Valerie Bertinelli Dishes On Weight Gain

    April 4, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Valerie Bertinelli admits she has gained back a lot of the 40 pounds she lost while serving as Jenny Craig spokesperson back in 2012. She also says she shouldn’t feel public shame over the gain. The Hot in Cleveland star appeared as a guest of The View on Wednesday, and explained the recent unpleasant ordeal.

“Because I broke my foot three months ago and I’ve not been able to work out, the weight starts to creep up,” she told The View co-hosts. “Then, I started thinking, ‘Why do I feel so much shame?’ Because the cameras are on me? Because the paparazzi can’t wait to get a picture of me looking like I’ve gained a few pounds. It’s like, we have to take the shame out of it.”

The former One Day at A Time star says as she felt the weight slowly creep back on she started to panic.

“It started to panic me and panic me. And then I thought, ‘Well, wait a minute. This is my body. I’m almost 54. I broke my foot, I haven’t been able to move.’”

Bertinelli shared the following with her Twitter followers.

Valerie only recently went back to the gym since being warned following her injury about doing anything to potentially raise her heart rate.

“I’m back in the gym and ready to go,” she said.

Valerie Bertinelli has no intention whatsoever of starving herself either. She will lose the weight slowly, the way it should come off.

She shared the following tweets with regard to her recent weight gain.

“I still like to eat, and I’m going to eat,” she said.

She also added, “We all need to give each other a break, especially women. Let’s leave each other alone.”

Oh, definitely. Valerie Bertinelli makes an excellent point here. And it’s not only women either. Even men can fall into feelings of fear and helplessness when carrying a few too many pounds.

Kudos to the Hot in Cleveland star for speaking her mind and sticking to her guns.

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  • Monkeygroin

    Good for her, no one should have to live their lives dictated by the expectation of others. She has an injury and stopped going to gym and gained a few pounds, it happens, Im sure she will bounce back and work out again, in the mean time I like my women with curves so its all good to me :) She was always a hottie and I had a crush on her when she was on TV on One day at a time

    • bobwadas

      She is projecting what she thinks the expectations of other are. If she feels shame its all on her. Nobody can make anyone have feelings . We control our own feelings.

      • Serai 1

        Oh right. Because the media vultures NEVER jump on any celebrity that gains an ounce. Nope, that never happens. Christ, talk about clueless – you take the cake.

        • TLady62

          You’re not kidding…about the Media being vultures. They seem to forget sometimes that celebrities are human beings, too. Valerie just needs to take it one day at a time. She’ll be okay.

  • Economic_Refugee

    My wife put on 50 lbs in our first year of marriage, it wasn’t pregnancy it was bags and bags of chips.

    • Economic_Refugee

      Oh, and depression is a killer.

      • Serai 1

        Can’t imagine why she would be depressed, with you judging every pound she put on.

        • Economic_Refugee

          By her own words, she misses her sister whom she had lived with for the first 50 years of her life.

          • peace

            Well a good man would have made her forget about her sister and those bags of chips. :) Just sayin

          • Foo Q

            peaceless – You have a problem with women taking responsibility for their actions, dontcha?

          • peace

            Fool Q – I have a problem with a man getting on a chat site and ridiculing his wife. Let the husband be a man and quit whining to strangers about it, and instead, either help her or leave. dontcha think?

          • Foo Q

            peaceofshit – no, you tried to twist the truth to make it look like the man is the problem. #feminazi #manhater.

          • peace

            Fool Q, lets try to educate you, OK? A man comes on a chat site and ridicules his wife to thousands of strangers. My OPINION was that he is not supportive. Your OPINION is that you feel that the wife is not responsible for her actions. I don’t know this person, I assume you don’t know the person either. Because neither of us know the facts, how can there be a shred of TRUTH to any of this conversation. The guy may not even be married, but i bet he or she is getting a kick out of the foolish conversation we are having. You seem like the type that needs to have the last word, feel free to call your names, and put in your twist the truth line. I will be the better person and let you have the last word. End of #stupid #conversation

          • Foo Q

            PeaceOfMenstruation – let us know how your feminazi woman studies class goes this semester! #nazimanhater

          • Economic_Refugee

            I have been very compassionate and understanding. I have tried to intercept her nervous breakdowns. I have gotten her to stop taking the handful of pills on a daily basis that were not controlling her mood swings, were not giving her a restful night of sleep, were not revitalizing her energy, and were not making her life more manageable.

            What I have learned is I can make her laugh, but I can not make her happy. Being happy is something that she has to find for herself, and just for the record she is very hard on herself.

    • Teresa Morris

      How do you know how much she put on,were you keeping a count? I think your the problem

  • socialismisevil

    leftists are the bullies

    • Serai 1

      Right. Because wingnuts never call anyone names or bully anyone. Uh huh. You keep telling yourself that, Sparky.

      • socialismisevil

        that is their leftist side coming out

        same way when you and your OWS types love to make money
        thats your right wing side

        glad to have helped


  • Chris Zastrow

    You take the shame out of it by NOT profiting from being endorsed by Jenny Craig and going on to write a book making even more money. Talk about greed, now you want to make more money because you gained it back. Congrats now you are part of the FAT OPRAH CLUB!

    • Serai 1

      Hey, another bigot. What fun.

  • sparky

    My ex girlfriend put on a ton of pork within two years after we started shacking up after college. When she hit 189# I left like a thief in the night. My brother stated he saw her a few years ago and she was huge. That’s sad because she was such a pretty girl at one time. BTW, there were no spawn involved.

    • Serai 1

      Gee, thanks for the shallowness and bigotry. You’re a real prince.

      • Economic_Refugee

        And Serai you are about as opinionated as they come. You must be a gem to live with.

  • Cosmo

    America’s sweetheart! You know what is best for you. Keep on keeping on. Hugs

  • Lois

    So many women are right there with you, beating themselves up over a few pounds coming back and panicking about how to get it off again. The thing is that the more you focus on it the more panicked you’ll become. The question we all have is how do we learn to accept ourselves and just live a life we feel healthy and comfortable with? Nobody should want to spend their life worried about how they look or what they eat. They should want to spend their lives loving people and feeling loved and that all comes from within. Don’t exercise to lose the weight. Exercise because it makes you feel better about who you are.

    So Valerie, my compadre, I wish you peace of mind and the ability to ignore all the fools who are obsessed with the shallow things in life and embrace what’s real.

    • Serai 1

      FYI, it’s “commadre”. “Compadre” is a guy.

      • Lois

        First of all it’s “comadre” and second that’s Spanish and it means godmother. She is not my godmother. Compadre is used in English to mean buddy so thanks but… http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/compadre

        • Economic_Refugee

          Nice smack down, we all realize that Serai 1 is not a sweetheart to anyone.

  • Kaylee Carson

    her first mistake is trying to explain weight gain-bringing even more attention to it-people gain-people lose-who cares…the cycle of life

  • Candy

    Valarie, you are now and always have been beautiful. Thank you for being a wonderful role model. I am the same age as you and would be happy to look half as good as you do!

  • G

    Did you notice that the article says that “she gained back a lot of the 40 pounds she lost”? Her tweet says she gained 15 pounds – that means she gained back 38% of what she lost. Nice way to work a slap into an article about being nicer.

  • RealBeautyisWithin

    I love the way most of these men are posting…am I to assume that you are all hot, have a six pack and impressive pieces? People who judge are pathetic people who have nothing better to do and some day the favor with be returned.

    • Linda

      BS. You just judged – so how does the “pot calling kettle” saying go???

  • Leslie Beem-Cannaday

    There is too much emphasis on being “perfect”. There is no such thing. Everything goes up and down. Big deal, I have been a fan since the 70s and I don’t understand why this is a story. Much fan love Ms Bertinelli!

  • Digital.Gods

    What in the world is this woman thinking? That she is so important that she has to tweet about her weight gain? F-ing self absorbed, vainglorious people… please shut up. Your self love and over inflated ego is removing precious oxygen from the room. It’s been 30 years since any man has wanted to mount you, by-the-way, so please… where the f*ck is a story about someone who might be more like Gandhi? You want to lose weight? Talk to the Mahatma bitch.

    • Lois

      She’s tweeting about it because people are tweet-bashing her and you are disgusting.

  • Linda

    What an arrogant person she is and so full of herself. Yes, she is pretty but she was getting fat long before her broken foot. Does she really think the world cares if she gains weight??? She just needs to ignore the negativity – people are blunt and WILL say what they think – sometimes the truth hurts. If she’s not happy with her weight, go on a diet – but there is no need to announce it to the world.

    • Economic_Refugee

      She was married to Eddy Van Herpes.

      • Linda

        Now he’s not only ugly, he’s toothless.

  • sharont

    OMG! Can’t everyone just leave her alone. Weight for some of us is a problem. We have to deal with it the best we can, the ups the downs . It puts a lot of pressure on a person with a weight problem. There are only a few with out problems. What pressure it must be to be a celebrity in front of the cameras all the time . You know you slip up once in awhile and that’s ok because you are only human. But the news media can be cruel. I see nothing wrong with her gaining weight its hard to lose weight . Now Valarie just has to get back on the band wagon and start over. Its a constant battle through life with gaining and losing weight. This person once said to me Never Never Give Up. You Go Girl , Best of Luck to you. You are a beautiful person . You are Special there is know one in the world like you. You are Special