Wal-Mart Apologizes For Banning 9/11 Flash Mob

    September 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When a group of kids decided to do something nice for their fellow citizens on the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, they asked for permission first. A flash mob singing “God Bless America” sounded like a grand idea to the head decision-makers at Wal-Mart at first, but the more they thought about it, they realized it could become a safety issue to an already-jumpy crowd of shoppers. So naturally, they shut down the flash mob and called the cops when the group took their act outside the store.

The company is now apologizing for the way the situation was handled, but the kids and several others are still upset. However, the company issued a statement saying they would rectify the problem.

“We regret this happened and apologize to the students, parents, and the school for this experience. Unfortunately this was a situation of miscommunication and should have been handled differently. We are inviting the kids back to the store to help honor the victims and fallen heroes,” the statement said.

  • BarbaraLimon

    I am not shopping at wallmart anymore.

    • Captain Midnight

      I have read a lot of comments today from people who don’t want to shop at Walmart anymore so I went to a local Walmart to see for myself. The parking lot was full and the store was crowded with customers. The McDonalds inside Walmart was also crowded. I guess some of you actually will never go back again but I suspect many people will cave in and go back for low prices. Perhaps that is why Walmart is a multi billion dollar operation. Someone once said that greed is good. I call greed dangerous.

      • JMS

        Low prices are overrated…they are not as low as you think.

    • Joe

      The voice of one , the thought of thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.G. Cook

    Too late! 9/11 has come and gone! Who was the supervisor? “Inquiring minds want to know!” This isn’t the first time Wal-Mart has reacted stupidly – remember they stopped employees from saying “Merry Christmas” a few years ago.

    • JMS

      I work at Wal-Mart and this does not surprise me at all. It is typical behavior by a manager. My store manager would have done the same thing. They are all about money and do not care about anyone. This incident is disgusting and a disgrace. The manager should be fired immediately.

    • http://Yahoo Judy

      The thing is, for every bad manager Walmart hires, they have another bad manager to take his place. You get what you pay for, and with Walmart’s record, they pay their employees & managers practically nothing. I just watched a 2-hr documentary on Walmart, and the thing is that even the judges, after hearing cases in the courts, said they were the most difficult of anyone they have dealt with. The violations went from environmental to discrimination to overtime pay; you name it. I was shopping there due to my financial situation, but will cut that short. I believe that as long as they have all the shoppers, they will continue to behave in the most arrogant manner, will continue to hire bad managers & treat their employees badly.

  • http://webpronews.com J Snyder

    Outrageous! Calling the police on a group of school children singing God Bless America!! They had gotten permission to sing and that should have been honored. You can bet those kids, their parents and friends will think twice abut shopping there again. I read one account that the manager who had given them permission was fired. The one who DENIED them the change to honor the 9/11 victims is the one who should be fired! I hope that WalMart is rational enough to rehire the manager who gave permission in the first place. How can elementary kids singing a patriotic song be a liability??

  • http://yahoo.com sharon gnip

    And then does anyone still wonder why prayer was taken out of the classroom many years ago? This is how the same scenerio begins to play out. First it was banning the nativity scene in public areas, then it was, oh, let’s cover up or tear down the ten commandments. Yes, and then this episode happens with Wal-mart over students paying tribute to 9/11 by singing God Bless America? What does an apology do after the fact. Those children will never forget, nor do those of us who witnessed the beginning of the prayers withdrawn. So, what will happen next?

    • Mel Colman

      If they wish to boycott what is right and good, then instead of talking about this take action and shop elsewhere. What do they have other stores don’t and who doesn’t price match these days?

      It is becoming a regular practice to act without thinking then say “Oh sorry” These are grown adults not children and thier job is nor more stressful than yours or mine.

      What they did was very wrong and offensive. It has left a very strong impression in the minds of young children that can never be fixed with an apology.

  • Sharon

    Wal-Mart does not hire bad managers in every store! Yes, I’m sure some of the ones they hire are really as bad, mean, hateful, uncaring, prejudice, and apparently, unpatriotic, as this one! Most of the managers act the way they do because they are trained and MADE to act this way! The most of them are really good people when they go to work there, but to keep their jobs they do as their told!! Then Wal-Mart sends someone to make a statement to the press and pretends like it was all the manager’s fault!! They smile and “apologize” and say it was handled wrong and they want to make it “right”. You can’t make it “right” when the occasion is already passed and the children cannot get back the opportunity to honor the people that we lost! I know how Wal-Mart treats their emplyoees and how the ridicule their customers in their “meetings” every morning! They get away with the things they do because they have the money to throw away and because all of us keep spending our money in their stores! If we would all stay out of Walmart for a few days and do it as one group at the same day, we could show them we can treat them the way they treat others!! They use twitter, Facebook, text and email in other countries to mount a protest. Why can’t someone in this country organize a protest in this country!! If I knew how to use Facebook or twitter, I would start the revolution my self!!!! There are other stores that we can shop at and get the same prices or less!!! Someone please start a free us from Wal-mart revolution in this country and maybe some of our jobs will come back to America!!!!!