Vick Has Blown $30 Million, But Responsibly

    October 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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NFL player Michael Vick garnered a lot of hatred, backlash, and damage to his reputation when it was revealed in 2007 that he was involved in an illegal dog-fighting ring. He later plead guilty to felony charges and spent 21 months in prison, but his past still haunts him in the form of a lot of cash.

Vick says he filed for bankruptcy in 2008, and the legal troubles associated with the dog-fighting–plus previous debts–added up to several million. In fact, he’s spent around $30 million over the last four years alone.

According to TMZ, $10.9 went to taxes, $9.2 mil went to creditors, $2.7 went to lawyers and accountants, and the rest was earmarked for child support and basic living expenses; while many are making it sound like Vick has mismanaged his money, it seems like he was actually trying to be responsible with it. All told, he’s left with about $1.5 million.

However, Vick has been signed on to play with the Philadelphia Eagles in a six-year, $100 million contract, and that means not only a big chunk of change, but a steady source of income which will help him get things back in order.

  • blaze

    if he can keep his job at this point and let me know how he is doing in 5 years.

    • blame


  • Hannah

    Responsible, eh? Poor guy, only 1.5 million to live on. How much of that went to animal protection charities? I feel sooooooo bad for him, I’m crying tears of blood right now. Show me some proof he’s changed, and maybe I’ll weep a regular tear for him only having a million and half per year to live on. Poor thing.

    • Pam

      Well said, Hannah. He hasn’t changed. Just like it’s said pedophiles don’t CHANGE. No punishment was enough for this fool. He should have poured his undeserved earnings into animal welfare groups. And shame shame on the NFL for letting him back in the game so quickly (if ever). I only hope his despicable acts raised awareness.

      • susie

        He’s the Dexter of animal torture(dont mean dog fights…HIS hanging dogs from trees to kill them & electrocuting them in water…just4fun).I’ve become an avid Steelers fan since Philly hired Vick..ALL his $ should go to animal org. Oh, but look who were talkin about!

      • Pau

        Really? I think he’s doing great. You’ve never done ANYTHING wrong? Interesting. Good for M. Vick for being able to pay for all his financial woes. Good for him for paying that instead of “Blowing” it on cars, houses, etc. The man has got his life back together, good for him!

        • Halo

          Thank U!!!!!!! That is what I mean!

      • Halo

        SO Pam what u r saying is that his children should suffer and he should support the dogs PAHAHAHAHHHAHA!! Hilarious! NOT!

    • T

      Who tyhe fuck are you for someone to show you proof. Go suck a slow one.

  • Abraham Goniff

    WOW he blew 30 MILLION?!! That’s like blowing everybody in California. I already knew he sucked here in Philly,..

  • Starwalker

    @ Hannah, people like you are hilarious. Animal protection charities? really? This whole story is a joke… the man is paying his bills and it is money “blown”. You blow money and cars and women and trips overseas.

  • adfasdfsadf

    all-world talent – empty goon notwithstanding – if he hadn’t been able to recover financially, he WOULD have turned to CRIME.

  • Jeffy

    There’s no way he’s staying in Philly for that entire contract. He’s not exactly the phenom he used to be. By the way, I agree with the “responsible” statement. Sounds like he was doing the right thing for once. If only he could figure out how to play consistently.

  • Makka

    Just shows that being able to throw a football doesn’t mean you are anything more than a retarded scumbag.

  • Makka

    Who cares? He deserves the same fate that he dished out to those dogs.
    He hasn’t changed, he’s doing what his advisors say is necessary. He is still a disgusting specimen.

    • Roth

      I agree

    • Nicholas Neu

      Do you know this for a fact, that he’s the same person? Do you live with him, are you keeping tabs. I can’t stand that he did this to animals, in fact I hate what he did, but you are seriously going to keep hating this man, even after he paid with years in prison. It doesn’t make it any better, but why don’t we look at rapist, at corporations that keep raping regular people, politicians, I can keep going and going. But I think you need to move on, but it seems from your posting, you will always hate this “black man” for things he did, which are horrible things, but I think it’s time to move on. By the way, i’m Irish-German, before you start saying a black man is sticking up for him!!

    • T

      the way they told he did. loser

    • Halo

      By paying off your debt like he did duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Dan


  • Roth

    I think that is what he deserves for being a dog killer. Hope he loses another $30 millior or more.

    • Halo

      He didn’t lose it u a.. he paid his bills READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cliff Doyle

    The verb BLOWN is used to describe the use of money irresponsibly, so when it is said that money is blown responsibly it just doesn’t make sense.Poor choice of words by a writer who is seen worldwide.

  • Kathy Burnett

    When I eeven see his face I want to puke…………..I hope he dies a horrible death.

    • Ed.CT

      Don’t ever wish some one die a horrible death, that puts us like him. He will pay when he goo’s down to HELL.

      • Halo

        Not if he repents!!!!!!!!

  • Steve

    All I see is a dog killer. There are a few things I cannot forgive people for. Animal cruelty is one of them. Killing animals for sport says a lot about a person, regardless of their reasoning for it or their apologies for doing it in Vick’s case. Basic logic should tell you it’s inhumane and wrong. You should never abuse or beat women, children, or animals. Only in circumstances when your life is at risk should you bring harm to any of them.

    • George

      Vick is a piece of shit, and always will be.

      • T

        And your a fuckin queer

    • Kat

      Very well spoken and correct! Those of you that think in the way of “it is just a dog” have something seriously wrong with you. I realize arguing back and forth will not change you. I live in AZ and am a Cardinal fan. Everytime vick got sacked I thought…WELCOME TO AZ YOU PIECE OF SCUM!!!!

      • Kat

        I was referring to Steve’s comment not the idiot just above me.

  • nick

    What has this animal killer done to give back to animal protection etc…my dachshunds are still looking for that low life….I have 0 empathy for this person……

    • spokentruth

      really your dogs are stilling for him?? hes a low life??? come to my part of town and ill personally show u low lifes watch the news as kids are dying everyday from hunger or how about in camden NJ where a woman slashed her own kids throat age 2 or the guy who killed a 6 and 12 year old from being high. human life is more vaulable than a dogs sorry take it how u want it i own a dog as well i love her to pieces i also have 5 kids so i my house is burning down whos lives do u think im more concerned with??? he paid his dues leave the man alone.

  • Truth

    You teabaggers are miserable…do you think MV7 cares about you knuckle draggers think? lol

    • spokentruth


  • http://none tom

    How does one RESPONSIBLY spemd 30 million dollars in their lifetime much less 4 years? Irresponsible behavior to begin with? What a moron to get that deep in debt but then the eagles are going to pay him 100 million but I have no idea what for.

  • Mac


    You are so ignorant. Give it a rest. He has completed his sentence and works with animal rights groups regularly. Since his release, Vick has so far proven to be on the right track. It’s time for you to turn the corner and look on the positives he is doing instead of taking the easy road and just keep blaming Vick.

    • jane

      What you don’t understand is,it takes a special kind of evil asshole to torture anything…..I could care less about his career,other than ITS A SHAME SOMEONE DESERVING OF BEING AN EXAMPLE TO CHILDREN DOES’NT HAVE HIS JOB,HIS HOUSE,HIS MONEY,HIS INFLUENCE!People capable of that don’t change.

      • T

        shut up and go cry some where else about it!

  • me

    To all the folks making negative comments…..let’s see, a third went to taxes (responsible), a little over another third went to bills (again, responsible), and the last third of the money is set aside for child support and living expenses (yet again, responsible)…..not to mention a remaining $1.5 mil in free flow cash to burn if he wanted to. You all are idiots….sounds like Vick was being responsible (this time) and you all are just idiot haters that wish you had a fraction of his athletic talent let alone a fraction of his money.

    • http://yahoo James

      He’s still a dog killer and I refuse to watch any eaggles games if he is in it

      • bo

        And your wife, grandmother, and daughter are stinking sluts.

        • EPAC

          TYPICAL, uneducated black man thinking. LOL!!

      • T

        you think he or anyone else care about who you watch?

      • trapper71

        WHO CARES?? IT Was jus a dog… how many animals have u killed that nobody knows abt? its sad how he got more time for that than he would have he killed somebody….how messed up is that/

        • dani


      • Halo

        You need to watch your spelling!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Lisa

        Michael Vick was/is & will always be a thug. It has nothing to do w/the color of his skin. He has people to help him w/his public image but behind closed doors he most likely continues to fight dogs (which is breaking the law and NOT responsible) only now he has more layers of protection so he does not get caught again. Do not let his seeming remorse sway you into believing he has changed because he most likely has not. And to any who comment about it ‘just being a dog’ – anyone who can intentionally inflict pain on another living creature that can feel pain, definitely has something wrong w/them. People who think there is nothing wrong w/that also have something wrong w/them. That’s just the way it is.

        • Halo

          So U have never inflicted pain on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I doubt it very seriously. I’m going to put it like this if I had to choose between my Pitbull(who I luv to death but want to kill her sometimes when she does things she knows she should’t)and my Human family, ah, they would definitely come first. For real I dont even think he should have went to jail. It was a damn dogs for christ sake not a child, man, woman. Animals are beneath me sorry. Last i checked humans were at the top of the food chain! Also, do you eat meat? Because those animals are sometimes tortured for us to have them to eat, IJS!

        • EPAC


      • dani

        well more good football for us….who do u think ur hurting by not watchin…haha

  • Ed.CT

    How some one can make that kind of money when kids are going to bed with nothen to eat. it’s say’s a lot about what the world thinks of us. JMO

  • jane

    Hey its his money,but I don’t care to hear anything about him. All I can think of is those poor animals with their lips knawed off and parts of there faces missing.
    If I were an eagles fan,they definitely would have lost me by signing this p.o.s. who does’nt even deserve to walk the earth. I urge all animal lovers to boycott the eagles,and vicks clothing line!

  • doctor

    The American people never cease to amaze with how evil they are. Michael Vick has served his time, paid his debt back to society, and is doing very well spiritually and socially. People need to get a grip, it was a dog, that has killed more people than Vick has dogs. Give it a rest. People are dying every day at the hands of murders and rapists, yet you people over look these ills and care more for a dog than human life. To suggest one can not forgive a person for dog abuse is insane and ungodly. Something is terrible wrong with this picture.

    • spokentruth


    • austin

      Yes It’s your grammer

      • austin


    • JIM

      Its the way he killed those dogs is what bothers everyone…………..This man will have to answer to god for his actions and I only hope god will turn all those pit he TORTURED on his sorry ass….

      • EPAC

        RIGHT ON!!!

    • mc

      They say he’s paid his debt to society, that’s he’s paid creditors, lawyers, etc, but he has paid a dime to the dogs that survived the hell he put them through, NO!!!!!!! When this all came out he was going to pay just over 1M to help the rehabilitation and medical costs for the dogs and then he filed bankruptcy. I don’t care what anyone says, until he helps out those dogs, in my opinion he debt is NOT repaid.

      • blazeofglory

        Actually, read the story at the link below:


        Vick was required to pay $1 million for the care and rehabilitation of the dogs from his self-named “Bad Newz Kennel.” Out of the 51 dogs that were confiscated, 47 were able to be rehabilitated. Some still live at sanctuaries while others have gone on to loving homes and still others have become certified therapy dogs.

        That being said….do I think that Vick regrets for one instant the hell that he put those dogs through? Do I think for a second that he’s been “changed” by this whole situation? Hells to the NO! I think his biggest regret is that he got caught and had he not, I think he’d still be doing what he was doing. It takes a special kind of @$$hole to do what he did, and I think there’s a special place in Hell for him and those who were in it with him, but we all have to answer to a higher power some day, so I could be wrong about that. I recall watching an interview with him on television not long after he got out of prison where he was whining about having to explain to his kids why they aren’t allowed to have a puppy (“Daddy did a bad thing” was his explanation). Cry me a river, you jerk. Tell your kids about the “bad thing” you did and see how keen they are to have “Daddy” around their puppy.

        As for the $30 million he “blew?” He had to blow a significant amount of money to start with on frivilous crap in order to incur the amount of debt that it takes $30 million to cure. Only $1.5 million to live on? Again, cry me a river. Most of mainstream America who have significantly more brains than he does make do with much less!

  • Peter

    I would like to throw him in one of the pits he used for his dog fighting. Hopefully they would rip him to shreds..then he would justifiably be denied medical treatment-just like the dogs were denied. Too bad he cannot be disposed of by drowning,hanging, electrocution or shooting-just like the dogs. He is one of the most despicable humans? ever known to mankind. He deserves every negative event in his life.

    • T

      what a dumbass

    • EPAC


  • t black

    How could u have more respect for a damn mut over a human being..who cares about dogs being abused or let alone any animal when human beings treat others with no respect…the problem with modern society is we treat animals like they are people…they dont speak they dont properly listen come on america thats exactly why other countries laugh at our policies and beliefs…this shit is a joke too me…Mike Vick is the man worth 100 million..im tired of walking around my neighborhood seeing dogs run wildly because people feel they need to…should have domesticated the monkey society would be better off

    • Peter

      Respect is earned. He lost any he had. His working with animal rights groups is simply a public relations play to repair his image. His actions revealed a deep evil character. Come on now-you are revealing your ignorance and stupidity. Did you graduate high school?

      • G

        Actually to be ignorant and stupid the man has to be wrong and since we are discussing a topic of opinion there is no wrong answer but to attend a topic of fact ur the ignorant one you asked if he graduated high school why he did nothing to indicate that he didnt just because he typed everything as one sentence doesnt mean a thing typing grammar spelling and punctuation dont refelct knowledge comprehension does and as long as somebody can comprehend its all good boujie ass n1gg@

        • G

          he actually did make an attempt to seperate the sentences lol

      • EPAC

        RIGHT ON!!

    • playball2000

      Gee, most people that make the negative comments are racist. they sit around and wait for a prominent African American to mess up. then they try to crucify them. Even after MV has paid his debt to society they are still talking about the value of dogs, because their racists selves never thought a AA was worth more than their dogs anyway.

      Dogs are animals, they rank below any human. I have a dog, but he’s not nearly worth the life of a human.

      People still mad about MV, get a life and quit with the racist/loser way of thinking

    • Cannonjim

      Wrong we are suppose to be the intelligent ones and it is cruel to injure animals for your entertainment.I have more respect for an animal because it acts like it is suppose to.Unlike some humans who act like animals.I treat my dogs like dogs but I also treat them with respect and not like they are a piece of crap for me to discard or abuse.It is called being a responsible pet owner,what happens if a dog that has been trained to fight gets loose and kills a child or elderly person?Bet you would be the first one to blame the dog and not the owner.Oh he not worth 100 mil. he worth 1.7 till he next set of check roll in all it takes is a blown knee or a bunch of more turnovers and his will be fired.

    • Kat

      are you truly as disgusting as your remarks? At the end of our life we are judged on our actions as well as thoughts (something you might consider). His 21 months in jail was not nearly as harsh as what he did to defenseless animals. It gives me comfort to know he has not nearly paid the price!!

      • EPAC


  • John Luchi

    Amanda Crum…..more of a moron than a reporter….she just reposts others stories…
    As for this story…no way should the word blown be used…i dont care if you add responsibly…he paid what he owed…today that should be commended…Michael Vick…..Thanks!!

  • playball2000

    Mike has done more good and bad than most of the people on this message board. It is evil not to forgive and to hang on to hate just because you can. Mike served his time, he has not returned to that lifestyle and by all accounts has been a model citizen.

    Those of you that still want to hate and wish bad on him are showing your true colors.

  • spike

    the headline says it all about yahoo’s reporting. He blew 30mil but did it responsibly????? Then the article goes on to say that he paid debts with it not blew it, what a joke. The guy paid his dues, get off his back, hater!!!!

  • Gee

    Only pathetic losers see Vick in a negative light after all he has done to be an upright citizen!!!!


    • Halo


    • pc

      He is a dog killer who really has never lived up to it.

      • Elizabeth Allancorte

        VICK is a convicted felon. He will never again be able to vote, YEH!!! He not only killed his own dogs, he tortured them to death. He MIGHT have some football talent but, there are lots of other decent BLACK men who do & deserve their due way more than a jerk like VICK. As Ganhdi said, “The measure of a nation & the people in it is shown in how they treat their animals”. VICK GETS a big fat F!!! OJ Simpson was also a very talented & successful football player who thought he should be able to to abuse & kill. He was finally caught & legally tried & like VICK found GUILTY of his HEINOUS CRIMES, YEH!!!!

      • M.

        And what are you??? A cat killer?? LMAO

    • JT

      I`ll root for him but he`s not as bad as Obama who is for partial birth killings of young black kids.He also defended slumlords against poor blacks.

      • blazeofglory

        Oh, wow…you think that Obama’s policy on partial birth abortions is ONLY for “Young black kids?” Are you serious???? Get a clue, that policy doesn’t discriminate any more than a white person who hates what Vick did discriminates. I’d hate who he is and what he did just as much no matter what color he was! It’s the bad act that those of us who speak for the animals hate! Not the color of his skin! Sheesh…..

    • blazeofglory

      Hmmm…he’s been caught, tried, and convicted of killing animals in some of the most heinous ways possible. His legacy will be that he was caught, tried and convicted of killing animals in some of the most heinous ways possible. If they don’t know already, his children will someday know about what he did. He will someday have to answer to God for what he did. More than a sports icon, he will forever be remembered as “that guy” who tortured defenseless animals. He now has a felony record that will follow him for the rest of his life, no matter where he goes, and no matter who he plays for. Yes, what a “successful black man” he is.

      Success is not defined by the amount of money you make, the accolades you receive for playing football, or the trophies you acquire. It’s defined by the legacy you leave behind. His will forever be tainted by who he is and what he did. Yeah, that’s successful, all right….Let’s just put up a statue in his honor. I’m sure truly successful black men like Colin Powell, Denzel Washington, and even President Obama himself will be lining up to attend the opening ceremonies of this black man you call “successful.”

    • EPAC

      ONLY humans like you & Vick would think or act like this. Get a life of your own, BLACK man. He’s just as bad as another SUCCESSFUL, black man, football player like OJ Simpson. They are both KILLERS!!

  • JT

    Tea Party not baggers.The group that is for truth and responsibility.
    I root for my team(Eagles)not because of Vick,but because they`re my team.I spend thousands /yr. on homeless cats and dogs so it was good to see Vick doing the same after the terrible things that he did.

  • Fox

    All you dog lovers should send money to starving children around the world and stop btching about all the other non sense

    • Halo


    • Cannonjim

      Be better off sending birth control pills for the parents of the starving children.If you can’t provide then don’t give birth that would be the intelligent thing to do as a human as to where dogs get screwed by humans all the time.Rather use my money to help dogs who can’t help what humans do to them.

  • Celeryface

    Let him be, he paid his dues (30 Million) and took care of what he had too. I think he’s a stand up dude for doing what hes done after all the problems he had. I would pay things off to if I had 100 Million coming in.

  • Open your eyes

    Whos business is it any way?, Stay out of his pocket, is he in your.

    • harold

      get off his back he paid his debt oh by the way im white

  • I’mBossy Antoinette


  • Wendell

    Dude, people in other countries eat dogs and cats…regularly. People fight chickens, people fight dogs…as a matter of fact it was an American tradtion 2 centurys ago. I love dogs and really don’t care for the Eagles or mike Vick. But he did his time he paid his debt. People are getting less grief for injuring humans but Mike vick must be thrown under the jail for ever???? Man GTFOH

    • Tate

      senselessly killing a living animal is not the same as injuring a person Mr. Wendell

  • http://Yahoo Howard

    Michael Vick is scum. Now, before you black guys that read this start in on how I a a racist, let me tell you this. I am married to the sweetest, most wonderful black women in the world. She agrees with me on Vick. Anyone that would mistreat a poor defenseless animal of any kind is scum. I do not care if he is being responsible now. He did what he did and he cannot take it back. He can’t bring back those poor dead dogs. It makes me sick that the Eagles are paying him all that money. He should have to pay all of it to the Humane Society.

    • Lisa

      Like your comment Howard – I agree w/it 100%.

    • lisa camacho

      who cares what color you or your wife is???what does it have to do with this???

      • M.


    • Pat Sullivan


    • Pat Sullivan


    • Pat Sullivan


    • kevin

      since you’re such a great person, how many dogs have you rescued? how much money have to donated to the humane society? how many animals have you helped? it’s one thing to bash someone for their past mistakes (albeit a big one) when you yourself probably haven’t done enough either. At least this guy is trying to get his life back on track, that’s better than someone who is still trying to hold him down. He already paid and is still paying for his crimes, what more do you expect from him that you won’t do yourself?

    • kevin

      since you’re such a great person, how many dogs have you rescued? how much money have to donated to the humane society? how many animals have you helped? it’s one thing to bash someone for their past mistakes (albeit a big one) when you yourself probably haven’t done enough either. At least this guy is trying to get his life back on track, that’s better than someone who is still trying to hold him down. He already paid and is still paying for his crimes, what more do you expect from him that you won’t do yourself?

      • kevin

        oh and i have a black dog and a black cat…hahahahaha like it matters

      • kevin l

        Get a life people. 1. why does race have to be involved in EVERYTHING? who gives a crap if the person is black or white? When its all said and done he did time lost money got a second chance get over it. 2. ok he killed dogs bad for him. he didnt kill people. DOGS. they dont have thumbs keep them as a animal & stop treating them as humans!!!

    • Susita

      Shame on Nike for paying him loads of money to be a representative for their brand. There are LOTS of athletes who have not been responsible for the suffering of innocent animals who surely would be a better representatives than Vick.

    • John

      @Howard – You’re one of those people who says, “some of my best friends are Black”. Yet you secretly dislike us. But you love to warm your bed with our women. Michael Vick has paid for his crime. He has paid off his debts and is attempting to be a better man, but that’s not good enough for you. You probaably wouldn’t be satisfied unless he was hanging from a tree. Yes, I think you’re a racist. In fact the worst kind – the kind who hides in his own twisted sense of morality. You would probably look at a homeless Black man and call him lazy and step over him without even knowing his circumstance, but you would take a stray dog into your home and feed him.You probably think Rush Limbaugh is an upright choir boy who only wants the best for the people. But me, being a Christian who truly knows what forgiveness is, I forgive you for your condemnation of one of God’s children, and as an American who believes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even one as ignorant as yours.

      • Andrew

        You are the true racist ..you think evry white man that has an opinion about someone of african american descent is a racist and you secretly think all white men are evil…get a grip…not all white people hate black people moron…and there are a ton of white homeless people out there too… Your judgement of that guy and his comments is the most uninteligent comment I have ever heard..grow up ..Not all white peolpe are out to get you..haha.

    • MJ

      Agree w/Lisa Comacho…Howard, who cares about the race of your wife. She wrote off black men when she chose you so her comments arent surprising. In turn, black men have written her a** off because she’s with you…just like the both of you have written off Vick. So what, you’re a judgemental interraccial couple….Yaaaayyyy !!!!

  • Keith

    HAHA…OMG…y’all think he paid all that to his creditors, attorneys, accountants, child support, taxes, etc. out of the goodness of his heart and because he’s so responsible and such a good guy??? Get a grip folks!

  • http://myrtlebeachramblings.blogspot.com/ Myrtle Beached Whale

    Vick blew a lot more than that in prison.

  • http://yahoo michael

    Why is it that people go CRAZY over this piece of garbage fighting dogs, but, most of you people think killing an unborn baby is just a ok?! Why arent you this passionate about sticking up for ALL of those that have no voice?!

  • Burgess

    Howard was it your sweet and innocent Dog he was fighting? No i don’t think so I’ve seen officers of the law shoot down innocent Dogs all because they was intimidated by the animal. He payed his debt to society did his time came out broke and worked his way backed to the top. Heck those Corporate Wall Street Guys killed themselves when all their money was taken them.

    • fred

      Did you see what Vick pled guilty to? Drowning, beating electrocuting and shooting these dogs. hes a piece of shit just like you. 😉

  • Lamar Huffman

    Good for him. It sounds like his second chance is being well used. Keep up the good work, Michael.

  • reg

    Damn govt. took around 36% of his money. So just imagine how much more he could’ve given to his children if they only took 20%.

    • bob ahram

      The ten million wasn’t just current taxes, I believe he owed back taxes too.

  • KC

    These stupid ignorant football players, throw money away like it were nothing while most of the rest of us have to break our backs just to get by, it’s pitiful! I was a golf shop worker in Vegas a few years ago and a black superstar basketball player booked a foursome, came in and bought four complete sets of clubs ,shoes, outfits, balls and even bought 4 gps units for tracking their balls; after the round they just left all the stuff in their carts and left the course. When we contacted him he told us to keep all the stuff, he didn’t want any baggage: the idiot dropped 12K and just left it and didn’t care what we did with the equipment after leaving. The obsene way these children bleed through money is sickening and I laugh every time one of them is broke!

    • JS

      Why’d you have to mention that the basketball player was black? I hope you realize that white athletes have had poor spending habits and have gone bankrupt as well…

      • Tate

        look at how many players have gone broke…majority black

    • Robert Gentry

      hey stupid did you see what he spent the money on.

  • Adolfo

    Facts are Facts. The man bred, raised, trained and fought dogs. He went to prison, he served a sentence WE as society deemed was fair and released him. End of story. He paid his debt to society with his prison sentence. He has paid through varies charities financially to support animal rights. He has gone out of his way to TRY and get his life back after making a horrible life decision of fighting dogs. But when is enough, enough?. When are we going to say OK he is trying. Some will say that the only reason he is doing what he is doing is because he got caught. But that is 98% of the population. We will do something that might not be right if we thought we would get away with it.
    Look at any community in the country and you will find..child molesters, wife beaters, drug dealers and murders that live freely without someone pointing their way after serving a prison term that is a joke. But since they are not high profile…we say WHO CARES?
    Leave the man alone, let him continue to right his ship and see what the future holds for him.. we might be surprised.
    But if any of you finger pointers is squeeky clean..then by all means continue with your witch hunt and live on.
    Only God is sin free. The rest of ALL of us have skeletons in our closets..Period!

    • Robert Gentry

      i couldn’t have said it better myself

    • mike davis

      at last someone making a good point , most of be comments is nothing but hatred.

    • dani


    • dani


  • all

    Who gives a shi* about Vick. He’s lucky to even be playing. Are we supposed to feel bad that this punk has millions and had to pay bills? No. As far as I’m concerned, the Eagles wasted 100 million on this doob. His good playing days are over, back when he killed dogs. Now he’s just another convict getting a lucky break.

    • Robert Gentry

      what you mad it is not you. you must be white

      • Tate

        and you must be black or white trash…can’t speak English

      • http://yahoo jack

        Why don’t you write to vick and ask fo a dolla sooz you canz learnz to readz..and writz or is is whites..

    • http://yahoo jack

      White on..I just bagged on the shine who could not write correctly to his racist comment to you..

    • mike davis

      good for the convicts now look out for the nuts who post junk like this, thats where the problems still at. angry nut going to kill someone.

  • ticketmeister1@yahoo.com

    interesting comments

  • Dandy Don

    AS Dandy Don Used to say SHUT UP Howard!!

    • larry

      Why worry, he will get an NFL pension worth over 1M when he is done playing.

  • Mary

    Really people? How can you defend Michael Vick? He paid his debt to society? Wrong!!!He should still be in prison and he should definitely not be in the NFL. Convicted felons have no business in the NFL, but, of course the NFL is full of thugs at the present time. It is not the honorable organization it was in the past. Regardless, Michael Vick is a dog torturer and murderer. And I don’t want to hear about his environment and all that b.s. and who cares if he is black, white, brown, etc. that has nothing to do with it. He knows what is wrong and what is right. And stop with it’s just a dog. What the heck does that mean? It’s acceptable? Absolutely not. What you admirers of Vick’s should ask is why a man who was talented and had money decided to become part of an illegal business and torture and kill dogs? Why don’t you see that whatever you are is irrelevant when you are a criminal? That is all you will ever be to me. And the absolute idiot who said don’t you ever make mistakes. Yes, I do and so does everyone else including you, but this wasn’t a mistake. He hanged, electrocuted, drowned, slammed to the ground, and murdered numerous dogs. This was not an accident so stop it with the dumb comments. Would you want a convicted sex offender around your children or any children? No, well I don’t want Michael Vick around my dogs or any dogs. I don’t give a crap about his finances except that he should be paying money monthly to animal rescues for the rest of his useless life. And, by the way, he would still be doing this if he hadn’t gotten caught. What a total piece of crap he is and everyone else who fights,tortures, and kills animals.

    • Chris

      explain to me the debt to society he owes?? He fought dogs illegally and he served his time. get over yourself your opinion doesnt matter for shit.

      • josh

        you know the humane society and peta kill more “innocent” animals than mike vick ever did or ever would right?

        • dani


          • kevin l

            very well said

    • Linda

      VERY WELL SAID!!!!

    • TH

      Mary, you’re the problem with society. I agree that what he did is wrong, terrible even, and you’re right, he can’t take it back. However he was sentenced and served his time in jail. If you don’t like it, fight against the legal system. As far as him being able to play in the NFL, it is what it is. He still has talent, and is an exciting player to watch. Who cares if he went to jail? If that is your stance than every person who has ever received a DWI/DUI should lose their jobs too? Even though they were in no way work-related? That makes no sense. Just because he is a football player doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be treated the same as every other normal person. A normal person would still be able to find a job after going to prison, it just so happens his job is football.
      Get over yourself with your mentality of trying to make everyone feel bad for liking Vick when he plays football. I’m a dog lover 100% I agree what he did is wrong. But he plays football, he isn’t running for president of the United States.

      • M.

        Thank you! (o:

    • michael

      Mary stop it. It is just a dog. You have no problem with them killing cows for food or your sneakers or clothes. There are people who sell drugs but because they rat on someone else serve less than 6 months and are back on the street. Do not compare a sex offender with animal cruelty. That is being just insensitive to someone who had to deal with a real monster. You probably are the dumb person to run into a burning house to save a dog and end up costing a fireman his life saving yours.

    • Lisa

      He is an adult and made every effor to hide what he was doing. He knew it was wrong. What he did to animals is despicable and disgusting. There are many crimes you can not ‘pay back to society’. I don’t think our system works when not only is he a free man, but back in the public spotlight. He doesn’t deserve it. He knew exactly what he was doing, made daily conscious decisions to do that, and should be reminded daily of the consequences of those decisions.

      • herb

        so killing is a dog not repayable to society..please..next time you hit an animal on the street… since you care so much please take the time to hold a mourning ceremony..

    • herb


    • OMG

      Why not you just drop DEAD!!!!! with your thoughts!!! and about what you think!!! there are known people who have killed, robbed and rapped that are still on the streets, so go get a life!! and I have a dog that is like my only son! but I also had a brother that lost his life to A drunk driver! that is still walking, and driving the streets, and didn’t do a day in jail, and two other brothers that were killed, when one was robbed and hit in the head with a 2×4, and the other was shoot in the chest and died two days later. So who cares about what you think…………..

      • herb

        so your worried about dogs but yet your telling someone to drop dead…people with minimal education are known to be followers..they have you by a leash so i now understand your sentiment towards your fellow family member..the great dane..

  • dani

    who gives a flying F*** about some damn dogs. If us humans didnt make them into pets trust and believe they would be fighting in the f****** anyways. True he was wrong for making them fight,but you damn people put more value on a dog’s life then a human’s life. blah blah blah animals cant speak up for themselves and neither can some people. leave the man the hell alone,he paid his debt let him BE!!! people been harder on him then people who rape woman,molest children and deal drugs. get a f****** life people….gosh….and i dnt normally comment on s*** like this but yall outta f****** hand with this mike vick s***

    • bud

      dani you are one sick person

      • dani

        let me be that

      • kevin l

        Thank you dani

    • Brad

      Agreed – Dani is a complete loser, creep and degenerate. Let’s put him in a cell with Michael and let the two of them make sick love to each other.

      • dani

        ha ha im a woman and would love to be in a cell with this sexy hunk of a man………

      • dani

        ha ha im a woman and would love to be in a cell with this sexy hunk of a man………

      • herb

        are you serious right now you put a man in jail over some dogs the people eat in certain countries..save that cell for a killer or a man who rapes women.. or does that just not cross your mind

        • dani

          thank you herb,these folks aint wired right and believe and follow whatever everyone else is saying and doing…mindless robots…..

          • herb

            thats exactly what i said below they are on leashes.. so i know why they care so much about animals because they pretty much have become them

    • nick

      nah fuck that dani is right while you dont go fuck with all these people that go rape and kill. yea vick did do something that was wrong but he served his time went to the bottom of the bottom and came all the way back up. so for that i respect that, everybody makes mistakes especially involving money so why dont you all put yourselves in that position and if there wher thousands of dollars involved you would do the same thing so go ahead get off dat.

    • Joel

      You said it man….I haven’t heard anyone else getting prosecuted for the same crime…when you have a lot of human (mostly anglo-europeans) killing DEERs …..for SPORT …AAAAhhh…WOW…REALY.

      • dani

        my point….exactly….cant be half wrong half right…..either its all the way wrong or its ok…lol…hell ppl in seoul korea eat dogs daily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck a mut lol

    • Linda

      Animal lovers like myself will never see Michael Vick as anything more than human waste. I personally do put more value on a dogs life than a persons life when the person is capable of such violence. Especially when a person had more options/resourcesavailabl3e to them than the average person will ever have…. It’s sad that such talent was wasted on such a horrible human being and more importantly that he used his wealth to participate in such a barbaric illegal activity. As far as the comments about white black etc goes it doesn’t belong on this post. The comment about rapists etc – you may want to look into the relationship between people who abuse animals and people who abuse other people there is definitely a link. Also, everyone is entitled to speak there mind and be respectful of others opinions. That is why these posts are here – you may actually see things from a different point of view by keeping an open mind.

      • dani

        ok your human waste how can you even half way treat a dog better than a human?? how f****** stupid do you sound. plz find the tallest building in ur city and jump FAST

    • Deshun Hunt

      I agree with you 100% Dani leave the man!!

    • Deshun Hunt

      I agree with you 100% Dani leave the man alone dang!!

  • blame


    • herb

      That is the most foolish thing I’ve heard in a long time, cruel nature….there dogs, that get thrown in a cage..boxers, MMA, and UFC fighters do that everyday be concerned with that you sound like the type to be jealous by the lack of thought you just put into those wasted keystrokes.

      • blame


        • herb

          Ignorance would you being so upset with another persons choices who was in jail for almost 2 years over an animal..if it was someone close to you you’d be saying how its wrong for that to happen. he could have been fined or anything but to put someone in jail over that is just ridiculous..

          p.s. we can read your comment wether its on CAPS LOCK or not..

          • blame


  • matt

    While I don’t agree with what he has done, he has stepped up to make amends. He could have said, “I filed bankruptcy, and the rest of you can sit on a tack.”. He paid his old debts so he can start to do the right thing.

    • Brad

      Matt – Vick (contrary to your comment) did file for bankruptcy in 2008 and stiffed his creditors then. He’s not eligible to file again for 3 or so years.

  • lawrence smith

    I’m white and like fact the he has spent all that money and other things he has done to make his amends. I also believe he is getting counsel from good people and doing his best to follow that counsel.

    • sam

      Actually 21 months in prison does wash away his behavior, that is what we call in the USA paying your debt to society, and knowing that one of our judges thought the penalty fit the crime. But your just an angry person and that shows, if he stiffed creditors in 2008 that was under protection from bacruptcy and he is making the effort to repay what he can. I am not saying he is a saint but he is making an effort to make ammends and to make himself a better person. Mabey something you should do and leave the hate at the house.

  • Brad

    Vick stiffed creditors when he filed for bankruptcy in 2008. He is a horrendous person and spending 21 months in prison doesn’t wash away a sadistic and cruel set of behaviors. The Eagles are an equally crap organization for hiring the sadistic bastard.

    • gary hanrahan

      for years, MV7 has been contributing in a positive way to his community. when the Boy’s Club of nnews va needed funds to stay afloat, it was Vick who donated money and sports equipment, with little or no fanfare or publicity. on the field, he has persevered thru broken ribs, concussion, broken sternum, broken fingers, taking 15-20 shots to the head and body per game, but NOT ONE TIME has he ever criticized his O-line for failure to block. or his wideouts for dropping passes. he has led 3 fourth quarter comebacks in Philly’s first 4 games, and when he plays poorly, he takes sole responsibility with no excuses. i believe in MV7. as a leader, as a quarterback, as a man.

  • Karen

    Okay, if the closing thought is that he is actually handling his money responsibly given what has happened in his recent past, why even bother to do such a story? It seems to be a dedicated effort to keep a negative cloud over someone who appears to have turned his life around. Everyone deserves a second chance. He served his time and is now behaving in an exemplary manner. This is all that needs to be said about him on a personal level. He’s still a great QB and if anyone doesn’t think so, let’s put you out on the field and see how well you perform under pressure.

    • Justin

      Average QB, good football player, great athlete

  • jay

    Lets not forget 10k in dog treats

  • kevin l

    Get a life people. 1. why does race have to be involved in EVERYTHING? who gives a crap if the person is black or white? When its all said and done he did time lost money got a second chance get over it. 2. ok he killed dogs bad for him. he didnt kill people. DOGS. they dont have thumbs keep them as a animal & stop treating them as humans!!!

    • shaun

      kevin I….you are a fing idiot, domesticated pets are just as much a part of a human family as the humans. its stupid people like yourself that minimizes cruelty to things that only give love…i suspose you are ok with abortion because its only an unborn fetus and not a human….puke

      • kevin l

        You ever had a chance to procreate? lets hope not Shaun

        • kevin l

          No matter what you say they are still dogs. But you probably screw them as well.

          • kevin l

            by the way yes im ok with abortion.

          • kevin l

            come on Shaun no witty come back?

          • kevin l

            DORK :)

        • sam

          I am also ok with abortion you know why becasue if is not against the law, and in this country we have laws that are voted on and put into play. So your argument about us wanting to infringe on the rights of women and their bodys is something you shouldnt comment on nor me. But I guess your argument hold as much weight as me telling someone i assume your ok with people smoking weed. It is either legal or it isnt.

          • kevin l

            thank you Sam

    • Get over it

      we are all animals and yet, we are the most dangerous. Just because we’re the most dominate species, doesn’t mean we are the most important. In fact, if we are so intelligent, why is our world going downhill.

  • caren

    Yes, sexually abusing dogs, fighting them and killing them with a smile doesnt say as much about a person as the fact that he pays his bills.

  • http://yahoo Joel

    Leave Mr. Vick alone…he has paid more to everybody….than anybody I know…He got prosecuted for a crime…nobody gets charged with or ever gets prosecuted with..then he spents time in jaile for it..WOW…

    When was the last time a white male spent time for this crime…I don’t think there are many cops investigating this crime out in the real world….When you look at statistics…you will see that a black male will get apprehended for crimes that white males committ just as much but don’t get charged, or convicted of.

  • Bea

    Who Cares !! It is his money and he can do just what he wants to do with it !!! Do you have $3 Million ? Not to mention $30 Mil. :)

  • Todd

    Sounds like you’re doing the right thing, way to go Michael. I can’t honestly say I thought that’s the way you would handle your second chance, but I’m impressed and you are to be congratulated.

  • jp

    what’s most absurd is that someone gets paid 100 million dollars for tossing a ball around while US infrastructure, education and healthcare crumble. this country needs to get its priorities straight. set a cap on CEO salaries, athletes, and celebrities who are making all that money off of our asses.

    • jsb235

      Don’t forget that all professional sports teams are heavily subisidized. So not only are these guys getting paid outrageous sums of money, part of their salary comes from tax dollars. Yeah America!!!

    • Michael C

      Sounds very much like the system they ran in Cuba, the USSR and a few others. You can still get to Cuba so why don’t you. The rest of us stupid bastards can stay here under our current system and I don’t watch football or any other pro sports but I am a capitalist.

  • Thinker

    I think its time for Michael Vick to win a Super Bowl!

  • http://vick louisa

    I wouldnt give that so called man a roof over his head. Scum like that dont change, its just a coverup so he can earn lots of money.

    • M.

      Surely you’re not a bit jealous, are you???? LMAO

    • OE

      In China, people are eating babies… Dogs fighting ain’t that bad after all.

  • NW

    Vick is a filthy scumbag.

    • stella

      amen to that one

    • Sandy

      shut up. try to learn something about a person before stating your ignorant opinion about them.

      • tom

        Like how Vick hung dogs from trees and electrocuted them because they were not good bait dogs and he didn’t want to waste the money on a bullet? That shows true character right there

  • http://yahoo waytogoSJ

    Dani , I have to agree, I love animals, but I would never put them above a humna, and you would think these people are having sex with these animals, the way they kiss them in the mouths. No Vick shouldn’t done what he did, but people abuse these animals all the time, such as horse racing, and dog racing, and sled driving animals. they use animals to plow the fields. They are animals and are very dangerous one at that. I just heard a man went out to the barn to feed his pigs, and some kind of way he was eaten by the . Now you go figure!

    • Realist

      Horse racing is not the same as murdering dogs. I actually dont like horse or dog racing but what Vick did was pure evil. He tortured the dogs who wouldn’t fight. I hope he rots in hell.

      • new york

        fuck all of you, i click on a headline because i find it interesting and i get sucked into reading all of this trash, lol. FML

  • http://yahoo 2hip

    Its amazes me how swiftly the law swooped on Vick, to hold him accountable for fighting dogs. He lost so much for what I consider a petty crime. The punishment and the losses surely didn’t fit the crime, and has anyone notice how the media will not let it go. They bring it up everytime he’s playing nationally, because they are trying to indelibly inscribe the narrative that all blacks behave in criminal fashions. The hypocritical part is how they’ve ignored the two rape charges against Rothlisberger. You barely heard about rapist Ben when the charges were first made, and the media refuses to remind the public again about those charges. This is how the white media operates and why it appears that blacks are the only ones committing crimes. Our crimes are the only ones being reported over and over and over again. Also we are the only ones getting convicted of our crimes. Whites get away with murder, literally.

    • John SIlver

      What about OJ??? You sound like a racist 2hip…get a clue. AND YES DOG FIGHTING IS A CRIME AND CRUEL…IDIOT!!!

      • kevin l

        :0 in a court of law OJ was found not guilty.

      • marsha mayberry

        if blacK were taken out of u.s our crime rate would DROP 95%

        • kevin l

          So taking a color or an absence of color out of the us crime would drop? wow :)

        • dani

          marshaa u sound like a stupid c.u.next.tuesday,crime of all colors happen only us african americans get the severe punsihments…who da hell u think cookin meth not no dam black ppl…race is always an issue because of cunts like urself….please take a bow for cunt of da year.

        • drew

          you are a fucking idiot

        • http://yahoo 2hip

          If your mom was taken out of the population, prostitution would drop 95%.

        • C

          So the color of their skin commits the crime not the person? Interesting, how does that happen?

      • Realist

        2Hip, you are a POS. Not only did he fight dogs but he also brutally murdered the ones who wouldn’t fight other dogs. THta’s right, he drowned, electocuted and shot innocent dogs that did not deserve the evil hand they were given. I hope one day that you feel the pain those dogs felt adn then let me know if that was petty.

    • Tawny

      2hip, You might consider it a “petty crime” but the rest of us don’t. Vick is a sicko and he deserved worse.

      The Rothlisberger “rapes” were weak cases, if they weren’t, he would have been nailed. This is not a race issue. And blacks get away with murder, literally, like OJ Simpson.

      • http://yahoo 2hip

        The rape cases weren’t weak to the ladies that suffered them. How insensitive of you to say they were weak. The dog fighting crimes were weak. The Chinese eat dogs every day, but I don’t hear white americans railing against them. Lets just keep it real, what’s driving this angst is white racial hatred and white jealousy of a black millionaire. The saying goes “a white man with a nickel hates nothing more than a black man with a dime”. Bunch of hypocritical haters.`

    • Shelby

      I hardly think most people would consider hanging, electrocuting, beating, etc a petty crime. At least the dogs he did that to wouldn’t agree. Not to mention the terror they were put through. What about the way the femailes were bred…tied to a pole and raped so they would produce more innocent dogs for him to terrorize and destroy. Petty is the way you feel the need to play the race card.

      • JB

        So what about the guys like Ted Nugent who tie animals to poles or put them in cages so they can hunt them? What Vick did was be associated with dog fighting. To my knowledge he didnt directly kill, or abuse animals. More so he used his money and wealth to facilitate this cruel act. But what about the people who watch cock fighting? What about people who breed horses to race? Or people who raise dogs to race?

    • dani

      yes a bulls*** petty ass crime….

  • Michael Vick

    Please send all the rest of my money to the humane society. Just leave me a little for dope. Thanks…….. Mike

    • Mitt Romney

      Hey Bob, these dumbs ass poor, and middle class whites think that I’m really going to bring our country back. LOL……. They need to realize that the money is overseas not over here with these idots. If Obama ass would have let Detroit crash, dude I would have taken all those jobs to across the sea, and cut the overhead in half………

  • Tina

    You must have intimacy relations with dogs.

  • Rich McDonald

    Ms. Crum, you are lower than a snakes belly for using the word “blown” in your “teaser” headline.

    It paints the picture to most anyone that the money was spent not in meeting his financial obligations as outlined by his bankruptcy filing but in an irresponsible manner.

    You owe Mick Vick an apology for purposefully misleading the people.

    Rich McDonald

    • Catwoman

      Michal Vick is owed a beating, skinning, hanging and electrocution.

  • Kennyjevon

    Damn, a lot of you are so sensitive lol Funny how internet bullies can say how easy someone is living or hate them for the past. You’re not doing nothing for yourselves at all but just jacking off and talking crap online, thats lame.

  • Jimbo

    I wouldn’t count on him getting the entire $100 million, the Eagles have an opt out.

  • gigi

    Oh screw the pooch.

  • Kesiah

    What Vick did was wrong. It is not my place to judge him. It is hard to believe that people have so much sympathy for animals but not people. What about all of the slaves that were beaten and killed?? Did anyone pay the debt to society for that?

    • Realist

      Kesiah, what are you blabbing about? What do slaves have to do with anything? Get off your sopabox and stick to the subject at hand or don’t post here. People do care about slaves and we care about anyone who is tortured or killed, including dogs. Vick did more than fight dogs, he tortured and killed them as well. Read up on it.

      • Kesiah

        Realist, calm down. Act your age not your shoe size. The point I am making is you are worried about a DOG but not people. Again, it is not your place to judge. I am so glad that I serve a God that forgives instead of a person like you. People make bad choices all of the time, but doesn’t make them bad people. Ye’ without sin…cast the first stone!

        • Kesiah


    • Catwoman

      When are you f ing black trash going to get off the “slave” thing. Every ethnicity in history has been persecuted, enslaved and abused; but black trash is the only who has, and continues to, rely on Whitey to rescue their worthless butts. How’s OBama doing helping out your “cause”? LOL

      • Kesiah

        You are ignorant!

      • H

        Seriously? Am I reading this in the milennia…….

    • J

      Wow! Alot of ignorant, dumb fucking people here. Vick did pay his debt to society but if he had not been caught he would still be doing it today. He is a piece of shit and will suffer come judgement day. As for the person who said “what about the slaves” shut the fuck up! That was over two hundred years ago, get a fucking life and stop living in the past. You were not a slave and your whole faimly was not slaves. Maybe you have a long lost distant relative that was a slave but dont act like you actually care. You think that by being pissed off about a massive wrong doing by white people over two hundred years ago that maybe someday you will benefit from it in someway. Dumbass!

  • Allison Lindsey

    He paid his dues to society with his jail sentence. He’s paid his creditors, his taxes and his lawyers. Cannot fault him in any way for that. Leave the guy alone. He’s back on track professionally and earning a living.

    • Shutup Allison

      Shut up you pathetic idiot.

    • John

      No, the Eagles paid all of his creditors…and for what in return…nothing. Vick will Never win anything in the NFL, and it will cost Andy Reed his job.

      Good grief…the guy went from rooming with…Charles Manson in Levenworth…to a 100 million contract…that is Highway Robbery!

      Only in America! Good luck with that…Loser Eagles!!! lmao

    • Catwoman

      He’s sick; he’s a perv, and doesn’t deserve to live; probably has a large variety of “snuff” movies in his collection. The black trash broad that married him is only in it for the divorce settlement coming up; she’s just as bad as he is; no conscience for animals. THEY’RE BOTH CRAP.

    • PJ

      That would be too much like being right, gives them no room to hate. I hope all of those saying how he is going to hell realize they are just as much earmarked for their hatred. If they are Christians, then they apparently don’t understand that Jesus died to cleanse us. We should only be worrying about ourselves and our loved ones – in the end God will have the last say and it won’t matter how we felt about it. Yeah, I’m including myself in that judging game, because I engage in it also, but not to the extent where I feel compelled to say someone is going to hell. Who am I to say that about someone, I have no authority and sinner is stamped across my name also – we all will be judged as sinners – get that, all of us! I’m just happy to see that someone posted that he has paid his debt to society. It also looks like he is on the road to recovery and doing quite nicely. Why the author chose to entitle this article as Vick having blown $30 million is besides me.

  • BobBert Garcia

    I saw a white woman having sex with a dog and another white woman sucking off a HORSE! I think THEY BOTH should be given lethal injection! But most whites wont because thats what ya’ll do! IJS


    • Catwoman

      We’re talking about Vick, here; who was indescribably cruel contributing, personally, to the torture and death of his animals. By the way what are you doing watch this perversion that you described. In both cases, it doesn’t sound like the animals were being harmed, although they’re not supposed to be used that way. A lot of porn uses that stuff.

    • Homer

      All the while spanking that joystick huh Bob……….give Jesse a call, your race card has expired.

  • Catwoman

    Never mind the mondy. He’ll meet his destiny at the purgatory (holding station) of the Golden Bridge, where the animals he tortured will escort him to He11. Karma has plans for this pig while he’s alive; Karma doesn’t fail.

    • Catwoman

      I meant never mind the money, not the monday. My bad.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/vick-has-blown-30-million-but-responsibly-2012-10#respond L E Freeman

      Why don’t you ditch the cats and get some bulldogs?
      Maybe you will see what they like to do. Who the hell
      are you to judge to damnation? You’ve got major issues.

    • Tim

      The dude went to PRISON! He paid the debt and was released after doing so. Leave him alone.

      • H

        Exactly! It’s not like he got off.

  • Chandler75

    All you people yakking about how you would never put an animal above a human. Do you honestly believe a person who would do that to a helpless animal would be good to a human? Abuse of animals is one of the main signs of a serial killer in the making. He’s nothing but a scumbag and he will never be anything else.

    • Tony Brooks

      Your talking about a Dog, which is an animal, not human…. STUPID. If a Dog is like a human, like you say, that means when your dumb ass eat meat your committing canoblism………

  • Dirty Dan

    It just goes to show you, all these comments about race, and animals being treated better than people, and how Vicks a scumbag, all of you need to get a grip, he went trhough the system and paid his debt, everybody makes mistakes and deserves a 2nd chance, and whoever made the comment about if blacks left the U.S, the crime rate would go down 95%, that has got to be the most ignorant statement made known to man, and who are u to judge, no matter how much things change, they still stay the same, peace!

    • dani

      thank u sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spoken way better than me….lol and yes she sound super stupid about that crime rate

    • Pepper

      Gee…I bet you’re a Vick fan, No? His debt wasn’t paid…it was bought! He is, was…and always will be….another poor example of a waste of skin! His suits him perfect. Act like a Nigga? Be treated like a Nigga!

    • sonnyz93

      the animals never got a second chance D-bag!
      Try looking in the face of an animal that has to be euthanized because it was raised to be aggressive as Vick’s were. Wrestle with it and struggle with it as it fights for every last breath. Michael Vick didn’t do shit to rehabilitate himself or pay society back, but there is a thing called Karma. Hopefully a nice vicious blow to the head will paralyze him and he can spend his days soaking in his own waste – THEN he can think about what he did, and what a no-good, mother f-ing POS he is.

    • George

      “everybody makes mistakes and deserves a 2nd chance,” I’d ask if you were joking with that statement but I don’t think you’re educated enough to answer it! The knowing and willful killing of innocent dogs for the sole reason of money is one of the most sickening things a human being can do. But I digress. Vick is NOT a human being. He IS the animal and should be treated as such for the rest of his life. 21 months is no where near long enough and he has no remorse over what he did! Blowing his money responsibly?????? Did any of it go to animal shelters? Veterinarian Hospitals? Animal protection organizations?? Did this filthy monster spend even one penny for the betterment and safety of the very animals he tried to destroy? (and i’m guessing he still has a hand in it today) His punishment clearly should have been the same treatment those innocent dogs received! I don’t have to hope he burns in Hell…I know he will!

  • http://www.webpronews.com/vick-has-blown-30-million-but-responsibly-2012-10#respond L E Freeman

    How do you “responsibly” blow money?
    That would be like responsibly
    committing armed robbery. Other sources say
    he spent millions on taxes, child support
    and bills.

    • Joel J

      I guess if giving money to charity is considered blowing your money since it reaps no financial reward for one’s self then that is a responsible way of blowing your money. However, if you paying your bills and creditors is responsibly blowing your money then yes, I pay my bills too; Why do I not get an article about me then?

  • jerseydevil

    Boy,one can certainly pick out the black commenters here!
    Illiterate animals.


      Lmao, your really looking out for the Black Bloggers? Really? I guess if you already have kids your attitude will be great for them to have as well? Your one ignorant Bastard. Get a life

    • jay

      commentaries’ you jack azz !!!!LOL

  • Pepper

    Oh…….Boo Hoo for Michael “Dick”
    He’s spending his money the right way? Back taxes? Creditors? Boo Hoo!
    The guy is & always will be a piece of trash. You can’t buy your way out of being an emotionaless azz, that trys to make money off the killing of animals. I hope Philly suffers, though unfortunate for them, they cut a deal with a piece of SHIT!…and until they dump his murdering, self serving, lieing pathetic scum bag butt from their roster….then I hope they both burn in Hell.

    • H

      May you never make a mistake.

    • Matt Bennett

      You, my friend, are an idiot.

      • H

        So are you, and what is your excuse?

    • Silence

      Wow Pepper… You are such a dog, that is able to bear puppies.

      He made a mistake, apologized, spent almost 2 years in prison, and is trying to make things right, but then there are people like you just sulking around trying to tear people down. Glad you are a perfect role model for people everywhere…

  • larry

    you are an idiot, you cant write a headline like that you MORON- spending the money on past debts, taxes and legal and accounting you idiot is not “blowing” money, it’s called taking responsibility and acccountability.

    Now, if you have any responsibility and accountability you will apologize for such a misleading and defamatory headline.

    Your move…

    • Brenda

      Larry…. You are so right….

    • H



    Racism will never die. Just from this Michael Vick subject you sense so much animosity. If anybody should be mad it should be the Indians. Blacks are from Africa and Whites are from Europe. It is what it is.
    Hats off to a guy who was given a second chance, he’ not the first dog fighter in history and damn sure won’t be the last. Did you know dog fighting originated in Asia and the Ideal brought here from Europeans? Didn’t think so……… point is give the guy a break, if he’s not affecting your life in any way, shape, or form get over it. Don’t pick on one guy when Horse’s and Bull’s no longer can compete what do you think happens to them? But that’s just second nature for some folks “Ye Ha!!!!!!” 1 individual that did the crime, did his time and paid his debt to society. He’s a good man, just made a horrible decision. Let God Judge worry abt your own lives, who’s gonna be your new president and Christmas coming around the corner. I’m Out! Peace

  • sonnyz93

    Boy would I like to let loose a pack of hungry pitbulls @ that wedding!

  • Mike Gratiot

    It seems like just about any self-professed blogger can publish something on the internet. I doubt if this chick knows anything about football, professional atheletes, or even writing.

  • Amy R.


  • Josh

    1st off, anyone giving credit to this guy for paying bills and debt is hillarious. He is being forced to pay this stuff off. What do you think happens when people you owe millions of dollars to find out you just picked up Million and Millions of dollars? He did not have the option of spending all of that 30 million on Houses and Cars and more Pits…

    2nd, of course Human Life means more than Dogs but why should either die for pitiful reasons? When a human kills another human they know what they are doing which makes it their own fault. When these dogs kill each other its because a human trained them that way, they sure dont know RIGHT from WRONG. When a Human kills, they go to jail until they are old and washed up or they die. When a human makes dogs kill each other the penalty should be along the same lines. Its not that people care more for dogs than they do humans, its the fact the penalties for killing are not anywhere close to one another. 1 or 2 years in jail for killing numerous dogs that do not know any better is sad. He should have been locked up 10-15 years at least. Just think, people selling “Weed” can spend up to 10 years and “Weed” never has killed anyone or anything.

    3rd, the guy is a piece of S#IT. He and his little brother. You can give a guy all the athletic talent in the world and he could be “All-World” on the field but that will never make him a good person in real life. His choices and actions from flicking off his home crowd to dog fighting have shown what kind of guy he is, and even his interviews now show he is a cocky little dude that thinks he deserves the world. In reality, all he ever will be is a talent on a field, but to normal, everyday, hard working Americans that doesnt mean S#IT. Just as you haters will say us normal, hard working Americans do not mean S#IT to him. But at least I dont have something like killing dogs on my conscious for the rest of my life. I would bet he does not think twice about it anyway, that is just the type of person he is.

    Have you ever thought? What could all the money he spent gambling and killing dogs been used for? Instead of wasting it all while breaking the law which lead him to bankruptcy, he should have just donated a little to any good cause. That sure would have been the smart thing to do and he might have felt a little better about himself, if he feels anything at all….

  • Josh

    And Racism has nothing to do with this.. He could be white, yellow, green, a purple space alien, or anything and my thoughts towards him would be the same.


      Then let your thoughts speak highly about all the fucked up things that surround sports. Is it right to kill horse’s when they can’t compete? Is it fair that a bull is used for meat when he can’t knock a red neck on his ass.
      Whites do not care about those things its ok to kill horse’s and bulls and dogs from dog racing. But u get all of this crap for killing 20- 30 dogs? Yea its wrong I would never condone it. But whites have killed millions of animals for centrys!!!!! Get the fuck over it smfh

  • j2klein

    Here is my view of all this…making this a race issue is stupid and Michael Vick paid his due in punishment and forever being known for what he did. And honestly its sad but they were dogs not people he does not deserve to die that is just absurd. There are far more nefarious people in the world that deserve some of these ignorant comments that come from possibly parents…think on that

    • Cindy

      You are either ill informed or just ignorant. “they were dogs not people”?? Michael Vick is a moron and he deserves every bit of the prison time he did and the press he got and still gets for being involved with dog fighting, a cruel and inhuman thing to do to a animal!!! Good for him for making good on his bills and debts, but he doesn’t deserve kudos for doing what the rest of us do on a daily basis, taking care of our responsibilities!!!

    • http://yahoo 2hip

      Get your head out of the sand. Is saying its not racial a defense mechanism for you? Wake up to reality, this is American, the nation that invented racial hatred against blacks, and has perfected it, and turned into a commodity of export. The only thing driving this angst is racial hatred.

      • j2klein

        never said it was not a racial issue, just encouraged that it shouldn’t be.

      • j2klein

        So explain why my comment on the value of human life out weighing animals, is ignorant. And never gave him kudos read don’t just react to others comments.

  • http://yahoo 2hip

    The Chinese eat dogs every day, but I don’t hear white americans railing against them. Lets just keep it real, what’s driving this angst against Vick is white racial hatred and white jealousy of a black millionaire. The saying goes “a white man with a nickel hates nothing more than a black man with a dime”. Bunch of hypocritical haters.`

    • Cindy

      Why does it have to be about race??? Either way Vick is a douche bag for what he did. It doesn’t matter if he was white, black or purple!! And good for him for taking care of his responsiblities, ie; paying HIS bills. But he gets no kudos from me for doing what the rest of us do on a daily basis, pay our bills!!!

    • Rico

      The Chinese eat dogs therefore our problem with Vick is that he is black? Everybody in my family loves Denzel, MJ, Oprah and a hundred other successful African Americans! I promise you after what Mr Vick has done, I would dislike him even if his name was Mr Wong! Believe what you want, you are going to anyway.

      • http://yahoo 2hip

        Rico, your families’ affinity for a few black celebs is very noble (read sarcasm). In a nutshell, of course this is about race and no I don’t care what you say. There has been so many greater tragedies perpetrated on mankind, like for instance, the fake war GWB committed soldiers to die in, but no outrage from whites. Casey Anthony killing her own daughter, and getting away with it, but no outrage. Whites (not all) have no credibility with your feigned outrage over the plight of some viscous animals. Rail against the Chinese if you’re so concerned about the plight of dogs.


    How about picking out somethings we all know are definitely wrong besides worrying abt this guy that doesn’t give a damn abt how u all feel.

    Let’s Talk about fighting in hockey? Loved among hockey fans! ;o) Can you fight in football or Basketball? No! :'(

    Let’s talk about what happens to a Bull that can no longer Knock Cowboy’s on their Ass’s. Do they keep the Bull around No! “Hungry anybody” ;o)

    Oh You can forget about our Beautiful Horse’s that use to run free with their Bains drifting in the wind. Ummmm what happens when they can’t make the cut for the Prominant Ketucky Derby………. So Sorry Horsey! :o/

    So of you backwards Assholes have a lot of nerve. You bend over backwards to voice your thoughts about Michael Vick, but turn the other way or shy an eye when it comes to your favorite sports and traditions.

    For god sake get over yourselves. Cut the racist crap n go on abt your night.

    • deepcold

      Thanks double R and 2 hip for putting these A holes in check. Vick did the crime and served his time. But these bastards want blood. “Sleaze, Judgement day will come, murderer…” STFU all of you.

    • http://yahoo 2hip

      Cheers to you reallyreal. That’s keepin it real.

  • Bruce

    Wonder if he has ever considered regaining some of it by betting on fighting dogs?

  • Isabella

    I find it so disgusting to keep a dog abuser and murderer such as Michael Vick in the spotlight. Who is he that he deserves to be recognized for anything except the pathetic excuse for a man that he is. Shame on anyone that employs Michael Vick, a person that hurt, mamed and murdered so many dogs. Judgement day will come.

  • paul

    Are you kidding me?? Michael Vick, no matter what color he is, remains a sleaze… If it were not for our misguided idealology of all things football, he would be just another ex con looking for work.

  • http://yahoo 2hip

    How is it that Casey Anthony is allowed to kill her young, defenseless daughter, and escape justice, or public scorn, but MV fights dangerous animals, and pays a far too high price for it, plus hatred from the white community? Justice in America is not now, nor ever has been blind. Calling justice blind and akin to faux news’ “fair and balanced” moniker. Delusional at best.

    • James Bond

      Seems as if your bias is political/racial in motive. Ill agree with you on Casey Anthony. However Ill point to O.J. I would suggest or recommend rather you to visit a political debate room. You can do it on here if you want. I understand how oppressed you might feel. But others dont buy that kind of garbage. Get real. Delusional is perfect. Thanks for the laugh.

      • http://yahoo 2hip

        You are not as cool as James Bond. I’ll bet you are a nerd. You should change you moniker to Barney Fife.

        • James Bond

          LOL! If thats the best you got. Then this isnt a challenge. Read a few books. Either non fiction ones, Or pithy comebacks. (Look up pithy) Ill let you get the last word to make yourself feel better. Im out. I wasted 12 minutes on a 1st grade comeback. Try not to let the white sheets scare you tonight when you go to sleep. Later

    • Tyrone Howze


    • UThinkAboutIt

      Hey, the justice system gets it wrong all the time, Casey Anthony should have burned for her crimes…that from a White Man. They also got it wrong with Vick, he should have gotten a good 10 years at least, then let him try and get a regular job like anybody else. But if it were up to me, I’d just shoot both of ’em. And I don’t think a Black Man would automatically side with Vick, or a White Man side with Anthony…why would any one of ANY color side with these sociopathic creeps?

    • Disgusted

      Oh please… why is this about white and black? I had no issue with Michael Jordan, who was an incredibly talented black man. I have no use for any white man who would enhance his greed by fighting animals. Seriously, was he not making enough money in football? This was not a homeless man who didn’t have any other option. It was greed and void of human emotion. There are numerous studies linking animal abuse to human physical abuse. Do we really need this to get to another OJ situation before he’s punished accordingly? He KILLED. That’s enough for me.

    • Barbara

      On an emotional level, I think Casey Anthony is guilty as hell, but she didn’t escape justice- she went through the American justice system and she was found not-guilty. If you look at the evidence the prosecution had, they simply did not have enough evidence to convict her. To compare her trial to Vick’s is compaing apples and oranges- they had videotape of him committing his crimes. If they had videotape of her drowning her daughter in a water barrel while drinking and getting high, it would be an apt comparison. To suggest that the only difference between the two scenarios was the race of the accused reveals a deep ignorance about the burden of proof, the presumption of innocence, and the difference between what you feel someone did and what the prosecution proved someone did. Like I said at the beginning, I feel that she is guilty as hell of that crime; however, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was guilty of his crime- he let it be videotaped and, like many of the people posting, I saw snippets of those videos and was disgusted by his enjoyment of the suffering of a living creature.

  • Kramer

    Well, at least Vick paid more in taxes then Romney.

    • http://yahoo 2hip

      That’s deep Kramer.

    • Mike B

      I don’t think that’s true. Are you ignorant, or am I?

  • Frank

    I read recently that venting does NOT help and can make matters worse. I read comments about Mr. Vick and I think, “Wow, this guy or gal writing is really miserable deep down.” I am glad that serving his time did not completely wipe out his career. I wish him well. I hope his is wise enough to get a pre-nup and doesn’t blow a ridiculous bundle on his wedding.

    • Rebecca

      I agree. What he did was terrible, plain and simple. However, he has been supported by the likes of Tony Dungy and I think (hope!) he has turned over a new leaf. He’s extremely talented and I’m glad he has a second chance, too. People need to stop being so hateful; it doesn’t help and won’t change anything about the past, but anger will destroy you.

  • PJ

    Funny how when a white man pays off his bills, he “settle(s)” his debts and when black man pays off his bills, he “blow(s)” thru his money. So, the headline is to grab the reader into looking for more about Vick we can “tsk-tsk” about, but later in the story it admits he paid off his bills, most importantly the IRS. I better check and make sure I’m not reading the National Enquirer. Tsk-tsk.

    • D. Marsh

      Well put. Well put.

  • George

    When Americans focus on real problems (like themselves) and ignore celebrities…..we just MIGHT put our country back on track!

    • http://yahoo 2hip

      Agreed George. Some Americans have too much time on their hands.

    • Shelby

      Wow, good point. Less celebrities and more fixing ‘real world’ problems. You have my vote for President!

  • Me

    @2hip: We hate Casey Anthony as well.

  • john

    Actually, calling his contract six-years and $100 million is inaccurate… as is implying that it gives him ‘steady’ income into the future.

    The Eagles can cut Vick after this season with no salary cap implications, since all the guaranteed money in his contract has already been paid to him…. which is about the $30 million he has already been paid and spent. So he has *no* income certainty after this season, especially since the more the Eagles continue to tank this year the more likely it is they will cut him after it ends.

    He is scheduled to make a whopping $16.5 million next year, an amount he is unlikely to see.

    • chuckles

      Averaging about 420 yards per game in offense so far. If they keep this up, Vick will likely see next years money as well.

      • http://Yahoo Rober

        This has sucked all of this year…..I hope the Eagles wake up and unload this bum….We need him as a poster child for our youth, NO fricking way. I wish him all the worst….

    • Dom

      they say that he’s guaranteed 40 mill man

  • deepcold

    This is why you can’t move forward. its not about race, its not about crime and punishment. Its about hypocrisy, you smug, self righteous individuals are so secure in your “indignation” that its beyond pathetic.

    • king

      who cares he is still a dog killer please dont forget 21 months in prison give me a break

  • richie

    This Dog Murderer Should Never Been Allowed To Play Football. All My Friends & Me Won’t Even Watch Any Game This Dog Killer Is In,..Any Teem That Would Sick So Low To Let This Unhuman thing.play. I Hope Thay Lose Every Game.. Kick The Killer Out. Give The Bum A Can & let Him Stand On A Street Coner, & Bum Money

    • ThinkAboutIt

      It’s funny how everyone one cares so deeply about a dog, but don’t give a rats butt about a homeless man or women on the streets. Yes I love my dog but it’s just a dog people. Ask yourself this if it came down to saving your child or your dog in a burning fire, I hope you have a whole lot of sense to save your child and not a dog…..THINK ABOUT IT…. GO MIKE VICK!!!

      • UThinkAboutIt

        It’s not about choosing your (hopefully) beloved family dog over your beloved child, its about a scumbag who tortured dogs for fun. Of course you would choose your child first, but damn, only a cowardly POS would just forget about their dog…Mike Vick is a lowlife scumbag who is paid millions of bucks just ’cause he’s a good athlete, which says a lot about our culture and a lot about anybody who says “Go mike vick…” unless you mean “Go To Hell, Mike Vick!”

        • GoMikeVick

          What does his criminal history have to do with him playing football? He did jail time, he lost millions of dollars, and now he’s involved in all sorts of charities and good programs.

          NFL players get caught all the time doing coke, driving drunk, and shooting themselves or other human beings. If that doesn’t affect their playing status, neither should Mike’s crimes. Especially when he’s made actual positive changes.

        • http://WebProNews Diane

          “Just a dog”? Are you serious? You’ve got to be a complete idiot! Animals feel just like human beings. They feel pain, they bleed, they cry, feel hunger & thirst & feel emotion. You can see it all in their eyes. A dog will love you unconditionally as no human being can. They even love those that abuse them. They love you no matter your appearance, color of your skin, etc. I don’t know any person who loves me like that. I’d much rather spend time with my dog than most humans I know. People such as yourself encourage the idea that they are second rate & don’t really count. I feel such pity for you that you’ve never experienced unconditional love. I detest ignorant people like you. “Just a dog indeed”!!!

          • Scott

            Animals serve a useful purpose.. I love to eat ’em .. with bernaise sauce.. mmm

      • Jerry

        Go Mike Vick??? So your idea of fun is smoking a blunt, drinking a 40 standing next to a 55 gallon barrel half full of water while an injured dog that just lost a fight drowns inside? That makes you low life scum dude! you publicly endorse electrocution and dog hanging? cause these are the things puss brain Vick was arrested for. Obviously you are incapable of thought “thinkaboutit”, or the thought of drowning a dog in that 1/2 full 55 gallon drum would bother you.

        • russ

          I agree, Mike Vick is a classic example of a thug with some money. I hope my children never idolize someone like him, he is extremly gifted athleticly but is a low down, sorry man. With that much money there are millions of things they can go for fun, go to las vegas and gamble but how can you sit there and kill these living dogs

          • http://yahoo l wright


          • http://yahoo l wright

            No monuments are built to critics the
            s, reason why being, they tend to stand in the shadows and shop
            outside their imagine safe boundiers. Humanity must
            be examined by human transgressors,allowing them to include their lesser selves before moving into
            the judgement, that should be reserved for themselves

      • Joe

        Because a homeless man has more of a shot to live and turn things around then a dog breed to kill for money. Homeless man has it easy nowadays. Very few homeless people don’t deserve what they get.

    • king

      no pete rose but yes a dog fighter

    • king

      oh yea no pete rose holly shit i’m a racish why is Vick back do we really need dog killers in the youth world

    • king

      me be homeless 2 so let him rot in philly sorry you got him there Randell

    • king

      dog killer dog killer

    • http://www.artisticbombingcrew.com FLASH ABC

      Why so you can have the joy of spitting at him. Hes paid his dues and theres nothing you can do but post bitter comments. LOOSER !!!!! How much have you done for the great good in the last year.

    • John McDonnell

      LOL please learn to spell and use caps before you start judging other people.

    • http://yahoo 2hip

      Wow richie punk, I’m sure MV will sleep less at night knowing you’re boycotting his games. He’ll still make millions whether you watch or not, you hater. Yeah he does have money to burn, do you?

  • Vick Lover

    He made a mistake, he has served his time in the justice system and is now given a second chance. It seems as though people care more about animals than actual people. We have murderers and rapist and sexual predators that don’t get a much blame as Michael Vick. I’m glad he’s learned his lesson and was given a second chance. Their are people that don’t go to jail for killing actual humans but we care so much about a dog i’m not saying animals lives aren’t important but when we hold more value to an animals life over an actual human, i think theirs a deeper issue and honestly this wouldn’t be such a big deal if he wasn’t black and looked at by white society as a hoodlum with tattoos and arrogant personality. Go mike Vick don’t worry about these people and go EAGLES….

    • Scott


    • Barbara

      Does it occur to you that a society that glorifies violence in any type, particularly men like Vick, who engage in violence for sport- both in dog fighting an in professional football- a very violent sport- is one of the reasons that we live in a society where people don’t go to jail for killing actual human beings? I mean, research certainly suggests that it is, that the greater the societal tolerance for violence of any kind, the greater the violent crime rates, the greater the murder rates, and the more likely people are to view homicide as insignificant. It starts with declaring some things taboo. Torture is taboo, regardless of the victim. It is part of the deeper issue, and it doesn’t have anything to do with his color. Now, whether he was selectively prosecuted for dog fighting when compared to white guys- I have no problem believing that may have been a possibility- black men are statistically more likely to be prosecuted for an offense than white men who commit the exact same offenses. But whether he was selectively prosecuted for it has no impact on whether he did a horrific thing.

  • Alex

    This is america. People get paid what they are worth. Mike Vick is still easily a top 25 QB. ENOUGH SAID. Yes, he made mistakes and you can call him scumbag for the rest of your lives. That’s certainly your right.

    However, he served his time and is trying to correct his life. He has a right to make as much money as possible. If you think otherwise than maybe you should leave America.

    • Karen West

      Some of the biggest scumbags are sports stars, and their fans will sympathize with them and reward them will millions of dollars because they are good at sports. Are we crazy or what???

    • Joe

      I love everyone says he served his time. No he didn’t, he served half of it in a house. Its bull how people with money serve a quarter of the time and thats IT!

      • Scott

        Uhh yes he did serve his time. According to the court he did. Tough crap if you don’t like the manner or location of the time he served. He completed his criminal sentence and that’s it. Now he is paying off his monetary obligations. Good for him. What he did was wrong but so is being unwilling to accept when people have paid the price criminally and financially and have turned things around. You’re like a whiny ex who can’t let go of a grudge from years ago.. Except it’s even worse because you weren’t personally injured by this in any way. Get a life you self-righteous *ss

  • Michael

    Michael Vick was not charged with just fighting dangerous dogs he was charged with feeding these dogs other dogs to get them ready to fight and then to hang and drown them when they lost a fight. He was and is seen as the evil heartless person that he has shown himself to be. Sorry but I am not able to get past that kind of moraly banckrupt sole.

    • equality7-2521

      Your passing of judgement on Vick does not define him, it defines you

      • Barbara

        Yes, you are right, it defines Michael as a human being who values life and who condemns cruelty.

    • Scott

      moraly? banckrupt? sole? Sheesh. God save us all for morons like you.

  • a human being

    Cruelty is cruelty and is to be condemned. Vick was responsible for needless suffering. Hopefully, he has learned not to inflict such cruelty again.

  • Dan

    How can you blow money responsibly? That headline blows!

  • A Human Being

    Cruelty is inexcusable. Vick engaged in the needless torture of living creatures. Hopefully, he learned by what happened to him not to repeat his actions.

  • Nick

    I love how people try to defend the torture and murder of countless animals with saying ” well he did 21 months in prison and is donating money and doing charity work and saying he’s sorry so its okay now!” like are you effing serious or just mentally disturbed? Imagine if a judge assigned community service and fines if someone were to torture and murder a bunch of homeless kids but said “there just homeless kids its not like their regular kids he’s paying for what he did, and he told us he was sorry and wont do it again” lol effing idiots!

    • leraoy

      Get over the killing of innocent dog stuff already, people make mistakes. SOOOOOOOO sick of the hearing about it. He did his time now his free get over it

      • JerseyJoey

        You are absolutely right. He didnt fight people he fought dogs they are animals. People need to worry more about people and not all this animal rights crap. Fighting dogs at worse deserved a fine he did 21 months in prison! You people need to get off your high horses. MV if your reading this, dont donate crap to them charitys you did your time many many times over. If you want to do charity work focus on human rights and not mangy flea bag animals.

        • jose

          Funny stuff

    • Scott

      Are you serious? Comparing a dog fighting ring to the torture and murder of homeless children? Yes the former is bad but in no way, shape or form compares to the latter. He paid his debt to society. A little perspective you fuckwad. They were dogs, not children. Yes it was bad, but not murder.

    • Alex

      you just compared toturing dogs to toturing kids?!

      Sorry man, I beg to differ. Dogs are animals. We are humans. We are the dominant species on the this planet. That said, many men don’t go to jail for killing kids. Or raping them. Why doesn’t PETA focus all their time and energy towards world hunger or mass genocide. No it’s much better to worry about 1st world Animals. Seriously,

      Another thing is this really jst highlights a major issue in America, Race and Animal Rights…

      Its hard not to think this is a Black thing at this point. And animal lovers going crazy…. your prolly all think Obama is muslim. GTFO

      • Barbara

        Alex- I’m going to assume then that you are unaware of a huge wealth of research literature linking cruelty to animals with cruelty to human beings. You don’t have to go read dry academic research- why don’t you look into the life history of just about any known serial killer- animal torture. To be able to ignore suffering is to be able to ignore suffering. To be able to enjoy suffering is to be able to enjoy suffering. And it does translate from animals to humans. It is well documented, and not just with serial killers (a small part of the population) but with domestic violence offenders, including child abusers. Someone beats his dog, he’s far more likely to beat his wife and his kids.

        • Alex

          See thats my problem. Your too introverted. I’m talking about mass genocide and starvation in Africa. Not a serial killer down the street. I’m not bothered by Vick because in the scheme of things the typical American dogs life is better than that of a kid growing up in Darfur.

          But that doesn’t bother you because it starts here. Right?

      • http://yahoo Cheri

        And Obama’s first lie to the American public was that he was going to rescue a dog for his girls. Instead he accepted a pure breed, probably puppy mill, dog.

    • PeteNice

      Cmon Nick!!! Its the justice system you should be mad at … not Vick! He paid the penalty that his crimes carried. If you disagree, then write your legislators. Don’t get on here and bash a Guy that did something wrong… went to prison… and is now trying to move forward with his life.. would you rather still be supporting him as a prisoner with your hard earned dollars? He Did His Time!! You would want the same said for you. Period.

  • Badbob

    I have always agreed that everybody needs a second chance, but after that second chance and they are still stupid, ignorant, arrogant, and won’t learn, they should be eliminated so taxpayers don’t have to support them. By being able to find another employer, shows he has concern for his income but does not know how to keep it. When he gets injured, his income will come to an end and that is when he will get into drugs.

    • learoy

      how exactly are tax payers supporting him again??? Didn’t he pay some 10 million dollars in taxes?? Not sure about you but I have never paid that much in taxes

  • Sharon

    At least he is paying his debts AND his child support. He paid for the animal cruelty stuff.
    I am not a big fan of his, but he is paying his own way.

  • kendra

    so all you vick lovers. 1. if he had a bad season that first one after jail. then half of you would not be on his bandwagon. 2. you say he has the right to make as much as he wants. bs our kids look up to these people and its not a cool thing to be a felon. it should be a rule for all pro sports if your a felon sorry for your bad luck. you cant play anymore. 3. and that whole he did his time bs is just bs. you gonna say the same thing if a convicted child molester moves next door to you? if you said yes your a liar. but remember they did their time right. 4.your everyday felons can not get jobs, grants to go to school or any other state or gov assistance. but they did their time. 5.it is proven PERSON WHO CAN DO THE THINGS HE DID TO THOSE DOGS THAT DIDNT WANT TO FIGHT (NOT EVEN HIS FIGHTERS)IS MORE LIKELY TO MOVE ONTO PEOPLE. 6. IF YOU CAN TELL ME THAT HOOKING A DOGS EARS TO JUMPER CABLES AND A LIVE BATTERY THEN PROCEED TO THROW IT INTO A POOL. JUST BECAUSE THEY SHOWED NO DESIRE TO FIGHT.IS NOT SIGNS OF A MENTALLY ILL PERSON THEN YOU MIGHT WANNA GET CHECK OUT YOURSELF. 7. towards the end him and his business partners thought it would be funny to see how bad his fighters would destroy everyday regular dogs. dogs that they stole and got from the shelters. 8. how about the little red dog that hung because he would not fight. but he did however fight for his life by not dying after being hung for some time so he cut him down and told his buddy to grab his front paws while he grabbed his front paws and proceeded to slam his body to the ground like a jump rope until almost every bone in his body was broken. and the little red dog finally gave up and died. remember just because the dog didnt wanna fight. he is a mentally sick man. period

    • Sherry

      Well said. He is a felon who is capable of doing evil to anyone.

      • snookums

        They built this country by murdering the native people and taking the land. It didn’t make a bit of difference if some of those natives had children. They killed them in front of those children. Then there are the negro people used as slaves whose children were taken from them and sold while mothers cried after them. I don’t think you’re enamored with dogs. You’re only demonstrating the same animosity your forefathers had for other races of people.

      • IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully In All 57 States

        Oh, geeez, lighten up. I don’t even CARE about pro football and I can see how much of a lunatic you sound like.

        He was a freaking idiot. No question. He did wrong. No question. But you make it sound like he captured little children and cut them up for sausage making…

        Mistreating dogs being a felony just goes to show how insignificant the phrase “Don’t make a felony case out of it!” has become. Crossing the street is being considered for felony status these days.

        Mistreating dogs should be a high-level misdemeanor. And Vick should have paid through the nose for committing it, and done some prison time… this would have been true justice for those dogs.

        HE DID?!?!?
        Holy crap, when did that happen!?!?

        Ow!! It HURTS when my eyes roll that far back in my head…

    • Scott

      Yes it’s horrible but it’s an animal, not a person. So apparently in your book every celebrity, athlete, television or movie actor or actress should turn saintly once in the public eye because someone somewhere may view them as role models? Get real. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. He made a doozy but he paid his criminal obligation and is paying of his financial debts. Good for him. You expect people in the public eye to be saintly but I seriously doubt you are without sin yourself. Plus, since you put so much emphasis on saintly behavior that is above reproach, part of being saintly is also being able to forgive.. Something you and your ilk seem utterly incapable of doing. You want others to be a role model? How about starting by adopting some of the saintly qualities you seem to require in others.

    • Alex

      1) Dont care. its his right. sorry your 401k is shot and you make 25k a yr
      2)molesting kids is way worse than killing a dog, not to mention they dont let those weirdos live anywhere
      2.5) Its his right to make as much money as he can, and get paid what he is worth. Its unconstitutional to block him from a private enterprise
      3)He served his time, we kill cows the same way he did dogs, and YOU are more worried about animals in America, rather than genocide and starvation. I care about the human race.
      4) yeah its up to the employer. and If its taxpayer money thats different… did you ever go to college?
      5)It’s not proven, its strongly suggested. But shit i killed a bird with a paintball gun. Im fine. You shouldn’t just take everything you hear and propagate it like you did the study yourself. Might be your only valid point tho…
      6)we do it to cows everyday
      7)You must be single with a dog.
      8)PETA and you should focus your attention on advancing and aiding the human race. Kids are being sold, raped, killed, and forced to murder all around the world… I swear if you stereotypical “Vick haters” supported anti-genocide in Africa we might get somewhere….

    • A

      Wow, you people sure are idiots. He paid the price for his crimes, as decided by our court and legal system. If you don’t like that, move! If you like being an American and enjoy living in the United States, then shut the f up about other people! If you’re kids are looking up to athletes more than yourself as a parent, then you have more to worry about than what Vick does. Bottom line: why do you care so much about this issue to make such a long comment? I’ll follow in your steps and judge: since you seem so passionate about a professional athletec, you must be very unathletic and have some sort of chip on your shoulder. This must mean you are more likely to be spiteful and resentful of a more physically fit person around you or your workplace. This must mean you are insecure. This must mean you must not have what society (or yourself) considers a “good job”…..hahaha…I love you idiots!
      Oh yeah, let me save you the trouble of responding to my response: You’ll try to say something in defense of yourself like – “Then why do YOU post such a response? You must be lonely, etc, etc, etc..defenseive because you know you’re a loser…blah blah blah…angry because you’re a loser to your kids..blah blah blah..hahahhaha…

  • http://yahoo Cheri

    I see from the article that none of the money was spent on homeless or unwanted animals. He spent it on things like the rest of us. Taxes, child support, etc. And how about them Eagles for hiring him. Vicks and Eagle, protect your beagle. He is an animal. And if we follow how he treats them he will get what he deserves.

    • http://yahoo Cheri

      P.S. He should have donated everything he had to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They rehabilitated a number of his dogs and found them GOOD homes.

      • Scott

        why don’t you donate EVERYTHING you have to that cause if you love it so much? He is paying off his financial obligations which includes millions to creditors.. Good for him.. You’re steamed because he didn’t contribute to your personal interests? A tad self-righteous are you?

  • Shaun

    he did his time, seems to being doing well… let him be

  • john

    How many millions of animals are cruelly treated and murdered every year in this country, so we can feed on their flesh? Does a dog somehow merit more moral value than a cow? I love all animals and I don’t mistreat them or eat them. I just think the outrage directed at M. Vick is highly hypocritical. Let he who is without sin, in regards to the murder of animals, cast the first stone. There won’t be many of them.

    • Scott

      Murder is the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human (did you catch that? A HUMAN). All jurisdictions require that the victim be a natural person; that is a HUMAN being who was still alive at the time of being murdered. In other words, under the law, one cannot murder a cadaver, a corporation, a non-human animal, or any other non-human organism such as a plant or bacterium. In short, animals can be cruelly treated but not murdered. And the killing of animals for food is NOT, repeat NOT murder. In fact the killing of animals for food is not even a cruel act itself, legally speaking, if carried out according to state and federal guidelines. Because you feast on nuts and berries you automatically feel entitled to attack others who happen to eat meat? Gotta love the tolerance of the progressives. I do agree with you on one point. All this outrage directed at Vick is highly hypocritical.

      • IGotBupkis, Legally Defined Cyberbully In All 57 States

        }}} Because you feast on nuts and berries

        He likes to eat the sexual organs of other living things, and even GLORIES in it, the damned pervert!!

        He probably cuts the sex organs off of plants and displays them prominently in his home, too!! Just check with local florists to see how he encourages them to mistreat poor, helpless plants!!

        When, oh when will we realize the SHEER EVIL of mistreating ANY living thing, not just ANIMALS!!

        Why should ANIMALS get such special protections!??! John should be forbidden from harming ANY living thing, the hypocritical BASTARD!!


  • JerseyJoey

    You people piss me off. Dogs are animals not humans. I wish I had a dog I would go kick it right now just to laugh at all of you.

    • Ron

      Dogs can actually be better than humans jerk! You sound like you got beat up in grade school or you have low self esteem……….Dogs are wonderful

      • Alex

        Dogs can be better than humans?

        Man go find your science teacher, if you ever had one, and sue him.
        Sue him because he didn’t teach you that WE ARE THE DOMINANT SPECIES. PERIOD.

    • Ron

      PS, if you were near me I weould kick you

  • http://www.CreditBureauAid.com nathani-el

    how many millions for how many years? personally, with that amount of money it would not lose very much sleep fretting about what some broke haters are posting on social media. jealously is part of human nature. if no one is jealous of you for what you have that means you are the biggest loser of them all. its a blessing to have soo many people that you have never met pulling for your downfall – Winner.

  • Rhonda

    I was thoroughly disgusted with Michael Vick when the news came out about his animal abuse. Couldn’t believe the Eagles signed him. Didn’t think he would ever play football again, or deserve to. I think he paid fines in accordance with his sentence, plus he has done some community service in regards to animal abuse. For some reason I can’t explain, I now hope for the best for him. I hope he has truly had a change of heart. And, by the way, the title to this article was misleading, but it caught my attention and I felt the need to comment in support of him.

  • Gene Lewis

    How many people f-up and then don’t pay up their back bills?
    Vick was a screw-up, but he’s trying to make amends.
    The rest of you fools like to kick a guy while he’s down.

  • http://www.CreditBureauAid.com nathani-el

    If no one is pulling for your downfall it means you are already down. measure your success by the number of people under up looking up praying that you fall down to their level. collectively their net work is not 10% of your bank and value. without loser winner would not be possible. your critics validates your success by becoming your benchmark. bless the loser for highlighting the winners in this world. by any stretch Mr. Michael Vick is a World Class Winner. Let the losers talk, they have so many needs; please to not deprive them of the ability to talk about other people. God love loser to.

  • Rhonda

    To add to my earlier comment, I am a white woman, in my 50’s, and a grandmother, and a football fan. I feel people deserve a second chance, regardless of their color. Who is Amanda Crum and what makes her qualified to write this article?

  • Justice

    Good thing everyone is “pleased” with Vick and his re-success..(brother). Who cares what any of you think….I love the Eagles and will eternally consider them a class act for doing the human thing. Animals are gods creations, but they are animals. No the should be abused…(before the fools chine in), but they are not people. I’ve seem people walking their dogs not speak to another human….get a grip. Go Vick…go!

  • Robert

    Come on, saying he blew threw 30 million dollars paying his debt and bills is negative reporting. This should be a positive story of someone fixing their life and you guys turn it as if he is doing something wild and crazy. Leave the guy alone.

  • ann

    How much did he pay to take care of the dogs that survived and were turned over to Best Friends? Nada – what a piece of #$^#

  • Diana

    Yea what a piece of crap. Im sure he has never given those poor dogs a second thought. Shame on u vick!

    • weezy

      who cares they’re dogs. not as important as a human life!

      • carly

        wow. i hope your a bait dog in your next life.

        • http://yahoo Sekena

          He’s a dog & not our four legged friendly kind!

      • Ashley

        Who cares if something happens to you? You’re just an idiot.

        • Barry

          You’re just as bad as you claim Vick is when you make statements like: “Who cares if something happens to you? You’re just an idiot.” You think it’s OK to “damn” one animal over another? And, yes, I mean a human being, and, yes, we are animals, but you’re quick to point out that you don’t care what happens to the person who posted the “who cares” statement. Attack the argument or the belief, not the person.

  • tj

    damn stop your cries and whines.. good grief that was like 8yrs ago. let it go already.

    • Ashley

      Tell the dead dogs that. Oh wait! You can’t because they are dead due to Vick. What a total moronic response. Sheesh! Look up morals will you please? See if you have any. Chances are you do not! I feel sorry for your family.

      • Che

        Tell your dead animal lunch that!

    • Norma Jean Vasquez

      Mike Vick is lower than dog crap. And yahoo sucks for posting this stupid “responsible” article.

  • Amanda

    He’s still a piece of crap.

    • http://yahoo Sekena

      I agree with you..a piece of dog crap (pun intended)who can’t manage his own money!

    • Ashley

      You got that right, Amanda. Why is this article giving him kudos for what he is supposed to be doing? What kind of idiot writes an article like that?
      The mere fact that the NFL is paying him 100 Million for a 6 year contract makes me sick and I don’t accept any reason for allowing this piece of garbage back in. I no longer watch football and I personally think it should be boycotted until they give Vick the boot.
      He isn’t worth the crap that I step in from time to time. He is a low life. And please please tell me, what kind of moron would marry this hell bound bitch that is Vick? Seriously? Is she brain dead? Frink, you are a 100% dumba**! No doubt about it. I wouldn’t let that spawn of satan get anywhere near me much less share a bed. Where are your morals or are they in line with Vick’s?
      Vick, go away. No one likes you but ones who think there is no problem with dog fighting. Those people are usually toothless rednecks or thugs. To which I say: you don’t matter any how.

      • Spencer

        Even though I understand your anger and frustration, I don’t understand the quote “I no longer watch football and I personally think it should be boycotted until they give Vick the boot.” There are two current football players (that I know of) that have killed human beings because they were drink and driving. So I understand the hatred towards Michael Vick but what about those individuals cause those acts are worst in my opinion.

      • T W

        Why is dog-fighting the thing that made you stop watching? What about Roethlisberger and the rapes?

  • eric schwartz

    all you people calling him a piece of shit are just as terrible you unforgiving dum asses.

    • Ashley

      Why do you feel he should be rewarded for his behavior that he can never excuse?

      • Barry

        Who says he should be rewarded? He broke the law, went to jail, paid his fines, and apologized (how is that being rewarded?). If by rewarded you mean making money as an NFL player, then why don’t we just tell everyone who has broken the law that you are no longer allowed to work when you get out of jail. He’s now just trying to get his life back together. Move on.

  • Grey

    Glad we’re all so perfect and compassionate on this site, that we can trash others for their mistakes. Go human race!

    • Che

      That is what I am saying… Some of the people posting may have other hidden secret issues… predators etc They aren’t being showcased to be torn apart. This is a group of hypocritical weenies!

  • clydester

    give the guy a break! he said he was sorry, let it go.the money thing is his business. i could care less how he blow his dough.

    • Ashley

      Which are you? A toothless redneck or a thug? Look at previous message I left so you can understand why I asked.

      • gloria

        Sorry he got caught is all he’s sorry for!

  • randy

    why are paying taxes, fees you have incurred and debts you have headlined as “blown through”? as a dog lover, i’m no fan of his; never had or would have heard of him if not for the canine caper but the headline is misleading

  • gloria

    Somethings in life are unforgiveable. He is a piece of crap now and forever. This is a human that would beat up little ole men and women and not think twice about it. Any man that did the cruel things he done to those animals would do the same to a human! Find someone that is mean to animals you have found someone who would be mean to people.

    • Dwayne

      Are you a vegetarian????? .. if not you should be quiet because every time you eat meat you are participating in the cruel sanctioned execution of animals.

      • J.R.

        Really? I could give a rat’s ass about all the dogs he supposedly killed….they are just dogs, you silly MF’s….if he were not famous, no one would have made a big deal about it. The Chinese serve dogs in their restaurants all the time, which you probably eat from time to time…get some perspective. You call yourselves Christians? For we all have sinned and we all fall short in this life, but it is by grace that we are saved. Michael Vick deserves everything he has…I know it burns you to see him lose it all, only to have it returned to him again. I’m done.

    • Che

      Your broke azz doesn’t even know the man… How can you say things like what he would do? LOL

  • chris

    He destroyed his image as a professional athlete and what that represents as a public figure earning tremendous amounts of money and more importantly being in a position for millions of young kids who would look up to him. If a teacher was found guilty of such a horrible crime against animals such as betting on them being mutilated in backyards, how many parents would allow their children to be taught by this man once he got out of prison ? Come on all you Vick lovers, he ruined his right to be in that coveted position of fan adulation and big bucks when he committed a crime such as this. he lost that right to return. Shame on the NFL for allowing him back in and then rewarding his ignorant a%# with 100 million.

    • michael

      The difference between Vick and teachers would be they are DIRECTLY in charge of child development. Role models such as sports figures are not. MY child will not learn his morals and values from a sports figure. THAT is MY job. And its my job also to help the child understand what he did is wrong, and after he dealt with the consequences of his wrong doings, that he has the right to go about his life. It is called correctional facility for a reason. And it worked for him. I wonder what it is you people expect from prison or punishment? Dont you want to believe that correctional facilities work? Many violent criminals go to jail and many are released everyday. A reasonable percentage of them never lapse back to their old criminal ways. What kind of self righteousness allows you to suggest that he be condemned for life. To be quite honest his job holds no value to mankind and carries no weight on the day to day of anything that amounts to anything of value. THATS why he can have his job back. If he were a teacher or a officer or a public figure.. He would not be allowed to go back to work.. And rightfully so. But he plays a football game, his play and responsibilities also help generate billions along with the rest of the players. The only thing he is entitled to is his share of the revenue he creates competitively compared to others in his field. THE HATERS ARE NOTHING BUT SELF RIGHTEOUS BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE HE SHOULD BE CONDEMNED FOR LIFE BASED ON THEIR FEELINGS AND NOT AN OBJECTIVE POINT OF VIEW. SUBJECTIVITY IS POISON!!! TEXT AND DRIVE, DRINK AND DRIVE, SPEEDING, GOING TO A LIGHT TOO LATE WHEN YOU KNOW ITS GOING TO BE RED BEFORE YOU GET INTO THE INTERSECTION ALLLLLL CAN CAUSE DEATH BUT I BET YOU STILL BELIEVE IT IS EXCUSABLE. PUH-LEASE!!

    • http://yahoo Kinna52

      I think your ignorant a%# is mad because you can’t get that kind of cash……ha ha….N your IGNORANT a%#…Should go to church n say a couple of prayers….that is if you know how!!!!!!

  • jfairley

    His money, his business.

  • Johnny

    Hey peeps…
    Remember its entertainment.
    Mike Vick’s a great football player, maybe not the smartest idea
    with the pups though.

    S*it happens, you get arrested, do some time, pay some fines.
    Hey. Life goes on. (“Not for the dogs… blah, blah.” whatever.)

    Who are we to really sit here and at like we havent done anything that wounldnt be condenable in this life time. Lets not judge to harshly. Forgive and let the man continue to move on. Im sure here could care less about what we think anyways.

    Monday Night Football lets go.

    * And Ashley probably is a lonely dude that smells like poo-cheese anyways.

  • Louis

    the people who continually hold this over Vick’s head need to get a life, the guy did his time. Let it go, there are probably thousands if not more people who do what he did and still did it, but because he’s famous, his life is over? some of you said hes a piece of s*it for what he did and always will be. Those of you who said that need to take a hard look in the mirror because I guarantee that you have done something you regret in your life.

  • Krome

    What Vick did was wrong, but get over it already people… He made a mistake, he owned up to it, and now hes turned his life around..Why did the NFL let him back in? Maybe because they believe in second chances? I guess there are just some people who are extremely sensitive and dont know how to forgive.. SMH..What about the people who slaughter cows, pigs and chickens every day and make $$$ off of their parts? I guess theyre worthless, too? But who cares…be mad at the guy all your life..what exactly is that going to do? How is that going to help you in life? Just my two cents..

    • Mick

      YO Man you said it so well people need to forgive and move on! Thanks man

      • Che

        When it was a human they avoided getting angry but since it is a dog… they think it is time to hang the man… Shameful America is so racist it isn’t funny.

  • Mick

    I get so tired of hearing people continue to be so angry and unforgiving to Michael Vick. This man has paid hid debt to society served time and public embarrassment, and in Philadelphia he continues to help the children of this city. So for all you haters ” Let it GO!”

    • Beverly


  • Jennifer

    If anyone defending this monster actually knew the details of what he did to those dogs you would not be defending him. And if you did still defend him then I guess you are no better than him. I am NOT over what he did and I may never “get over it” I don’t care if he served a little time in prison. His apologizes don’t mean a thing .. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing to those poor dogs that could NOT fight back!!!! Let this monster do those things to you that he did to them and then we will talk about forgiveness!!! Anyone that is capable of doing that to an animal is capable of causing harm to a person .. believe it!!!! And I hate the NFL for letting him play again so he can make millions doing what he loves to do!!!! If he was on fire on would NOT spit on him! And to the person that wanted to call other dumb … learn how to spell it!

    • manny muse

      you’re an asshole

    • Michael

      You’re exactly right! No criminals who are currently in prison or on their way to prison should ever have the opportunity to rehabilitate themselves and improve their lives and we should never forgive them! They should all be forced to struggle the rest of their lives at the bottom of society and be harassed by everyone. And if they even so much as THINK of committing another crime their heads should be chopped off and eaten by zombies!

      (if sarcasm is a concept beyond your grasp please feel free to think I’m totally one your side in this issue)

      • Rich M

        There is a difference between someone being given another chance to re-enter society as a productive individual and giving them another shot at being in the upper echelon. Only in major league sports can you be an admitted drug user, cheater, thief, spousal abuser, ect ect ect and still be working for a multi-million dollar a year salary. Any other company on this planet wouldn’t hire you with Vick’s resume and background.

      • http://yahoo Kinna52

        Every M.Vick hater would of course say he dont deserve a second change……just think if the shoe was in the other foot….. this can happen to anyone…could be your brother or uncle even your dad…..then WHAT????? I would definitely bet you think that person deserve a second chance……N would it make a difference if he was Caucasian?????

    • Donald

      The man lost everything and rightfully so. But he also redeemed himself by doing his time and is now speaking out against the things he did. Him going to jail and now his redemption only strengthens America’s awareness of animal cruelty. If a famous athlete can go to prison for harming a dog, just imagine what they will do to a person without his resources? If you don’t know how to forgive, then how will you be forgiven on judgement day? He or she without sin cast the first stone. I understand your emotions toward the acts he committed but you do not know the man or his sincerity of his apologies. If he is faking it, he certainly is doing a good job. His actions speak more loudly than his words which I didn’t believe at first. But I certainly do now since he hasn’t wavered since his release.

      • http://yahoo Kinna52

        So well said…M.Vick will still be playing no matter what haters say…he is still a great player in my book….GO EAGLES!!!!!

    • Che

      What about the african slaves that were treated like animals when they were brought over stolen from africa? You don’t feel that same conviction when you think about all of the “PEOPLE” treated the same way. I doubt it seriously…

  • http://yahoo doug tillman

    Who gives a fuck about a dog its a fucking dog you dumb sluts need to get some ding-a-ling in ya life and btw start watching vick agian.

  • Trueee

    lls Only people still mad a vick are mad white girls.

    • Beverly

      don’t matter all races hate this guy.

      • Che

        No we don’t hate him…. He made a mistake you freaking saint wannabe… You aren’t free from sin… I bet gluttony is your sin… probably a cow behind the scene…. eating a cooked animal to please yourself. LMAO What about that? You killed it to eat it. Same thing…. It is a DEAD animal for lunch and dinner…. LOL

    • john

      I never see Spanish or Afro Americans bash him like white people

  • Trueee


  • Beverly

    I think he should be cleaning, sleeping, and eatting DOG DOO untill his days on this earth is over. Forgive him Hell would freeze first. The football team that took him under the wings should never play again. If fact I have not bothered with football since this animal killer dog tormentor, and possible harmfull to humans as well has stated playing.

    • http://yahoo Kinna52

      Ha…..And you would be the first asking him for an autograph……All you haters…..What has this world come to….You all need Jesus in your Lives!!!!!

  • Beverly

    He is a sorry excuse for being a human being. He is sick no remorse what so ever. gee I wonder what they were doing.

    • john

      They don’t care about children..too much responsibility…I pick humans victims over animal victim any day…morons

  • Charlie Day

    Vick can roast in hell. No matter what happens to him it will never be enought to compensate for the poor defenseless animals he tortured and murdered for his own entertainment. Screw him. I hope that some big, animal loving lineman takes his ugly head off of his shoulders.

    • Che

      WoW! We all agree he was wrong but to say you are with the animal over a human life…. That is just as bad… Seriously over the life of a soul less animal? Serious…. If I had a choice I would choose the human any grand old day. Oh well… The judgement you are placing will be placed on you also. So let us hope you stay as clean sinless as can be…. I doubt that… LOL

  • ken

    why havent yall complained about the child killers of this world is it because they are not famous are are yall truely idiots.

  • Mc

    You can make Vick your hero all you want. Yes he went to prison and I bet all he was taught is how to be more careful. I bet he thought beating up on those dogs he thought he was so tough. He never did admit to gambling oh ya he said he just watch and didn’t do the gambling thing ya right. He will always be greedy. The reporter said it the best when they heard VICK wanted to have a dog RUN ROVER RUN.

  • john

    Vick served time in a real jail..not Martha Stewart’s or the ponzi Guy health club jail. You guys fight for animals..I get that..but you got him already go after the non famous ones…they laughing at you because all you see is one Guy playing football getting on with life..its a free country hate him forever. While the other career animal abusers do what they do with no fanfare

    • Che

      I agree with you on this! They are spotlighting his failure when other people are doing it on a daily basis.

  • JeremyW.

    “$10.9 went to taxes”. I wonder if Vick thinks he might already be paying his fair share? I can tell you, for one, I SURE AS HE!! think that’s more than excessive. Now, that having been said, what kind of $$ is he blowing on accountants (deduct lawyer fees)? He needs to fire his accountants and get a legitimate investment adviser. Anyone paying 31% taxes at THAT income level; DEFINITELY needs to take a finance course on tax shelters or pay a bit for someone who already has!! :)

  • Rick Rivers

    Alot of the collij ejumiccated football playas have no money management skeeils. TNB

  • AC

    What he did to those dogs is terrible, HOWEVER, he served his time and he’s now doing what he needs to do to have a positive life for him and his family. Everybody deserves a 2nd chance and I think he’s more than proven he deserves that 2nd chance. I LOVE dogs but it’s crazy how some animal lovers will fight so hard for animal rights, yet they’d never fight that hard for human rights. What about all the abused children in the world?? God forgives and we need to forgive too. All you Vick bashers need to get a life and move the hell on!!

    • Che

      He is trying to be responsible as you can see. The animal are abused all of the world especially in the United States. The only difference is that he was caught and connected to the incident. I think he is learning his lesson. However, I believe that his punishment was a bit harsh considering what many other people do and continue to do to animals. If you eat animals you should be punished in the eyes of many vegans and vegetarians. LOL

  • TampaGuy

    So Vick has “responsibly” “blown” $30 mil? How do you reconcile those 2 concepts? As the original report on Yahoo clearly states “it’s not like he blew all the money on Bentleys or mansions or building a llama fighting pit in his backyard. Most of the money went to boring stuff.” As I understand it, paying debts owed to the IRS, creditors, lawyers and for child support–the overwhelming majority of the $30 million Vick paid out–does not constitute “blowing” your money, as you seem to think. Big mansions, a fleet of expensive cars, hookers and large tabs at the clubs, those sort of things would be examples of irresponsibly “blowing” your money. I’ve never heard of a case where someone has “blown” their money “responsibly.”

    Ahh, but to trumpet in the headlines simply that Michael Vick responsibly paid his debts wouldn’t be sexy, wouldn’t get folks to access the page so that you can sell ad space. As a great journalist once said, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” And of course, you irresponsible media whores will do anything to get folks to notice you. Shame on you…

    • KnowledgeIsWorth

      “Llama fighting pits” lmfaooo nice one.

    • Lee

      Sorry, but Yahoo NEVER has original reports, let alone competent reporters. Now that I think about it – No media news is about news anymore – its all about sensationalism and entertainment. CNN and the rest have all moved toward TMZ reporting.

  • tim

    this is the fairest view of it so far. most websites are just saying he blew it. he was lucky enough to be able to get this contract after jail and has mostly repaid creditors. thats a good thing

  • Red Rocket

    Vick is a moron who blew his money buy running a dog fighting ring and now he owes millions to creditors and lawyers…

    why the eagles paid a below average QB 100 million to play 10 games a season is beyond me

    • Tom

      Shut the hell up idiot!

  • Ron

    The article did not mention monies going to the SPCA or like animal rescue groups. If he had even scratched a human he would have been sued for millions although he can pour acid on chained helpless animals and our taxes have to support him for 21 months, then allowing him to pickup were he left off being Idolized by men, women and children while blowing millions, forgetting his past. I would have hoped he had some guilt and would want to help or donate to good, hardworking, (non-millionaires) people who volunteer their time and money to better the welfare of animals or at least advertise in some way how wrong it is to hurt animals. Something that can treat an animal /s in that way day in and day out is the lowest form of human being, yet because he plays football so well he is a hero to so many, I wonder if he was not a player; I am sure the people who love him now, would despise him and I am sure there would be 50 more alive and happy dogs.

    • Shaela

      How do you know he’s not doing this???

      • Tony

        I find it astonishing that people put more stock in caring for animals than they do for each other. These people who profess to love animals are quick to bring a stray home to care for, but yet they pretend NOT to see a homeless person. In fact most if not all of these animal loving people will avoid coming in close contact by crossing the street. The sad truth is that in these peoples mind an animals life is worth more than a human life. They place more value on a soul-less animal than a soulful life. That’s very christian of them.

  • dean

    Well at least Vick is going through $30 mill RESPONSIBILITY….yea Right!

  • Marvin

    Michael Vick I wish you could read this: Let’s hope you burn in hell for eternity. It is unfortunate that the public cannot hasten this process.

    • Michael Vick

      Ok I read your comment. I just got back from China. I had a few roasted dog platters. It was delicious. Thanks for the comment.

    • Michael Vick

      Ok I read your comment. I just got back from China. I had a few roasted dog platters. It was delicious. Thanks for the comment.

    • Michael Vick

      Ok I read your comment. I just got back from China. I had a few roasted dog platters. It was delicious. Thanks for the comment.

    • Michael Vick

      Ok I read your comment. I just got back from China. I had a few roasted dog platters. It was delicious. Thanks for the comment.

    • Tom

      Go Fukc yourself moron!

  • EaglesfanMV7LM25DJ10JM18

    This should be interesting. Everyone hates Michael Vick, granted he did some horrible things, but the mans paid his dues. He served his time, say what you want about the amount of time he did and whatnot, one day is too long in jail, There were 847 cinderblocks in my cell when I was away and there were also 426 sets of bars on the doors in my cell block, think I had enough time to think about my past and the things that had gotten me there? Look at the greeks who used to slaughter goats for hoodooo bull$h!t rituals back in the day. Look at the matadors who slaughter bulls on a day to day basis for the entertainment of thousands. Say what you want about MV7, but the mans done his time, and more than gone out of his way to make up for it since his return to the NFL.

    • beeznutz

      Great, he did his time. Still hate him.

    • Down with the Vickness

      “one day is too long in jail”. Stupid statement. What are you a mental midget? Do you actually know what he did, and what is a matter of record. One day in jail is what you should get for such an idiotic post. 5hithead.

  • Jerry Kinman

    Perhaps Vick might meet his demise by a pack of wild dogs. How fitting for a man that beats and kills animals for pleasure. The only pity for this piece of shit comes from those that can’t see beyond their own color.

    • thundercat 22

      @Jerry Kinman Vick kill dogs go to prison teenager get killed for skittles and ice tea in Florida the man who killed him go free. I see were Americans priorities are at, what a sad world.

    • Tony

      What a racist statement. So you are saying that all black people are into dog fighting? And he gets a pass from them cause he is black? Seems to me that you are a card carrying member of the KKK.

  • Down with the Vickness

    He did what he did. He did his time. After that he should have went away. He should never have been allowed to play in the NFL again. But the NFL is about money only. Do not ever let them fool you with “player safety”, “integrity of the game”, “character clauses”, and “it is a privilege to play the game”. The laws of the land say Vick has paid his dues. Now we are seeing he has paid his debts. We are also seeing the Eagles way over paid for a slightly better than mediocre QB. I just wish he would go away. The sight of him sickens me. Let him work at McDonalds, a carwash, or as a garbage man. He doesn’t deserve to play football.

    • Tony

      This is the typical mindset of a government educated automation. So you believe that all people who do prison time should continue paying for their crime indefinitely? The fact that he earns more in one game than you earn in a year probably bothers you also. Oh yeah and the fact that he plays in the NFL while you can’t even cut it in the fantasy league might factor in also. And the comment of McDonalds and the carwash. More than likely he will own 3 or 4 of them when he retires from football. Get over it and better yet get a life!!!!!

  • thundercat 22

    I guess you all are a bunch of animal lovers ain’t nothing wrong with that I for one do not live with cats or dogs it’s nasty a dog or cat will lick their rear ends and between their legs and then lick you in the face the owner might as well get down and lick the cat or dog.

  • thundercat 22

    Michael Vick got a 100 million dollar contract is that why you all hate him, I have hit dogs with my car by accident when they ran out in front of me and I kept going.

  • http://yahoo Kinna52


  • http://yahoo glenn

    Anyone who is involved in the fighting of any animals (in this case dogs) who were beaten or killed its just a know good piece of dog — and this is a man who fianced this type of abuse, Vick is just know damn good

    • Tony

      Get over it and learn how to spell

  • Tony

    Look he got busted, went to prison, paid his debt to society, and is doing the responsible upright citizen thing in terms of getting his life straight. Get over it!!!! He deserves to make a living. Obviously all those haters have nothing else to do. GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

    • susan

      you idiot,
      i hope you dont own a dog….
      micheal vick is a piece of shit who deserves to be let out of his contract and thrown in a pit, i wonder how you would feel if he had fun electrocuting your dog. idiots

    • susan

      sack that piece of shit and keep sacking him
      i hope he gets concussions and loses all functions.

  • http://www.aidsvillagechina.blog.sohu.com Gary J Minter

    It is sad to let animals fight to death, bullfighting is also violent, and the Romans let animals and humans–gladiators–fight to the death in the Coliseum.
    Perhaps it is part of human nature to enjoy watching violence. At least most sports in modern times do not kill people or animals….

  • http://www.aidsvillagechina.blog.sohu.com Gary J Minter

    It is sad to let animals fight to death, bullfighting is also violent, and the Romans let animals and humans–gladiators–fight to the death in the Coliseum.
    Perhaps it is part of human nature to enjoy watching violence. At least most sports in modern times do not kill people or animals….