Vince Gill VS. Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

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Vince Gill, the famous country singer, decided to take a stand against a group of protesters recently, outside of the performance center in which he was performing. Normally this may not have been a big deal, but of course in this case, the protesters were from the Westboro Baptist Church. This is the group known for picketing the funerals of soldiers and also being very anti-gay people. The confrontation took place in Kansas City at the Kauffman Center’s Muriel Kauffman Theatre.

Apparently, the reason that Vince Gill got the attention of the Westboro Baptist church, is due to having a divorce and then getting married again two years later. The Westboro Baptist Church frowns heavily on divorce, because of what it says in the bible. He was once married to country singer Janis Oliver of the group Sweethearts of The Rodeo and after their divorce in 1998, he was married to singer Amy Grant in 2000, according to The Huffington Post. Grant was also married to Gary Chapman before Gill, a Christian musician. Seems a bit late to be protesting now after 13 years, doesn’t it? He told one of them the reason that he decided to come out there and confront them was because he wanted to see what hatred really looked like in the face.

It is impressive to see someone with celebrity status finally standing up to this group filled with hate. Everyone needs to know about them and harm that they continue to cause for people. Then again, the publicity often is what helps this group and maybe it would have been better if he would have simply stayed inside. Gill was fired up over the comments that had been said and felt that he needed to intervene, causing a scene, which is what the group tends to want much of the time. All of the publicity simply helps them and they even took to twitter to celebrate. What is it going to take to get rid of this sick group of people?

The Westboro Baptist Church likes to get all the publicity that they can, but is not used to being confronted by celebrities in this way. Gill’s appearance did seem to surprise the group of protesters at first, although they quickly started to ask him numerous questions about his marital history, states the Kansas City Star. Gill’s fans and others are certainly proud of him for what he did, but with the way this group works, it is hard to know if he really did the right thing. In the end, if he had stayed inside. it is possible that there would be no story and the Westboro Baptist Church would not have received any attention.

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Vince Gill VS. Westboro Baptist Church Protesters
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  • Chris

    Someone has to have some kind of dirt on these people – when someone criticizes the way you live your life, they generally have something to hide. Kudos to Vince, especially calling the one guy ‘a dipshit’.

    • James

      Oh but there’s tons of dirt on them. For instance, Shirley Phelps has a child out of wedlock.

    • Edward Sookikian

      Trust me there is plenty of dirt on this family including spousal and child abuse. And when I mean abuse, using an axe handle to beat his children and dragging his wife and hacking off her hair when she had it shortened about an inch.

  • Barry E Watson

    Amazing how many people refuse to capitalize the words “Bible” and “God.” Even professing Christians! They don’t do it with other names! It’s disrespectful the Lord and the Word of God.

  • Barry E Watson

    P.S. I’m an independent Baptist (by choice) and a born again Christian by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I just want to say that this church is in no way Baptist except by name (which they should change!). Yet so many lump us all into one basket. Ironic, though, is it not, that this family (the Phelps family) hates real Christians, while Jesus said the WORLD will hate! The Phelps’s are not saved, they are a cult. They’re sincere in their beliefs, but sincerely WRONG, and they’ll find that out one day. I don’t want ANYONE to go to hell, even them, but that’s where they’re going, I’m sure. Be saved today!

  • Barry E Watson

    What a shame, that Gill has to use profanity in defending his “faith.”

  • Susie Que

    There has to legal ways to stop these evil people. to bad the fans of gill and everyone else doesn’t go and do the same to these church members. wonder how they would like protesters following them around calling them names and making their lives hell.Fight fire with fire and sue the pants off of them….if nothing else money talks.

  • Jackie

    LMAO! “I came to see what hate looks like”. You go, Vince!

    • http://yahoo Jim

      Look in a mirror next time.

  • http://yahoo Jim

    Sounds to me like Vince and a whole lotta other folks have a problem. They just love sin. They are the same people who hated Jesus and crucified him for protesting sin. Read John 7:7. So who really is guilty of hate ?

  • Leigh Ann Boatright

    Our aim as Christians is to become more like Christ everyday. We all make mistakes, we’re human. The example that Christ set for us was not walking back in forth of an establishment and shout out or point out who is a sinner. What Christ did was ask “If you are without sin, throw the first stone.” The leaders whom Christ said that to, threw down their stones and walked away. I WOULD THINK THERE ARE 100 OTHER HELPFUL THINGS THAT THE CHURCH IN WESTBORO COULD BE DOING THAN THROWING STONES! Things like feeding the poor, visiting and praying for the sick, and homeless —–you know the KIND OF THINGS CHRIST DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    First one must go to God’s word to see what He has to say about a situation. God calls for those who are faithful to “appraise all things spiritually.” God also lets it be known that “The Holy Spirit” does not take sides with the accuser of the brethen. Upon His holy word, and holy word alone – you assess Westboro Baptist Church along with others who stand and accuse the faithful of the Lords.

  • Seeinwithma3rdi

    GetReal has a important point everybody does seem to overlook in their condemnation of his point. The Sumerians had a creation story…The Epic of Gilgamesh, that preceded the Christian creation story. And the Christian belief system of an “all mighty creator” and Christ figure closely resembles the Egyptian gods Atum, Horus and so forth. There are many credible sources of empirical evidence that the Christian origins of the “Christ” and religious belief system was preceded by those historical civilizations, prior to the advent of what we now call Christianity. I’m still researching the origins of belief systems and “religion” but what I have found so far is pretty much in line with those points he has offered. There are books of the Bible which have been left out, altered and changed by thru politics of men and the ruling class of antiquity.

    • Seeinwithma3rdi

      Look up “Mithraism”…an early precursor to Christianity and see the similarities.

  • James Barrs

    Jesus said, ” Let he that is PERFECT cast the first stone.” I am a Baptist,& proudly one, from South Georgia yet I see no reason for the actions of Westboro. They should spend a bit more time reading their Bible & a lot less time on criticizing others. I also oppose homosexual relationships but I am not going to interfere with other people’s rights to make a political statement. The Bible also says to be Christ like & Westboro doesn’t even come close. Just go away or change your name from Westboro Baptist to Westboro Lunatics.

  • http://yahoo Angela

    What gets me is that these people claim to walk in jesus shoes, from what I was taught, Jesus never judged anyone. It seems this group must be reading a different bible, than what the rest of the Christians are reading today.

  • http://Yahoo DMC

    Good for Vince, I have long said that organizations like the Patriot Guard, need to start PROTESTING all of the Westboro”s Church own funerals, give them some of their own medicine, collect up their banners and signs and decorate their gravesites with their own crap! “Free-Speech and All” HeY everybody go by and piss on their graves and take a dump on their tombstone’s also would be nice!

  • dholmes

    were these 2divorces of “adultery” of the other spouse …. if not, the Christian(s) should be rebuked, admonished, etc (sure!) … if so, its okay to remarry …. thats correct Christian doctrine !!!

  • http://www.frankscoblete.com Frank Scoblete

    Seriously, I have forgiven people who have done me wrong. I would think that a supreme God would forgive quite a bit more than I ever could — including divorce. I think Christ forgave the people who killed him. I think Christ also stopped the first century version of the Westboro Bible Church from stoning a woman who had committed adultery. I think the Westboro Bible Church also violates a fundamental Christian principle: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” But far be it for me to judge them — those dirty, rotten — oops.

  • Mike

    I grew up in Kansas City and this is not the first time that crazy church has protested there. I love K.C. and I hope that the rest of the country doesn’t think that the people in the midwest are all backward thinking Bible thumpers!
    I agree with the other posters who said that this group doesn’t deserve the publicity.

  • Mike Hunt



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