Walking Dead Finale Teased Out By Producer

By: Zach Walton - March 18, 2012

The Walking Dead may be one of the biggest pop culture phenomenons to ever grace our televisions. It took the usual campy subject of zombies and made it into something with more bite. With the finale airing tonight, fans are wondering what’s going happen to their favorite characters.

E! Online is reporting that producer Glen Mazzara told a group of reporters during a conference call, “We’re on a good killing spree right now,” in regards to what’s going to happen during tonight’s finale. This pretty much confirms that somebody is going to die, but who? Mazzara was tight lipped, but he did confirm a few things. He first said that “there will be bloodshed.” He said that the characters are never safe, and that the writing team has considered killing off every character in some way.

In what may make some fans angry, he confirmed that the finale tonight will end in a cliffhanger. The team wants to set up stories tonight that will continue onto season three. He does say that viewers will be asking “good questions” after the finale is over. I’m sure a few fans are still going to throw their TVs out the window in protest of the cliffhanger

In regards to Lori, the pregnant character in the series, Mazzara said that they would kill her off if it “propels the story forward.” He says that nothing is over the line for them, even killing a pregnant woman. Mazzara also says that the show is going to focus more on Rick and his responsibility as the leader.

The Walking Dead finale airs tonight at 9 p.m. on AMC. Check out the trailer and give us your predictions:

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  • R.Seaman

    Good ridance, I cringe when I tune to AMC. How about airing MOVIES for a change.

    • haywood jewblowme

      hey brianiac. how about not tuning to AMC and you pop in one of your DVD hich consist of Citty Chitty Bang Bang and Puff the Magic Dragon

      • …..

        Though I don’t disagree with you, if you’re going to sarcastically call someone a brainiac you should probably at least spell it right…

    • Randi

      Their movies suck! They are all chopped and edited. Their shows are award winning! Give me Walking Dead and Breaking Bad any day over some movie I have seen a hundred times, or new ones that are so lame that I can figure out the ending about a quarter the way through.

    • Walking_Smart

      R. Seaman — you are an idiot. This is one of the greatest shows ever. Go back and pop in all your reruns of “Full House” and choke on them!

  • R.Seaman loves dick

    R.Seaman cringes when he sees a nice set of tits. He also shits his pants when previews for walking dead come on TV.

    • cool

      who doesnt love dick?

  • Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead is one of the best written shows on television, and especially better than most MOVIES, which cost millions of dollars to make. And, the typical nimrods who think otherwise, haven’t the slightest clue why. With the hundreds of cable and satellite stations available, the complainers should learn to appreciate quality entertainment, or just zip it, and CHANGE THE CHANNEL.

  • donald

    i bet he likes semen lol. the walking dead is easily the best show on tv and AMC produces hit after hit. mad men, breaking bad comic book men,hel on wheels, plus the cut up every movie they so screw yourself dude!

  • LynneNY

    I love the Walking Dead..and I love Breaking Bad…also from AMC.
    I am an old lady who hates reality tv and stupid sitcoms, Give me good drama anytime. Thank you AMC.

  • Shelley

    I LOVE this show. I am not one who likes horror movies at all. But ever since season 1, the very first episode I have been hooked! I hate that they killed off Shane. Maybe they WILL kill off all the characters??!? Who knows? But cannot wait to watch tonight!

  • Ducreux

    It’s funny that no one realizes that there is a Walking Dead comic book, which is what the show is based off of. Everything that has happened so far in the show has been almost parallel to the comic. *facepalm.*

    • MandiB

      I realize it :) But I refuse to read them because I want the drama and suspense on Sunday night!

      • Ruggy

        The show is not going from the comic books at all….in the comic books Shane is killed way back at the camp outside of Atlanta by Carl. In the comic books there is no Daryl. They did take some from the comics, but really its not that close!
        Also Dale didn’t die on the farm in the comics!

  • stefan

    seaman , lol your names a joke in itself. as far as the ” facepalm” from ducreux , facepalm all you want , if you read the comic then you know they have deviated from the story, omitted stuff, and took liberties in other ways as well. i hate cliffhangers. i like closure between seasons. i wish they would stop that.

    • Mary


  • Josh

    Oh shit but what happen to this is going to be the only teaser before the season finale shows. And i get online and i get more! Bull shit traitor HOW CAN I TRUST YOU!!!!!

  • Tom

    Sorry to disagree, but Walking Dead is not one of the best written or acted shows on TV. Not saying it isn’t entertaining and definitely a guilty pleasure, but let’s be honest here: Everyone speaks in a whisper despite the fact that they’re in a field thousands of feet away from where anyone can hear them, the token black actor might be given 2 lines per show – 3 if they’re feeling generous. They’re getting cheap on the make-up (last week’s episode was a prime example!), the actors look like they’re either squinting for a bowel movement, or open-mouthed fish when they react to something. That little kid needs a smack on the ass and told to go to his room for all the b.s. he causes. And they really need a sassy black woman on it to liven it up. There seem to be two emotions on this show: morose and homoerotic. Why Rick and Shane never just hit the sack together and get it over with I’ll never know. The sexual tension between them was hilarious.

    • eelwentworth

      So what your saying is that you would rather see Tyler Perry’s Madeas Family Reunion……..What with the loud characters and kids smacking and sassy black women…..and what not.

  • dale

    this is the best show to hit tv network in a long time hope to see a season#3

  • dale


  • http://noypistuff.blogspot.com/ Sean

    There will be a Season 3 and they will announce it on the show later. Can’t wait.

  • Monkey

    I’ll miss Walkin’ Dead but am getting ready for some Mad Men!! It’s been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long!

  • Zombielover

    I want to know why now when someone dies normal not from a zombie, they are coming back as zombies. Like Shane and the boy Shane killed! !!

  • Alexa

    Oh, please, no cliffhanger! Alright then, if it absolutely must be that way then at least get rid of Lori BEFORE tonight’s show ends. She IS responsible for, both, Dale’s and Shane’s deaths. She didn’t keep Carl in sight, and she caused bad blood between Rick and Shane. Besides that, The Walking Dead will be greatly missed, and I hope AMC will bring the 3rd season fast. I love this show as it gives everyone a chance to take a look at how people really react in such a horrible situation. Also, just think about what we don’t know about others. I mean, who’d have thought that a pizza delivery guy, like Glenn, turns out to be extremely inventive and intelligent? The show taught me never to underestimate the simplest of people.

  • kathy

    It’s a TV show. It’s entertainment…that’s all. I love the show but I’m not going to cyber fight about it. lol! Enjoy it. Of course it will end in a cliffhanger..it’ll be back in Oct. Until then..go outside and have a real life.

  • frodo

    I am a 53 yr old man and my 15 yr old daughter and I have been fighting all week over who should die. She thinks Carol should wind up as zombie chow and I think she should live. We both about quit watching when Sofia came stumbling out of the barn but came to grips with it. Tonight is the true test to see if the writers are going to get really lazy and kill off any more main ppl.

  • Garrett Pearce

    R Seamon you are a douche. You probably don’t like the t.v. shows on fx either. I will take original thought out shows over syndicated produced shows anyday.

  • R. Seaman

    D’oh! My bad! I am an idiot; I thought this article was about The Bachelor.

  • Orchard

    I think theyre throwing a wrinkle into it and The scene with shane getting killed is a DREAM!!!! There are WAY too many walkers around ths father/son at the en of last show ……

  • Orchard

    They wondered why some walkers dont have bites or scratch marks but remember season one when the acientist in lab(that self destructed) said theyre all already infected anyway. Its when they die that they become zombies . If theyre not shot in tbe head when killed theye zombies….. Thats why.they shot dale in the head.

  • Janet

    If you watched the show you would have seen the helicopter that led all of the dead from the city. Someone wants them all to die. Who? Maybe the government. We will find out next season.