Virgin Birth Claims Examined in New Study

    December 18, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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The Christian story of the birth of Jesus may be the most well-known virgin birth claim in history, but it turns out that such claims are not as rare as we might think.

A new study published in this year’s Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal has examined modern virgin birth claims, finding some interesting trends in those women who claim to have gotten pregnant while still virgins.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina looked at 7,870 women over a 14-year period who were part of the U.S. National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health. Of those women, 0.5% (45 of them) “consistently affirmed” that they did not become pregnant the old-fashioned way.

The women were also polled about their circumstances, home life, and sexual histories. Data about their religiosity, knowledge of birth control, and their level of sex education was collected and parsed.

The study’s authors found that the women who reported virgin births were more than twice as likely to have signed chastity pledges as those women who did not claim to have had a virgin birth. The virgin mothers were also significantly more likely to have signed chastity pledges than even other virgins who had not given birth.

Virgin mothers were, on average, younger than sexually active mothers at the time of the birth. The parents of self-professed virgin mothers were also more likely to have talked less with their child about sex and birth control.

Though these finding seem to indicate that virgin mothers on average come from sexually conservative backgrounds, the study’s authors are not jumping to the conclusion that women who claim virgin births are liars. Instead, the study is intended to give an overview of the type of women who are likely to report virgin births.

  • Intersting

    It takes sperm and an egg to make a human being. If a woman walks around and doesn’t touch a man, she isn’t going to get pregnant. It just isn’t going to happen. Doubt what I say. Stick your daughter in a room by herself and trust me —- years from now she will not be pregnant — she will be pissed at you, but not pregnant.

    There was only one virgin birth and that happened 2000 years ago. What Christ did is so phenomenal that people have died for him and 2,000 years later, he is still the focal point for billions around this planet. He is literally the only King that has lowered himself to the point that he became one of his people and died for his people and enemies. It takes a hell of a lot for a person to give his life for another human being and countless of people have given their lives for Christ and the mere notion of what he stood for.

    The rest of the virgin births can be explained. My guess is that the virgins actually aren’t virgins. They had sex and are just too afraid to tell their ultraconservative parents. Signing a chastity pledge is worthless. I know tons of girls who did that and then behind their parents backs, they were screwing like crazy.

    There is also another cause for mysterious births that no one in the mainstream media will even speak of let alone investigate. The countless number of people who claim to be abducted by aliens. Thousands of people claim this and hundreds of thousands of people vanish into thin air every year in this world. If there is intelligent life out there and they can reach us, they will be so much further advanced than us and yes, they would use us as guinea pigs. After all, we do this to the animals on this planet. We capture them, test them, and impregnate them —– simply because we are smarter than them, more technological advanced than them and because we choose to. That is one possibility but no one will talk about it. We still think we are the center of the freaking universe when in reality we are literally a small backwater planet in a small system in the middle of nowhere. It is quite possible there are beings in this universe that are millions of years more advanced than us and who don’t have good intentions towards us. If they can get to us, they will use us.

    Personally, I believe the women in this study simply lied. I work in a courtroom and I see this happen a lot. I have seen women claim rape when in reality, they cheated on their boyfriend, had sex, and then got pregnant. It happens much more than you think. A logical person would say that a woman would not lie about something so serious that a man would be sent to prison for decades — but a lot of times women aren’t logical. I have literally seen women lie in court …. then years later crack under the pressure of knowing they lied ….. then they try to get the guy they lied about out of prison …. find out they cant … and then due to guilt the woman tries to kill herself.

    It is not magic, divinity, or aliens. It is simply women lying.

    • chuckles

      Your “aliens from a another planet” story is more believable than your outrageous Jesus virgin-birth story.