Viral Marketing Push for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Begins

    July 30, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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Whatever words that will be written about Marvel’s viral marketing push for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, the only thing people are going to take from the content are the Sentinels, which is understandable, because, well, this is the freaking Sentinels we are talking about. Now, if you aren’t that familiar with the X-Men beyond the movies, you may not be as excited as others are about the inclusion of the Sentinels. If that’s the case, just enjoy the quality behind the “commercials” for these non-existent products and companies like the one shown in the lead video, Trask Industries.

If you haven’t been keeping tabs on Bryan Singer’s return to the X-Men universe, and you enjoyed the previous movies (save the third one), you may be excited to find out this particular continuation of X-Men storyline stars pretty much everybody. That is, just about everyone who’s appeared as an X-Man in the previous entries. A quick look at the cast/panel photo from the recent Comic-Con confirms this:


For those counting at home, that’s just about everybody (both Charles Xaviers and both Magnetos) with the exception of the actor who played Cyclops, James Mardsen. He is, however, listed as a rumored star over at the movie’s IMDB page. With that in mind, it’s pretty easy to see that X-Men: Days of Future Past will be one of the biggest summer movies of 2014. While it may be a little early to get the marketing push started, it’s clear Marvel intention is to build the hype as high as it can, and introducing the freaking Sentinels is one brilliant way of going about that. Aside from the lead video, which highlights the company that develops these mutant-hunting robots, there’s also a Trask Industries website that features additional images, like the following:


There’s also an about page that features some information about the company’s founder, Bolivar Trask:

Founded by Bolivar Trask in 1967, Trask Industries was built on the philosophy of advancing human progress through technology and genetics. Our early research led to the revolutionary development of DNA-Generated Prosthetics. Since then, Trask Industries has taken the lead in genetics-based defense technology with our Mutant Detection Device and Sentinel program. We’ve partnered with international governments to ensure that any threat to human extinction is preemptively neutralized. With Trask Industries, you can rest assured that the future of humanity is in safe hands.

X-Men: Days of Future Past is scheduled for release on May 23, 2014.