UFO Sightings Reported Along India-China Border

    August 18, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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Are we or are we not alone in the universe? Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) were reported in India (specifically Lagan Khel in Ladakh) near the Line of Actual Control with China on August 4, 2013. While no actual footage of the incident has been released there have been hundreds of sightings in the area.

The August 4th incident received additional consideration as the viewings were reported by the Army troops with the information being submitted to Army headquarters; however, not everyone is convinced by these sightings. Defense Minister A K Anthony remains skeptical and said that there is no proof of UFO sightings near the Indian border.

Reports claim that the yellowish spherical objects rose from a location near the China border, remained in the sky for several hours, and then finally disappeared though it is unclear in what manner the objects vanished. Could these be distant planets able to be viewed only during clear nights? There are talks that these sightings could actually belong to Venus and Jupiter. According to a top-level science research facility, both Jupiter and Venus are visible due to the thin atmosphere above Ladakh.

This is not the first time unidentified flying objects have been spotted near the India-China border. Last year, the 14 corps, reported UFO sightings near the Pangong Tso Lake. Making this situation even more puzzling is the fact that official representatives have released information denying that these objects are Chinese drones or satellites.

UFO sightings have been reported worldwide with some internet sites devoted to daily news updates. Other sites detail eyewitness accounts.

While the U.S. government initially started investigating the plausibility behind UFO’s in 1948 there is no conclusive word to prevent present day debate on the feasibility of sightings.

In 1975, Allen Hynek, founder of the Center for UFO Studies, which is located in Evanston, Illinois, told TIME, “We need to stop arguing the existence of eggs and get down to cooking the omelet.”

This leaves us back where we started. Are we alone in the universe?

  • Ilia Rashad

    It amazes me how hardly any skeptic or researcher acknowledges the first entity to bring the concept of UFOs to the modern world. The upcoming book “UFOS AND THE NATION OF ISLAM: The Source, Proof, And Reality Of The Wheels ” addresses the real reason behind the global UFO cover-up. It has nothing to do with extraterrestrial aliens. This is an issue that researchers and skeptics have deliberately omitted.

    • scotty stanley

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      • Kevin Delgado

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        • Alfonso

          Get help.

    • scotty stanley

      from what i hear about islam i hope it gets ignored no islam here no way

    • Jasin

      This book sounds very interesting thank you for telling about it I would love to check it out! And you are so right….there is a reason for the cover up….it is a lot of things I am sure…it has to do with religion and technology I mean if they have anti-gravity technology there would go the worlds economy no more oil and fossil fuel dependency EXXON mobile would be out of business instantly and then so would the car industry and so on…..it would collapse the economy of the world…because the oil and banking industry run this planet and if we no longer needed their gas oh boy! It is a shame humans have to pay so much to live on a planet we was born on…but since a few elite men run the world they have made it a prison planet and we regular humans are their slaves….if only the world could work together as one the harmony and things we could do would be a gorgeous thing! There should not be ONE human on this planet ever go hungry there simply no reason why we all can’t eat….there is greed made by these billionaire tycoons who want more n more money! Maybe one day the people of the world will say no more to the elite and their rule over the world! No man should be able to govern the people of the world!

  • Katherine

    Stop asking such an idiotic question. We are NOT alone. It is supremely arrogant to think we are the only ones in town. Please. (and how we’ve been carrying on down here, I for one, am very embarressed with my race)

  • Tom

    Government coverups alway’s.. If you can travel faster then the speed of light, or have mastered time travel, yea ok aliens. The only aliens I believe in are Illegal aliens. Maybe another demension? Not!!

  • we are amazed…

    your ignorance and denials are astounding…
    look differently at he clouds… we use them very effectively…
    we desire your survival to endure…
    being bent on self-destruction is incomprehensible…
    KV Donnekuthas been one of very of your visionaries…
    the backkside of your moon with a rotating surface dome…
    affords us a base of operations…
    WAKE UP NOW! We obviously have never meant to harm you!
    Be true, be smart, do good!

    • Ted Kreit

      How can I help?

    • http://www.toolnet.us elwood

      I’m doing what I can. But sometimes you have to beat people over the head with a concept. People have a tendency to disregard things they don’t understand or recognize. For a better understanding check out ‘toolnet.us’. Bear in mind I’m trying to ease people into acceptance a little at a time. We don’t need culture shock.

  • daniel burnette

    I beleive UFO are flying around our skies under intelligent control,too many reports from repetiable people past and present,as to where they come from what they are and why their here is the question.
    Besides if they don’t exsist why is SETI spending time and money in searching the universe for intelligent life,I think they should be investigating these issue right here on earth.
    It would be harder to beleive that we are the only intelligent beings in our galaxy let alone the universe.

    • Jasin

      SETI is just a smoke n mirrors program to keep the public from realizing that the UFO phenomena is in fact real…the US govt admitted the UFO’s was real but that they don’t know where they come from and quote “at present time they seem to pose no threat to national security”People always ask the question of are they real well the govt told the truth the first ‘known’incident and that was Roswell crash in 47 they said they had a crashed saucer and was going to empty it…..those was headlines and a statement issued by the USAF the men who told this was the 509 bombing winf at Roswell Army base…these men was in control of the worlds ONLY atomic bombs at that time no one else had the bombs then so the next day they reissue the story like oh no we made a terrible mistake!That flying saucer looked just like a weather balloon! You really think the men who protected the worlds only atomic bomb didn’t know a balloon from a flying saucer?? OK and the public bought it!! THEY ADMITTED IT WAS A SAUCER! Then word got to Washington D.C. They was furious! So the higher ranking officials came and made a cover story! So all these years the truth was first told! So the public are really gullable! There have been hundreds of men come forward and swear under oath these UFOs was real and not just privates these men are Colonels,even Generals! pilots,police,judges,lawyers,even ministers! saying they seen these things on the ground and the military cleans the crashes up….why do people think we came from riding horses as early as the 1910s to going to the moon in 69!? The technology they got at Roswell crash is used to and it is the circuit chip,night vision,kevlar,fiber optics,and stealth for our jets,and many light weight alloys and plastics….so yes UFO do exist.

    • Bamboo

      Yes, let’s search for intelligent life here on earth!

  • sue

    I have changed my opinion over the years, even had some sitings of my own. I know believe that ufos are interdimensional beings disguising themselves as ufos. In other words, I believe ufos are demons/fallen angels. Perhaps some are truly angelic in the good sense but I believe most are very malevolent and have been around since time began. Jacque Valles and other scientists amazingly have come to this conclusion too. Many other highly intelligent researchers believe this too such as Lynn Marzulli, Chuck Missler, there’s an extensive list.

    • sue

      and one more thing. Some people who have been abducted have cried out a religious name before they were going to be abducted and the things disappeared. Plus abductees have implants that apparently are believed to change dna. and are in terror the whole time plus why would these things sneak around if they had good intentions? No. They are highly malevolent. They live hundreds of years and I believe have been steering the course of the elites/higher ups to global enslavement of public and are behind all of the highly advanced technology – humans are not that smart – for the fast pace technology has been advancing.

  • Marshall

    UFO’s certainly are just that until they can be IDed. Being described as silent despite speeding faster than the sound barrier without a sonic boom draws one to conclude that they certainly must be in a separate dimension therefore represent no threat to ours. Einstein theorized time travel was possible thus UFOs could very well just be from generations far into the future visiting their ancestors-US.

  • Reality

    If you look into the core curriculums at America’s military officer training schools, all of them have classes on how to deal with UFOs. The military would not be training their future leaders if the threat was fake.

    I also look at it this way. Man has been around for tens of thousands of years. It took us until the early 1900’s to come up with the car. Yet, in the past 50 years our technology has leaped forward at such a rate it is overwhelming. How does that happen? Well, if you look at the tremendous advances they came after the Roswell crash. Literally, the same year as the crash, the NSA, CIA, and various other agencies came into being.

    Again, I have no direct evidence. But we will never have direct evidence. Only 5 companies control the media. That is it. Every one of them must pass stories through the military. Any major story will go through that channel and as we have seen lately, if you go around that channel, then you are labeled a terrorist and hunted.

    I will say this though —– there is a connection between the UFO phenomenon and the bible. A major connection. Read Ezekiel. It is undeniable that he was describing a UFO encounter. How it all works. I do not know.

  • Reality

    Oh, by the way …. in addition to America’s military academies training officers on UFO protocols, FEMA even has a UFO protocol. You can look it up.

    Something is going on behind the scenes in this country and the world. What it is, I do not know, but if you realistically look at what has been happening in the past 10 years — it is undeniable.

  • George

    It doesn’t really matter if there are beings from another planet or dimensions, I still have to go to work, keep a marriage together, raise my kids, plan for retirement, deal with governmental craziness, go on vacations and in general, deal with all the nuts in my life, including myself. Whether they are there or not is irrelevant, we all need to live our lives. UFO’s are interesting, but let us not lose perspective. The idea of UFO’s are better than our own current life problems, so some may tend to put more into UFO’s than they really should. I get it. Furthermore, we can’t stand each other, what makes you think we can stand beings from another planet or dimension? Earthlings are viruses with shoes, we all know that. They would know that too, if they are there. People of Earth, go back to your TV’s and smartphones and eat more potatoe chips and beer, and don’t forget to bring your guns, well, at least if you are an American.

    • Bamboo

      LOL!! George, your comment is the best comment I have ever read! It should help everyone get get their feet on the ground and deal with what we humans can semi-control.

    • Alfonso

      George, Of course it’s hard to be concerned over some possible alien intrusion when you (and I) are so preoccupied with our daily scramble to just “live our lives”. But your stereotypical revulsion at potato chips, beer, and your fellow(?) Americans and their Right to Bear Arms is a common and worn out complaint. Perhaps we would be better served by lounging about our homes on Saturday nights nibbling Tofu and watching Oprah?
      Take care not to look up much in the night sky though George. There may be something going on up there that could make you wish you had a gun of your own.
      But I suppose you can always ask your neighbor to protect you, providing he is not too busy with protecting his own.
      Not to worry George! Its just fantasy. Now have yourself another nibble on that Tofu, buddy.

  • http://nationalshowtickets.com Susan

    They are here and they do exist, always have and always will. Go visit the Little A’Le’Inn near Area 51 in Rachel, Nevada, USA. Pictures from all over the world, over a span of many years will make you a believer.

    • http://www.toolnet.us elwood

      see comment below from elwood!

    • Alfonso

      Going to Rachel would be a fun trip, but one save the money and just spend 30 minutes doing a Google search (or whatever) to get to the bottom of the issue.
      Any thinking, rational person with an IQ above 70 cannot deny the reality of the issue after even the most cursory look at it.
      The evidence is abundant, compelling, and irrefutable. One only has to be mature enough to deal with the fact that we are NOT alone in this infinite universe, and that that things coming here are evolved far beyond us.
      Simple as that.
      Deal with it and write your Congressman. Perhaps he can get the Military off it’s butt to protect us, but then again…

  • aamir khan

    Only islam explain this phenomenon of UFO’s . These are actually angels sent by ALLAH. Because ALLAH says in QURAN these angels are made of light so it seems us like a light moving here and there.Not only Quran but other holy books of ALLAH explan this thing.

    • joseph

      All Earths religions have a version of this. Weve been trying to explain it all through religion.
      Allah has made it ALL. God has created ALL things. The Great Spirit descends from the heavens and has brought the seed of consciousness into our chimpanzee bodies…..
      Live, Love, Experience.

      And dudes, end this Sunni , Shiite spat. Its getting annoying.
      And dudes, stop the suppression of Universal Truths from Rome
      And..finally please, dudes, stop reading my email…

  • http://r.feight@att.net Richard Feight

    Many interesting comments. I firmly believe in UFOs as a more intelligent invention, but not sure where they originate, why they are keeping tabs on earth, or why they have not been more of a force in our development. However, it does seem that America has experienced the most rapid rise in living standards and the explosion of technology even as a relatively young nation. A comment on JASMIN: It would be nice that everyone on the planet could live as well as even the poorest in America. It is not the control of Business or even the intrusive government, but rather human nature. If there were only 5 people in the garden of eden, 2 would probably do well and 3 would starve. Take any 5 people–someone has to lead with ideas and work while others will not work or contribute anything to survival. R. Feight

  • Bill

    I have seen ufo’s more than once in my life and do believe they exist, but the real proof in my opinion is the paintings from hundreds of years ago showing spacecraft in the background, an obvious signal from an intelligent artist trying to get the message across to non-belivers!

  • Jim

    All i know is that it only takes one of the thousand stories to be true, then it is real.

  • Marsha Vick

    All I know is that I did see something in the sky that was out of the ordinary…..a zip…a stop…and then gone.
    God has the power to create anyting He desires. He created us…why not others?

  • Ed Eric

    Of course there’s proof! It’s just dirtied and covered up. When disclosure finally happens, America will no longer be the ‘super power’ on Earth and we will be at ET’s mercy (let’s hope they all have some). Also the elites who run the world’s money/institutions (and governments) probably can’t make a buck off ET so they’ll try to delay disclosure to us ‘pee-ons’ as long as possible (think Tesla-esque), since fossil fuels (and the like) and what ever they run, will be rendered archaic.
    People have seen ET, and their crafts, and sightings have been recorded in stone, drawings, stories, art, film and more for thousands and thousands of years. Every known religion records in their core beliefs that supernatural entities routinely came from the ‘Heavens’ and returned there with a promise of their return at a future date.
    Millions of people around the globe now carry a high quality camera on their phone in their pocket. New sightings are down-loaded every day, not surprisingly.
    The irrefutable truth is just around the corner. Buckle up and stay tuned, it could get bumpy on Spaceship Earth.

    • Alfonso

      Disclosure will have no effect on America’s status as a “Super Power”, as the destruction of that position began in 2009 with the election of Barrack Hussein Obama, and by the time he leaves the White House America will be little more than just another starving, 3rd world nation. Exactly as he intended.
      I agree with everything else you posted, as there are clearly frightening times ahead. Objective quality evidence confirms ongoing visitations and more from a variety of sentient beings that are millions, if not billions of years ahead of us on the evolutionary curve. We have hard evidence of record of they and their vehicles performing feats that seem magical to our comparatively primitive technology. They walk through walls to abduct us in our bedrooms despite our best efforts to resist them. They paralyze us and render us helpless. They have rendered our most powerful weapon, the ICBM, inert, powerless, and docile. They have absorbed otherwise punishing attacks from the military without flinching, and casually gone about whatever mysterious business they had at hand.

      What are they up to? Why are they doing this? Some of the abducted report human corpses arrayed on shelf’s in dark “operating rooms”. Others report seeing thousands of half dead humans being kept barley alive in giant test tube like affairs, while others relate seeing odd “children” being cared for by the abductors that are half human, and half “them”.
      The stuff of Science Fictions surely, and perhaps the rantings of people out to make a buck or totally nuts, except for the small, disquieting similarities among abductees from around the world:
      Most of the abductors look the same.
      Most of their vehicles look the same.
      Most of their “Medical” examinations are the same.
      If they converse at all, it is always conveyed by telepathy,and generally confusing.
      In the end, it seems clear we are little more that lab rats to them and whatever strange agenda they may have.

      An agenda that we are helpless to stop, regardless of it’s intent or affect on our race (Human, not Black or Brown). Forgive me, but I worry that the Military is aware of that agenda, and knows full well that it can do NOTHING to stop them as they pursue it..for the good or detriment of mankind.
      Perhaps, for the first time in our history, Man needs to unite and prepare for battle not against our fellow Humans, but against those that come for us against our will in the night.
      Just Say’N

  • lol

    i think Analog Cam will probably record UFO sightings properly.
    Digital Cams will most likely get screwed up at taking proper
    because of heavy Electromagnetic interference, noise and or radiation.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzAX8A6CCMM Maxx

    Best UFO sight witnessed in a Brazilian road..take a look!! Amazing 😉

  • Akhil Sharma

    I’ve seen a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) today and I am sure it was some alien spacecraft moving very high in the sky.

    Basic details of this event are :

    Location : New Delhi (India).

    Date : 27th April 2014

    Time of visibility : 07:57 PM – 07:58 PM Evening (Just for a minute).

    Coordinates of my exact location Latitude : 28.6236
    Longitude : 77.2903

    The UFO was moving at a very high speed. It was so distant that it looks like a star. Its direction was right over my head (90 degree straight upwards.) It was moving from South to North.

    I am pretty sure it was a ufo..why ? I am explaining some reasons :

    Why it can’t be an Airplane ? : Forget it.. An ordinary airplane can’t fly at so much higher altitude. It was a very distant object. Airplanes use to flash and flick the lights but it doesn’t flashing. It was looking just like a star due to its higher distance. Airplane are slower even at low altitudes but that object was very fast at a extremely higher altitude. Its shape was also doesn’t resembling any type of Airplane.

    Why it can’t be a meteor or comet ? : Usually a meteor or comet leaves a long trial behind them but this object doesn’t have any.They are also very bright but the object I’ve seen was not so bright like a meteor.There speed is extremely high so they can be seen only for a short interval of time (for few seconds). But it was visible for a full minute. The object takes just a minute to travel a massive distance from South to North. It was very fast but not as much extremely fast as a meteor or comet..but believe me it was
    very fast…

    After doing some more investigation on it.. the last possibility i found was it may be a satellite, ISS of NASA.
    Then I navigated to the official NASA website and checked that weather there are some visible satellite activities happening over my location or not. I set my country and city. NASA thrown a list of events and I was pretty much surprised by results because there is an event of visible satellite today in my city. Then I was pretty sure that it must be NASA’s ISS sighting .But then i found some more shocking and interesting results.The details of that event are as follows :

    Date of possible ISS sighting : 27th April (Same)
    Now the shocking details..
    Time of visibility : 07:20 PM (About Half an hour earlier)
    Total visibility time : 06 min (The object I’ve seen was visible only for a minute).
    Appears : 16 above North North West
    Disappears : 10 above East South East (mine was South to North)
    Maximum height : 52 degrees (mine was at straight 90 degrees)

    After comparing these details… its confirmed that it was not any ISS of NASA because the details provided by NASA and my reported details are differs so much. Time was half an hour earlier, visibility duration was one minute,directions are too much different and height also.