Vegas: 98 Arrests Made During Union Protest

    March 21, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A protest on Las Vegas Boulevard on Wednesday culminated in the arrest of 98 union protesters.

According to a Las Vegas Sun report, the protesters were members of Culinary Union Local 226. The protest took place outside the The Cosmopolitan hotel and casino.

The union states that it has been in contract negotiations with Deutsche Bank, the owner of The Cosmopolitan, for over two years and “have not come to an agreement on major issues.” Worker contracts are scheduled to expire on June 1.

The arrests came after some of the protesters sat in the middle of Las Vegas Boulevard, blocking traffic for over an hour. The protesters in the road were well aware that the act would likely result in their arrests. According to the Vegas Sun, they were surrounded on walkways and sidewalks by over 2,000 of their fellow protesters.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

(Image via Culinary Union/Instagram)

  • http://Yahoo/WebProNews Johannes A Butzkat

    Its about time to show solitaire with the union workers against the owners deutsche bank there are a bunch of hudlums The police are only doing there jobs

  • bob eier

    Throw the book at these criminals and fine the union for the cost of prosecution and criminal trespass.

    • Unionstrong

      Those are the same words tyrants have used through all of time.

      • gene taylor

        if it were not for unions the non union would have it as good as they do

    • Rob Simley III

      How can people fighting for their right’s be criminals. The criminals are the union and the Police. Since all the popo did were hold the 98 arrested and give them citations in which means more money for an already corrupt government.