UFO Sightings: Where Were They Visiting This Year?


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UFO sightings continue to amaze and scare the world. They also have a way of piquing our curiosity. It seems like UFOs seem to prefer certain places to others and some even visit the same areas over and over again.

This year alone, more than ten UFO incidents made the international news. So where were all of these UFOs spotted?

In March, a UFO was spotted above the ocean near the Gold Coast in Australia. Two more were spotted in London just a few weeks later. The saucers were spotted back in Australia in May and two were caught on video in New Zealand the same month.

After that, the little green men took their flying saucers to the moon where several people using the Google Moon Viewer saw a a two-sided, triangular space ship on the surface of the moon.

The aliens also took an interest in Mars this year. There were several photos of a cigar-shaped spaceship captured by the Curiosity Rover robot.

If the aliens are looking for a new place to call home, Mars might be the best option for them. Scientists recently announced that they plan to start growing plants on the red planet and even found evidence that water existed on the planet within the last 200,000 years.

Scientists are still studying the planet and believe that it could someday be home to life again. NASA has already created their own flying saucer that is capable of traveling to Mars and back.

The saucer is currently being used to bring information back from Mars to Earth but something similar could one day be used to transport humans the same way.

Have you ever seen a UFO and do you think humans will one day live on Mars?

Image via Wikimedia Commons