Walmart Shooting Suspect Arrested, Victim Still Critical

    August 14, 2013
    Shaylin Clark
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Police have made an arrest in the recent shooting of a Walmart employee in Neenah, Wisconsin. Forty-six year old Justine Boyd of Greenville, Wisconsin was arrested today on a charge of first degree attempted intentional homicide after allegedly shooting a 56-year-old cashier at the Neenah Walmart just before 11:15 Wednesday morning.

Boyd, who also works at the store, was identified and arrested while officers were still securing the scene in the aftermath of the shooting. The motive for the shooting remains unclear, but the women apparently knew each other.

The victim, whose name has not yet been released, is in critical condition at Theda Clark Medical Center. She was shot once in the torso. The victim was a cashier in the liquor section of the store, which is where the shooting took place. Unsurprisingly, given the time, there were no customers in the area at the time.

Walmart spokesperson Diana Gee told local news media that Walmart was working closely with authorities to figure out what happened, and that Walmart is sharing its surveillance footage with police. She also said that Walmart employees are prohibited from carrying firearms while at work.

Police and Theda Clark personnel are planning a joint press conference for Thursday morning at 10 AM to give an update on the victim’s condition.

  • rick eaton

    I guess if Major Nidal Hasan’s shooting incident at Ft. Hood was classified as “Workplace violence”, this latest Walmart incident will surely meet the criteria for “Terrorism.” On a more positive note, hope and prayers going out to the victim and her family for a full recovery.

    • robert

      a few months ago I was in a Wal-Mart self checkout. I paid for my items and asked for 60 dollars cash back. I forgot to reach down underneath and take the money. I walked out of the store and once I got to my car realized what I had done. I went back in the store and of course the money was gone. the store viewed the footage and said the person behind me took the money. even though they had video the police viewed it as if the money was just lying on the ground and someone picked it up. In other words there was nothing they could do. I was upset but there was nothing I could do. I feel like if the money is still sticking out of the machine then the store should be responsible. That’s a load of crap.

      • david

        Nope, the store should not be responsible for you forgetting the money. It was your responsibility to take it, and if you didn’t then that’s on you and you alone. By your standard, anyone could scam wal-mart by simply going to self checkout with an accomplice standing behind them pretending to be a stranger, then the first person requests cash back, “forgets” the money, and then person behind them (part of the scam) takes it. Then the first person would hold wal mart responsible, get the money and now first person and accomplice just got double the money. Such an easy scam to pull when it is not their fault you forgot the money. If it’s not their fault, then accept personal responsiblity and quit trying to hold others responsible for your mistake.

        • Benjamin

          At self checkout the computer voice says “Dont forget your change” before you can even leave. If you still leave it, you are a complete idiot and deserve to lose the 60 dollars, or you are scamming and you will end up in prison.

          • Dawnzo

            Not that I agree w/ Robert, but our checkouts do not talk to us and remind us of the money below. Just saying. But Robert needs to take responsibility for his own actions.

        • Suanna

          I think everyone is forgetting that Wal-Mart has cameras everywhere. There is security watching those cameras constantly and any scam or situation will be monitored. You might be unaware that security people are walking the floor among the customers at all times…you can look around but they look like any customer shopping. Wak-Mart is not stupid. I do not work for WM so I am just stating facts…not defending them.

  • Chris

    I won a broken PS3 at a raffle my local Wal-Mart was hosting, as a benefit for the Children’s Miracle Network…

    When I told the store manager it didn’t work, he refused to replace it… Run my story when you’re done with this one, please.

    • Craig

      So Chris, Did you enter the raffle to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network or to collect more crap for yourself? Just curious.

  • FoRealDoe?

    Cracker-on-Cracker crime!

    • jimmy


      • tazzz89103

        no one was black

    • http://yahoo Bara

      And you know this how??

  • http://yahoo Bara

    So glad WalMart is ‘sharing’ the video, seeing as how they HAVE NO CHOICE!!!

    • maggie

      Bara; Do a search on shootings at Costco…. Costco did not turn over tape of the Vegas shooting. Evently claimed had none. No tapes for 3 days? The shooting victim a West Point graduate died. Believe 3 cameras malfuntioned……………………

  • Wade Wilson

    Sign you’re a terrible writer and do not belong in journalism- you forge a sentence that reads “Unsurprisingly, given the time, there were no customers in the area at the time.”

  • nunya

    Posters on this thread….. are not intelligent.

  • Cassie

    Good thing I no longer shop at Walmart. Idiot employees and low life consumers.

    • Jennie

      Don’t you mean low life employees and idiot consumers?

    • Jay

      I only go into Walmart to pick up my online orders. The customer service is horrible and I don’t trust the quality of their food.

    • Dee

      That’s about the most idiotic statement I’ve seen! Idiots and “low lifes” are everywhere, as you have just proven ! Why blame Walmart ?

  • Nancy

    I know the person who was shot. Her name is *********** from ***********, dating a guy named ********* from **********.

    Author Edit: I have removed the personal information from this comment. -SC

    • kasey

      so why did she shoot her? how did she know her?

    • Lesley

      Did it make you feel special, giving out someone’s private information? You might “know” them but obviously you’re not a friend.

    • Katie

      Are you kidding me? Delete this now. This is bullshit.

    • Jay

      Wow, Nancy! So much for privacy. With friends like you….

  • Debbie

    Somebody please shoot Walmart, put them out of our misery.

  • b.J. Bordes

    Nowadays people just try to kill anyone anywhere. Their just like.. “Yoo, it was me! I did that shit! Ayo facebook, catch me on the news!”.

    • heisenberg

      *** they’re
      not their

  • Frank

    That’s what they get for also selling guns and ammunition……

    • sara

      Your an idiot

      • sara

        Sorry…*you’re an idiot

    • Dee

      Seriously … that’s about the dumbest thing I’ve heard!! Fleet Farm sells guns and ammo too … Scheels, and several other places!
      So, so much for putting the blame on gun rights!

  • Sam

    Or maybe this is a publicity stunt to make people remember that Walmart is still out their :)

  • Pete Nickerson

    So, what’s left out here? Give it all to us now. What are all the facts? Anybody with any sense call smell a snow job even when it isn’t snowing.

  • 4ever Hopeful

    Can we all just get along?… (Please?) Jesus said “Love thy neighbor” and God said “Thou shalt not kill”. I never imagined we would see the day when school kids would need bullet proof backpacks or that I should consider wearing a bullet proof vest to work or to go grocery shopping :(
    Are people losing their minds? I think personal justice in many of these situations is emotional overkill, no pun intended. Just let it go!!! :( Say I’m sorry when you need to and forgive people who hurt or offend you. Be kind to very one you meet. And when you recognize extremely abnormal emotional behavior, pray for that person’s mind and run in the opposite direction. Jesus still gives power to cast out devils! When did everyday life become a war zone?
    :( I’m just keeping it real.

  • Veronica and Family

    The question is why doesn’t tjis happen more often at Walmart? If you are not in a seething rage when you go in to shop, you will be by the time you check out.

  • sara

    I work at walmart and I’m so sick of people blaming walmart for everything. If you have had a bad experience with ONE walmart doesn’t mean they all are bad. Customers that shop at walmart have grown dependant on associates for everything. You want me to wipe your ass? Sure! I would love to come to your house and do what you do at my work! It’s bad enough that I have to smile and take shit from everyone, you might as well be respectful and treat the associate as a human being instead of a maid!