Study Looks at Virtual Goods Purchasing By Ethnicity

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MocoSpace has put out an infographic looking at virtual goods purchases by ethnicity. This is based on the results of a study based on Americans by ethnicity, with data collected during June, looking at 40,000 mobile social gamers. The firm says the findings demonstrate that consumer markets vary in their habits.

"Sponsoring virtual goods is a no-brainer approach for marketers to build brand equity, awareness and to start learning about the space," MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel tells WebProNews.

How can a business determine whether or not they should offer customers virtual goods? "I think if the company sees a clear fit between their brand, a virtual good, and a community where the virtual good has value, then they should pursue it,' he says. "The key is to understand the role of virtual goods in the context of the game and community to make sure they aren't doing something counter productive.  Sponsor items that are only positive and appropriate.  For example, a company shouldn't sponsor an item that helps people steal animals from another member's farm, etc."

Here's the infographic:

Virtual Goods by ethnicity

"MocoSpace has a very diverse audience, and the results show some interesting trends - for example, Caucasians made up 18 percent of surveyed users, but made 26 percent of virtual goods purchases on the MocoSpace Games Platform," a spokesperson says. "eMarketer estimates that US virtual goods spending in social games will grow to $792 million in 2012, from $653 million in 2011. Other reports predict that virtual goods in general will generate $billions in the coming years."

"With this incredible level of growth, the virtual goods industry holds great potential for savvy marketers," she adds. "Understanding how different ethnic groups spend on virtual goods provides the knowledge necessary to make wise mobile marketing decisions, and can help developers as they create new games."

As Siegel says, virtual goods have become a mainstream business.

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