Verizon Might Cancel Its Entire Windows Phone 8 Line [Rumor]

    October 19, 2012
    Zach Walton
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AT&T is poised to be the number one carrier for Windows Phone 8 this holiday season. Many Verizon customers, who also happen to be Windows Phone fans, were distraught to find that the Lumia 920 was exclusive to AT&T. Now it looks like Verizon might not even carry a single Windows Phone because Microsoft cares too much about your privacy.

Wait, what?

You see, a recent privacy policy update allows Verizon to spy on and share users’ location data and Web usage habits. According to International Digital Times, Verizon is using this newfound power to share information with advertisers. The carrier gets ad dollars and advertisers get valuable tracking data to further target their ads.

Microsoft is having none of it. They won’t let Verizon install spyware on Windows Phone 8, and Verizon won’t carry the devices for that reason. Daily Mobile reports that both parties are working towards an agreement, but Microsoft seems unwilling to give any leeway to Verizon on the matter.

Where have I heard all of this before? Oh right, this is just like Microsoft’s current fight with advertisers over the “Do Not Track” button being set on by default in Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft has come out in defense of privacy, and advertisers don’t like it one bit. They even went as far as saying that advertisers could just ignore any DNT signals being sent by IE10.

So where does this leave Windows Phone 8 if this rumored situation ends up being true? Verizon is a major carrier and very popular among the populace. Windows Phone 8 can’t afford to lose such an important carrier, but Microsoft is wanting to be the good guy here. Will it be morality or cold hard cash that wins out in the end? My bet is on the latter.

We’ve reached out to Verizon and Microsoft on the issue and will update when he hear back.

UPDATE: Microsoft announced that Verizon would be carrying a number of Windows Phones at the company’s Windows Phone 8 event. If there was any truth to this report, the two parties have apparently worked it out.

  • Duane

    Very interesting! I often find it strange that people refer to Microsoft in such derogatory terms. Yet flock to Google services, thinking it is free and friendly. I would rather have a relationship with a company that makes money selling to me (MS/APL). As opposed to a company pimping me out to advertisers (Google). Mainly do to privacy concerns stemming from corporate motivation. A company gets profit from its customers and is somewhat beholden to them.

    • Joel Brown

      Nicely put Duane. I have looked very seriously into the workings of MS lately and I find that they have a few morals or at least what you see is what you get. Not the Trogan Horses of modern internet interests ie.Google “free services”. How come Apple didn’t fight this?

    • Tom

      Yes, well put.

      My family has been straddling plans with both AT&T and Verizon. With WP8 I plan to move to a single carrier.

      I am pretty tired of all the wrong-headed decisions by Verizon over the years to limit availability of one technology or another.

  • Deadly Mantis

    Google and Android have gotten way out of control with tracking. I think most Android users would be shocked at the kind of information they are allowing to Google to collect when they accept the TOS. I read it when they changed from Android Market to Google play and refused the TOS and deleted all of my Google accounts, Gmail, YouTube, everything.

    Microsoft gets my vote and my dollars on this account. I think they should start an ad campaign that explains these issues in an easy to understand way.

  • http://rjmccall.com RJM

    Verizon will be losing this customer if they decide against Windows Phone 8! And I do hope that Microsoft stays firm on it’s support for privacy.

  • Truitt Dill

    That would be bad for bother Verizon and Microsoft. They would both lose customers. The people at Verizon needs to get over themselves.

    • Joel Brown

      I agree. If Verizon doesn’t back off I will be a new AT&T customer.

  • Stewart Smith

    I was going to move to AT&T to get a proper Windows Phone. Now I can leave Verizon with moral indignation as well as techno-lust.

  • Bob

    I hope Verizon will learn their lesson that they were lost costumers to AT&T including my two daughters when the iPhone first came out which made AT&T rich for 2 years. Now, I think I am going to follow my daughters steps If Verizon would “Cancel Its Entire Windows Phone 8 Line.”

  • AS

    I really don’t want to switch to AT&T, but will do it for W8.

    What a shame that VZW and MS never seem to be able to get along. It is bad for everybody.

  • http://www.kirkedwardcovert.com Kirk

    … and the customers Verizon will not get like me.

    I appreciate Microsoft’s position on this, on the record now. However I would prefer that they give in if necessary for the sake of the platforms success.

    If I were a Verizon customer I’d be up in arms after learning this. All my other services are Verizon FIOS and now I’m worried about them. This is just another example of how poorly the cell carriers treat and respect their customers.

  • brownbagwriter

    Really would be upsetting to see this fall through. I was looking forward to getting my hands on a Windows Phone 8 device. As for the sharing, you can opt out by calling a special automated system they have setup. Or you can call care, or manage it through your online account. Just because the software is there, doesn’t mean it’s active. I made sure to get that shut off as soon as I found out.

  • Scaff Laww

    No WP8 on Verizon? I’ll gladly give my $160 per month to another carrier. American carriers are bad for American customers, so there is no loyalty from me… I’ll go to whomever has the phone of my choice.

  • Deborah

    I have been patiently waiting for the opportunity to switch over from Sprint to Verizon and be able to pick up a couple of Windows 8 phones. Hmmm, not looking so good right now. Hate to go with AT&T, but it might be the only choice…

    I love the concept of Android, I have both phones and tablets. I’ve had no problem with the tablets and will stick with them and wait to see what MS comes up with at a reasonable price point.

    The phones, not so much, although it’s hard to say whether it’s the phones (original Epic 4g with qwerty keyboard, yes getting long in the tooth..) or Sprint service or the OS itself, which is still GB.

    Just tired of phones freezing when trying to answer a call, dropping calls and simple irritating things, like going to voicemail after ringing for all of 3-4 seconds…. and recently, I can’t get a fix when using the GPS! These things happen regardless of whether the phone is rooted or not rooted or running a different ROM.

    My Palm Treo Pro never did any of those things. It was extremely reliable. It just worked well on Sprints network all the time.

    Hope MS and Verizon can come to an agreement.

  • http://justsayingmypiece.com Charlie

    Hmmm…funny, how AT&T seems to be at the forefront these days regarding news of some of the ways they’ve cornered market segments, by apparently “locking out” competition. Wasn’t it they who fought so hard to get the Cable TV nut opened up so they could distribute their version (U-verse) to customers?

    In this case, I think it’s Microsoft that will come out the ‘loser’. Not because their philosophy is flawed — I happen to appreciate their (apparent) interest in my ‘privacy’ — but I also know that privacy has already been ‘let out of the barn’ in so many areas that it hardly seems to even matter much any more, y’know? I think most people are already “addicted” to the technology and what it offers in real and tangible lifestyle benefits, to be worried or anxious about their privacy as it relates to that technology.

    “They” (whoever “they” are) already know way more about most of us than we understand, and I think it goes without saying that “they” will continue to find more and more ways to jeopardize privacy…and yes…it is all in the name of profits, in my (humble?) opinion. I’m just sayin’…

  • Bill

    I don’t think this is a “vote with my pocketbook” issue.

    I believe that if I used my home telephone to call a bunch of stores and friends and my home internet system to visit various websites, my telephone carrier and ISP cannot build a profile of me based on their monitoring of my usage and who I call or what websites I visit. If they cannot build that profile of me, then they have nothing to sell to advertisers, even on an aggregate basis that supposedly cannot be used to identify me.

    Why don’t these same rules apply to your cellular carrier? I can understand someone saying these rules should not apply to something like facebook, since they are not a carrier. (Of course, maybe the same rules should apply to facebook.) But in any event they should apply to a cellular carrier.

  • http://Google Sam

    I have verizon and i keep getting ads asking me ”Are you lonely”.but anyhow im a major xbox guy so i really want a w8 phone.since im “apparently” lonely heres my gamertag…Ghasts N Stuff…l8r

  • http://Google Sam

    Also alot of people in the us and other regions own an xbox. Which may make them want a w8phone so they can get smartglass and other xbox oriented apps.It would make great buisiness and more money than doing some F.B.I. S*** ya know.I never said most people are smart. But thank god we have some smart people like you guys.

  • Dj

    I guess you can delete this article now.

    • anon

      Haha this guy is a joke! Pretty sure there were multiple grammatical errors in his article, and it was false to begin with. GG!

  • Matt

    It’s now December and verizon has 2 wp8 devices available! I got the Lumia 822 and its great! The reviews have been awesome! Glad this article was soooooo wrong!