Is The New Free Alternative To eBay


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When one wants to buy or sell something online, the first things that tend to come to mind are eBay or Craigslist. Out of those two, only Craigslist is free to list items for sale and lacks the tools that eBay provides to their users.

Two intrepid men seek to change all that. Marcos and Mateus Boyington of YUNiTi launched in December of 2011. Its tool set rivals those that eBay employs while providing extra functions like Craigslist integration all for the low price of free.

“I’ve been using eBay since about the time it was first launched. A few years ago, it occurred to me – why should I have to pay to sell my items?” Marcos Boyington said. “I thought: there really should be a free alternative to eBay.”

The tools included are similar to eBay in that it allows users to set a fixed price, auction or both for their items. It also includes seller and buyer feedback, automatic cross-listings with Google’s Product Search index, allows use of both Paypal and Google Wallet, social networking features with both Twitter and Facebook and the option to submit listings to Craigslist.

Vendalism includes Craigslist protection that does not reveal the users’ email addresses preventing automated spam being sent to said users.

Vendalism also allows for trading of items and letting potential buyers list their best offers for items if the seller thinks the item may not sell at its current price.

Having just launched, there are not many items or any at all for sale in the numerous item categories on Vendalism. Most of the items are being sold by the same person as well. That is likely to change in the coming months as the site picks up more traffic.

At the moment though, it’s going to have to fight an uphill battle against the established Web sites it takes many of its design cues from.

“By making easy-to-use, powerful, yet free, we think we’ve created a website which is a powerful tool for netizens wanting to sell their products,” Boyington said.