Walmart Flash Mob Destroys Merchandise, Starts Food Fight

    July 18, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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For those of you who often ponder just how genuinely fragile civilized life in the United States truly is, have a look at the raw video for the now-infamous “Walmart flash mob” that descended upon the retailer Saturday night located at the bottom of this article. All it took was approximately 300 rowdy teenagers to completely disrupt everything, and that’s with very little organization on the part of the would-be revelers. Just imagine what these individuals could accomplish if someone decided to channel all of this misplaced teenage energy into something productive. Silly me, being naive again. I promise I’ll keep that in check.

Let’s get one thing straight: This isn’t the modern, squeaky-clean flash mob you’ve seen on various early morning chat shows when you’re getting ready for work. No, this is an old-fashioned flash mob, one that shows up with very little warning to do whatever the hell it wants to do. In this case, these folks had nothing but mayhem and destruction on their minds, and that’s precisely what went down inside a Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida over the weekend.

After a nearby party was busted up by the local police force following an alleged shooting, nearly everyone in attendance decided to head to the neighborhood superstore. 300 teenagers suddenly descended upon the retailer, cutting a swath of destruction throughout the store. Merchandise was stolen, destroyed, or carelessly tossed about. At one point, people actually started throwing food at one another while horrified employees and innocent bystanders watched helplessly from the sidelines. Among the stolen items was an anti-theft security system, which proves once again that technology doesn’t stand a chance against unruly teenagers.

Although the embedded video is far from hilarious, it does feature a few chuckle-worthy moments. For instance, one guy can be heard telling everyone that he’s selling food stamps, while others proudly announce that they’re headed to Wendy’s following the impromptu gathering. Reports have also indicated that gunshots were heard inside the store during the chaos, though no injuries or property damage have been reported.

Police admit that no one was arrested following the flash mob’s assault on the Walmart location, though some of the teens involved will most likely face charges. Assuming, of course, the local authorities can locate some of the individuals responsible for this madness. If you’re curious to see the mob in action, take a look at the video embedded below. It’s a little shaky and pixelated, but you’ll definitely get an idea of what went down.

  • Presto88

    Why do we only see black kids doing this stuff?

    • Lena

      We don’t only see black kids doing this we just see thier destructive behavior in the media more to provoke racial tension. In a town close to mine we saw a similiar situation except the kids destroyed a school books, computers,broke windows etc it is just hurtful no matter what culture the child comes from our youth of this generation just seemed to have missed the memo somewhere.

    • Jeannine

      Exactly why is it we don’t have video of white kids doing this stuff it is a Black thing. And if one of these kids were to get hurt Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be the first responders. There is nothing political going on here. Just kids being kids right? LOL

  • Ricky Jones

    Because they are Nobama’s Youth and they are in his image. Imagine the senior citizens security having to deal with these Mondays. They are inbred monkeys who will always fail no matter how much social assistance. They should be rounded up and sent to Afganny

    • Lena

      Inbred? This is just to easy to even respond too but that too is a form of ignorance children are taught at home. There is a problem in America and it is not just blacks. Politics has nothing to do with this bull we see here. I bet half of these kids parents probably don’t vote or even care too. Not all blacks voted for Obama. I know this because I am an independent voter however, my son is a Republican. I asked him to explain his reasoning for being a Republican and he actually did and I support him as long as he himself understands why he votes that way and he does.


    I guess if obama had a son he would look like these foolish chimp.Wheres the outrage in the blacks community.bunch of low life heathens.

    • Lena

      Trust me there is a lot of outrage in the black community! The problem is the parents are getting younger, no fathers, no education, and the elders who leaders are dying off. This generation has been desensitized. What pisses me off about the Al Sharpton and the Jesse Jacksons of the community is they rally for justice when there is a crime committed against a youth of color but won’t go national and call them out on this type of bull crap here. It angers the hell out of me. I was raised to respect everyone and thier property no matter what color they are. People should be treated wth the same respect one would require of themselves. I have to deal with being boxed in with stereotypes simply because of my skin color. This is so stressful on the vast majority of people of color like myself who in no way shape or form condone this. I’m saddened so many black make pure asses of themselves but they don’t speak for all of us.

  • Nyx

    This is not a flash mob. It’s a MOB.

    • Lena


  • http://google H. G. Wells

    The saying goes, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything.”
    Bearing that in mind, I have no comment re the participants in this display of jungle mania.

  • Lena

    This really pisses me off I am so ashamed to watch this ignorance. It hurts me to see this ignorance. All African Americans are not this way and I hope they find every one of them and charge them accordingly. My life goal is to work to clean up my communities and this saddens me to the core because then you get the responses like those before mine. This very thing happened in D.C. as well and if they can think to be destructive they need to use this energy and go get thier little bad behinds an education. I hope they find them all!!!

    • Maurice

      I agree with Lena, as an African-American, this type of criminal behavior is a result of the lack of social values in the communities in which these kids come from. Even if they have no father which is a problem, where do you learn such anti-social behavior that you can get away with this. I hope they catch everyone of them similar to what the British Government did during their flash mob incident and deliver swift punishment to these kids. They are not learning social values in home so they need to be taught in school. Lena is you are also correct about Sharpton and Jackson; I turn the channel whenever they come on tv. Chicago same negative behavior.

  • Maurice

    One more thing; I have come to the resolute conclusion that the government must cut off welfare to end the dependency culture in poor AA communities.

  • Paul

    Once again….black youth gone wrong….growing trend in America

  • yogi

    The good African-American people don’t speak out because they don’t want to be perceived as Uncle Toms. Untill that attitude changes,this mayhem will continue to escalate.

  • Barb

    Its not the childrens fault. Where were the parents? I think the parent should be CHARGED! The law was not around when these children were concieved. PARENTS better take control of your children or THE LAW HAS A PLACE FOR YOUR CHILDREN and that’s JAIL OR DEATH!!!!

  • tlkip

    Kudos to the African Americans that are condemning this absolutely insane destructive behaviour of youth out of control. Yes, the breakdown of values and family structure has produced an ever increasing number of dysfunctional young people that never learned boundaries.

    It starts in the home. And too many parents across all spectrums of society are completely failing intheir duties as parents and setting the worst examples for the children. We live in a society where parents don’t want to parent, make excuses and mass media/entertainment serves up ridiculously unhearhy themes as role models.

    I’m middle aged white guy in Canada and I’m seeing far too many very young teens wandering around my neighborhood late at night. And I live in a nice neighborhood. Where the hell are the parents? Who let’s their 13yr old out this late? It’s madness. Then the parents deny anything’s wrong or the kids get into trouble. No accountability at all.

    No personal responsibility.This is a lost generation and it’s getting worse. And to those racist morons posting their comments on this board? Shame on you. I like to see you actually walk up to a group of black people and make the same comments and see what the reaction would be. Bunch of cowards hiding online….

  • tlkip

    The media shows us a biased view on crime. They usually ignore non black crimes/shootings. It pisses me off because it’s a limited and unfair portrayal of crime being committed by one group and ignores crime by other groups that don’t get the same coverage.

    I see plenty of white youth up to no good and with bad attitude and it’s entirely the fault of the parents. Because it starts in the home. Bad parenting and values is at the heart of the social decay pulling North American/western society down into the sewer. and mo one can talk about this because they get attacked.

  • http://msn.com LukeJoseph

    All Blacks – no regard ,no decency, no conscience, no concern , no work ethics ,no respect, no consideration-no soul, -Just a bunch of lazy ,sinful criminals-threatening, heartless,apathetic, anarchy and mindless idiots that follow rap lyrics- to loot kill rape rob extort with hate selfish self worshiping concieted stuck up evil prideful foul mouth profane obscenity lawless street thugs. All black. Why don’t you well off black people go to Africa and help all the thousands of your starving ‘brothas & sistas’-because your a bunch of primitive cold hearted foul mouthed lowlifes that care about nothing but a free life here -a shame & disgrace to your race and ‘your ‘ president.

  • http://WEBPRONEWS blanch

    what do you mean its not the kids fault? of course it is. then the police will come and gguess what POLICE BRUTALITY.