Vancouver Riots and Social Media Reveals Just How Senseless People Can Be

Humanity never looks good after things like these...

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Vancouver Riots and Social Media Reveals Just How Senseless People Can Be
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While the warmth of the kissing couple may have brought a ray of sunshine to an otherwise horrific end to Stanley Cup series, other social media offerings from the Vancouver riots demonstrate just how low people will go in order to have what they perceive as a good time. Somewhere along the lines, if only at the baser level, these hoodlums have a thought like this: “Hey, our team got smashed by the Bruins, so let’s go around turning cars over and setting stuff on fire!!!!”

And, for some reason, this is considered a good idea.

Mind you, post sporting event riots have long been a custom of winning teams, but in this day and age of social media, where everyone with a mobile device is an amateur film-maker/journalist/paparazzi member, the content we’re privy to is unlike any time before it. The fact that the kissing couple went viral is a good example of the power of social media, but there are other, perhaps less-viewed pieces of content that contain absolutely none of the happy feelings Alexandra Thomas and Scott Jones provided.

Over at reddit, the following video was featured, and, like the title of this article says, it shows just how pathetically senseless people can be when they are committed to being apart of an unruly mob that’s bent on destruction. Much to some of these mob members’ surprise, however, some of the intended victims decided to fight back:

Whatever vitriol you have after watching that towards the people latching on to the “mob mentality” excuse, in an effort to turn the car over, the second-most popular comments at YouTube for the video sum it up quite nicely:
Man… these people are less than animals. What a horrifying video. Congrats, Vancouver. You’ve done your city, province, and country proud. Terrorizing young women. Real classy.

While there’s a little Internet white knight-ing going on here, to their credit, the young women in question refused to be terrified, and instead, they fought back. The part where the hooded punk gets dragged out of the crowd to receive some well-deserved fisticuffs was indeed inspiring.

How about the Bruins fan who got caught up in the rush of humanity, and knocked out cold by the security team sweeps? I wonder how he feels about Vancouver:

Hey, at least some Vancouver fans helped him out, unfortunately, there weren’t enough of them to stem the tide.

Then there are such things as the following video, which features some poor soul getting absolutely blindsided by an anonymous coward. Warning, the following images may be somewhat disturbing:

There’s nothing more brave or “bad-ass” than knocking someone out cold, especially when they aren’t looking and you can land a nice, unexpected sucker punch? Well done. It should be noted that the person who got smashed was labeled as a rioter, although, his behavior in the video looked benign. From this writer’s perspective, the sneak attack is a much, much better indicator of the moral character that clearly took over downtown Vancouver after the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

It should be noted this article only features three videos, but all them do a great job of capturing the chaos in Vancouver, and two of them do a great job of demonstrating just how many stand-up people come out when riots break out.

Vancouver Riots and Social Media Reveals Just How Senseless People Can Be
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  • craig gibson

    this is how canada shows it is such a childish culture to riot over hockey I hope the city gets sued and loses lots of money over your assinine acts you deserved to lose you bunch of idiots

  • Jim New England

    This just goes to show you the mindset of the west coast Canadian’s. Have to love our gun laws in certain “conservative” states. If you feel your life is threatened, you can take appropriate “measures”. Of course Vancouver deserved to lose since they are nothing more then a bunch of punk kids. Watch the video, actions speak louder then words.

  • Dave

    The guy that got blind sided was a destroying the car. He kind of deserved it.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Richardson

      Understood, but I would’ve respected the sucker puncher if he had smashed the guy while he was wrecking stuff, not after the fact… Unless it was his car.

  • Justi

    This is the most absolutely pathetic thing I’ve ever seen. How childish and stupid can you get? We’re taught to play fair and be good sports from the time we’re very little. And the people rioting aren’t even the PLAYERS! They aren’t the people getting huge, bulging paychecks for playing a freakin’ game!

    Look at these people, smiling for the camera in front of cars they set on fire.

    And the commentators saying the Canucks or whatever they are “deserved to lose” are just pouring more flame onto the fire. How about NOBODY deserves to lose or win? How about IT’S A GAME? How about we have FUN?

  • ed

    VANCOUVER LIVES IN DENIAL…These riots werent caused by outside forces..The were your own Children,students, hockey fans and neighbors.
    After watching hundreds of videos that want to make me vomit… one thing is certain the vast majority of you in Vancouver have no moral up bringing whatsover…How is it that only a a handful out of a hundred thousand stood up to defend what is right and even those not participating stood by and laughed and cheered at the violence…. ITS SICKENING ..You people need look at yourselves these are your kids and friends…Your city disgusts me

  • Lorraine Mabbett

    To the 4 young College men who helped us (my 78 yr old aunt and 83 yr old mother) get our car turned around and away from hundreds of people running towards us. THANK YOU. Not all of Vancouver’s college students are malicious drunkards.

    The video of the young women fighting off the vandals is disturbing because the CROWD WATCHED as if it was a reality show. This also happened at restaurants with people drinking & dining…hurrahing ….oh no…as the events unfolded live onscreen.

    Yes all those videos will help catch the perpetrators but I wonder if the melee would have been shortened
    if they weren’t instant celeberties
    if the police had used paddy wagons to round up the beasts.
    if they knew they would NOT be subject to Catch and Release (like a fishing trip with dad)
    if the cars had been towed immediately once the first was set fire

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ james

    There are few Canadians truly care about. Hockey… Beer (so long as its cheap), and uncapped high speed internet with the right to pirate as much illegal content as they see fit.

    I am not really proud to be a Canadian. I mean not if the words Beer, Hockey or Uncapped Internet are used in the same sentence.

  • craig gibson

    I think canada has lost all rights to any championship games for at least 5 years

  • http://www.saudien7raf.com:2011 fahad
  • KRS

    My understanding is that 90% of the say 100 rioters, out of 100,000 people watching the game downtown, were from out of town. Not too unlikely that some were even from South of the border. They came equipped with destructive gear and masks. What’s unfortunate was the willingness of young kids to get swept up in the mayhem. 17 year olds should not be found drunk at any event.

    • Bruins Fan

      “some were from South of the border” Yeah the US sent them in again because we had so much fun in 1994. Your sense of denial is unbelievable. We had an amazing time here in Boston over the weekend and not one car was burned – no riots just celebrating. We had small scale rioting in the past but have learned to deal with it. Blaming everyone else is a great way to handle your problems.

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