Virgin Mary Tree Trunk Sends People on a Pilgrimage to New Jersey

    July 25, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Virgin Mary tree trunk? Yes, you read that correctly. A Virgin Mary tree trunk. Unless you’re a perverted soul who sees something strangely — and disturbingly — vaginal in the image embedded above, then, chances are, you’re looking directly at the Virgin Mary. Sure, it may seem like a knot in a tree to all you non-believers out there — it is, after all, a knot in a tree — but a lot of folks seem to think it’s a sign sent straight from the heavens above, and it’s causing people to flock to West New York, New Jersey to get a good look at the trunk.

“We want to build a monument,” explained Maria Baez, one of the first people to spot the image in the tree. “When I got here I saw her: she said ‘I’m the Virgin.’ I was speechless.”

When another woman, Carmen Lopez, attempted to alert the police and the town’s mayor about the mystical tree trunk and its supposed imagery, she was essentially told to hit the road. However, in order to protect the tree from nefarious evil-doers who would love nothing more than to chop it down, a protective metal barricade has been placed around the trunk. Additionally, a police cruiser sits nearby should anyone start acting a fool in front of Jesus’ mom.

Others, however, were not so quick to believe in the tree. “I’m a Catholic and I believe very much in the Virgin, but the picture in this knot is just a coincidence,” said Ed Venicio. “However, I believe that whether or not it’s real, the important thing is that it motivates people’s faith. It gets them to go back to church and remember that God exists.”

Now there’s an explanation I can get behind. Well said, Venicio.

  • Onigba

    Someone said a tree is virgin mary isn’t that ridiculous?for a noble woman after she lived a very good life as a human being to now come so low as a tree is really impossible and unworthy.

  • Sulaimon olusesi

    So funny,to compare a sign on a tree with human being…crazy belief

  • andrew ayenowowon

    I beleive bcoz nothing is impossible for Jesus Christ our God to do.even other wayward religions beleive in their unclean gods and their devilish miracles like the moslems that proclaim that a baby boy was born with quran in lagos nigeria,they celebrate it,so we Catholics should celebrate our holy mother.we should continue reciting the Hail Mary.

  • Bart Black

    Seriously? If this looks like anything, it is that body part in which a woman *loses* her virginity.