Walmart Truck Prototype Is Eco-Friendly And Badass

    April 2, 2014
    Toni Matthews-El
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Have you seen Walmart’s new prototype for their trucks? You should definitely take a look because the design is very impressive.

The prototype was unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking Show. Walmart wanted to show off the truck as proof that the company is making sincere steps to be more eco-friendly.

It remains uncertain if the Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience or WAVE trucks will ever become the norm. Even so, there are potential positives to take away from the prototype’s existence.

“[It] may never make it to the road,” wrote Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillion, “but it will allow us to test new technologies and new approaches.”

McMillion blogged about the project back in February, however the effort to make Walmart trucks more fuel-efficient goes back nearly a decade.

The company pledged in 2005 that the fuel efficiency of its massive fleet would be doubled by the year 2015.

The organization claims it has achieved greater fuel efficiency over the last ten years, improving to 84 percent over their 2005 baseline. With a fleet that contains approximately 6,500 tractors and 55,000 trailers, that is impressive.

In order to meet its original goal, Walmart must look at other ways to improve.

Enter the WAVE initiative.

The prototype is actually 4,000 lbs lighter than other trucks on the road and has 20 percent less aerodynamic drag.

The truck would grant drivers greater space and visibility. It’s ultra futuristic design makes it easily distinguishable, which could be an added bonus of generating buzz and attention for Walmart.

As for fuel efficiency, the WAVE trucks are meant to run on gas and electricity while cutting back on emissions quite considerably.

The concept is an exciting one, though it’s going to take a lot of money and adjustments to make it happen on a unanimous level.

For now there is no set date for WAVE trucks to be integrated by Walmart into their fleet of trucks.

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  • ckirmser

    “…as proof that the company is making sincere steps to be more eco-friendly.”
    Who cares?
    Their choice, but irrelevant as anything but a PR stunt.

    • n@n.com

      This is a stupid comment. Trucks that use less fuel and can carry more per trip are more ECO-Friendly. Walmart saves money on shipping, gets more work done with fewer trucks, and gets some media attention. Big deal.

      • ckirmser

        Like I said, PR stunt.

        • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

          And, they replace thousands of diesel trucks with more eco friendly trucks in the process, helping everyone.

          • ckirmser

            They won’t be replacing any trucks. Not with these Tom Swift toys, anyway.

            Unless everyone else does the same, and all repair centers are tooled, equipped and trained to work on these futuro-trucks, the unit, maintenance and repair costs will be prohibitive making WalMart’s transport costs through the roof.

            So, again, PR stunt.

          • Upand Down

            It’s nice to see someone has common sense. Some one reality based. This is cool to look at, but totally removed from the reality of anything. I think the world has bigger things to worry about then eco friendly crap.

          • ckirmser


            I tried a stint teaching high school physics in an attempt to pass along those ideas, but it may be too late.

          • Kyle W.

            Like what? It’s amazing that you are that far separated from reality. Humans can live successfully (some would argue more so) without technology, money, vehicles, politics, walmarts or any of the modern conveniences you seem to think are more important. However once the Earth is destroyed, we are done completely. Seems like “Eco friendly crap” should be priority number one. That being said, this particular incidence does seem like a PR stunt or at least just a band-aid that does not look at the root cause of the issue…

          • killatree

            This kind of stuff is the reason why “eco” anything sends chills down the spine of any thinking person. It’s not enough to have a balance, but the environmentalists talk fondly of injurious extremes. It has become more religion than science. The Earth is being destroyed? No, it’s not. Not even close. That’s hyperbole and dogma. We can live successfully without technology? What do you base that on? If you fall and hit your head, it’s technology that brings the ambulance, that makes the medicine, that takes the x-rays, that allows the surgeons to have the quality instruments to save your life.

            Without technology, we start dying – our children start dying – from what are now everyday, innocuous afflictions. That is fact.

            The high priests of your ecoreligion once told us the Earth was cooling. Then they said it was warming. Now they say it’s just changing, and we need to accept ALL weather as proof of the greed and carelessness of men. And yet it seems you still have so much faith in them that you would die for your religion? I don’t, and the lives of my family are too precious to go on faith in fallible men.

          • Cutbelly

            Agree that this is mostly a PR stunt. However, things will change. We’re not going to have the same shipping reality as we have now for the next 100 years. Innovations like this will eventually happen and they will matter. Economics and environmental concerns can sometimes work in tandem.

          • guest

            Walmart does their own maintenence so it doesn’t matter what everyone else does.

          • ckirmser


            WalMart builds ALL their own parts?

            Without the entire industry buying these trucks, unit costs would be prohibitive.

            Why should a truck manufacturer construct a factory and the tools and jigs required to build a vehicle, then train the required workers and build up a supply of necessary parts just to serve one client?

            How do you not recognize the huge logistical costs involved that would not be spread among a large customer base?

          • Anonymous Patriot

            You say eco-friendly, and clearly believe it to be something other than a buzz word for the ignorant. If you knew anything or bothered to do something other then regurgitate sound bites and buzz words you would know that diesel trucks are much better for the environment than the horribly destructive hybrids.

            You people need to start looking at the big picture and use some critical thinking. Producing tons of toxic waste and poisons to make a battery that will last maybe 150k miles before needing to be ‘recycled’ (disposed of) is not a better deal for the environment than a diesel engine that requires no major pollution to produce and will run 1 million miles or more over it’s life.

            Your house is probably full of those deadly CFL bulbs, not even caring that if one breaks it is technically an official hazards materials spill. Look up mercury poisoning, learn a few things.

          • donschneider

            May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits and the sacred waters of the ganges back up into your bud-light you narrow minded maroon !

          • Arsal

            Im sorry but you are absolutely ignorant. Diesel is a much better alternative then Gasoline, it produces much less hydrocarbons and toxins after the combustion process, why do you think the rest of the world uses it so much. These new electric hybrid b.s. mobiles are going to be the true source of our environments destruction. Disposal of these batteries takes a much heavier toll on the environment then any 1 million+ mile diesel truck. FYI im an automotive engineering major and active member of the Society of Automotive Engineers so I know what I am talking about unlike you and most others like you who speak out of the seat of their pants.

          • Cutbelly

            Hybrid vehicles are a stepping stone towards new fuels and new modes of transportation. Many believe that peak oil has happened. Regardless of your stance, we do not have an unlimited supply of fossil fuels and we have to look at cost savings and efficiencies to help with the decline. Thinking like this does not automatically make you a weak livered pinko commie. It makes you a smart citizen.

          • Semper Fi

            Cutbelly, actually hybrids are not a stepping stone. Rather than asking you to believe me, go to google or bing and search on first electric car, then come back and try to explain why in 100 years we’ve gone from first flight to putting a man on the moon, but have not improved on the first electric car from over 100 years ago. The technology has been squashed. There have been cars made that can drive from FL to NY on one quart of water from the ocean. Cars that have driven across Australia using nothing but the sun as fuel. These last 2 were done more than 20 years ago, and yet there’s still not one car or truck on the market with these innovative ideas. So when I see something like the Wal-Mart truck, it’s cool looking and I wouldn’t mind driving one, but it’s not a stepping stone to anything other than using a little less oil when it could have been designed not to use any.

          • Cutbelly

            What saddens me most is the word “environment” and “green” are code words perpetuated by the media to mean left wing and threatening to the American way of life. It’s hog wash. You can be a great citizen and hard worker and still look to help make the planet better.

          • Anonymous Human

            I don’t want to ruin your passionate rant, but you are not looking at the big picture here mate either. But you are on a good start…

          • donschneider

            BFnD , and all the while they are destroying the human ecology !

          • Chris

            That’s actually PR crap. Fuel in the number one item driving up prices on everything. Everyone is becoming accustomed to higher prices. They lower fuel consumption, their profitability margin gets higher. If you think this is “helping everyone” you couldn’t be further from the truth. They are a publicly traded company.

          • Just another Jones

            Diesel fuel contains more energy per once than gasoline, is cheaper to produce, and is less volatile than gasoline. That said a diesel hybrid truck would be “more eco friendly”

          • Jesse Douglas

            As someone who works in the industry, the only thing the eco modifications have helped is the mechanics who have to fix the damn things because they can’t hold up to wear and tear in a work environment. Or the dealerships who sell the equipment to companies who are being forced to purchase them on the off chance their equipment might enter California.

        • Mr. Bags

          of course it’s a PR stunt! a concept car or truck in this case is nothing but a concept (never to be seen again).

          • brokenpinata

            Or will be absolutely wrecked on it’s way to production. Anyone remember the Aztek? Concept show vehicle was pretty awesome; production version? Ehhh….

      • Nickhail Jordan

        “[It] may never make it to the road,” wrote Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillion. It is a pr stunt if they never implement it. Who knows what it cost them to make this? Toyota and GM do the same thing as well in car shows. They show off a concept or a prototype car and we never see it on the road.

      • Dave

        Trucks only get about 4 miles to the gallon when they are loaded. Saving 20% is a game changer for business and the enviroment. If you ever travel our Interstate system you will see thousand of trucks everyday.

        • Reboog

          Many designers are looking at ways to increase diesel truck economy one tenth of one percent — for a HUGE trucking/transport company, that .1% adds up over time to SIGNIFICANT fuel cost savings — with the side benefit of fewer emissions. In business, its all about volume.

        • matwood17

          As an OTR driver of 16 years I can tell you that a driver that only gets 4 MPG is not going to be kept in any fleet today. New trucks are getting 9-10 MPG. And a gas/electric hybrid may be OK for a class B lightweight, but it’s never going to be able to pull 40 tons across country, there’s just not going to be enough HP and torque available (and the reason for using a diesel is the immense difference in torque provided over a gasoline alternative.). As for larger load capacity, the size of the trailer is limited to dimensions set by the feds. The max that can be run in any state for a single trailer is 55′ length. Height and width are set at 13’6″ and 8’6″ respectively. Bridge laws set the axle length from trailer axles to the kingpin by axle weight, so the amount of tail overhang even on a 53′ trailer can be a problem. If you put weight on that overhang, it will throw the load weight off so far even sliding the tandems all the way back to the max allowable will not allow enough weight distribution to make your axle weight legal. And none of us want even more damage to highways and bridges than we already have simply to allow a truck to carry more load.. So no, you are not going to get any more “capacity” out of a trailer than what the laws currently allow. The only thing here that makes any difference is the aerodynamics and weight, which may add a small fraction to the efficiency. And yes, for a large fleet like this 0.5 MPG per truck amounts to millions in fuel savings a year for the fleet as a whole. Don’t look to see anything like this in a small fleet unless the price drops a vast amount. Yes, as well, the logistics of maintenance availability would make start up costs prohibitive and the availability of fuel. You can’t fit a 13’6″ tall truck under most auto canopies, and none of them are set up with master/slave pumps for dual tank operations. Don’t look for anything like this on the roads folks, I just don’t see it worth the costs involved. And trucking is just like any other business, there to make a profit.

          • Denim Diesel

            Electric motors are the ONLY motive force provider that provide 100% available torque at 0rpm. How much more than 1850 lb-ft do you need in a class 8 OTR? The nat. gas micro turbine can charge a battery that drives the propulsion motor. Hey, trains have been pulling tons like this set-up for decades. Care to reconsider?

            Denim Diesel A.

          • matwood17

            No. For the size of the turbine, the motor and the size and weight of the battery for a truck, no. They would be prohibited by the weight of the freight they replaced. A train takes forever to accelerate because of this configuration. Are you going to make truck only through lanes all over so they don’t have to speed up and slow down? This configuration is OK for a train that has miles upon miles of proprietary track, but not al all practical for a truck in constant traffic. Have you ever driven a hybrid car? No more weight then they have, try to pull it up a hill and see what you get out of that hybrid configuration (the reason a train has to have 4-6 engines slaved to a master to climb a mountain.)

          • POdVet

            You both have a point, but I think a dual power hybrid would be feasible. Use the diesel power for initial acceleration, then once up to speed it switches over to diesel electric for cruising. The main problem I see with it so far is too much glass and no sleeper. As an OTR driver you know truckers are not going to want to be in full view of everyone all the time they are in their trucks. This would effectively end the coke bottle urination method of avoiding frequent rest stops. That costing drivers time which for them is money!

          • Diesel Eng

            I don’t think you have a clue about the torque of a diesel/elec locomotive. It accelerates slowly because its usually towing 3 Million Ton. However an single power unit can accelerate from 0 to 45 MPH in about 10 sec

          • 13 speeds

            P.R stunt,.. 25+ yrs driving OTR A diesel electric semi tractor would never work,heat would be the main issue. Traveling 68+mph with up to 40 tons in 115 degrees aint easy.But you say bullet trains! Have you ever seen 1 go up a hill like the Grapevine? Incorporating a stator for electric/battery powered “refrigeration” may work for the trailers. Diesel A+ couldn’t have explained better.

          • donschneider

            Another Walmart apologist has spoken, all hail !

          • Wendy in Westchester

            Great post for us non-truckers out there! thanks

          • Bryan Manx

            That’s the exact same thing that steam locomotive engineers said about diesel engines.

          • matwood17

            And Ford said the Edsel would be the next best thing in automobiles too. Poor ideas poorly designed and thought out don’t always equal the best product.

          • Cutbelly

            What do you see happening in the next 20 years, or 50 years in trucking? This WalMart truck may never get rolling but these concept pieces need to be made so we can continue to move towards the future. They are ideas.

          • matwood17

            Sitting at a computer throwing out ideas without asking those that operate the vehicles 24/7/365 over all 48 lower states in every type community and weather condition gets you nowhere in design. It may be great for ergonomics, and for aerodynamics, but there are certain aspects of truck design that would best be left alone. As I said, the center cockpit design was actually made and put on the streets. The test failed miserably. Evidently these designers haven’t learned from history what does and does not work.
            there have been good design changes already. Once again ergonomics have been taken into consideration in cockpit design, aerodynamics have improved, the use of small generators to reduce fuel consumption when idling, emissions reductions, etc. I can see even more improvement in those type areas. They have put in computers now to float gears making the vehicle act like an automatic, and electric clutches to remove the clutch pedal. This results in greater fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs. A lot of really good ideas in the last 15 years. Sensors around the tractor to help eliminate some blind spots (a technology that is now being used in automobiles that was developed and perfected by the trucking industry BTW.) I continue to see good things happening to the industry, I do not see the cab design of this vehicle to be one of them.

        • donschneider

          Easily led around by the nose eh ? Please go back to watching Faux Gnus and leave the thinking to those more capable !

      • kevin bennett

        Until they set an actual date to put these on the road? i’m sorry but the other poster is right, this IS a PR stunt.

        • Bryan Manx

          When you display some effort like this at a trucking show its an attempt to shift the market. looks like a PR stunt but in truth Wal-mart benefits big time on fuel saving trucks.

      • Anonymous Patriot

        Vehicles that rely on “electricity” are far from ‘eco-friendly’. Do some research on the reality of electric vehicles. The damage REAL damage they do to the environment being built and their actual inefficiency on the road.

        Trading clean efficient diesel vehicles for gas/electric hybrids is nothing but a PR stunt to impress ignorant low information self proclaimed environmentalists while killing the thing they proclaim to care about.

        Ridiculous hybrid tractors are even stupider than the ridiculous Priusi, have fun trying to get 1 million miles out of a hybrid battery. Talk about toxic waste.

      • donschneider

        Another Walmart Weasel ! Can’t see beyond the end of your nose still ?

    • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

      I don’t care what walmart does, but anything that reduces emissions in the long run is good. Even if you don’t shop there or care for walmart, there are still thousands of trucks every day supplying these stores.

      • matwood17

        In the US alone, AUTOMOBILE emissions more than triple that from Diesel powered trucks. If you are going to start preaching emissions, it would be a good idea to research the subject first. Trucks are NOT the problem, millions upon millions of automobiles are. And the emissions have nothing to do with fuel economy either.

        • Deerediesel

          Me and you are on the same page. There are still so many people that think all of the dirty emissions and air pollution come from all diesels and trucks- because that has been preached for last 30 years…well 30 years ago they were dirty. You are right I wish more people would do some research on todays diesel engines, the emissions out put is less than most gasoline engines. Its funny to see peoples reactions when they hear a class 8 truck gets 5.25 to 7.5 mpg….but that same truck has 450-600 hp. 30-40 years ago you had 250-350 hp trucks getting 3-5 mpg on their best day… thanks to technology and EEC those days are gone. Anything they can do to improve emissions and fuel mileage is a big plus, but it needs to be practical… unlike such emission reduction systems as EGR…They sure went backwards when applying that set up to diesels- and everybody that has never worked on a diesel engine equipped so is going to say otherwise. EGR in a diesel is self destruction installed at the factory…. has caused a lot of people downtime and hard earned cash for unnecessary repairs. sorry not trying to change the subject- I was just adding to the fact that something so advanced as the drive train in a truck like this will not be practical for years to come.

          • donschneider

            And you keep missing the point, that Walmart is making another meager effort to draw attention away from their horrible human rights record !

          • Deerediesel

            I agree with you 100% …I am not a fan of Walmart and me or any of my family shop there.

          • BladeRod

            You’re right , Deere D. , not only egr, sucks, the DEF as well ,and its cost at least 12 x gallon , if the def is below, than 30% truck slowing down, worst case, shut down for it self, but guess what , def is made of 90% of water and the rest is urea, so you can pee on it, add water an move on .

        • Anthony Romano

          The two stroke snow mobile that was due to be banned was put back on the market by bush. One snow mobile put out the same emissions in one day as 500 cars would in a month. Thanks Bush.

    • Adelaide Dewberry

      Does this mean they can pay their emps. a decent wage?? No? Then who needs it?

      • ckirmser

        If one does not like the wage they offer, then one is free to seek employment elsewhere.

        If one is still unable to find a job, then perhaps one gives the value of one’s work too much credit.

        • donschneider

          Get your head out of Rupert Murdoch’s rear-end, and can the cheap ridiculous talking points provided by these Nazi Chlorella !

          • ckirmser

            Just because you can’t see out from Obama’s colon, doesn’t mean the rest of us are in the dark, buckwheat.

    • sholl

      The only problem is that this is not a prototype. This is a European truck that has bee in service for many years. They would just like you to think that. Europe is far ahead of us in clean technology.

  • L1011

    It reminds me of the Cyclops Bus from the movie The Big Bus.

  • xeevo

    With as little as the US pollutes these days, it really does not make much of a difference eco-wise…
    Innovation is always nice though. Even though this will be the ugliest truck on the road!

    • hereiam

      I don’t think that you drive past the same factories that I do…

      • twise09

        Relative to other countries, we really are not that bad…

        • Guest

          The US is by far the worst. China is on pace to beat the US though. China has more then 3x as many people as the US and they still haven’t polluted as much as the US.

          • twise09

            By no means are we perfect, but China does contribute more pollution than the United States.

          • donschneider

            Because they are working diligently to meet the contracts for cheap plastic crap for Walmart ! They only way they can do it is by ignoring reasonable environmental standards. Let’s not forget the source of this greed !

          • Mia

            WOW are you wrong! I was watching the news the other day about the pollution in china. And just about everyone was walking around with masks on their face, because of the pollution! And if memory serves me right even the President had one! LOL WTF?! There is no way you can compare us to them!
            How about it so bad there that they are now making designer masks!! LOL

          • Charles Myers

            What? Where do you get your info? Forget it just keep drinking the Cool-Aid.

          • TimorReardonTaggert

            Where do you get your facts from? China and India are EXEMPTED from emissions controls at the moment.

    • GrayHarly
    • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

      Not sure why you think its ugly, I think its a great design.

      • matwood17

        The driver seat appears to be in the center of the tractor This lends to a blind side on both sides of the truck. With the driver on the left side at least they can drive in the right lane and have line of sight visibility on their left. The center seat design was tried before, and lent itself to more accidents. It also makes backing an articulated vehicle extremely difficult. It was dropped the first year it was introduced.

        • diesel eng

          That’s a stupid comment. I guess you haven’t seen it. New car designs don’t even have windows. The use of cameras and screen panels has eliminated blind spots and improved a drivers situational awareness. This truck has a heads up display that incorporates 360 degree visibility.

          • matwood17

            And it’s obvious you have never tried backing a 72′ long articulated vehicle. 360 degree visibility has nothing to do with it. Get your CDL, then drive for a while, and come back to tell me how great you think this design is. As far as being able to drive in a car with no windows, that doesn’t surprise me at all as a convenience for the amateurs that operate 4 wheelers and think they know how to drive. Many of them never bother to use mirrors or windows now without any special “devices.” And the only thing they know about the road is the 20′ of space in front of their vehicle.

  • Robert McGuire

    So will this employ Americans or is walmart gonna import everything from china like the goods they sell?

    • filioscotia

      No matter where Walmart’s goods are imported from, they still have to be trucked to several thousand stores in all 50 states. Fueling its trucks is one of Walmart’s biggest operating expenses, so I applaud them for looking for realistic ways to cut those costs.

      • Lookin4Some65

        “Fueling its trucks is one of Walmart’s biggest operating expenses…”
        Do you know anything about the business world? Their payroll costs alone dwarf what they spend on fueling their fleet. What they spend on diesel fuel is a rounding error on their balance sheet…

        • Simpy

          Do YOU know anything about business Genius?
          You would not find diesel fuel EXPENSE on a BALANCE SHEET. Back to ACC 101 you go…….

          • matwood17

            ACC 101 would have taught YOU that expenses ARE a part of the balance sheet, and diesel fuel costs are expenses. Back YOU go … And there I go with teaching what I presume to be a 4 year college graduate basic accounting with my silly little AA from an independent college. Sheesh, I thought teaching debits and credits on the accounting formula to a 4th year student trying to understand advanced accounting was bad.

          • Name

            actually no Simpy is right. Expenses are on an Income Statement. A balance sheet has no expenses

      • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

        And a way to help the environment. If all of the wal-mart trucks were replaced, imagine the impact.

  • twise09

    Wow, Walmart is so nice! No wonder their logo is a smilely! We can just forget about that fact that they outsource just about everything, and pay employees next to nothing.

    • WhatHappenedToUS

      It would be awesome if they paid their employees more for their entry level jobs – then they could pass that cost to us and raise their prices. (sorry for the sarcasm – just tired of this entitlement-driven nation) How about they pay minimum wage for minimum wage work – and keep their cheap stuff cheap for the people who can’t afford but to shop there. If you want more than minimum wage – learn a trade and build a bridge, repair a road or run plumbing. Gerrrrr…….. Rapture cannot come fast enough.

      • ceithor

        Way to show some compassion there. Good thing the “rapture” is a fairy tale, because you wouldn’t be going, hypocrite. And by the way, I’m a software engineer, so I make way more than minimum wage, but I started out there, so I do feel for those who have no other options.

      • twise09

        Hmmmmm….”Learn a trade, and build a bridge,” because LOGIC.
        Secondly, there are plenty of other stores with the same price as Walmart, but the people who shop there are too dumb to think about what they are purchasing. They just think, “oh walmart is cheap, I will shop there.”
        Lastly, to say that you hope I go to hell, basically, while knowing nothing about me, misinterpretting what I am trying to say, and thinking I am “entitled” just shows your ingnorance. (I’m sure there is a real nice spot for you in heaven)

    • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

      Their business practices aside, if they implement this on a large scale, its good for everyone.

  • Guest

    looks like a killer whale

  • BryanB

    This isn’t new and Walmart didn’t create it.

  • to so few

    Looks like a prototype “collection” vehicle for FEMA to gather up the subjects to be reeducated.

  • Obama Lies

    $10.10 minimum wage isn’t going to life anyone out of poverty.

    • Mike Betts

      It might not “life” anyone out of poverty, but if such an employee were to take the initiative, it can be a stepping stone to something better.

      • Obama Lies

        Minimum Wage is a Stepping stone. PERIOD

        • CorporateEvilDoer

          Easy way to tell if a company pays well enough beyond your jingoism. Are the people working there highly competent? I think everyone knows the answer to this re: Wal-Mart

          • Brian

            you tell me how 90,000,000+ people out of work and those at mininum wage can find a better job, just isn’t feasible even if everyone *learned a trade* can’t have 100,000,000+ extra doctors, technicians of some sort and so on with there hardly any of those jobs out there to begin with lol

  • http://www.ajharaldson.com/ Andy Haraldson

    It looks cool enough, but Wal-Mart would more wisely spend the money on employee compensation.

    Truth be told, I think Sam Walton’s kids and grandkids–collectively worth about $100 billion–would rather saw their limbs off one at a time than pay their employees gainfully, because it just ain’t no fun being filthy rich if everybody else isn’t dirt poor.

  • Ford Truck

    I hope it saves enough diesel to make it worth driving such a butt ugly truck!! .

  • Just Someone

    See what the inhumane treatment of animals for food and a little child labor can get you?? (of course the claim is that these don’t happen, but every few years, lies are exposed..) But hey good job walmart. If the environment goes to sh*t, those little 10 year-olds wont make enough money to feed their families….

  • Katherine Bryant

    Well if there saving money maybe, They won’t have the excuse not to pay better wages. As for the trucks if all company’s start buying these type trucks It will make a difference.

  • Sparticlistic

    Walmart has, over the years, worked with truck makers to improve the fuel economy, durability and cost of their transportation equipment. Unfortunately the federal government has slowed their progress towards these goals repeatedly with emission controls,regulations, as well as other non revenue generating required accessories. This prototype is a nice fantasy. The design would be incredibly expensive to manufacture. I would like to see the President of Walmart try to back it up at a loading dock (zero visibility, even with a camera), maneuver around a parking lot/traffic/city roads or just drive it on the highway. He probably would not want to pay the labor hours that would be required to work on/get to the engine. However, it would make a great model truck for kids to play with, or for a movie. I’m sure the government pay a fortune to buy one.

  • Dave

    All you people who beating up on WalMart for outsourcing and not paying their employees are nothing but hypocrites. Everyone of us have purchased stuff manufactured overseas simply to save money. Walmart pays it’s employees a starting wage and a better wage if they perform at a higher than minimum standard. Paying stupid people who don’t earn what they are payed to do more money isn’t the answer. Pay people what they are worth and half of them would starve to death! The other half would be happier for not having to work beside stupid lazy people who drag everyone down.

    • twise09

      Yeah and you’re really smart for believing the world is black and white.

      • Reboog

        Maybe not so much “Black and White” but the line between “Right and Wrong” is becoming far too blurred.

        • frank907

          Never try to teach a pig to sing! It is an impossible task and it annoys the pig.

    • frank907

      You nailed it, Dave.

    • Megan Welles

      I’m a former Wal-Mart employee. I worked my way up pretty far in my store. I can’t speak for the company as a whole, but a little motivation and hard work gets you noticed and gets you promoted. A little knowledge of their how their systems work can get you very far. Lazy, lazy employees complain about not getting paid enough and work very hard at finding ways out of working hard.

      I might still be there if people had a better work ethic. You get paid better for your performance, and that’s a fact.

  • http://www.myspace.com/belindashort belindashort

    Here’s to hoping they actually hit the road

  • derpman


  • CorporateEvilDoer

    So that’s where the possible employee wages and benefits went.

  • jobless

    Beautiful… and the price is????

  • Chris

    were making sincere steps to be more eco friendly by creating a fuel efficient futuristic looking truck that by their own words ““[It] may never make it to the road,” wrote Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillion. That’s like saying Im going to use less gas in my daily life by formulating a plan to cut my driving then discarding the plan without using it… And this guy is the president and CEO of a company.. Sheer intelligence always seems to rise to the top doesn’t it….? duh

  • CoyoteMan50

    Similar designs are on the roads in Europe made by Volvo and Saab-Scania. A catchy design that has many possibilities in the US.

  • bimbamboo

    If WalMart can save money on fuel, the company will be able to boost wages for its employees.

  • Charles Myers

    Where are the mirrors? What trucker would ever drive this thing?

    • frank907

      A trucker that knows how to turn on the video cameras.

  • adakquack

    What’s a ” Wal Mart” ?
    Is that where “Wal- Martians” live ?
    and U can live in the parking lot ,
    and the store ” stinks” of something unknown to human smell ?

  • boogie man

    this truck is racist

  • creepella1964

    From the comments I am reading, it doesn’t sound like any of you actually watched the video. This vehicle was designed by recognized trucking companies. So I am going to imagine it meets all the specs required to be able to travel on all us roadways.

  • rocker

    this is a very interesting design looks like a car on the bottom and a monorail on top. Glad its eco friendly! dont no whether to be weirded out or interested.

  • Jason Stewart

    Wow that looks expensive, But with a majority of Walmart employees on government assistance, it almost pay’s for itself…

  • Mike

    What a horrible design to be eco freindly. I expected more from the biggest retailer in the world, and there not even rolling them out. What dicks, and also why isn’t it 100 % electric stopping at fuel station is a waste of time and money oh you have a 53 foot trailer oh thats so great why dont u smack some 150 square feet of solar panels on there…. oh we made the trucks aerodynamic what a leap in technolgy that so incredible that you can shape plastic like that, I’m not even gonna comment on why your not doing that allready….. how long has wind been around for. Oh fucking forever…. so inherntly ill assume they were smoking crack when they made the fist design OR the dont give a fuck about the environment and they want your money because they are the shit of this earth FUCK YOU WALL MART. go smoke some more crack

  • Wendy in Westchester

    Wow, how about paying their employees humanely and allowing them benefits???
    This is going to spoil Walmart’s day. The backlash will be enormous. Good Luck

  • John Tuttle

    That thing looks like my vacuum cleaner. Will it remove cat hair from the highway as well?

  • allworld212

    If you know anything at all about concept vehicles, you know you only see them at shows not on the road.

  • disqus_4Fqze84bkd

    made in china

  • Blackwood

    BADASS? more like UGLY ASS…….

  • Jim Newberry

    now I know why Walmart is closing some of its stores to pay for some crappy knight rider look alike cousins.

  • Tim

    What truck driver would want to drive that!? I feel for them man.

  • Ernie Mink

    WOW, this is the sickest and greediest company ever, because first of all most of their groceries are GMO’s in the first place, more than 54 percent of the crap Whole Foods banned from their stores to sell! Second, because of the Clinton era and his greedy selfishness, he caused acts like NAFTA treaty and moving jobs overseas, which ruined our economy going forward! NAFTA also prevents a business from having to tell the truth about everything, such as whether or not the features in the televisions are really true or not true. Like saying the high definition television has 120 Hz or 240 Hz motion blur correction, when it is really fake and does not really have that feature! There are ways to find out if the company is lying, but why should people have to do that? This is why America has gone from bad to worse, and it is not getting any better. For example, companies, and many consumers won’t upgrade from long dead, exploited, less secure and outdated Microsoft Windows XP to the most current version of Microsoft Windows because they are lazy, cheap and ignorant. And many companies have been hacked and they are victims of digital espionage (including customers accounts accessed through those computers). Then you have people who flat out refuse to learn anything about the computer, thus wasting all of our time on the phone, frustrating others more and showing how selfish and lazy they are because of it.
    So Wal-Mart decides to come out with this very expensive laid out beast of a truck when it doesn’t even pay their employees a good wage, (nor does most cheap tightwad companies), and they ship jobs overseas and treat their employees horrible!!!!!! This is why they have continuous lawsuits going on all the time, and you can see why! Wow, this is the most selfish, greediest and most ignorant nation that just drives people into the ground and refuses to grow up! They deserve what they get and what will come to them. Good luck. I don’t have the time or the patience for any of it anymore. I pity all of you like Wal Mart corporation!

  • Yimmy Gallo Sandoval

    Walmart only cares about growing the empire and keeping workers on government medical aid by not giving them any benefits for working them full time so they can qualify for them, tax payers are left paying for walmarts greed, Walmart is scared at the moment too because government aid bill is gona change and Walmart gets most of its profits from those people much of tax payer money is spent at walmat….this is garbage they are trying to paint a pretty picture that they care about the environment they don’t care about people its gona save them money anyway…that’s the bottom line….greed.

  • Matt

    Yes, it’s probably not about being eco friendly as much as saving the co big $ as fuel goes up, but! I hope someone has thought of putting a solar panel on the trailer roof to charge the battery all day!

    • nicandlucian

      lol after all there is plenty of space on the trailer for those panels, but with all the chem trails lately blocking out the sun will the panels work. (double edge sword)

  • Anthony Romano

    It wont seem like a PR stunt when the last remaining oil reserves are the ones that bring food to your grand children. The people who can’t pay the skyrocketing food prices will just have to do with what they can scrounge up.

  • Anthony Romano

    All it is is a lot lighter and more aerodynamic, Why would they need any more tools if the whole body comes off to expose the motor.

  • jack

    That looks like a train trying to swallow a corvette.

    • http://batman-news.com Evelyn Ada

      I see it as a bullet train mating with a camero. Maybe this is their offspring.

  • Bill Landsborough

    Where are the mirrors and the door latches? How do you access the engine and where is it? I just can’t imaging DOT letting this futuristic prototype on the highway without mirrors. I’m sure they use cameras but would you want a driver to rely on a camera to determine if the lane is clear to change into or not?

  • Mike

    When you make $37 million AN HOUR!, you can do cool stuff like this.

  • Atoms

    This is precisely the structure I’ve imagined for large trucks for several decades. Didn’t think about exotic materials. Centralize the driver to free up space for aerodynamic shaping. Lower his/her position; still high enough for good sightlines and low enough for aerodynamics. Better vision for the driver in the mirrors; easier backing into docks. Europe has been producing vehicles with clean diesel engines for some decades. There’s even a race car in Lemans style racing that has challenged the gas fueled cars. This reminds me of the high frequency stock traders we’ve been hearing about. Lots and lots of initial spending, but recovery of costs is steady and dependable. Why didn’t someone do this thirty years ago? No more cab-over “bricks” dragging freight down the interstate.

  • oleta

    It’s a stormtrooper helmet!!

  • val

    Im sure to make expensive trucks ..this will make their store prices go up.

  • colonellewis

    For the first year or so, the officers in every weigh station in the country would want to keep the driver for an hour or more just to oogle the rig. As a driver, if you don’t keep the door closed and the wheels turning you lose money. I would let the new wear off before I would drive one coast to coast because it might take weeks. Impressive rig though regardless.

  • neon5162

    so when they going to put real mirrors on it. im sure those dinky little things make it more arodynamic but you cant see nothing out of them and unless you have cameras set up every where there is no way you are going to be able to back that up without hitting something.

  • colonellewis

    With over 10,000 retail stores in the U.S., even if the trucks initially cost $500,000.00 each, the drain on each store would only be $50.00 which barely will dent the profits so I do not see prices rising over the trucks anyway. Now there have been other National problems that will make prices sky rocket out of control but that is another blog topic.

  • smarty

    there was a show on discovery channel like 10 years ago called “future car” had an episode with big trucks FULLY electric, designed by some european engineer, the tech is old, brainwashed americans just aren’t ready for it, like they said in the beginning.. this truck will never see the road as the norm..

    • M D

      fully electric 18 wheeler is a dumb idea.

  • colonellewis

    Backing could be a problem neon5162…I imagine the shake down run will find myriad engineering glitches and “we need to do something about that” statements from many people. Smarty is right in that the rig probably will not roll out in the way it is presently; but, the technology will improve the trucks under the hood anyway and like everything, takes time to get people to wrap their minds around the idea of a futuristic vehicles.

  • donschneider

    Fuck Walmart and the trucks they roll out

  • BusProf

    Walmart haters are really saying they want to pay more for stuff, when we all know this is a lie.

  • anticondocommando

    Will they be made in China like everything Walmart sells ?
    How about moving all production to the US eliminating the need for those massive container ships and 100,000’s of shipping containers.

  • BusProf

    If the truck had a picture of Karl Marx or Che on the side, most of the comments would be favorable. People who hate on Walmart for a hobby are really sad. I plan to shop there just to be away from the haters.

  • rickeyroma

    Putting all hippie tree-hugging feel good bs behind, what is wrong with making advancements in transportation…if there were none, we’d still be riding horse and buggies.

  • E

    kinda makes me think of a storm trooper helmet. Looks like the empire is gearing up.

  • Marthastew

    Looks as if an Amtrak engine landed on a corvette.

  • nicandlucian

    how much does one of these trucks cost again let me guest twice the cost of a regular truck. BS they said the same about electric vehicles (costing effective, better fuel mileage, eco friendly), and guest what in the end electric car cost almost twice as much as a regular one, even the average hybrid is almost or more than $10,000 than its counter part, fat cats figure out a way to get back from customers the money they would save from going electric or hybrid. Walmart is looking to cut off more of its employees putting more money in they fat cats pocket, haven’t they done enough to they employees already, i know some may say its just a PR stunt and this may be true to a certain point but these people have enough money to make it happen especially if it will save them millions in the long run. sorry truckers its only a matter of time, think customers self ringing registers next time you are at Walmart.

  • incognito

    Who cares? Why do people always argue over insignificant details? Especially online… The internet destroys us…

  • Marc M

    Anything that helps us buy less oil from people who hate us is a good.

  • BC

    These green initiatives do little to nothing for the environment. If everyone decided to follow every green initiative to the T we may save two days worth of CO2 emissions.

    Then you’re still left with the obvious truth that it doesn’t matter because CO2 isn’t bad for the environment.

  • nobody

    ok does it transform? LOL

  • James III

    The nay Sayers need to remember that all good ideas are proceeded by risky future ideas. I applaud futuristic ideas. A new more aerodynamic tractor and trailer. hurrah for Wal-Mart !
    I’ll bet the same pessimistic people believe space exploration a waste of money. Remember the astronaut being quoted in the sixty’s as saying when asked why he would risk his life for space travel ? Answered we gotta get off this rock we’re burning it up isn’t so far fetched today is it ?
    The next huge hurdle we have to face is the fact that we are running out of fresh water. No global warming huh ? Then where are the glaciers going ? What is the Colorado river doing, lake Mead, lake Powell ?
    Needless to say this country is in so much financial trouble it may be to late to turn it around.
    A newer idea in trucks is in the long run feasible and worth while !

  • killatree

    Badass? It looks like an electric pencil sharpener.

  • jeeves

    A cross between an imperial guard and aliens

  • Rod Iron

    Nice! But if nobody is going to build it then it’s pointless. Wal-Mart has the cash to do it all by itself and probably sell the tech to other manufacturers but they can be rather cheap!

  • pete

    its too bad they cut hours after employee’s get bonuses so its like they never got a bonus

  • SlyDog

    I like it for several reasons. Lighter weight, roomy cab, better visibility for the driver ,add up to efficiency, larger payload and safer vehicles with lower fuel costs and lower emissions. It’s a win win.
    I don’t think that truck manufacturers can ignore the possibilities. I remember when we made fun of the new “Ant Eater” design trucks in the 1980’s. Now everyone makes them and they are more efficient and safer than our old rigs.
    I think that this a giant step in the right direction.
    I am not a Walmart fan but thank you Walmart!

  • Name

    So instead of giving their workers better wages and benefits, they’re spending money on futuristic trucks that’ll likely never see the road. Color me unsurprised.