is simply too young to have seen the show during its heyday.

In order to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, all of the surviving cast members are gathering at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre for a discussion panel entitled “The Waltons 40th Anniversary: Celebrating Family & Education” on Saturday, September 29th. Since it’s been rather difficult to gather all of the actors in one place — several reunions have been staged over the years, though it was always sans one or two of the key members — this is the sort of reunion fans have been waiting forever to see.

Michael Learned, who starred as Olivia on the show, recently told TV Guide, “This reunion, I think, will be the first time that every single one of us will be there… We all loved each other and still do. We were very lucky. I can’t think of anybody who isn’t grateful for being part of it. We really were a loving family and I think that came through the screen.”

Scheduled to appear are Learned, Ralph Waite, and Richard “John-Boy” Thomas, as well as six other children, series creator Earl Hamner, Jr., and a slew of guest stars and recurring actors. Proceeds from ticket sales for the reunion will go to California’s Environmental Charter Middle School, where one of the show’s child stars is now a principal.

Unfortunately, there’s no word if the event will be filmed for broadcast.

  • patsy

    I never missed an episode of the Waltons, especially loved grandpa Walton!

    • Fitzzz

      Remember how shocked we all were, when we found out grandpa was gay

  • September Brown

    I absolutely LOVED the Waltons! I watched it with my family when I was young. I missed it so much, and wanted my children to see and appreciate the show as well, that I have the whole Walton’s box set on DVD. I would sooooo love to attend the Reunion, but oh well! I’m glad that they are getting together.

  • Rita

    My family watches an episode of The Walton’s on DVD every evening at 9PM. It is a wonderful way to end our day. We have wondered if the day would ever come when we could look forward to seeing all of the Walton cast together again. It is our hope that this event can be filmed for broadcast.

  • bumbo

    Grandpa was a fruity as they come. A true gay poofter.

    • tdurberville

      Which no one, (except possibly his family and friends )knew. back then. I never heard until after he had died. I certainly never would have guessed.

    • Kit

      He was also WONDERFUL!

  • Tonis

    I never missed an episode. I had such a crush on John Boy and I loved how Olivia and Ralph were still in love after being married for many years. I’d love to be able to attend. Loved Grandma and Grandpa too. I missed them after they had passed.

  • Marti

    I loved the waltons and still watch in reruns. I have been to Schuyler to see the walton museum. I even named my last child Schuyler just because I loved the name and the Walton’s. I can’t wait to see this reunion if they show it on tv I will certainly watch.

  • Sue

    There were 2-3 other actors that played John Boy. Will they be there as well?

    • tdurberville

      Robert Wightman took over the role for Seasons eight and nine. Richard Thomas returned to the role in the made for tv movies that followed the series’ cancellation. It is doubtful that Mr. Wightman would attend the reunion.

  • Tina

    I love the waltons keep showing them

  • Tina

    I love the waltons keep showing them

  • Alaska Logger

    got all the seasons except #9 and the movies – engrained the show to my kids and they moaned and whined – but now they live it – Love the Waltons…good example to teach the kids..

    • http://yahoo Diane

      you are so right!

  • http://www.BrightonRock.net Greg

    Erin was pretty hot, with her red hair and yummy pale and freckly skin.

  • http://yahoo Diane

    I adored Jim-Bob! I grew up in an even bigger family and was jealous of all the love and closeness they shared. Now all we see is silliness and unrealistic dialogue.

  • Bill

    I grew up with the Hamners. Some of them were my neighbors. I didn’t appreciate the Waltons tv show as much when I was a kid, but now that I am grown I love the positive messages the shows convey and long for the days when television was more about family than ratings. Thank you Earl Hamner for creating an endearing show and thank you to all the Waltons cast members for making it a reality.

  • Robert

    Loved them. A family staple in our home for many many years. Thank you all.

  • http://www.webpronews.com Judy

    Love Love Love the Waltons! A better time and a better place.

  • Brenda

    I watched the Waltons growing up and I still enjoy the reruns.. its a timeless classic that I will always love..

  • John

    Richard Thomas got a break doing the Walton’s but to my knowledge is the only one that has not visited the site of the real Walton’s home place. Wonder why? Is he to good to show up at the scene of the real site that brought him this fame and fortune? I’m sorry if you have made an apprearance since I visited the location!

  • Kit

    Tell them they HAVE to film it and broadcast it!!! Please!!!

  • Colleen Johnson

    I’m such a fan of the Waltons. I had to go and see Earl Hamner get his Doctorate at the University of Cincinnati, sense I live only here, in Norwood Ohio a few minutes away. He might remember me. I was the one who yelled out good night Earl. Anyway can you film the reunion. I know fans would want to see it. Have fun and I love every one of you.
    Colleen Johnson

  • John E.

    These shows are timeless such as ” The Walton’s ” and ” Little House on the Prairie ” Westerns were dismiss and family dramas were part of our In fact TNT is bring back in retrospect the Young men OF “Dallas ” this Summer. I hope someday they make a retrospect of either The Walton’s or “Little House” and bring it into prospective Such as 1900’s into the War years. This could be project of the children of yesteryear of those shows. cable Satellite or the internet can promote such shows. this Live Action or Entertainment I can do without.Plus People stop stereotyping other GOOD Actors. It’s like urinating on Will Gear ( GRAND PA Walton ) grave site.

    • Eli


    • donna

      their real name was not walton……it was hammer….you are not related to the real family or you would have known that…

  • phyllis

    i loved the waltons. my grandparents and i use to watch the show all the time, and i still watch it. i’m actually related to waltons on my grandmother’s side of my family. her mom’s maiden name is walton. we use to sit down and watch the waltons and then my grandparents would tell me stories of when they were growing up. it was the best time of my life. 😀

  • http://webpronews/life Belinda

    I love the Waltons.You can feel the love of God.Such warmth and love coming from them.The best inspiring show ever.You almost feel like you were there.The actors fit the characters perfect.Great work the writers did also. Thank you for putting together a wonderful show for the world to share.

  • Dave

    I have 4 small children and have no television because I need to protect them from all the bad things they could learn from watching it. However, The Waltons is one of the few shows they can have unlimited viewing of on Youtube. And they love it! I will always miss Will Gere. Thanx and God Bless.

  • http://yahoo Ellen

    i grew -up on the waltons,and i have always thought it was a fantastic show,in fact we used,to watch it with all 5 of our childern,and now with some of our 13 grand childern,.that live with us ,.we just the the show ,i wish you could bring it back ,,mrs langworthy

  • Theresa

    That was when TV watching was good. I still watch the reruns. It is a good escape from the hustle and bustle of today’s life. You can watch and escape to the simple times in life.

  • Butchboy

    Erin was my first TV crush… Then I moved onto the likes of Lindsay Wagner and Lynda Carter, but I will always remember my first…

  • donna

    the show needs to be taped so all of america can watch it since we all love the show so much……i loved that show when i was a kid and now watch the reruns every day……. i would love to see the reunion! it would mean the world to me…..i am a child of the 70s and think i earned the right to see this reunion just by having been a fan for 40yrs of this show! i want to see this!

  • selideh fundinger

    When at first went to United States I did not understand much the language, but shows like The Walton’s, Little House…make me learn fast because I wanted to know what was happening, thanks to God I learned I enjoyed so much, many laughs and tears that now make very nostalgic of those yrs. of good Television…God night, John boy, good night grandpa…..good night everybody…

  • Migdalia

    I still watch the reruns of The Waltons. I love the show. I was in love with John, he was and still is a very handsome man. Also love Grandpa, even though he was “gay” he was my favorite “grandpa”. Hate Corabeth, she was a stuck up. Elizabeth was my favorite daughter of The Waltons. She is very cute. Adore Olivia, she was a devoted “mom” and she payed her character very well. Very good actress. Everybody was nice.

  • Linda

    Loved watching the Waltons in the 70’s and still love watching it now. Thank goodness for Hallmark for showing quality shows that are wholesome and entertaining. What better influence for children than shows like The Waltons. The Waltons had their difficulties, arguments and hard times, but always the support and love for each other. The other cast members were also endearing. Loved Ike and Corabeth. How sweet and funny the Balwin sisters were. I do hope they record the reunion so we can see the remaining cast together again.