David Lee Roth Says Van Halen Working on Record

    December 2, 2013
    Mike Fossum
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Grammy award winning American hard rock band Van Halen is working on new music, and a new album is likely a year and a half away.

Singer David Lee Roth revealed in an interview with SiriusXM’s Jim Florentine that new music is on deck.

“I was up at Edward’s house, maybe three days ago, and we’re starting to put music together,” Roth said, adding, “We start way, way, way in advance, ’cause we are eminently art-centric, which is a really fancy way of saying we really do generate all the artwork, the graphics, etc. Same thing with the merchandise: If you buy a t-shirt, that was designed, literally, in my living room.”

Roth, who joined Van Halen in 1974, before being replaced by Sammy Hagar in 1985, and then Gary Cherone in 1996, says the band presently practices together about 3 times per week. The current lineup includes Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and Wolfgang Van Halen.

Here is a copy of the full interview audio:

“Oh, yeah, we’re writing,” Roth said “I write lyrics routinely. It’s a perishable skill. And the band plays together routinely, at least three times a week. They’re up at Ed’s place, routinely.”

Diamond Dave, who has been repeatedly kicked out of Van Halen, was kicked out of Van Halen shortly after the filming of the clip below, at the 1996 MTV Video Music Awards:


Van Halen is still at its finest with Roth at the Helm.

Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher” (1984) from the album “1984”:


“Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” (1978) from the album “Van Halen”:

Image via Wikimedia Commons.

  • http://www.webpronews.com/van-halen-working-on-new-songs-2013-12 Rudy

    one of the biggest bands of the 70’s….
    if they can only go back to the old jams and record
    it would be an awesome record

  • Van Halen Fan

    yeah ummm, would it be so hard for them to bring back Michael Anthony??

    Sorry, but it just isn’t the same without the real original lineup. Wolfgang just ain’t the same. Nepotism aside, Michael Anthony rocks.

    • Amo Green

      I TOTALLY AGREE ! But – U Never Know – ” Adolf ” [eddie]- PrObAlY p.O`d M. Anthony sO bAd hE wOnt eVen tAkE a cAll fRoM hIm !!

    • http://yahoo.com Melanie

      oh come on, it’s a bassist. who gives a crap, he’s a really good bassist, and it’s THE BASS. not groundbreaking to have a new bassist in a band. doesn’t change the sound at all.

      background vocals i agree, michael was better…as far as the band goes, who gives a crap, it’s a bassist.

      • Jeff

        He may “only be the bass player” in your opinion…but through 3 singers he was background singing and harmony voice that WAS the sound of Van Halen of every decade

      • jeff

        Melanie, no personal offense intended, but your comment clearly comes from the typical person that listens rather superficially to the songs without discerning the individual players involved. From a musician’s point of view, Michael Anthony’s bass playing was adequate; his real contribution was high and tight background vocals. Wolfgang plays bass fine, but that’s not saying much; he’s a poor substitute, vocally and visually – just a blob taking space on-stage. And personally, I do care that VH literally covered pictures M/A’s face with Wolfgang’s, as if trying to erase history. To treat a founding band member like this – who by all accounts is a great guy – is horrible. I will not contribute to this band of drama queens and their nepotism any further. I’ve got the old albums, that’s all I need.

    • Shula Lambetter

      Well, I think they are more noteworthy than the Kardashians, at least they’ve contribute something to society!

  • http://www.facebook.com/johnfranco John M. Franco

    I absolutely agree with that. Van Hagar was a completely different band also. And very B.A.! People always want to but you can’t compare one with the other; and, we shouldn’t. I will also say that I never knew how good of a musician Sammy was until Van Hagar. See how that works? When you say, “Van Halen” you know it’s all good!

    • Jeff

      I’d rather see Hagar singing, he still has a voice.

      • brodean

        Imagine dave and mike with a fresh hotshot guitarist with a diamond mine of new songs that could melt face …..like vh 1 did…vh1? Copyright infringement dave?

    • bob

      saw sammy hagar warming up for black sabbath and blue oyster cult long time ago. he was incredible then. when he joined van halen he was by far the better guitarist of the two. was in new haven when they filmed live without a net, and the best song was the opener, not even a van halen song, only one way to rock by sammy. after that the show was mediocre at best.

  • mark long

    I saw them in Anaheim on their last tour. They need to stop or get DLR out of the band. His voice is terrible and just partially sings the song. Plus they have no backup to cover him. Not a good show. They need to hang it up. Very disappointed.

    • http://wabpronews Kevin

      Mark could not agree with you more. I saw them in Oakland front and center. While Eddie and the band sounded great Roth sounded terrible. He talked the lyrics stopping a rocking jam at times and danced. Fuck me I thought it was supposed to be a classic Van Halen show. Not American Idol for the washed up. Sorry Dave but you ruined a wet dream. The new album is outstanding in my opinion. Save the Broadway schmalze for the next tour of Cats.

  • DRZ

    Michael Anthony’s backing vocals/harmonies are among the most underappreciated in the hard rock pantheon.

    Doesn’t matter which singer is at the helm, or how technically proficient everyone is: Michael Anthony’s underrated singing ability is as crucial to Van Halen’s success as Malcolm Young’s three chord rhythm crunch was/is to AC/DC’s!

  • Anvil

    Good to hear that there will be another album (and hopefully tour), to keep the spirit of hard rock alive and show a lot of modern bands what real hard rock is like.

  • joel kelly

    I dig the early Van Halen but the most successful line up, by far in record sales and tour revenues was Sammy, Eddie, Alex and Michael Anthony. Rock On Red Rocker.

    • Jeff

      There is no getting around that as it is fact. The 70’s blah blah DLR did not compare.

    • John Schaffran

      VH sold more records with Roth BUT they had more #1 hits with Hagar. I just prefer the Roth lineup however Hagar was cool. It just want not the same for me!

    • texiana

      this argument is so weak! van hagar would never have sold as many records if they weren’t building on the back of the roth-era van halen’s legacy.


    DLR is terrible??? Are you kidding me? When is the last time you listened to any of the 70’s bands? You think they just magically JUMP out there and everything is going to sound as if it did 30 plus years ago? Do you sound the way you did 30 plus years ago? NO YOU DON’T. And Roth is doing the what he’s always done, a showman, plain and simple, he’s never claimed to be any thing more. And I can assure you Anthony doesn’t either. As far as Wolfgang goes, my hat is off to him, to have the guts and talent to put all that back together for the sake of his Father! Why else do you think all this is going on. If it wasn’t for Wolfgang, Van Halen would not be playing today. Be smart enough to read between the lines and take time to appreciate the talent and effort that this family has been creating over the years.

  • Britt

    The first album was awesome. The second one was good. Then Jump came along and Van Halen was never the same again. That’s just how I felt.

    • ronhanforth

      you missed a lot of steps..

      1st album – Van Halen
      2nd alubum – Van Halen II
      3rd Album – Woman & Children First – Awesome
      4th Album – Fair Warning – beyond Awesome
      5th Album – Diver Down – meh
      6th Album – 1984 that featured JUMP

      Then there’s A different Kind of Truth which is the album Roth era fans have been waiting for since Fair Warning.

  • Al Kahawlic

    I’d love to know why they’d bother when they know damn well they can’t depend on Roth. And Eddie Van Halen doesn’t look very healthy…something tells me he should attend to his health and forget about music for the time being.

    • ronhanforth

      did you listen to A different Kind of Truth? If you did and honestly did not enjoy it, you honestly cant be a Roth era Van Halen fan.

  • steven divver

    I am glad about it and they are smart for going on with it.

  • Paul D

    Fair Warning!!!!! One of the best Rock albums ever!!!!

  • alvin

    I will believe it when the album is released. Too much hate between roth and eddie…also too big of egos.

  • Jeff

    Best Van Halen record is 5150. Eddie was on top of his game, could look at his guitar and it would blaze. Saw the 2004 disaster tour in St. Louis Eddie was so f’ed up he could barely play.

    I’d rather see Hagar singing and Eddie sober.

  • Jeff S

    If they wait any longer to record, Eddie will bring on a grandson to take DLR’s place, thereby fulfilling the evil Van Halen brother’s true dream….to re-create the Cowsills.

  • Kevin

    David Lee Roth is the biggest DB on the planet. His voice is gone and I want my money back for the ticket I bought for the last tour. John Stewart said it best in the 80’s something to the effect of, listening to David Lee Roth sing is like listening as a cheese grater is drug across a cat’s ass.

  • Janet

    VH was great in the 70’s and early 80’s. After Dave went on a solo tour I saw him at a rundown theater in NYC he sucked and I was very disappointed. I wanted to leave after 3 songs he was so bad but I had two other people with me. I came to the realization that Michael Anthony and the rest of the guys were what kept the band sounding so damn good. DLR was just the sex factor to attract the girls. What also stopped me from ever seeing them again was how choreographed their shows were. Saw them in LA and 10 days or so later in NYC and I saw the exact same show EXACTLY THE SAME SHOW….shortly after I started getting into the Grateful Dead…no choreography in those shows.

  • Hmmm

    You don’t get it. It is not about a TALENT contest between Sammy and the Dave.
    It is about witnessing the inspiring sunrise, feeling the earthquake below you, experiencing the raw nerve emotional heights, joyously laughing with 20 thousand of your best like minded pals while being led down a glorious and soul-fulfilling path by the PROTOTYPE FRONT MAN. Not singer, not musician. FRONT MAN. Master of ceremonies.
    Sammy is a guy in a band. Albeit, a good one. I like Sammy.
    Diamond David Lee Roth is a state of exhilaration that the mind can barely comprehend.
    Van Halen is, sans DLR, a bar band with a good guitar player. And you know it. With the Diamond they are the Aurora Borealis in an otherwise dark, clear night.

    • Tfox

      I’m thinkin’: 1.you’re on VH’s payroll 2. you got really, REALLY, BORED in your creative writing class 3. YOU are David Lee Roth!!!

      • mike

        wow you’re so right, that was Dave!!!

  • Elvis Jones

    Van Halen was never the same without Dave. He has the voice and personality that made the band. Yes, we all know Eddie’s the leader, master musician and the brains but David made it fun. I was never a huge Van Halen fan after DLR was gone, no offense to Sammy, because I loved David Lee Roth and with him back I’m a happy fan again. I love reunions and life is too short not to have them. Love you Dave!!!

  • Ben

    Thee is no comparison between Sammy and Dave…Sammy can sing circles around Dave. There is a reason they don’t do songs from the “Van Hagar” era now…Its because Dave cant sing well enough to do the songs! Dave trying to sing a song like ‘Amsterdam’ would be bad enough to torture Al Qaeda members into spilling their guts. You will also notice that 5150, OU812, Carnal Knowledge, and Balance were all number 1 albums… That never happened with any of Van Halen’s albums with Dave prancing around behind the mic.

  • mike

    dave please do something with that wig and work on some new stage laundry while you’re at it, the black diamond stitched leather drawers and the three beatles jackets are way played out. go vh!

  • Steven Dufala

    They had some good songs and were the best hair band of the day but they will never be in the same class as zeppilin, the doors, cream, the who, or the beatles. Eddie’s guitar playing is showy but lacks the soul of page or hendrix. I don’t have trouble getting one of his tunes out of my head. But they did help fill in some gaps during a musical dry spell (the late 70s and early 80s.

  • PianoMan

    David, dear, we no longer care….

  • http://TheBlacksheepRocks.com The Blacksheep

    David Lee Roth cannot sing anymore! Anyone that paid to see him sing should be reimbursed. Maybe him and Axl should start a band together! They have about the same ego’s and niether can belt out the tunes like the once did! I love the old Van Halen with Davie but he can’t sing a lick anymore. Sammy can sing every bit as good as he could 40 years ago! Rock On Sammy and Alex!


    Good God man, If you paid money just to see David Lee Roth sing then you missed the bus, and they should give you your money back, I saw David sing in the 70’s and 80’s, and I’ve seen him perform recently, (Perform being the key word) I find it amazing to watch a son lift up his father that was dying and put him back up front and give him something to live for! Can’t you just hear how that conversation went, “Lets bury the hatchet with Dave and get back out there and play! let’s just go have some fun Dad.” What memories and what a son.