Vicki Gunvalson Addresses Brooks Cheating Rumors


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There are a lot of rumors surrounding the cast of The Real Housewives Of Orange County, but the ladies try to ignore most of them. One rumor that Vicki Gunvalson refuses to ignore claims that Brooks cheated on her.

The rumors started when a video that allegedly shows Brooks sleeping with another woman, turned up.

The sex tape caused a stir on social media sites and shocked her fans.

While Vicki’s fans may have been shocked by the tape, Vicki herself wasn’t and quickly addressed the tape and the rumors.

“I was told that the story mentions Brooks dating other women. Brooks can date anyone he wants to. I am not married to Brooks, nor engaged — nor are we living together,” she said to People.

Although Vicki and Brooks seemed like they were in a committed relationship, Vicki seems to be hinting that they aren’t.

Just last week she told Andy Cohen that she would be open to dating other people as well and that while she wasn’t necessarily looking for a new man, if someone came along that she was interested in, she would be willing to pursue the new relationship.

She also added during the interview, “This is the best part about being single. I am open to seeing what else in the world.”

Gunvalson has been called out about her relationship before and Tamra Barney bullied her about it for much of the last season of The Real Housewives Of Orange County. Gunvalson has always denied that there is a problem.

Her and Brooks seem to be fine with an open relationship and if it works for them, why question it?