Vampire Skeletons Discovered in Bulgaria

    June 5, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Vampire skeletons have been unearthed in Bulgaria, according to Channel News Asia. Before you get your hopes up that remains of actual vampires have finally been discovered, nothing conclusive about the existence of blood-suckers in that region has been confirmed. All scientists have found thus far are a couple of bodies with rods shoved through their chests, a practice which was thought to prevent “bad people” from clawing their way out of the graveyard.

According to legend, individuals with a propensity towards evil were magically transformed into vampires upon their death. If an iron or wooden rod wasn’t inserted directly into their chest, effectively pinning them to the ground, these people would rise from their graves around midnight with one thing on their mind: to terrorize any and all living beings who were unfortunate enough to stumble into their path.

Bozhidar Dimitrov, the head of the national history museum, discovered the remains in the town of Sozopol, which is located near the Black Sea. Regarding the discovery, Dimitrov explained, “These two skeletons stabbed with rods illustrate a practice which was common in some Bulgarian villages up until the first decade of the 20th century.”

Roughly 100 similar burials have been discovered in the country already.

In other words, if you suspect that your mean, ugly Uncle Ronny has the potential to become a savage, blood-drinking creature of the night upon his death, grab the nearest broomstick or fireplace poker and pin that guy to his coffin as soon as possible. I’m only kidding, of course. Everyone knows that vampires don’t die, and that they secretly dwell in suburban neighborhoods. At least that’s what Hollywood has taught me, anyway.

  • Crown Prince River Phoenix

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  • Dr. T

    Recent studies in UK have shown that it was common to “nail” corpses to the ground or use spikes in order to prevent grave robbery, which was a huge problem as medical knowledge began to develop. It seems that grave robbers only dug a hole large enough for one man to slip through, break a hole in the coffin lid, and pull the body back out through the hole. Pinning the body to the ground with a metal rod, made this more time consuming than worthwhile and damaged the value of the cadaver. This is the stuff that legends are made of.

    • Idi ot hunter

      @Dr. T – You seem to be only one living in reality here and I salute you for it

  • Hathor

    Wouldn’t we need to see some fangs in the skull for it to be a vampire? Even if they were pulled out, there would be a recess. On second thought, the vampire would have healed the skin and bone around the missing fangs, wouldn’t he? Or he would have grown new ones.

    • Hittman

      I pray for this country.

      • Smith88


      • david

        LOL Me too, HITTMAN, me too.

      • Idi ot hunter

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    • QAlchemist

      The original vampire myths didn’t have fangs; they were actually closer to what we now think of as zombies than the popular Hollywood vampire. Shambling corpses bloated with blood that would rise from their graves to devour the living at night, returning to their graves during the day.

      No fangs. Just human teeth.

      • Idi ot hunter

        @QAlchemist – You are also a dipsh**!!!

    • Frank

      Uh, yeah. That’s right. Moron.

  • Greg

    This is what legends are made of?

  • RAvenskeep

    I thought all the blood-suckers were in Washington DC and other offices of the IRS!

  • http://yahoo ronnie

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  • Mikehunt

    Oh no! another lame story.

  • Ken

    As long as nobody pulls out the stake, everything should be fine…

  • Christine

    Maybe this story will just sparkle away. SMH

    • Idi ot hunter

      @Christine- We can only hope

  • Rich Hopkins

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  • wind

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    • vern

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  • Akhkharu

    Vampires don’t have fangs and although they heal more quickly than humans, it’s not ‘wolverine’ style by any means. They are not immortal nor are they dead. A stake thru the heart would kill anyone. Some vampires in ancient times would sharpen their canines to make themselves look more intimidating to prey which is where the myth started. Sunlight, silver and garlic are all myths too, as is the one about them having no reflection when seen in a mirror. That ought to get you lemmings started.

    • Idi ot hunter

      @Akhkharu – When you get finished being Dungeon master, you should do a few searches on reality and think before you post some Bullsh** that you and only you thinks is cool, or based even marginally in fact. You my friend have also earned the title of DOUCHE!!!

      • http://yahoo.com joe

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  • Renee

    Bozhidar Dimitrov, that is the coolest name for someone vampire related ever!

  • http://weblpronews samantha

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  • Dude

    To all those people commenting learn to fucking spell. To all those talking about politics, grow some balls and do something about the government and the way people run a country instead of crying about it here. To whoever said something about their ex-whatever, punch them in the face.

    • chad spellens

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  • Anacreon

    The “vampire corpses” were unearthed by the head of the national history museum? Isn’t that special!

  • Debi49

    I am not surprised about the findings. Europe has some real old history there. Who knows maybe years ago vampires really did exists.

  • rhyan

    EDWARD CULLIN!!!! haha jk. but seriously…whats up first there is talk about zombies and now vampires….everyone is delusional.

    • Dee

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  • Honey .B

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    • Idi ot hunter

      @Honey .B – I will refer you the response I gave Wind- If you can’t name 7 congressmen in less than a min then you have no business having an opinion on politics so leave the grown up talk and voting to the educated, you douche!

      • Heather Burk

        I agree with Andrew….

        Id I Ot hunter– you must be on welfare…. How do you afford internet to respond on this page, lol.

        I would like for you to name 7 congressmen in less than a minute you douche!!! And no cheating by looking it up.

  • Andrew

    You know what would have been nice to see with this article?

    Pictures of the actual skeletons.

    • Ace

      I agree with Andrew… I was thinking the same thing

  • ka

    first zombies now vampires?! what is this world coming to?

  • pestilence

    I think their just trying to sway our thoughts away from the recent outbreak of cannibalism

  • Ian

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  • http://www.webpronews.com/vampire-skeletons-discovered-in-bulgaria-2012-06 mark

    i was sodomized by a vampire one time. that was not cool, in fact i’m going to be really pissed off if i caught aids.

  • Shellyb_vampiress17@Yahoo.com

    This is obviously a decoy to distract people from the Zombie and Bathsalt shit. The government is ALWAYS wanting to distract you from a serious issue with some silly nonsense. There ARE zombies and there is a REAL medical term for them. And yes, this drug they are selling as Bath Salts /CAN/ turn you into a Zombie temporarely. If you are going by ” Oh but zombies cant go back to human ” then you are an IDIOT and that’s in MOVIES. This is REAL LIFE.

    • EVE L

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  • Old Tech

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  • joann r.

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  • alabamagirl

    Some people will believe that these skeletons are actually reamians of vampires and some won’t. It just depends on the beliefs of the person. I personally believe that it is real to an extent, but not to the extent of vampires. If vampires ever DID exist, I would assume that they were like the vampires on the House of Night series. That the vampires had human teeth and acted like regular people, felt uncomfortable in the sunlight (NOT going to turn into ashes, and started as a fledgling and it taking 4 to 5 years to fully develop into a vampire. If they ever did exist, this is what I believe. You don’t have to believe me cause I don’t care. This is my opinion about it. Plus everyone who has already commented needs to grow up and act mature and not insult others for their opinion or sarcastic comment about it.

  • Jeremy-hillrod

    Lol, people have been taking bath salts to get high for a few years, they dont just turn you into a zombie. Second, shelby, you are a dumba$$!

  • Melissa

    Not pertinent to the story but David Tennant’s Roddy McDowell reprisal in the remake of Fright Night was the only great performance in a really crappy film.

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  • Jess

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