Ultrabooks: The Next Generation Of Laptops


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The ultrabook, a new revolutionary laptop, has been released and they have all kinds of features for people to get excited over. There are plenty of brands and designs to choose from, and while a lot of it may be personal preference, each one is designed slightly different from the others. Some weigh more or less than others and the screens also vary in size for the different models.

The ultrabook will soon be the latest technology trend and much like the new I-phone, everyone will want to get their hands on one. The one downside to the ultrabook is certainly the high price and everyone will not be able to afford these high-tech toys at first. For those people that have been following the release of the new laptop, many people have probably alreaday been steered away because of the high prices. Although, it is possible that they may go down in price soon.

One company, Lenovo, has already released a model called the IdeaPad U430 Touch, that attempts to compete with other brands in price range. According to a feature in PC World, "if you think an Ultrabook is out of your price range, you haven’t seen Lenovo’s IdeaPad U430 Touch." Lenovo is a well-respected brand and will look to continue its success with this new model. The article continues to go on and talk about how the new U430 model also carries over many of the features that make their laptops so appealing, including a rigid but elegant all-aluminum enclosure and an exceptionally good, island-style, backlit keyboard. The Lenovo model runs for a low price of $700.00 and with a very long battery life of 6 hours and 38 minutes, it is also made to last. A couple of its downsides are having only one USB port and being a bit heavier than other models and for its size.

With several models available, it is important for viewers to make an informed decision when buying a new and expensive product. The HP Spectre 13 also seems to be a very attractive model and its features are thoroughly explained in an article from CNET. The HP Spectre comes in both the ultrabook design as well as the detachable hybrid version. The high tech laptop features Beats Audio speakers, and they each feature a 1,920x1,080-pixel-resolution IPS screen. Each device features dual USB 2.0 ports and a full-size HDMI port. The ultrabook additionally includes a full-size SD card slot, and a mini DisplayPort. However, physically, the Ultrabook differs in one major way, featuring an extra wide touch pad that allows users to use certain Windows 8.1 gestures without touching the screen. This feature can come in very handy and save users the extra effort, when they are doing multiple things at once. The ultrabook version will run for $999.99, but a release date is not yet known for the product.

There will be a number of new models available shortly and to check all of them against each other, visit PC Magazine's web page for more info.

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