Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed

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Victoria Jackson, a former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and comedienne, has garnered negative attention over the past several years for her outspoken rants about gays, God, and politics; however, none have come close to her latest tirade on Twitter after the election was called.

Jackson tweeted several times about America being “dead” now that Obama is back in office, and is adamant about trying to prove that Mitt Romney was closer to winning than we all think. Her opinions aren’t being taken seriously, however, as she’s being blasted all over the web.

The actress previously angered “Glee” fans everywhere when she spoke up about an episode in which two male characters kissed, saying, “Did you see Glee this week? Sickening! And, besides shoving the gay thing down our throats, they made a mockery of Christians – again!”

Her rants have been compiled into one spoof by comedienne Julie Brown, who takes on the blonde’s quirky personality with ease.

Victoria Jackson Loses It On Twitter, Gets Spoofed
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  • Cia Devereaux

    I’d like to see her hog-tied and 18″ of Louisville Slugger rammed up her ass.

  • CactusJack

    This is how the whole homo thing is forced upon us. It’s immoral and everytime someone exercises their freedom of speech, voicing their opinion about it; it destroys that person’s career. The world wants to mold our way of thinking to accept it homosexuality. Why do we have to accept it to please the world. The only thing that it has contributed to mankind is AIDS and a perverts hanging out around restrooms.

    • taraniso

      Cactus Jack and myself are ready to come out as a gay couple. Step out of that bathroom stall, Cap’n!

    • Don

      WOW, I have read some seriously ignorant comments before, but you take the ignorance award. Let me ask you, who are you to decide what is, and is not moral. I know that not everyone can be as pure as those in the Catholic religion, but we strive to be. After all, who doesn’t want to belong to a religion in which child molestation condoned.

      As for freedom of speech, learn the statue before you speak. I realize that you want to sound intelligent, but you really are not. There is a book you should read surrounding the 1st Amendment, it’s call the idiots guide to the Constitution. Even someone as ignorant as yourself would be able to understand it.

      Maybe not…

      • susan yee

        Bingo Don.

    • sean barnes

      Shut up and grab your ankles

  • Mike

    They had Bruce Springsteen and Romney had her ? ? ?

  • marissa morocco

    Hate Obama. Gay people are fine. Not a Christian. Mixed feelings about this.

    • susan yee

      hate’s a strong word, marissa.

  • Roger Dodd

    She is entitled to free speech as all of us are. Cia although you have that right and, your graphic suggestions of what you’d like to do with an 18′(which there is no such thing) are disgusting to me!

    • Don

      I have to agree with you Roger it is extremely disgusting.

  • Joel

    @CactusJack, no one is ‘forcing’ the ‘whole homo thing’ on anyone! If you don’t like the subject matter of a television show, let me point out the fact that your remote control has two buttons… one of them turns the channel and the other one turns the TV off. Also you should do a little research once in a while. AIDS is spread more during heterosexual intercourse than homosexual. You’re a hateful bigoted person and personally I think the world is suffering far more by ignorance and blind hatred than it is by the non-existent so-called ‘gay agenda.’ And this is coming from a straight man. You should go disappear into your own hatred.

    Victoria Jackson is a mouth-piece who can’t stand the fact that her SNL co-stars… Kevin Nealon, Jon Lovitz, Mike Myers and Adam Sandler to name a few, have all gone on to have successful careers while she’s disappeared into oblivion. So she shoots her mouth off about gays and Obama. As an apparent defender of the Bible, she apparently doesn’t read it very much. Christ instructed us to “love one another.” He never stipulated whether or not gays were excluded from that unconditional love, He just said love one another as He loved us. When he died on that cross for our sins, gays were included. All were included. As far as her anti-Obama rant, Exodus 21:6 says “Never show disrespect for God or curse a leader of your people.”

    It never ceases to amaze me how the most out-spoken “Christians” in this country are the ones who seem to follow Biblical instructions the least!

    • Jon

      Yo I agree with you Joel, but exodus 21:6 says “hen his master shall bring him unto the judges; he shall also bring him to the door, or unto the door post; and his master shall bore his ear through with an aul; and he shall serve him for ever”. Nothing about leader cussing lol

      • susan yee

        …not only that…they seem to only go by the old testament. Jesus says NOTHING about gays…only teaches love and tolerance. Oh yeah, and to give unto Cesar what is his…that means: PAY your TAXES, you stupid Teabillies!

  • Relevance ???

    This stuff is gold. If VJ was this funny during her gig at SNL she wouldnt have been unemployed for the last 20 years.

  • Roger Meadows

    Hate Obama Hate Fags America is going to hell. I’m with Victoria “Thanks alot Christians for not showing up to the polls. All you others that voted for the man from Kenya. I hope you get a belly full of him.

    • Merlin

      I know many, many Christians who showed up and who voted for Obama. Perhaps you and Victoria are in a minority of your own. Maybe you can contact her and start your own religion.

    • sean barnes

      Watsamatta roger, wanna suck my dick?

  • dave

    MY favorite cousin is gay,cool as hell,funny nice guy.Do not agree with his lifestyle,think homosexuality is immoral.5-10% of population dictating policy is bullshit.In saying that I adore him and although we disagree he can lead his life any way he wants,just don’t force your agenda down on me

    • Amanda Reckenwithe

      Being homosexual is NOT a “lifesyle”…That implies a choice in the matter. Living in a TRAILER is a “lifestyle!” Gay people are BORN that way, but you judgmental “Christians” use the “lifestyle” term to justify your hatred and bigotry…Just think about this: Who, in their RIGHT-mind, would choose to be something that uneducated people fear and loathe? Grow-up, and educate yourself. One other thing..I think it’s very likely, that most self-respecting gay men, wouldn’t give you a second glance, since the ugliness of most people is on a par with their bigotry potential. Have a nice day.

      • Dean Isle

        I disagree. Nature’s way is to seek out the opposite sex and procreate. It IS a choice. I don’t agree with it, but it’s those people’s choice and they should have a say in their partners care, they should be allowed in a hospital room and be able to see to their partners final wishes without government interference. A jointly adopted child would stay with a living partner and not be ripped from the home they knew and felt safe in. It’s choice, not mine but not my say.

        • Chris

          I didn’t choose to be gay Dean. I know what I like, and I’ve known it all my life. I only go around once, so I’m not gonna spend my life living a lie. Can I be with a woman, yeah. Am I comfortable with it, no. Thank you though for understanding the other issues, I mean, I can’t imagine being told I cant see my partner and best friend in a hospital room. For anybody who is disgusted about the way I live my life, I say this, mind your business and live yours. I’m having a blast.

          • AKC

            I cannot reconcile the law of nature that says human males and females must have sex to procreate thereby protecting the future of the human race with the fact that homosexuals (at least the large majority of them) are born that way. What is the purpose of homosexuals then, on the basic evolutionary level. There has to be one, just haven’t figured it out yet. At any rate, keep government out of everyone’s bedroom and human beings are human beings regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc……..

        • Debbie

          I’m a hetrosexual, always have been. It maybe a “choice” for you, but it isn’t for me.

      • Ross Spencer

        Not all Christians are right wing homophobes. Pres Obama is a Christian. I’m what you call a liberal Christian who believes the Bible must be read with an understanding of ignorance and prejudice of the culture and era it comes from. I believe gays were made by God just the way they are. When fundamentalists say they are “only following the Word of God” they are really not. The “Word of God” they’re talking about says gay men and adulterous women should be put to death. Jesus only defined marriage as a union between a man and woman, but I think that as long as a couple are in a committed, supportive relationship, they are still following Jesus.

    • susan yee

      No gay person has ever tried to force any agenda down anyone’s throat. Unless you mean wanting to be treated fairly is ‘forcing’ something down everyone’s throat. It appears that the Christian right has the agenda and would like to see this nation represented by only christians…that’s a theocracy. Go check out some middle eastern countries and see how you like it! Not everyone in this country is christian and we shouldn’t have to be either.

  • http://prhimmler@yahoo.com Paul Ryan

    Only WHITE Fundamentalist Conservative Christian Republicans should be allowed to vote and then only for White Fundamentalist Conservative Christian Republican candidates. We must have a total ethnic and religious cleansing of the US to get rid of the inferior sub-humans.

    • Don

      Yes, and only you superior Christian should be allowed to live, right. Ignorance is bliss, you must be extremely blissful.

    • susan yee

      That does seem to be the underlying message, doesn’t it?

  • http://www.zoltt.com Joseph Jeanes, II

    Victoria Jackson is in a free country. With 330 million Americans, there is no problem with a comedian having a few words about anything. She has an immense heart and is only presenting her viewpoints. Variety is the spice of life. The days she was on SNL are huge memories, and she is deserving as much respect as anyone who has seen so many things in her life.

    Words do not move mountains, but everyone is entitled to an opinion in a free society. At the most she would lose is getting counseling. It only works for the money. She has that.

    We live in a day where Romeo and Juliet are advised out of their loves. The answer is on page one of the play. She is a fun drama queen… live it up… let’s not make her another “Dixie Chick.”

    • red014

      Odd that you’re condemning people for expressing their opinion on her opinion then, isn’t it?

      • susan yee

        good point! But he did say it’s fun to watch her craziness (my words)…and I suppose it is! I’m here commenting on what I just watched.

  • richopp

    Ah, yes. The “christians” among us who, like the radicals of all religions, want us to live in the 13th century again. Whatever. I always think that, like Mr. Ted Haggard, those who protest homosexual behavior the loudest and the most are, themselves, homosexuals–not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Well, hate at this level can lead to poor health in some cases. I suggest that you only associate with your own kind and use that forum to spew your personal opinions. If this were Russia, you would be in jail for such words (see Pussy Riot). Thank goodness we are free to spout whatever hate we wish in this country. I defend her right to speak these words even though I do not agree with her point-of-view.

    • susan yee

      Bravo! And luckily we have our right to dispute or even make fun of her words and ideas. America’s pretty cool, no?

  • Amanda Reckenwithe

    Victoria Jackson is a dimwitted, brain-washed, fool. Always has been, and always will be. BTW, she really IS a has-been, and this is her pathetic attempt to re-enter the limelight….

    • Don

      I agree with you Amanda, she is a has been, but she really never was. I think she fried her brain with drugs.

    • susan yee

      Her along with Ted Poop-in-my-pants Nugent and Donald Trump. No one really cares to hear from them anymore….all have gone ’round the bend…..oh, and Sarah whats-her-face in Alaska.

  • Jerna

    Wow. Her old song, “I Am Not A Bimbo” appears to be completely false.

    • AKC


  • Scott Nixon

    Who is she again? Oh yeah she was the talentless twit on SNL during those really bad years of the show. Her best roles were of dumb blond broads, not even an attractive one. Looks like art imitating life or the other way round, either way she’s grasping for her final 15 minutes of fame before she becomes completely forgettable to the American public again.

    • http://google Jayne Moore

      I agree. Jackson does not have any career anymore so she has to get attention somehow, that or she is plain goofy! Coulter is just a b—-.

    • Brian

      None of us are really all that great if the truth be told.

  • PJ

    Victoria Jackson and Anne Coulter, wastes of oxygen.

  • cgv

    Stay classy, liberals. Stay classy.

    • Jed

      So…….saying thing like “Thanks a lot christians, for not showing up. You disgust me” is classy to you, huh?

      • susan yee

        Agreed, Jed….. VJ is NOT classy….just white trashy.

  • rc

    She is correct America is in a world of hurt look at history Babalon, egypt, greese, rome and several other countries and what happened to them when they embraced the unnatural practice of homosexuality. God will have His day.

    • AKC

      God can have His day but for the love of God will you get an education before you ever write another comment? Babble-On and Grease – lol. (Babylon, Greece)

      • psychobarbie

        Way to layeth the smacketh down!haha

      • Vince

        ever notice the loudest homophob- types SEEM to be the least literate folks?

      • jamie

        Funny how for all the civilizations that you mentioned, God needed hundreds or even thousands of years to ‘punish’ them. Heck, maybe he simply doesn’t like people who wear sandals. Same apparent degree of causal relationship.

      • Merlin


      • Don

        AKC… Love your comment, doesn’t it seem that the most ignorant of people have the most to say. Perhaps if they received an education they would realize just how ridiculous they sound. Things that make you go Hmmmm.

        Just a question, was VJ a dropout, that would explain a lot.

    • susan yee

      Greese? Did you mean ‘grease’…like in my frying pan or ‘geese’ like those birds flying in V formation? What did they ever do, huh? You have no knowledge of ancient or even modern history. Go to school. God likes smart people. SMDH

    • Richard

      The 10/10 most educated states voted for B.O. – 9/10 the least educated states voted for mittens. True story. Thanks for being the shining example. Go forth and prosper, but for goodness sake, do NOT reproduce.

  • AKC

    I still can’t really tell if she’s joking or serious. If she’s serious than something went horribly wrong with her after SNL. If she’s joking then its actually humorous.

    • Merlin

      Oh no. She is quite serious and has been ranting like this for years. One of the alltime worst kooks!

    • susan yee

      She’s serious. She is now a Teabilly darling…..

  • joe mac

    what year is this? julie brown making fun of victoria jackson

    • sean barnes


  • Jada

    I guess free speech is only for Liberals (rolling eyes)

    It is perfectly okay to make fun of Christians and you should hear what the gay people I am friends with say about religious people) but once you criticize Obama you get made fun of.

    Hypocrites is what all of you are and yes I an Christian and have gay friends and I support their rights.

    At least the religious people are following a guide. The gays I know that hate religious people are just out o9f control. If they said what they said to me in public they would be arrested.

    • Don

      Are you really as stupid as you sound. I guess the answer lies within your post, and that would be a resounding yes. When you are responding to those posting crap based on religion, and their beliefs how do expect people to respond.

      Oh ya, prior to making any further post please learn proper grammar, and punctuation. You just might make a point if you don’t sound stupid.

      • John

        The Bible says “judge not, lest ye be judged.” That is quite a bit different than your misquotation. God doesn’t say not to judge. He just advises that those of us that judge harshly, without mercy and grace will be judged in the same manner. The Bible also tells us that we should hold each other accountable for our transgressions in order for healing to begin.

        • susan yee

          So if homosexuality is a transgression, (only in the old testament is it a sin) then I take it you also follow the other laws of the old testament, right?

  • Don

    Victoria Jackson is a has been that really never was. If she is so religious why doesn’t she take some Christian advise… “judge not ye be judged.” Practice what you preach you fat bitch.

    • rito

      Romans 1…about gays and lesbians? The Democrats allowed gays? Where was she when Dick Cheney’s daughter declared she was openly gay? The daughter of a former Republican Vice President! John McCain’s wife and daughter support gays. Dick Cheney killed America if at all America died. Hypocrites.

    • http://yahoo.com Dave Habbe

      The whole “judge not” argument is bogus. We make judgments every day, about people, places, and things. What you really mean to say is don’t judge me or things that I hold dear.

      You are probably reaching a judgment about me even as you read this, just as I have reached a judgement about you.

      • susan yee

        Nice play on words there, Dave. However you seem to be confusing “judgement” with “choice”….we make choices everyday. We may even discern things throughout the day to make those choices. But not everyone makes judgements as you are using the word. Perhaps some Buddhism would be helpful to you. Yin/Yang, no judgement, all is One.

  • d. mitchell

    when did she go bug nuts?

  • Jeff

    Heartbreaking that one of the major entertainment talents of the television age has adopted such a wayward, strident posture. But God bless her, I know the divorce from Desi really must have rocked her world.

    • Don

      OMG a divorce, isn’t she afraid she will burn in hell… We can only hope so.

  • Don

    VJ, you tweeted “America died,” why don’t you join it. It is individuals such as yourself that continually spread hate and fear. That is a very Christian thing to do. You fat slob.

  • Drburks

    So the Christian right wing are the bad guys in this country because we don’t want sexual orientation shoved down our throat well I would suggest before condeming those that don’t agree with your views perhaps you should think about who you think supports your beliefs.You should be glad you have the freedoms you have here you might not forever, and if you think christians are bad try living in the middle east and be openly gay, the thing that upsets me about the whole thing is how naieve can people be the ground work has been laid out for us to be more influenced by other beliefs but because someone flips and says they have your back then its not given a second thought keep in mind what comes down the line eventually will see how much support you have,we have a oppurtunist in the white house look at the east coast right now, photo shot with Christie and see ya.

  • Ross

    The URL VJ directs to in her ‘military ballots’ tweet goes to a fake news story on a parody Website.

  • John

    Gilda Radner and Victoria Whackson both started on SNL
    Gilda had real Talent Whackson played the dumb blonde, no talent.
    Gilda died – Whackson lived. God got that one wrong…

  • susan yee

    Oh my gawd….at the end of her inane song, she asks “now what are we going to do about it?” followed by rifle shots. Nice. :( She’s an idiot.

  • Jim

    I agree totaly with Victoria. At least someone is smart enough to think “outside the box!” This countey was built on morals from the bible and now the word “compimise” is quickly becoming the normal with Cristians as well. Wake up America! Your genetic profile in your body is stored information that would take a gigabyte just to store the dna information. We were created! Don’t you get it? The scientist were taught by man, and science taught them what to believe in. Some of us realize that we are not some mutation caused by a mistake or a bend in the dna river. Not to believe in God is pure stupidity. It’s like saying “I don’t see the air I breath, therfore I don’t believe in air. Come on people. He cares for! He wants a relationship with you. He will bless you for it! Thanks for reading this.

    • Richard

      wow, how scary that they let people like you get behind the wheel of a car. She’s wrong, you’re wrong and your bible’s wrong. Deal with it. The days of listening to an old book written by men who couldn’t explain thunder, are numbered. Please pick up a book and think for yourself. If you not, you will live your life sheltered and miss everything cool. The days of our species will be gone 10,000 years from now and a new species will dominate. Please, just live your life as a good person, it’s the only chance you’ll get.

    • sean barnes

      Now that’s a legitimate rape

  • Wiley Coyote

    Sheesh! What a delusional idiot. I didn’t even know who Victoria Jackson was until I saw that she had spent six or seven years on SNL. That explained why I didn’t know who she was.

    • sean barnes

      Gold baby, solid gold

  • Marci

    poor Victoria Jackson…guess all those headstands she did on SNL jacked up her brain!! WOW

  • julie

    She is batshit crazy. Why do we care what this air head bible thumping bigot thinks?

  • Chris

    Holy shit. Victoria Jackson is batshit crazy.

  • Peter Stuckert

    Victoria, it MUST be God’s will that President Obama won. Deal with it whacko.
    p.s. Lay off the twinkies.


    victoria who? Oh, just another crazy white lady. let her pass.

    • http://polkaheaven24-7 Pete

      Smart response….intelligent…..way to address the issues….name calling…..and a typical response from a real life loser….unhappy….and lost…..
      I just happened on this sight…and can see it caters to hip, cool, Obamatards, :)

  • TicKer

    victoria jackson????? i thought she was dead, oh wait, that was just her career.

    • http://polkaheaven24-7 Pete

      Ha Ha Ha ….you’re dead with Obozocare, Dodd Frank, DOJ a political tool. a president by=passing congress with executive orders….for 4 years we all got dog sh$^&%$%^t on our shoes – now we can’t get it off….Valerie has the guts to say something….

      • Petunia Snickerdootle

        Hey Mr. Dum-ass, First of all, her name is Victoria NOT Valerie! Secondly, I think you’re the only one here who’s dumb enough to purposely step in dog sh–! Third and final point, you are an idiot who should never be allowed to procreate! You can’t form complete sentences or even complete thoughts, so why the hell are you even posting on here? Go back under your rock to live out the rest of your days because that is where you have been this whole time, anyway!

  • kj

    she’s batshit crazy. listen to her interveiw on stern a few weeks ago.

  • anthony

    she need to go to another country and live since she think USA is dead

    • CharlesMartelReborn

      “That’s right! Neanderthals need a spokesperson”

      ….Says a member of the party that practices the Neanderthal act of ABORTION whenever they want it….
      thinks sex with whatever triggers your knee-jerk lust and horniness in the moment isn’t that of the Neanderthal….
      thinks Gods that aren’t of Western Civilization, that allow sex with anything that moves – Humans ( Adults or children,alive or dead ),animal,mud, i.e. Pagans,etc – aren’t that of the Neanderthal….
      Still under the delusion that there’s such a thing as “The Noble Savage”, aren’t Neanderthal Sympathizers….

      • Master blaster

        You still believe in god? Do you still put your baby teeth under your pillow? Santa comes down the chimney too! lol

      • sean barnes

        Uh, ok

  • Smedly

    FINALLY someone in Hollywood has the guts to speak up! I’m behind you 100% Victoria!

    • Richard

      That’s right! Neanderthals need a spokesperson. Maybe you should run her campaign. The Bible and the Brain: How Neither One is Connected.

  • tony

    I wish this whale was dead!!!! Smeldy says FINALLY someone in Hollywood has the guts to speak up!
    She is in “Hollywood” about as much as Im in Hollywood.
    a Hollywood FLA trailerpark is prob what you meant to say

  • Lori

    Victoria is entitled to her opinion. However, her opinion is not fact.
    She cannot spew her hatred and closed minded bigotry as fact. It is not fact.

    Show us the names of the voters who commited fraud. Show us the facts otherwise no one will take you seriously.

    Now my opinion. Victoria some people will do anything for publicity especially after their career has died. I do not begrudge you trying to earn a living.

    But examine yourself. You are full of venom and hate and you do not wish to budge on inch. Everyone must come to your point of view. That is a lose lose proposition.

    We have to find common ground and people like you and your hateful rants divide us. Do something useful for a change.

  • BJ

    Baby Boom lady? Didn’t know you were a racist!

  • BJ

    She talking about God, but get a load of her in the movie “Baby Boom”!

  • BJ

    And Vicky, Noah had no authority to curse Ham. Only God can put a curse on someone and he didn’t. READ YOUR BIBLE CAREFULLY, Victoria!

  • jsmu

    Vicky, honey–you’re a washed-up, never-was old teaBAG devoid of talent, intelligence, or any other essential human attributes. Take your teaBAG hatred, your CHRISTOFASCISM, and your frustration at social progress and move to Iran or Afghanistan–and while you’re at it, get a CLITORIDECTOMY.

    • daniel

      Wow….you tore her a new one…you should write for SNL…that was awesome!!!!!!

  • William

    Victoria Jackson is proof of how syphllis can destroy your mind. What a whack job.

  • http://yahoo LuAnn Valentine

    People like her did all of us a favor. Her words only make the tea party and all those supporting her sound simple,idiotic, and without merit. Let her keep singing and being a twit. Victoria keep doing what you’re doing as it only goes to prove the stupidity of your movement.

  • RJ

    I used to enjoy Victoria on SNL. After reading this, I now realize she’s quite demented and it would be difficult for me to enjoy her comedy. This attitude, if continued by the right wing, will eventually seal its demise.

  • diwasam

    I had respects for Victoria, but after seeing all this drama, I felt that she is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D…God bless her and save her…amen !!!!

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