Under Armor's Unfortunate Cam Newton T-Shirt


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Internet memes, even the bad/mean/disgusting ones often die hard, if at all. As an example, just mention "2 Girls, 1 Cup" to anyone that's been on the Internet longer than five years, and watch their face melt into a mix or humor and disgust.

Another unfortunate meme that refuses to die also revolves around some very serious NSFW content, lovingly referred to as "Goatse." To those who are aware of, or have regrettably seen the infamous image, it's not something that goes away easily. In fact, the amount of eye-bleach necessary to treat those exposed to the "Goatse" phenomenon is on an off-the-charts level.

Seriously, if you haven't heard of it, stay away from any related Google image searches, especially if you have safe search turned off. To say the content related to the "Goatse" title is Not Safe For Work is like saying crossing a four-lane highway during rush hour is dangerous. It's something of an understatement. If you're really want to learn what the Goatse meme was all about, I recommend going to Wikipedia, because that's about as SFW as you're going to get.

Bonus: the original image that started the movement is not present on the Wikipedia entry.

Unfortunately, it appears as if the apparel designers at Under Armour are ignorant to the meme, otherwise, they would've designed Cam Newton's shirt a little differently. Granted, the t-shirt in question -- an image of which leads this article -- is supposed to represent Newton's touchdown celebration, which mimics Clark Kent taking off his shirt to reveal his Superman costume underneath.

Here's Nate Burleson mocking it, to give you an example:

However, thanks to the power of the memory of the Internet -- as pointed out by Reddit -- instead of celebrating Newton's spectacular rookie season, other, less pleasant memories have been recalled. Like the thread said, maybe next time, Under Armour's clothes design team will consult the Internet before going forward with any future t-shirt designs.

If the Accidental Goatse Tumblr starts updating again, I fully expect to see Cam's t-shirt represented.

H/t to Darren Rovell's Twitter for the image.