Vodka Saves Elephants From Frostbite

    December 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Fans of Russian vodka will rejoice at this story:

When two circus elephants were trapped in a trailer that had caught fire in Novosibirsk, their trainers were able to get them out to safety…only to realize they were being exposed to freezing Siberian temperatures. Until they could transport the animals to a nearby community college’s gym, they had to think of something to keep frostbite risk at bay. So they turned to vodka.

Though doctors say that alcohol actually lowers body temperature, the circus trainers insist that the elephants–Tonga and daughter Mongu–were saved from frostbite or even death by the miraculous spirits. The vodka was mixed with warm water and left the African animals with only a small amount of frostbite on the tips of their ears.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0XrHi5QTus isaac

    that’s awesome

    • gary

      Tonga just text me. He wrote:
      Gary and to think I’ve been working just for PEANUTS all these YEARS!!! Cheers! Tonga

  • john

    so sad its not even good

  • john

    jk dont look at that post ha i thought i was still on the gangnam style death but this is freaking awesome

  • tamara hope

    So many times we hear horror story’s about the way animals in the circus are treated,so its refreshing to read a good story with a happy ending.I wonder tho how a elephants acts after drinking Vodka,they must like it cause they drank it.They know a good thing!

    • http://webpronews.com animaluver

      ARE YOU SERIOUS!! REALLY?? iF you think this is a feel-good story, please go to a PETA website and look up circus animal abuse.It will shock you, but it sounds as if you need alittle reality check…

  • Terzo

    Heavy Drinking! Why no officer, It’s all in the trunk.
    Tarzan? . . . go call a rhino!

  • linda hoth

    Good for the trainers for thinking out of the box. What are African Elephants doing in Siberia in the first place???

  • m

    it’s sad they have been condemned to circus life They belong in the wild This story is not funny It wreaks of human ignorance

    • http://yahoo Melinda Shaw

      In total agreement here.

      • marc

        In the wild where they are killed for their ivory to almost extinction?

    • Dee S

      Totally agree. Circuses that use animals are barbaric. I would never go to one!

    • http://webpronews.com animaluver

      so true m so true,,,I would NEVER take my kids to any circus,or even pony rides. Kids these days are growing up to respect and love animals, and now I hear them lecturing their friends to stay away from cirucus and county fairs. We MUST speak for the ones who have no voice. I will pray for these poor elephants and all the other animals in the world who are cruelly exploited for human entertainment. God help them who find this cruely to be entertaining.

  • http://webpronews Dessi

    Alchoholic ephalumps . I wonder if they have a 12 step program for pachyderms.

  • Doe

    I can’t believe they don’t have elephant blankets and hats. It’s apalling that they have no protection from frostbite.

  • http://WebPronews Rebecca Stilwell

    The elephants should no longer be in circuses. They certainly should not have to suffer from frostbite. If they went back to Africa, they would be slaughtered for their ivory. Does anyone have a sanctuary where they can go to? Circuses are cruel exploiters of animals!

    • http://webpronews.com animaluver

      totally agree!they should be banned from circuses-PETA webste will give you more info on the horrible ghastly ways these gentle giants are treated. They should never have been in this predicament to begin with!!

  • Debra

    All circus’s should be closed down and stopped. Enough already of the abuse of all the animals involved. I know, lets give some vodka and warm water to a couple of humans and leave them outside in the cold and see if they only get frostbite on their ears!!!

  • Anlushac11

    I wonder if the Elephants saw dancing Pink Humans.

  • NorsKenR

    It may not be a contradiction that the doctors say vodka lowers body temperature but the trainers say it reduced frostbite.

    I read once in an article about whales, which are warm-blooded but swim in freezing temperatures, that the greater the difference in temperature the more rapidly body heat is lost. If the vodka lowered the elephants’ body temperature it may have slowed down the rate at which they lost body heat, thus slowing down frostbite until they could be sheltered again.

  • Uhh DuH

    Geesh ,gives new meaning to having a snort.,, get these pachyderms some ear muffs and whatever you do don’t let them drive until they sober up!