Vince Gill VS. Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

    September 11, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Vince Gill, the famous country singer, decided to take a stand against a group of protesters recently, outside of the performance center in which he was performing. Normally this may not have been a big deal, but of course in this case, the protesters were from the Westboro Baptist Church. This is the group known for picketing the funerals of soldiers and also being very anti-gay people. The confrontation took place in Kansas City at the Kauffman Center’s Muriel Kauffman Theatre.

Apparently, the reason that Vince Gill got the attention of the Westboro Baptist church, is due to having a divorce and then getting married again two years later. The Westboro Baptist Church frowns heavily on divorce, because of what it says in the bible. He was once married to country singer Janis Oliver of the group Sweethearts of The Rodeo and after their divorce in 1998, he was married to singer Amy Grant in 2000, according to The Huffington Post. Grant was also married to Gary Chapman before Gill, a Christian musician. Seems a bit late to be protesting now after 13 years, doesn’t it? He told one of them the reason that he decided to come out there and confront them was because he wanted to see what hatred really looked like in the face.

It is impressive to see someone with celebrity status finally standing up to this group filled with hate. Everyone needs to know about them and harm that they continue to cause for people. Then again, the publicity often is what helps this group and maybe it would have been better if he would have simply stayed inside. Gill was fired up over the comments that had been said and felt that he needed to intervene, causing a scene, which is what the group tends to want much of the time. All of the publicity simply helps them and they even took to twitter to celebrate. What is it going to take to get rid of this sick group of people?

The Westboro Baptist Church likes to get all the publicity that they can, but is not used to being confronted by celebrities in this way. Gill’s appearance did seem to surprise the group of protesters at first, although they quickly started to ask him numerous questions about his marital history, states the Kansas City Star. Gill’s fans and others are certainly proud of him for what he did, but with the way this group works, it is hard to know if he really did the right thing. In the end, if he had stayed inside. it is possible that there would be no story and the Westboro Baptist Church would not have received any attention.

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  • Kim

    Westbrook Baptiat church needs to be irradiated. They ARE NOT BAPTISTS and need to go away!

    • Dean

      They could be irradiated, too. They they couldn’t reproduce..hopefully

  • Kim

    Damn spell check!
    They need to be irradicated.

    • Jason

      Either way they’d be gone; irradiated versus irradicated

  • Jojo44

    Good for him those people are garbage!

  • http://yahoo chris ericksen

    the status of Vince Gill and Amy Grant’s marriage is no one’s business…esp.the hypocrits of the so-called parishioners of the Westboro Baptist Church

  • jeff hagans

    they are scum and vermin. I wish a meteorite will fall on the church!

  • http://Yahoo Jim

    Way to go Vince!! I’ve had to deal with these pieces of S@&t before at some of my fallen Brothers-in-arms funnerals. They are real snake POS’s.

  • rob

    All i can say is there is no fundamental difference being Islamic Jihadist and this fake church. they have the same skewed ideas that they are the only ones that are right. they are truely unamerican. I am a 20 year Vet. I support america

  • Dean

    Gill was divorced from his first wife Janis. She initiated the divorce. He then married Amy Grant.You should fact check some before going “to print” so to speak

  • Bradford Couture

    It just goes to show that the people of the Westboro Bapist Church, who’s own lives and religion is so boring and void of life that they have to make sexual preference, marriage, and Military the center of their attention, just to justify that they have a life, and a real lack of any common sense, and integrity, and also that they are hypocrits, for are we not taught in church to “Treat others as you would have them treat you, and not to hate” They all need to grow up get over it and more importantly get over themselves and come down off their high horse and get a life, for they are not judge and jury nor did God appoint them as such.

  • Eileen

    I do not know what planet these hate mongering people are from, but their so-called beliefs about God are not true or biblical. If they would all read the scriptures and truly seek out who God really is and how he feels about mankind, they would be dumbfounded. This appears to be some sort of cult and I wouldn’t be surprised if the members of this cult are incest offenders, adulterers, drunks, drug users and many more. I would even include the pastor of this hatefilled group.Someone needs to investigate them. We are all sinners accrding to Christ, and there are none perfect. Westboro followers need to remind themselves that they are sinners as well and need to come to the saving grace and salvation through Christ, just like everyone else if they ever expect to go to heaven when they die. Their not going to make it on the current path they seem to think is right.

    • GetReal

      Is this the same god that was so stupid he put the Tree of Knowledge and the Evil talking snake in the same garden with his innocent, ignorant children, then rather than forgive them for their disobedience, he kicks them out of the garden and condemns all future mankind to be born into sin and now their only way to salvation is through him? Is that the same a-hole you’re referring too?

      • Tom

        Yes, it is. It is also the same God you will stand, I’m sorry, KNEEL before when you die. The choice is YOURS not Gods whether you go to heaven or hell.

        • GetReal

          Really Tom, did you ask or agree to be born into sin because his plan with garden sucked in the first place??? So now you must either accept him or burn alive in a pit of fire for all eternity? What a great role model you have chosen!
          Have you given up all efforts to think for yourself and chose instead to simply appease your fears with this nonsense? How freaking sad!

          You choose to live a delusion, a willfully embraced fantasy simply to appease your fears, which I can see you are swimming in.

          I choose to use the brain I have and actually embrace reality, rather than reject it to make myself feel better about things I can’t control.

          What a terrible way to live a life, shackled to a mindset that cripples your free and critical thinking…I’m truly sorry for you and those like you brother for your god is no more real than the thousands of others that have been tossed aside over the centuries.

      • GetReal

        All the gutless thumbs down, but know one is willy to admit this is the god they praise? Why am I not surprised, after all this same god turns a blind eye to millions of innocent children that die every year from terrible diseases and starvation across this planet due to know fault of their own (whoops here comes that born into sin catch).

        Now I have to ask WHAT KIND OF A LOVING FATHER, let alone a supposed all powerful, all knowing god, would stand by and allow this kind of horrific suffering? A sadistic, monstrous one, that’s what kind. And if he’s all knowing, why would he allow such a flawed plan in the first place?
        So again we have to ask about the mind of a person that would praise such a god, weak, gullible, fearful, most definitely somewhat deluded?…yes this is YOU I’m am talking about, are you really incapable of thinking for yourself, are you really so closed minded that you can’t see what a farce you’ve been indoctrinated into or are you just content living your fantasy?

        • Magan

          I am keeping a count of how many times you use the word deluded. Need a thesaurus?

      • JB

        GetReal…what is your deal? Your are so condemning to others on this blog so lets hear your story…is your God the right one? God or no God the great thing about being human no matter what reality you live in is choice…choice determines ones reality. Unfortunately the world has created too many realities that are all converging on each other…as humans we are ignorant and arrogant to think we know the truth of existence. Once we figure that out maybe our realities can coexist. You seem to have a good grip on this concept yet you aggressively condemn others. Let the Christians or anyone else have their reality…whoever chooses to stay close minded to the realities of others will be judged by whatever or whoever is driving this crazy bus of existence.

      • Bill

        You finally got something right. You seem to have a lot of knowledge about God, but it doesn’t mean you KNOW HIM. Religions are man made, where Christianity is of Christ, truly man AND truly God. Salvation is a gift of grace and those who believe and repent of their sins will spend eternity with Him. God gave His Son for ALL people. We don’t even have the power to choose Him, but because He chose us first and we believe that the Holy Spirit is indwelled in us, we now have the power to accept His gift. Does that make Christians better than anyone else? Absolutely not because we are all sinners. It is a believer’s job to tell others about this because the Lord is coming back…and coming SOON! The signs are evident…look around.

  • Dutch2277

    I guess we should all take whatever these hateful people give out because confronting them gives them publicity????Really!

    • GetReal

      No I don’t think so…these people are just another example of how a religious mindset can delude the mind. And there are many levels from the person that believes in a god simply because it makes them feel good to the person that straps on a bomb and blows themselves up in his name, but make no mistake, they are all deluded to some point.
      When you govern your life based on an emotional fantasy rather than what is real, your become capable of believing ANYTHING, as we see with the Westbrook bunch and all the other crazies that praise their god of choice.

      Do you seriously think that the ancient Babylonians, Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and on and on didn’t believe in their god(s) every bit as much as people today believe in theirs? Of course they did, and most likely even more since they were ignorant to the mysteries of this planet…so I have to ask, what the hell is YOUR excuse?
      Indoctrination, stupidity, fear, gullibility, or are you all still just ignorant of all the gods that have fallen, being the construct of the men that created them, just as is yours.

      • http://yahoo Lyna

        Jesus walked on this earth and was real so how is that an emotional fantasy? Watch Peter Jennings documentary. Many have the wrong mindset as to what Jesus meant but he was not made up.

      • Greg

        GetReal, ou ask for my excuse. My excuse involves a greater existence than anyone one person can fathom. Your idea that you are right is ridiculous in nature because the reality is that no one can prove what is right or wrong. You have as much evidence that God exists as you do that he does not exist. You talk of the mysteries of this planet liek you know what the mysteries are. The TRUTH is that no one has a foot to stand on when trying to dicover where we came from or why we exist. Science can NEVER prove that there is a God, nor can it PROVE that there is no God. I choose to have faith in the idea that I have a creator and he loves me unconditionally. What do you have faith in. The idea that science is right. All science can do is test things in a controlled environment to prove there hypothesis. The problem with that is that the universe is not a controlled environment and you have no way of proving that something is going to happen the same way everytime. That HAS been PROVEN to be right. You are so quick to belittle those that have faith in something you can’t understand. Your as bad as any other religous group out there.

  • GetReal

    A religious indoctrinated mind is an amazing thing to behold. Rejecting reason, logic and critical thinking when it comes to embracing reality.
    It’s much easier for the religious mind to appease their emotions rather than confront reality, and that’s really what it boils down too, fear and willful ignorance.
    Of all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped over the centuries by many different cultures across this planet, and those still to this day, somehow the “believer” manages to disregard all those other gods and convince themselves they’ve got it “right”. Now if that isn’t deluded thinking then you might as well still believe in Zeus.
    If you’ve really got to believe in something, try believing in yourself for a change, and then maybe you can actually find the internal grit to face reality and the world we live in, it beats a fantasy hands down.

  • Judy Haag

    Vince was divorced in 1998 but not from Amy Grant. Amy was married to Gary Chapman, and they were divorced in 1999. Vince and Amy were married in 2000 FOR THE FIRST TIME.

    • Reed

      What lazy “journalism”. It was pretty common knowledge at the time. Amy Grant was a Christian singer and married for 15 years to Gary Chapman. Vince was married to his co-song writer Janis Oliver (for 18 years). Vince and Amy had an affair resulting in both of their divorces.
      It was quite scandalous, but I was also a really, really long time ago and no one cares anymore… well, almost no one.
      I guess WBC couldn’t find any military funerals or happy gay people to bother this week.

      • George

        God cares.

  • Royce Goldman

    I applaud Vince Gill for taking a stand against those self-righteous members of the Westboro Baptist Church, they are the most hateful, unforgiving people I’ve ever seen. Maybe they haven’t read the scripture in Matthew chapter 7, verses 1-2, (if they even know how to read). Jesus plainly states that we all will be judged according to how we judge others. Those who point their finger at somebody else need to realize that the other 3 fingers are pointing right back at themselves. They seem to know nothing of forgiveness, nor do they practice it. Good luck with that you morons. Oh, and by the way, I forgive you.

    • Adam Kadmon

      Firstly, these people (Westboro) do not claim to be Christians. They consider themselves Tachmonites (see the Old Testament.) I guess they believe in Jesus, since they call themselves Baptist, which is odd and kind of an Oxymoron imho. Most of them are attorneys in the Phelps family, which is why they are so sue happy. All their out is Court Costs, not attorneys fee’s which is sad. Their evil, pure and simple.

      • GetReal

        They embrace a delusion, as do others that can’t face reality for what it is, wonderful, terrible, and temporary.

  • Sdavis

    I believe in Christ, but what they do is not Christ like. In Ceasars world what they do should be considered a hate crime. There are bondries for freedom of speech, no one should be allowed to publicly shame or bully another.

    • GetReal

      That’s curious, you believe in Jesus Christ, so that means you reject all the thousands of other gods that other cultures have worshiped, many long before Christianity ever existed, isn’t that amazing? Have you even looked into these other gods, into their creation stories? Every other ancient culture has one, and that doesn’t even make you think about how you are simply appeasing your emotions, primarily your fears, by accepting what you have been indoctrinated into by your parents, by your culture?

      I can only hope that the youth of this country learn how to actually critically THINK for themselves and not become puppets to an indoctrinated deluded religious mindset forced upon them by their parents. I see the results of it every day, minds living a fantasy rather than embracing reality…and it is tragic.

      • Donald

        Funny how a human being, only a cosmic blink of an eye from a neanderthal crapping in a cave, thinks he has figured out the entire universe and can lecture everyone else about how they don’t understand it. If he can’t explain it or see it, it doesn’t exist. Good to know only a million years of evolution has gotten you to the point where you can explain every speck of dust in the entire universe.

        • GetReal

          More evidence of how a “religious” mindset deludes the mind and rejects critical thinking.

          “thinks he has figured out the entire universe and can lecture everyone else about how they don’t understand it.”

          I never said anything about the universe, although I find it amazing, but because I don’t know all the answers, I still find no need to inject a GOD into the equation, just as the ancients from every other culture across this plane have done since we crawled from the caves, but they had no explanation for the natural events that terrified them,they knew no better,so what’s your excuse? The problem is, they didn’t believe in YOUR god, so who is deluded, you or them?
          And I would guess according to YOU (since only you got it right) all of them are to burn in hell…Hmmm where was this magical man in the sky of yours for them?

          Yes if ignorance is bliss, you must be one blissfully blind person..it’s amazing how you turn a blind eye at the very history of our existence, but then your god is really good with that blind eye.

          • jennifer

            You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs but why do you find it necessary to go on a rant like that are you threaten by christianity .. You can believe the way you want but we can and will believe in jesus if we please…there is no need to try to and say we are brain washed would it be right for us to think you are brain washed bc you don’t believe no it wouldnt be That is what gets me if you don’t believe fine but don’t rain our parade bc we do

      • samstewart

        “I can only hope that the youth of this country learn how to actually critically THINK for themselves…”

        Yes, I too hope they realize that most of the garbage the so called “scientific” community has come up with are loose theories and speculation of which none of them can prove —
        therefore coming to the realization that there is as much proof of the Lord as there is in “dark matter” or the “Big Bang theory”.
        Atheists are such a naive lot…

      • Apologist

        Isn’t ironic that you proved yourself wrong? Do you not realize that the fact that so many other cultures have a story similar to Creation passed down, which you kindly pointed out for us, backs up that just maybe something like that actually happened? That’s how historical literature works. Something happens and people from different cultures record it differently according to their viewpoint. Ie. many similar stories all around the world. If there was only a single such story, it would be far less credible.

        • GetReal

          Well you see, that’s where your willful ignorance and delusion takes over and your reasoning goes out the window. The stories are just that, passed down, so if your Christian god is supposedly true, and the history took place as the bible states, why did other ancient cultures have “similar” stories hundreds if not thousands of years prior? Why because people have been making shit up for thousands of years to appease and control.
          What is ironic, is that you’ve obviously never bothered to read any of their creation stories, such as those by the ancient, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Sumerians, Egyptians or how about the American Indians, the Australian Aborigines, or the Alaskan Eskimos, or the Aztecs…Yes, where was YOUR god for them?
          What is truly ironic is that you’ve discovered the right god, and all others were just well, deluded in their thinking. Aren’t you the lucky one!

        • Dumb Kopf

          Uhhh … NO! Lots of cultures concluding the Earth is immovable and the center of the universe and the sun and stars all orbit around the Earth doesn’t “Back up that just maybe something like that” is the case. The credibility of the Biblical story of creation is zero — there is no confirming evidence, and lots of contravening evidence.

          Insisting on the inerrancy of the science in the Bible just leads to people dismissing the moral lessons in it. Nothing in the Bible says it is inerrant, just like nothing in the Bible says the Pope is infallible.

      • George

        Let’s say that at the end of life there is no God to judge mankind. We both have lost nothing, but if there is a God to judge mankind (and I do believe there is), at the end of life, you have lost all and NONE of your many gods can help you. Have you not considered this?

        • GetReal

          Pascal’s wager…I’ve heard it many times, but it still beckons the questions out of all the thousands of gods that have been worshiped how can you be so sure you’ve got it right? What are the odds of that given all the different beliefs across this planet over the centuries?

          So it boils down to your accepting again, what makes you feel good, and not what can actually be proven.
          You think I should govern my life based on a book written over 2000 years ago by goat herders living in tents?
          I’m curious have you really ever read the bibles, both the OT and NT? If you haven’t please, please do! May be you’ll see this god for the sadistic, vengeful, murdering god he really is.

          Take just a second to ponder this…
          God puts the Tree of Knowledge and the Evil talking snake in the same garden with his innocent, ignorant children, then rather than FORGIVE them for their disobedience, he kicks them out of the garden and condemns all future mankind to be born into SIN and now their only way to salvation is through him…isn’t that convenient for the religion!
          God being ALL KNOWING would have had to of known how his plan would fail correct? So how could god make the wrong decision when it came to his children?

          Now as people go I think I’m a pretty decent guy. I work hard, I don’t cheat or steal, I’m faithful to my wife, I help those in need, I’m not a bigot or a racist, I think we should all consider ourselves brothers and sisters across this planet, regardless of race, gender or sexual preference…but according to the book, your god will not judge me for my deeds, since I reject him (and the thousand others), and he had condemned me before I was even born, for an act his first children committed, I will be burning in hell.

          Well, I got to tell your George; I’d rather burn in hell than follow such a sadistic, immoral god.
          I’ll continue to use my brain for what is it is for, thinking! And I will not be a puppet to reflect my parents or my cultures irrational beliefs.

          I guess we are both lucky he really doesn’t exist!


          • Bill

            GetReal…you can be the best guy on the block, but that doesn’t get you into Heaven. If that doesn’t bother you then I pray that your heart be softened and your eyes are opened. Try reading Josh McDowell’s “Evidence That Demands a Verdict”

        • Lisa

          So religion is what? Insurance for the after life? BTW, it may not be your ‘god’ that’s going to judge you when you get there. It could be somebody elses’ and in that case you lose.

          I believe in All Paths to God/the Divine. I do not believe any one religion is ‘better’ or more ‘just’ or ‘righter’ than another. So you worship your ‘god’ and I’ll worship mine. Fair enough?

  • Joe DeVito

    I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. But not through religion,as religion is of man and not God! I follow our Lord by faith! The Lord left us very simple to fllow and basic rules to live a righteous life in His and the Father’s eyes. One of them is “Judge NOT lest YE BE JUDGED!” Only God has the authority to judge people, NOT PEOPLE! Also “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”! Seems that this group of so-called Christians (hypocrits) doesn’t believe in following the simple rules that were left to us to obey and follow. They are an example of what NOT to be as a true Christian. They are the equivalent in HATRED as another religious sect …. Al-Quieda!Very sad and shameful indeed!

  • https://www.facebook.com/fullcirclebyhawk hawk

    someone should show up at one of their gatherings dressed like Jesus. Not say or do anything, jut stand there. Robe, sandals, maybe a thorny crown and some blood stains. THAT would be hilarious!

  • Joe DeVito

    I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. But not through religion,as religion is of man and not God! I follow our Lord by faith! The Lord left us very simple to follow and basic rules to live a righteous life in His and the Father’s eyes. One of them is “Judge NOT lest YE BE JUDGED!” Only God has the authority to judge people, NOT PEOPLE! Also “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”! Seems that this group of so-called Christians (hypocrits) doesn’t believe in following the simple rules that were left to us to obey and follow. Westboro Baptist Church is an example of what NOT to be as a true Christian group. They are the equivalent in HATRED as another religious sect …. Al-Quieda! Very sad and shameful indeed! These are the ones who hurt all other good Christians in the faces of those who DO need God in their lives. As such, I would not want to be standing in front of God Almighty on Judgement Day as a member of this Hate for God “Cult”!

  • June Vendetti

    Apparently, it wasn’t so much the anti-gay protesting that got Vince Gill riled up-it was the fact that they were more concerned with his divorce and remarriage. To write a story about it at all makes one wonder. Divorce and remarriage happen every day. It is very sad that marriage is not as sacred as it used to be. I did not know he divorced and remarried Amy Grant. I knew he divorced his first wife, leaving her for Amy Grant. Amy divorced her husband to marry Vince Gill. That, too, was very sad. To this day, I don’t understand how a Christian woman, who sang Christian music could have left her husband, forsaking the marriage vows. In any case, it is obvious that this group has a problem.

    • James

      In the words of Billy Graham, “It’s God’s job to judge, it’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convict, I was sent here to love.” Too many times people want to do God’s job and truly God is the only One who can change hearts. People should spend more time talking to God about these issues instead of each other.

      • Anna

        Another bit of christian folklore… it is not the Spirit’s job to ‘convict.’ This false idea creates a constant ‘guilt’ mentality among many Christians, thinking God’s helper is there waiting to catch them sinning so he can blow his divine cop whistle. Nonsense. It is the Spirit’s job to counsel and comfort, as the Bible teaches. This is such popular folklore that one would think it’s in the Bible, but it’s not. Our own conscience convicts us.

        • George


          Are you saying that if our conscious does not convict us of our sins then God will not? If I were to kill someone and my conscious does not convict me I’m “home free”, is that what you’re saying?

    • jennifer

      It’s called temptation and it happens the good thing about god is he loves us no matter what…yes he hates our sins but not the sinners….People who live in glass houses ought not to throw stones….Be careful on your pedastal you just might fall. good luck and god bless.

  • Vinnie Rocks

    Vince –
    You are a shining example of what is RIGHT in America. Thank you for standing up to these idiots! Thank you for all of your charitable efforts that do not garner any attention. Always have been and always will be a proud Vince Gill supporter!

  • Steve

    On a brighter note, it is to the point that whenever I hear of westboro, I think “here they go again” instead of reading their bile.

  • Bruce

    This article was VERY poorly written. It’s not in the least bit objective, the grammar is extremely poor and it was not properly researched. The WBC has encountered PLENTY of celebrities at their protests for one thing. Anynoe remember the whole “Dogma” thing with Kevin Smith?
    This kid should go back to washing dishes at Denny’s for a few more years while he gets an education in journalism.

  • George

    Actually, Westboro Baptist Church is biblically and theologically, correct.
    Mark 10:1-12; Matthew 5:31-32; 19:3-12 deals with marriage, divorce, and remarriage. There is one thing about this that escapes my understanding, why a public picketing of this man when it is God who will judge, (Hebrews 13:4)?

    • Anna

      Actually George, you have a complete misunderstanding. These verses are so often misunderstood that they have become religious folklore. The Pharisees had the nasty habit of kicking out their wives without properly divorcing her, and taking in the next woman who came along. Therefore, they were committing adultery with the next woman, and unfortunately technically so was their kicked-out wife, with anyone else she took up with.

      False teachings on divorce and re-marriage have been used against well-meaning people doing the best they can for centuries and it’s time to take a stand against such nonsense.

      For a better understanding, you might read a book such as “Divorce and Remarriage” by Ralph Woodrow.

      • heffyrod

        Thank you for explaining scripture the way is was intended. Most of western Christians do not take the time to study the times Jesus walked. The lessons He taught are still valuable today.You are so right. The Pharisees were committing adultry and causing thier followers to do the same.
        The devil loves to change and manipulate scripture. He’s been doing it for a long time

      • George

        For a better understanding of this issue, you might do some exegesis of these texts for yourself in order to get a better understanding. Also, we can all find authors that we agree with, however, in citing one author only, your research is faulty.
        Society has made it so easy and convenient for married couples to dishonor their marriage vows by divorce. Jesus said that because of the “hardness” of mans’ heart Moses allowed a bill of divorcement, but from the beginning it was NOT so.

        • Matt

          George is spot on, folks. It’s adultury plain and simple. But it is GOD who will judge in the end. Westboro has got to figure out a better way to share truth – because there’s absolutely no grace as far as I can tell. And truth without love is just brutality…certainly quite the opposite of Christ who was full of “grace and truth.”

    • Amber

      They are Biblically correct but their attitudes aren’t. Jesus commanded us love our neighbors. All they are portraying in a hateful God, which isn’t who God is. He is a loving, forgiving, awesome, incredible God. These people are more like the Pharisees in the Bible and not Jesus. Jesus wouldn’t be hanging out with these people. He would be friends with the adulterers, sinners, hurting people. These people give Jesus a bad name, which is sad.

  • Dan

    Vince was married to another woman before Amy Grant. But, I do not condone what WBC is doing.
    “Gill married country singer Janis Oliver of Sweethearts of the Rodeo fame, in 1980, and they had one daughter. Gill occasionally mixed sound for his wife’s band at concerts. They separated in the mid-1990s and eventually divorced in June 1998”

    • True Believer

      Who cares? Whose business is it?

  • estelle whiddon

    Regardless of how poorly written you believe this article was written, I personally see no reason that this church and its members be given objectivity! The premise of reporting in an objective manner is based upon the fact that both parties have something to contribute.By representing themselves as Christians, they have the responsibility to uphold its tenants. The foremost of these is love. Their behavior tends to uphold evil, representing hate and vile behavior. Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing! It would seem to me the very thing they SAY they revile, evil and its representative satan is the very one they serve with their actions. I think it is time reporting was more honest, done by people who are not professional or politically correct and it would open dialogues and give us an opportunity to hear from America, not the government controlled media. Political correctness unfortunately, also seems to include the NON SUPPORT of values! This needs to end as it is good values that lead to a societies success and longevity!

    • http://none job

      isn’t the scripture they are quoting correct?

      • JT

        Yes, the verse they are quoting is correct. One problem is based on interpretation. Over the years the meaning behind words and phrases have changed so the question remains; is this verse interpretated correctly based on what Jesus meant or has society and/or customs changed from then to today? Adultry was condemned in scripture and punishable by stoning. Why was David not stoned to death? Maybe adultry as stated in the Bible does not mean the same thing as we think it does today. ~Just a thought~

  • Allen Smith

    What will it take to get ride of these sick bastards? Very simple answer: A couple of .25 cent bullets. They didn’t show up in Western PA after being threatened and we all were ready with our guns. State Police told them they would not protect them up here.
    I believe in God and love all people even if they sin, but these sick people need to be put down once and for all. They give God a bad name!!!

  • babyboy

    Right-on Vince go after those phonies….


    First, I don’t think Vince Gill ever remarried Amy Grant. He was divorced from Janis Oliver in 1998 and married Amy Grant in 2000. Two separate women and no remarriage.

    • Kim

      remarried means married again, not necessarily to same person

  • David Peattie

    What will it take, Tobias? It will take depriving them of what you yourself said they want most: publicity and attention. If everyone would ignore them like we do other ignorant people, they would have no choice but to fold up their hate-filled tents and go away. But it’s hard to do when the news media, including you, faithfully give them exactly what they want.

    • Jacker

      They are hard to ignore when they show up spewing their hate at a dead soldier’s funeral.

  • Victoria

    These people aren’t “Christians” and they aren’t a “church”. They should be called what they are…a hate group. It is unbelievable that no one has shut them up already. They should be confronted everywhere they go because that is the only way to deal with them. They don’t like it when people confront THEM.

  • Phillip Bedwell

    This Pastor of this church is a real work of art. The one without sin cast the first stone. He has lost touch with reality. He gives Baptist a bad name. Just remember the world hated Jesus but he loved the sinner likewise the church should preach love not hatred.

    • Candy L

      You’re so right. I am also reminded of Jesus’ meeting with the woman at the well, whom he well knew had had several husbands and was unmarried to the man she was currently residing with. Rather than condemnation, he offered her grace and hope. It is sad how many professed believers do not follow Christ’s example and, thereby, give Him and the faith named for Him a bad name.

    • True Believer

      I was wondering why the Baptist Church allows them to speak on their behalf? No other denomination would keep a church like this in their flock. These people are no different than Islamic Extremists!

  • John Mchenry

    Baptists, a.k.a, evangelists, born-again Christians, is another term for neo- Nazis, racists, domestic terrorists, and all others, who use biblically-based hatred as a tool of destruction. Unfortunately, these wastes of life have contributed $$$$$ to political genocide, and the decay of our world. They should be outlawed and banned, just like the murderers and rapists that they are.

    • lee

      man, are you ever uninformed.

  • Scott

    It is so typical of these losers to protest everything. I wonder how much incest is happening in this church. There seem to be several if them and I can not believe anyone would marry into this pile of BS. Thus, the only solution is incest. So , they must be breaking their own rules.

  • bob

    The sad fact is, I think the pastor of Westboro – Mr.Phelps, was, as a child, sexually abused by another man – perhaps a trusted relative. And this is his way of eradicating the pain from that abuse from his life. Sexual abuse, whether from a same-sex predator pedophile or from a member of the opposite sex, kills the child spiritual, emotionally, mentally and psychologically – and there are plenty of cases where people act it out just like Phelps – for the rest of their natural lives – clinging very tightly to what they believe is God while condemning everyone else and living opposite the teachings of Christ, thus in a small way, to their twisted and hurt thinking, rectifying themselves. Mr. Phelps shows every sign of having been raped by a gay man – and he desperately needs our prayers for healing and vision, for he has poisoned his entire family with his own pain. He needs to be set free and he needs to set his family free. This is why pedophiles need to receive the death penalty –

    • Lisa

      What “Reverend” Phelps needs a good swift kick in the butt. Unless you can prove any of what you just said (btw ‘gay’ does NOT equal ‘pedophile’) I’d ask you to stop making excuses for this mongoloid.

    • Me

      It’s too bad most people have little to no education regarding ‘religion(s)’ (which has/ve little, if anything, to do with God…with the exception that they make LOTS of money using His Name). That said, people would be well advised to do their studies BEFORE they open their mouths and prove their ignorance.

      • Mission Minded

        Yourself included my friend. In the mirror of Scripture, your words are shallow. John 5:24

    • http://none Santos

      I have prayed for Phelps and the Westboro Baptist church but it doesn’t do any good. I also pray for the kids they are building a lot of hatred into. Phelps is probably borderline homo-sexual and he is having a hard time dealing with it. This is his way of fighting it off. He knows he is not going to change anyone so he just keeps instigating all of the trouble he can..

  • Dustin

    The only reason you believe in Jesus is because you were born in America and were brainwashed by it’s popular belief. If you had been born in India you would be sitting here defending Hinduism just as passionately. How do you not see this? Around 17% of the planets population is Christian, are the rest of us doomed to an eternity in hell? The bible was written by men during the dark ages when the common thinking was that the earth was flat and that you could cure a wound from infection by spitting on it. The bible says that the earth is around 6000-8000 years old which is like saying the distance from New York to L.A. is around 17 miles. I am not dismissing the possibility of a “God” but i am dismissing you mindless Christians and those silly stories. I guess god buried all those dinosaur bones in the desert just to test our faith huh?

    • F. Farless

      The Bible does not give an age for the earth. Also it was put together during the 300-400c.e. not in the Middle Ages. Perhaps you need more scholarly research in the scriptures.

    • Richard

      You my friend are definately part of the problem. To lump every Christian together and call them mindless is fairly petty. The Bible is a book written by men to try and understand our world in its early times. It is techinically one of the oldest historical records on earth and a lot of it can be proven to have happened. Most Christians realize it is not to be taken literally and used as a guidleine to be a better person to your God, your family and your neighbor. That is the point of the good book. Treat everyone with Love and Understanding.

      • Clark_Kent

        I wonder if any of the bible-thumpers have ever read the book as they would read any other book. Start at the beginning and read to the end. Instead they cherry pick verses recommended to them by preachers who have an economic interest in having a deluded and unquestioning flock of followers.

        The Bible contains numerous accounts of slaughter, lust, betrayal, and just plain nonsense—all in the name of god. If you believe it is historically true and the will of god, how can you explain the book of Joshua, the first historical account of genocide? How can you explain “happy is the man who will dash their little ones against the stones” (Psalms 137:9)? Do you really believe that 8 people—Noah, his 3 sons, and their wives—built a boat big enough to hold a pair of all the creatures on earth, and then rounded up polar bears, kangaroos, boa constrictors, etc. from all over the earth? Gimme a break!

  • Joseph

    What’s so different about what they do, and other Christian groups do when they stand outside of abortion clinics screaming, “Murderer!” to women who have made the difficult choice to abort their fetuses? It’s all the same hate. They just pretend they are loving, and everyone else knows it’s hate.

    • lee

      the difference is Row v Wade, a small group of men and women over the majority rule of THE PEOPLE, said abortion is legal when it really wasn’t. But the supreem kourt has ruled and we have liberals shoving their beliefs down out throats.

    • Mission Minded

      Joseph, you are naïve to think that there is a similarity between the two. Some professing Christian groups may stand outside abortion clinics screaming, “murder,” but not for the same reasons that the Westboro group seems to protest. Christian folks who stand outside abortion clinics peacefully are there to remind women that those fetuses are not a bag of biological components but a life. There is no greater hate than for a woman to decide that she doesn’t want the life of a child so that she can continue with the life she wants to live. Hate goes both ways in your argument. You can’t just have it your way. To say that you know that people are pretending to be loving is to suggest that you know their motives…You don’t.

      • Joseph

        Sorry, I do not believe there is any difference between the two. Hate is hate. Christians protesting “peacefully” at abortion clinics, and screaming, “murderer!” is a contradiction in terms. I have known virtually no pro choice people who have changed their minds on the matter, so all the finger pointing and murder accusations are essentially useless and divisive in this society. I believe in Jesus, and I know he had nothing to say on this issue.

  • yodatu

    Has anyone thought about going to their church and protesting every Sunday or protesting them at every protest they attend? They would probably scream bloody murder if someone did that to them! LOL

  • George Blanton

    Good for Vince Gill & family.The westboro church clan are just inbred muzzies in discies as Baptists.Shame on them !

    • Name

      You are as ignorant and hateful as Westboro by calling them “muzzies”. Westboro is a cult of a handful of people. You do a disservice to authentic Christian believers everywhere by making such a statement.

  • The Pork

    Hate, hate, hate, that is all you need! Did anybody see Russel Brand destroy a couple of the folks with love on his show, it was absolutely hysterical.
    Something to ponder:
    Avery wise man told me a couple of items once that became a corner stone for my life, the first was, “always take the high road” & the second was “the divine will never tolerate the profane”. That wise man also taught me that “a fool will never learn anything from a wise man, however a wise man will always learn something from fools”.

  • George

    Apparently they overlooked the fact that Chapman was a drug addict and even said years later that Grant deserved a better life. But the Fundamentalists live in a “pure” world all to themselves. I wonder how many inbred children the Westboro Preacher has? That is also wrong in the Bible.

  • Justin

    Good for Vince! These people have no right pushing their beliefs on anyone.

  • georgie1960

    well . i have to ad mitt there.. great comments there .im a im a christian singer /song writer! also my mom passed away and im fighting from the 4th judical people. my mom property and home to us the family but u know strange people WANT !! to take away what my 92 mom fought for in el paso county here and now for shame ! w.b.c for shame they come right out and admit they are GOD?? now i dress up for hallow eeny as a cheer pom leader and (im great lookin) and no one judges mE! .. for doing that sweet people .. i wish they .. gooo awayy . like al-quada or the other radical nut cakes ..

  • hollywoodnc

    …and people are surprised that more and more people are becoming atheists?

    If anyone destroyed god it was the imbeciles that pray and constantly preach, when others don’t want to hear or see it, that did it!

    It is a FACT, that more and more people are leaving ‘organized faith’!

    • Jacob

      I think education is what hurts the church the most. I was raised in church and forced to go to christian school but after college and becoming an adult I found the confidence to think for myself and be a much stronger person people who have the need for a god are missing something and throwing your hands up and saying its in the lords hands is just a way of avoiding doing things for yourself

    • lee

      the way to salvation is narrow and few will listen or follow it.
      the way to hell is wide and many will “follow the leader” like lemmings going over the cliff.
      HOW will YOU feel at judgement when you find God IS REAL? and He knows you not?

    • Dawn Weeks

      God is love. Don’t let people get in the way of finding Him.

  • David

    I think this Baptist Church is out of there mind. Yes God does hate divorce, and he would rather that all couples come to term with there problems. But he does allow for people to remarry in certain cases.Both my Dad and my Brother where and are Baptist Minister and both would say that this church and it pastor are nuts. They the church need to go back and restudy the bible to fully understand what God say in the bible about divorce.There are many supporting verse both for staying married and remarrying in the bible. It would take up a lot of time here giving them to you here. But this church is totally for what they are doing. And that is a FACT.

    • Jacob

      Anyone who believes anything in the bible is insane. the whole idea of a loving god who sends anyone who disagrees with him to hell is not love. sounds more like a crazy dictator

      • lee

        there is a difference between love and tuff love.
        figure it out.
        there is a difference between fair and just.
        figure it out.
        there is only ONE unpardonable sin–denying God.

      • Mission Minded

        Sounds like what you are saying is that you don’t believe what the Bible teaches about a holy God who created you in His image and after Adam and Eve brought sin upon humanity provided His own Son – Jesus Christ, to die in our place so that we might have forgiveness of all sin, have a personal relationship with God, and live in heaven forever (John 3:16; Romans 5:8). The message of God is not about a mean old codger in heaven throwing lightning bolts down upon mankind but looking upon humanity in pity, having showed mercy. Man is able to find that the God of the Bible does love all; however, they must believe on Him. If they continue to persist in unbelief, they will have chosen for themselves hell, which was intended for the devil and his angels alone. Romans 10:9-13; I John 5:13

      • New Day

        forget what people say to you about the Bible. Read it yourself sometime. It’s mostly about grace, love, eternal significance, forgiveness. Things we all need more of.

    • Mission Minded

      Your illustrations don’t hold water to the argument at hand. The Bible does state that a minister (pastor) is to be the husband of one wife. If a man is divorced, he is disqualified according to I Timothy 3:1-7. To fully read the Bible and understand what God is saying about marriage and divorce is also valid for qualifications of a minister. If one would look carefully, the Bible gives no permission for divorce from marriage, only divorce out from the betrothal commitment. When a married spouse commits sexual sin it is called adultery; when one commits sexual sin outside of the marriage vows it is called fornication. Again, read the Bible carefully and don’t read into it what you want it to say and you will find out what it really says. Westside Baptist Church should look at what their mission is as a church, as far as what the Bible teaches. They might find that they are not acting like a New Testament Church but like hatemongers and disrespectful to others; no matter how much truth they may have.

      • Pastor

        In that statement, could Paul have been referring to polygamy? “Husband to one wife” can be misleading if you forget that polygamy was a common and accepted practice during those times.

    • James

      My Bible says “in a case of fornication take up a bill of devoricement AND REMAIN SINGLE” I don’t agree with this bunch but facts are facts. It also says for a woman to remain silent in church matters. If you noticed that was a woman talking to vince gill You can’t pick and choose what to believe and be in the will of God.

  • Crystal

    Westboro Baptist Church members are the most hateful, oppressive, and ungodly group of people ever. I am happy to hear of people combating their satanic beliefs and their words of hate. There’s a special place in Hell reserved for the members of Westboro Baptist Church.

  • Susan

    All Baptist church don’t believe the same way. The Bible also teaches that God forgives us and divorce is a forgiving sin. Being divorce also and a Christian I fully believe my Lord in Heaven forgave me and he is a Loving God and wants all to believe in him as a Loving and forgiving God. Those people need to go back to the Bible and read and pray again before calling someone out about there sin before they ask forgiveness and leadership.

    • http://yahoo Jim

      Jesus was hated for protesting sin too. Read John 7:7. By the way , God doesn’t forgive sin just so we can continue to commit the same sin over and over.

      • The truth

        Jesus told us to forgive our brother 70 times 7. If he told us to do that then surely God will do the same for us. Gospel means “good news” not “hopeless cause” which is what we all would be without grace.

  • Tiffany

    Westboro Baptist Church doesn’t seem to know it, but every time they protest, they’re sending themselves to hell.

    • True Believer

      in my estimation they live in hell already!

  • True Believer

    What a serious nutbag this Phelps is…. Here is his wikipedia info. What a train wreck!

  • BurghFanInCincy

    How to get rid of these vile, disgusting people?

    “Nuke them from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

  • PowerofLaughter

    The writer asks what will stop these people? Laughter. We should all go out there the next time they protest, enmasse, like thousands of people, and laugh at them and then sing happy songs loud enough to drown them out. It would stop their show. Only reason they do it is for the shock value, and they would have lost it completely. If it happens over and over for a year or two, because they are super stupid, it will stop. Has no value. Getting mad at their clear insanity is useless, but drowning them out, PRICELESS! That is how the Patriot Guard does it, only with the sound of motorcycles!

  • Chris

    Someone has to have some kind of dirt on these people – when someone criticizes the way you live your life, they generally have something to hide. Kudos to Vince, especially calling the one guy ‘a dipshit’.

    • James

      Oh but there’s tons of dirt on them. For instance, Shirley Phelps has a child out of wedlock.

    • Edward Sookikian

      Trust me there is plenty of dirt on this family including spousal and child abuse. And when I mean abuse, using an axe handle to beat his children and dragging his wife and hacking off her hair when she had it shortened about an inch.

  • Barry E Watson

    Amazing how many people refuse to capitalize the words “Bible” and “God.” Even professing Christians! They don’t do it with other names! It’s disrespectful the Lord and the Word of God.

  • Barry E Watson

    P.S. I’m an independent Baptist (by choice) and a born again Christian by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I just want to say that this church is in no way Baptist except by name (which they should change!). Yet so many lump us all into one basket. Ironic, though, is it not, that this family (the Phelps family) hates real Christians, while Jesus said the WORLD will hate! The Phelps’s are not saved, they are a cult. They’re sincere in their beliefs, but sincerely WRONG, and they’ll find that out one day. I don’t want ANYONE to go to hell, even them, but that’s where they’re going, I’m sure. Be saved today!

  • Barry E Watson

    What a shame, that Gill has to use profanity in defending his “faith.”

  • Susie Que

    There has to legal ways to stop these evil people. to bad the fans of gill and everyone else doesn’t go and do the same to these church members. wonder how they would like protesters following them around calling them names and making their lives hell.Fight fire with fire and sue the pants off of them….if nothing else money talks.

  • Jackie

    LMAO! “I came to see what hate looks like”. You go, Vince!

    • http://yahoo Jim

      Look in a mirror next time.

  • http://yahoo Jim

    Sounds to me like Vince and a whole lotta other folks have a problem. They just love sin. They are the same people who hated Jesus and crucified him for protesting sin. Read John 7:7. So who really is guilty of hate ?

  • Leigh Ann Boatright

    Our aim as Christians is to become more like Christ everyday. We all make mistakes, we’re human. The example that Christ set for us was not walking back in forth of an establishment and shout out or point out who is a sinner. What Christ did was ask “If you are without sin, throw the first stone.” The leaders whom Christ said that to, threw down their stones and walked away. I WOULD THINK THERE ARE 100 OTHER HELPFUL THINGS THAT THE CHURCH IN WESTBORO COULD BE DOING THAN THROWING STONES! Things like feeding the poor, visiting and praying for the sick, and homeless —–you know the KIND OF THINGS CHRIST DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kevin

    First one must go to God’s word to see what He has to say about a situation. God calls for those who are faithful to “appraise all things spiritually.” God also lets it be known that “The Holy Spirit” does not take sides with the accuser of the brethen. Upon His holy word, and holy word alone – you assess Westboro Baptist Church along with others who stand and accuse the faithful of the Lords.

  • Seeinwithma3rdi

    GetReal has a important point everybody does seem to overlook in their condemnation of his point. The Sumerians had a creation story…The Epic of Gilgamesh, that preceded the Christian creation story. And the Christian belief system of an “all mighty creator” and Christ figure closely resembles the Egyptian gods Atum, Horus and so forth. There are many credible sources of empirical evidence that the Christian origins of the “Christ” and religious belief system was preceded by those historical civilizations, prior to the advent of what we now call Christianity. I’m still researching the origins of belief systems and “religion” but what I have found so far is pretty much in line with those points he has offered. There are books of the Bible which have been left out, altered and changed by thru politics of men and the ruling class of antiquity.

    • Seeinwithma3rdi

      Look up “Mithraism”…an early precursor to Christianity and see the similarities.

  • James Barrs

    Jesus said, ” Let he that is PERFECT cast the first stone.” I am a Baptist,& proudly one, from South Georgia yet I see no reason for the actions of Westboro. They should spend a bit more time reading their Bible & a lot less time on criticizing others. I also oppose homosexual relationships but I am not going to interfere with other people’s rights to make a political statement. The Bible also says to be Christ like & Westboro doesn’t even come close. Just go away or change your name from Westboro Baptist to Westboro Lunatics.

  • http://yahoo Angela

    What gets me is that these people claim to walk in jesus shoes, from what I was taught, Jesus never judged anyone. It seems this group must be reading a different bible, than what the rest of the Christians are reading today.

  • http://Yahoo DMC

    Good for Vince, I have long said that organizations like the Patriot Guard, need to start PROTESTING all of the Westboro”s Church own funerals, give them some of their own medicine, collect up their banners and signs and decorate their gravesites with their own crap! “Free-Speech and All” HeY everybody go by and piss on their graves and take a dump on their tombstone’s also would be nice!

  • dholmes

    were these 2divorces of “adultery” of the other spouse …. if not, the Christian(s) should be rebuked, admonished, etc (sure!) … if so, its okay to remarry …. thats correct Christian doctrine !!!

  • http://www.frankscoblete.com Frank Scoblete

    Seriously, I have forgiven people who have done me wrong. I would think that a supreme God would forgive quite a bit more than I ever could — including divorce. I think Christ forgave the people who killed him. I think Christ also stopped the first century version of the Westboro Bible Church from stoning a woman who had committed adultery. I think the Westboro Bible Church also violates a fundamental Christian principle: “Judge not lest ye be judged.” But far be it for me to judge them — those dirty, rotten — oops.

  • Mike

    I grew up in Kansas City and this is not the first time that crazy church has protested there. I love K.C. and I hope that the rest of the country doesn’t think that the people in the midwest are all backward thinking Bible thumpers!
    I agree with the other posters who said that this group doesn’t deserve the publicity.

  • Mike Hunt