Under the Dome Season 2 Premieres in June

    January 16, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Under the Dome is set to be one of CBS’s main summer events. Its second season will premiere on June 30th. Based on the book by Stephen King, the series is about a small Maine town that has become trapped under a mysterious force field–or dome–as seen here in the featured original season trailer. The season premiere for season 2 will be written by Stephen King himself.

It seems some fans haven’t been particularly pleased with the changes that show runner Brian K. Vaughn has made to the story in his efforts to adapt it to TV. King, who also serves as the series’ executive producer, has made it abundantly clear that the changes are all okay with him. Hopefully by writing the season 2 premiere himself he will appease those disgruntled fans and assure them that his presence will definitely lend itself to future episodes.

Under the Dome was a huge hit for CBS. It ranked as the network’s top-rated summer show–and it even received Variety’s Breakthrough of the Year Award for television.

Very actively engaging fans via Twitter, those behind Under the Dome are busy dropping hints and asking viewers what they want to see in season 2.

If you’re an Under the Dome fan you’re no doubt thrilled to hear that there will, in fact, be a second season, but perhaps a bit disappointed that you have to wait until June to watch it again. In the meantime, of course, you can engage in a bit of dialogue via the show’s Twitter account, and surmise how you believe Stephen King’s opener will draw in even more fans.

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  • D-Mo

    I started watching the show, because the previews interested me. After watching the show with all the plot holes and the idiotic and ridiculous decisions that the characters made. The show has horrible writing, it is nothing but a joke. I watched, because I thought and hoped it was a mini-series and I just wanted to see what the dome was. I was very upset when I found out it was not a mini-series. The show is so ridiculous. The writing is an insult and embarrassing. Anyone, anyone who cannot see all the silly plot holes, needs to throw away their televisions and start learning, something, anything, because they are obviously too stupid to be doing anything else. This show is horrible and I hope it gets cancelled because it is an embarrassment to everyone’s intelligence, if they possess any.

    • dave

      under the dome is not nearly as embarassing as your inflated EGO! your opinion is worth exactly what you were paid to throw it onto the rest of us…kind of like puking in public and getting it spashed onto your clean shoes…lol…if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

    • http://yahoo dave

      I agree. The TV mini-series sucked bad. Completely different from the book in so many ways it’s impossible to list them all. Good actors, bad story line. My question is how, if the dome was lifted and the town pretty much destroyed, can they come up with a Season 2. The good thing is Season 2 can’t be any worse than Season 1.

      • Mikael

        The dome was not lifted in season 1.

    • Tyler

      I agree, but calm down – wow! lol It’s not that serious. I liked Under the Dome when it started out but then it had sooo many “filler” episodes just to keep it going that it became very boring. I don’t know how many times we said after watching an episode, “OK, well that’s ANOTHER week that we established absolutely nothing!” Then to top things off and after enduring every episode, we get that really crappy ending. I am not letting them get my time for season 2.

    • nate

      so does D in D-MO stand for douche bag? why do you care so much? seriously, i really want to know why do you care so much?

    • ju mo

      d-mo. calm down, sheesh. if you did not like the show, you should not have continued to watch it. it’s fiction!! don’t throw away your television, people are not as stupid as you think, and take some anxiety reducing medication!

  • Sherry

    Well, I must be stupid but I really enjoyed the show. That’s what it is…entertainment. Not everyone enjoys the same things. I absolutely do not like show like American Idol or musical shows or many reality shows. I like mindless entertainment. I have enough reality in real life. If you don’t like it turn the channel. And you don’t even have to get up out of your seat!

    • Leslie Lott

      I did too lol and glad its coming back on

  • Karen

    As a Stephen King fan I am usually disappointed by shows or movies made from his books. Unfortunately he can never seem to follow his own books and the end result is a show/movie that is nothing like the book :( I gave Under the Dome a chance but it was horrible. I will stick with reading the books.

  • Dale

    I had high hopes for the show. I was disapointed with the clumsy character development and writing in general. I saw enough to keep watching and hoping it would find it’s way. Season 2, I will be interested to see where it goes and if the dialogue improves along with the side plots and acting. Kings TV adaptions seem to not translate well though. Remember “It” and “The Stand” ?

    • Kel

      Actually, I thought “The Stand” translated pretty well, in fact better than many of his other books. Mini-series seem to serve King better, because it gives him, or the writers adapting his material, enough time to deal with the complex side-plot and character building that he engages in. “Under the Dome” never should have brought in that whole “Fight Club” thing, but there’s a lot of material in the book that can’t exactly be addressed on television (Junior and the dead girlfriends, the woman with the baby who was raped by the kids-turned-cops, things like that) and a lot more that was muted down so it could be used for the show (Junior and the girlfriend who isn’t dead), etc.

  • Alex G

    I loved the show! and all the amazing actors in it. i think the show is great. i cant wait until season 2 starts! 😀