Wade Robson: Nervous Breakdown Preceded Molestation Claims

    May 10, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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In the 2005, when Michael Jackson was on trial for molestation charges, Wade Robson defended the King of Pop in court, stating that Jackson never molested him or anyone he knew. Since that time, Robson has gone on to become an award-winning choreographer, working with stars such as Justin Timberlake and creating routines for the network TV show So You Think You Can Dance. He reportedly stayed friends with Jackson until the singer’s death.

This week, Robson recanted his past claims, now stating that he was, in fact, molested by Jackson. According to a TMZ report, Robson is now calling Jackson a “monster” who molested him for seven years, from age 7 to 14.

Robson’s Lawyer stated that Robson had a nervous breakdown last year due to his past. TMZ is now citing unnamed “sources close to the Robson family” as saying Robson began breaking contracts and attending therapy in March 2012.

The claims came as a shock to Robson’s family and Jackson’s fans, as Robson had always staunchly defended the pop star against the allegations. His about-face has prompted much speculation on Twitter over whether Robson was lying in the past or is lying now:

(Image courtesy Wade Robson/Wikimedia Commons)

  • Wilhomenia

    I personally do not believe Michael Jackson molested anyone. For all you finger-pointers, shut your traps; I get razed about this regularly by my own husband whenever the subject arises–and it does “regularly” (like no one has anything else to do with their time but ponder the deviant sex life of other folks–get a hobby, weirdos!)

    MJ’s been dead (god bless his soul) for a few years now and no one’s stepped forward to prove without a doubt that he harmed any children. Those who have accused him either got a nice pay day to shut up and/or no formal charges led to conviction. I mean, if it’s about the horror of molestation, why take a pay day over your child’s self-respect and safety? Anyone willing to take money over peace of mind regarding sexual assaults on children always have my infinite and undying doubt regarding their credibility.

    This dude is no different. Why lie about something so heinous NOT happening? If you can prove it, the monster deserves to be prosecuted no matter how famous he is. I understand the horror of this violation can be psychologically damaging enouff that a child may withold out of fear, but once the courts are involvepd, what is the point of lying when the monster could be put away, never to harm anyone again?

    I don’t believe this man was tormented by acts done to him, not by MJ at least. He’s tormented by his past, and quite possibly, the lies he’s told to gain whatever success and notoriety he could. Some folks want the limelight more than air–it’s nothing new. Some will lie about their lives to get it, some will lie about others’ lives. I say use your common sense and the truth will always prevail.

  • Chris

    People who are attacking him should be ashamed of themselves, they don’t know if MJ molested him or not.

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  • cengiz

    wade is a liar he has already been exposed yet he gets a trial date? WTF?
    Lets see his lawsuit claims he didn’t know michael jackson had an estate until 2012. But he worked with the estate in 2009.
    His lawsuit also claims he can’t work due to the truama of being molested. However he is still working
    There was also someone who worked with wade who said wade and his wife told him the allegations were false
    This shows wade is nothing but aliar who is out for financial gain
    all i can say is go to hell wade
    and yes i can back this up with proof