UFO Sightings in California on New Year’s Eve

    January 3, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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According to a number of witnesses, mankind wasn’t the only one on New Year’s Eve enjoying firework shows across the country.

Apparently, civilians in California spotted unusual objects in the sky amidst the entertaining pyrotechnic displays.

Witnesses in Sacramento and Auburn reported UFO sightings around the same time, making the claims a little more plausible to say the least.

Kaye Pinlac, a resident of Stockton, actually recorded the object in action.

“I seen like six bright orange colored lights,” she said. “They were almost like in a diamond or triangle shape. It was weird. And so they started just separating.”

Steve Brown from Sacramento said he saw the alleged UFO amongst the trees in his yard.

“It was bright enough to shine directly through the trees without any problem seeing it,” he told KPLC TV.

Of course this isn’t the first time people have reported their sightings and even then, every day people aren’t the only ones who are intrigued by the mysterious objects that look to be aircrafts from another planet.

In September, the Huffington Post reported a story on a live broadcast done by meteorologist Sean McMullen of KLKN in Lincoln, Neb.

McMullen noticed a twinkling triangle-shaped entity on live video captured by the stations towercam.

His response to it all seemed to be perplexed explanations.

“At times, it seemed to have tethers hanging from it, but I really think that’s just an artifact — I think it’s light being refracted through the dome that covers our lens. I think that’s really just a star, but I haven’t really seen that before,” he said.

One thing is for certain: UFO sightings have been a topic of debate for years. Some believe while others don’t.

Even classified documents have been released revealing CIA’s involvement with UFO activity.

Opposed to popular belief of Tuesday’s sighting, Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor confirmed, “there was no unusual flight activity reported Tuesday night.”

Well with that said, hopefully there’s a reasonable explanation for the strange sightings on New Year’s Eve.

Image via Youtube, ParadigmNews

  • Reasonable Exlpanation

    Reasonable explanation? I will give you one. There are hundreds of billions of planets in the universe and I highly doubt we are the only one with life on it.

    How is that for reasonable? Come on people. Look at our technology. 100 years ago the computer didn’t exist and we didn’t even have cars. Now, we fly at tremendous speeds, we have quantum computers, and metals we never knew existed. We are literally growing limbs in lab dishes and messing with genetics. All in basically 50 short years.

    So for freaking thousands of years we advanced so slowly, yet since the Roswell crash, our technology has exploded. In 50 years, we literally advanced more than we did in the previous 50,000 years. Get real. We a) reversed engineered things or b) we are getting direct help.

    Stop being so naive to think you are the only intelligent life in the entire universe or that you are being told the truth by the government. Aliens exist, we know they exist, and frankly, we are probably working with them. You think Reagan just brought up his Alien comment by chance? When every word is scrutinized by Washington, that just happened to have been missed? Please. Reagan was telling us something.

    • @Reasonable Exlpanation

      People don’t know how labs actually work. You sometimes get things to test or research and you have no idea where it came from. Things literally just show up at your office one day and you are asked to test whatever is in a package. It would be so easy to slip alien technology into existing science programs.

      In fact, read the book by an author named Philip Corso. He was a Colonel in the Army and he wrote about that very same thing in his book “The Day After Roswell”.

      I have worked in labs and seen this happen. Stuff comes in all the time and you really don’t know who sends it to you. You just get some generic address. It is crazy.

      • L

        Day After Roswell is an excellent book. Makes sense all the way.

      • Thurston Sandlin

        the bible says that the devil is the prince of the power of the air which means he can come in any form he can appear as beautiful and do strange things in the air the bible says god created heaven and earth he doesnt say anyhting about any other life form look up ufo on the internet and it is directly associated with the occult and mythology etc

        • jerry

          well thurston you showed your ignorance right from the begining “the bible says” you need to read more books, study science and actually read the bible from front to back and see how it contradicts itself the bible takes its base from an egyptian text written 1200 years before the supposed time of when the bible took place just look up the name isis. if the bible is so true then why is it that the people that put together the context of the bible left out a great deal of information and the vatican will not allow all the text they have stored in their archives seems to me somebody is trying to hide something. the earth is very much older than 6000 years old like the bible and its followers believe so you see science doesn’t lie unlike the bible and christians it really amazes me how misinformed people are but they act as if they know the truth by believing what the bible says and religion is the overwhelming reason there have been and currently are wars going on where innocent people are dying due to the ignorance of people believing its gods plan so i guess its his plan to kill innocent children and his plan to allow children be molested , raped .and murdered and dont use that its the devil you cant pick and chose what is gods plan

          • kfrobe1

            The overwhelming reason for wars and other horrors is human nature. All the wars and massacres committed by atheist Marxists were not caused by people who believe in a god of any type. FYI, I think your ignorance of human history and behavior is pretty obvious, as is your ignorance of what is recorded in the Bible. Conspiracy theorist?

          • Pat

            Jerry obviously hasn’t read the Bible. I’ve read the goofball Egyptian theory, and most people know there were other texts, most notably the Dead Sea Scrolls. Nothing wrong pointing that out. The misinformation comes mostly from the wholesale amount of content on the subject in this internet. The Bible suffers from the same shortcomings of human perception and memory that we all do, but most of the accounts between the people that were witnesses to the events of those days do not contradict. If you want to make a case, give us some examples we can look up and see for ourselves.

            As for aliens being responsible for the advances in technology, give me proof. There is none. There is plenty of examples of the efforts of humans in the history books, but I have found no aliens. The human race is capable of lifting us up and putting us down without the help of aliens. Give the human race some credit. We are much more gifted and capable than to give up and credit an unfounded notion with mankind’s accomplishments. You can’t prove aliens even exist. I can prove humans do, just look in the mirror.

          • Greg

            Jesus loves you…?

      • chris ewing

        Corso has been repeatedly debunked … he is a crackpot

    • Donald

      Well said.

    • IfYouCan’tTellMeWhatItIsItHasToBeAnAlienCraft

      Headline: “Light In Sky Scares Sheep”

      Hey let’s travel a few HUNDRED BILLION miles to visit earth…and then turn around and leave without stopping!

      You are a real piece of work.

      • @Lets travel

        How do you know they turned around? How do you know they came 100 billion miles? You are just trying to discredit everything by making fun of everything which is the tactic most often used. Yes, 90% of things we see are identifiable, but that still leaves 10% that aren’t. At the end of the day, it only takes 1 instance to really prove that alien life exists. So according to you, the hundreds of thousands of people that have come forth and said they saw something are all lying and working together to mislead the world? They are all in it for money even though they never get paid a single cent. Please. I guess all those billions of galaxies we see in space are fake too. Never mind the fact they are billions of years older than us. They are just fake.

        No, they exist alright and they are much much much older than we are. I am willing to bet there is life out there and they are much more advanced than us. That 100 billion miles you spoke of may mean nothing to them. There was a time on this planet when going 10 miles took hours. Now I can get in my car and do it in minutes. In the end, that is what scares people about aliens. If they exist, they are way more advanced than us.

        If they can get to us, believe me, they are so much more advanced than us and what happens to civilizations when an advanced culture meets and unadvanced culture. Well, just as the Indians what happened when Columbus showed up.

        • Joey

          First of all, Columbus wasn’t the first person to discover America. The Vikings discovered America hundreds of years before Columbus and they fought with the Indians. Long story short, Vikings got their butts kicked.

          6 Ridiculous Lies You Believe About the Founding of America

          Read more: http://www.cracked.com/article_19864_6-ridiculous-lies-you-believe-about-founding-america.html#ixzz2pNRbHElK

          or http://www.cracked.com/article_19864_6-ridiculous-lies-you-believe-about-founding-america.html

        • craiggrnt

          Well actually at the very least they would have had to come 30,100,000,000 ,000 miles as that is the distance to the next closest solar system.It would take us 80,000 years to get there with just a satellite space craft. To travel at near light speed would require the energy of stars.

        • Marcus Hogan

          If it only takes 1 instance how come we still havent gotten that 1 instance from you alien believing weirdos? We’re still waiting on that one instance along with bigfoot and ghosts. Let me know when you get those instances too. But let me guess, you need more time.

          • @Marcus

            How do you know we haven’t? Okay Marcus. I have a test for you. Go to any news agency and tell them you saw a UFO. Go. Try it. They won’t believe you. Then go write a book. A few people might believe you but most won’t. Then get so frustrated and go on YouTube. People will call you crazy.

            No Marcus. In the end, you could be the most genuine, truthful person and if the powers to be don’t want your story out — it won’t get out. Look how many people come forward and say that bombs took down the towers. They can’t get on a major network and many end up dead. Now imagine you have real evidence of a an advanced alien race on this planet. Please, you just might find yourself dead too.

        • Greg

          Where are you getting you numbers from? And they’re not “Indians”, you moron! What happened was, Columbus was headed to India and landed here. He thought he was following stars but he was actually following retarded aliens that dumped him in America, wrongfully naming the natives, “Indians”. Jesus wouldn’t have left him hanging…nope. He would’ve taken Columbus to India.

        • Greg

          All joking aside, I really do believe that there are other life forms out there. Ants, ducks, geese, dogs, lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Seriously, I have a degree in Science with a specialty in Aerial Science. From the looks of the pattern those lights were going, it looks like those alien fuckers were drunk. Just fuckered up from Dennis Rodman’s after party. Freaky…drunk aliens just poking and probing…yuck!

      • @Let Travel

        How do you know they came from that far? The moon is very close to us and there is more than enough evidence of very strange things going on at the moon. You don’t think they shot a nuclear bomb at the moon in 2009 just to find out if the moon has water do you?


        We shot a nuke at the moon because something is on the moon that we don’t like.

    • lance

      I toally agree ive done a lot of research and yes there are other beings that are in a tear 2 or 3 stage as far as techknowlogy goes we are primitive beings with great potinal but we are so distracted by all the inner fighting with politics that the elite group of people that understand the truth aren’t surprised when UFO’s pop up.illuminatti understands this already and so should you.

    • Victor

      Everyone wants to believe in a benevolent race of space brothers who will come and save us from ourselves. But that is just not logical and the evidence doesn’t support that. The answers have already been given to us in the ancient texts we’re told are fairy tales simply because they are too preposterous to believe. The ancient Sanskrit texts, dead sea scrolls, greek mythology, Egyptian stellar religion, the Hopi Indians, etc…. All of it have a basis in fact and all support each other. The truth is in the past that we would find very strange.

    • Ross Page

      We are not alone and the bible clearly says so.

      • Moe Better

        You’re reading the wrong Bible. Other “flocks/ sheep” are not references to aliens. Same as reference to “be nice to strangers as you may be hosting an Angel and not know it”.

        • @Moe

          Read Ezekiel. The front part of Ezekiel sounds very much like an alien encounter and the back describes the dimensions of a landing center. In fact, two separate artists were asked to recreate what was in Ezekiel. One artist for the beginning. One for the end. They did both their work separately and what happened was a ship was created and a launching pad. Go ahead read it. To me it sounds exactly like a lunar rover and the creatures are just how people would describe space suits. After all, in biblical times people had no clue what a space suit was.

        • http://yahoo allworknoplay

          Ezekiel 1:1-28 ESV /
          In the thirtieth year, in the fourth month, on the fifth day of the month, as I was among the exiles by the Chebar canal, the heavens were opened, and I saw visions of God. On the fifth day of the month (it was the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin), the word of the Lord came to Ezekiel the priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans by the Chebar canal, and the hand of the Lord was upon him there. As I looked, behold, a stormy wind came out of the north, and a great cloud, with brightness around it, and fire flashing forth continually, and in the midst of the fire, as it were gleaming metal. And from the midst of it came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance: they had a human likeness,

        • Greg

          @MOE………you can’t just make a “blanket” statement about which Bible version someone is using by only using one or two random examples. Many, many versions are filled with references to “angels” who come down out of the sky. Faith is believing without being able to see – it is the height of incredulity and arrogance to look out at the billions of galaxies in the night sky and truly believe we are the only life that exists. And, any proof that DOES materialize about alien (or advanced) civilizations does not, in any way, negate our own wonderful creation or religions.

          • craiggrnt

            It is the Bible. We can prove a lot of untruths in it but no one can prove the truth. It nothing more then a collection of books,letters all of which have no proof of origin. We have 6700 copies of “original” Bibles and no two are alike. There are more differences in these Bibles then all the words in the New Testament(over 181,000 words) You might as well follow Harry Potter. It holds a s much truth as the Bible

      • janis

        Beam me up Scotty.

      • cassandra

        I saw a video of the crop circle that the aliens (I think it was the aliens) did in Chular. In the video u see green lights flashing. I wonder if it was them.

    • Moe Better

      Think folks- IF you traveled light years across the galaxy (FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF LIGHT) why would your UFO have Lights of any kind on it????? You are going faster than the lights are!!!! It is not like you are worried about someone not seeing you on an Outer Space Freeway. Nor are you using the lights to see where you are going- Caveman stuff. Also who would buy a Galactic Sports UFO capable of 1,000,000 miles an hour to hover r travel at 60 MPH???? Go back t Colorado and smoke a bowl and think it over.

      • @Moe

        Again Moe, you are assuming someone is traveling across the galaxy. You are exactly right. They aren’t worried about anything. They can travel at whatever speed they want. 60 mph or 6,000 mph. It doesn’t matter. If I wanted to look for something, I would probably go slower though.

        Why would you need lights? Well, when you aren’t going faster than the speed of light. You still need to see where you are going and people need to see you. Maybe that is the point —- to be seen.

        • Joey

          If you had the technology to travel across the universe, I believe you also would have the technology to see in the dark. A majority of the universe is pitch black and a small percentage contains dark matter, aka black hole, so one wouldn’t want to travel aimlessly “into the night”. At the same time, if you were to travel at a high rate of speed, friction could cause a spacecraft to heat up, thus, lights in the sky. Just a theory..

      • Jay

        They always seem more like some magnetic effect caused by whatever propulsion system they are using interacting with atmosphere. Otherwise they are to help them see in the dark :))

      • KuShmAn


      • craiggrnt

        I have always wondered about the lights too. Is there that much traffic in space you need flashing lights? When a bulb blows out where do you get a new one? Advanced Life Auto?

    • Michael Kenworthy

      I agree with the your point, but Actually cars were around a hundred years ago.

      • @Michael

        Yeah, I know. I was going more for emphasis on the whole point of what I was saying.

    • jank

      FYI there were cars 100 years ago in 1914

      • @jank

        Yes, I know. I was worried less about getting the exact number of years and more about the whole point.

        Since Roswell, our technology has exploded. We have advanced more in the past 67 years or so than we did in the past 50,000 years. That is quite a jump. What is even scarier is the patents that are out there. Go read some of the patents. It is for things that are absolutely insane. Yet, patents exist for them and they are held by all the major companies. Companies that were connected to Corso’s book.

    • bryan


      caught same thing in arkansas new years eve.

    • Ben

      Cars were invented in the late 1890s, so we did indeed have cars 100 years ago.

      • @Ben

        DAMN!!! … I know already!!! I am well ware of when the first car was produced …… I wasn’t going for historical accuracy. It was the point I was going for.

        The point is we have advanced more in the past century than we have in all the time we have been on this planet. We are smart. We are dedicated to advancement. So I would expect that we would advance faster after the industrial revolution, but not enough to warrant such a huge jump in technology.

        We got help from somewhere.

        I appreciate the concern for accuracy on the car issue. But really, I wanted to emphasize the point more than anything.

        • Joey

          It all goes back to the days when religion was accepted more than science. Whenever someone practiced science, the church would accuse them of witchcraft. Until science began to improve and be accepted, then our species began to develop and become more advance. Now, the Vatican is accepting the idea of other beings in the universe. Centuries ago, that would be hearsay and possibly, devil worshiping.

        • willy

          the only reason we advanced so much in a short period of time is pretty much greed…our advancements are tied directly to someone wanting to get rich…and as much as we explore stars and the universe i dont recall one time where the hubble has recorded any aliens..it always seems to be here on earth…in all the pictures of the universe taken by millions of people private and public we never have taken one of something in space that remotely looks like an alien…we probaly are the begining we will fill the earth then the planets

    • mark twain

      This could be easily explained as a “skimmer”, a meteor that “skims” across the atmosphere but doesn’t impact the planet, and heads back out to space, the additional “lights” are debris braking off as it goes. They are rare, but do happen.

      • http://facebook Billie Wever

        @ Mark Twain:

        Meteors dont hoover.

    • jd

      ” There are hundreds of billions of planets in the universe ” –

      that’s being just a tad conservative. There are trillions of planets in the Milky Way alone, 10 billion in which have estimated to be earthlike and in the habitable zone. It’s extremely arrogant, in my opinion, to assume we are the only intelligent beings in a universe comprised of 100’s of billions of galaxies.

    • jaswar

      Great Point about the Reagan Comment and NOTHING was said!

    • Ken Wood

      Oh my god… if the average person is anything like you then it’s no wonder that we’re heading towards the bleak and awful future that we’re heading into.

      Nothing you just said makes any actual sense…

    • Marcus Hogan

      I am not niave to think that I am the only intelligent life. Im going to always believe there is no other intellegent life until proven otherwise. And it’s odd to me that you have not been able to prove otherwise. Especially, as you put it, “there are hundreds of billions of planets in the universe” So why havent we found one with life on it, intellegent or unintellegent? Here’s why, Because it doesnt freaking exist you jackass!

    • chris ewing

      you can’t be serious,. There’s nothing special about the invention of the transistor

    • http://webpronews chris ewing

      you are a fool and have no evidence whatsoever for your assertions … First, life probably isn’t as abundant as the size of the universe would indicate. The conditions needed for carbon-based life are very complex and specific. Not to mention the rare elements needed for space travel that we find on Earth are not abundant in the universe. So, even if they’re out there, what makes anyone think they know we’re here or could even get here if they anted

    • http://webpronews chris ewing

      There’s never been any prof of alien visitation

  • daniel

    thats so obviously a hot air baloon

  • jamie

    this makes sence because when i was comming home (i live in las vegas,nevada)after work new yrs eve around 100am i saw this same thing shoot through the air. i thought it was a shooting star.

  • gabe

    plane with an electronic sign…lol

    UFO sounds more realistic.

  • Timothy G. Hess

    Tell the guy in the first picture that what he is pointing at is a tree and he needs to get away from his Xbox more often!

  • BillW

    At approximately 12.05 AM on 1/1/2014 5 to 6 orange lights arranged vertically and evenly spaced, appeared in the sky to the North of my Long Beach, CA location. The lights hovered motionless for about a minute or so ( a jet taking off from( Los Angeles International Airport)flew threw a spacing of two of the object without disturbing either. The lights just disappeared as easily as they appeared. From other descriptions the lights were hundreds of miles from Southern California. The sky was clear and there were no fireworks in the way. The scene was viewed through 7 x 35 binoculars and 20X optical Nikon camera lens. These were not balloons or earth bound aircraft. We know we are not alone, just tell the truth.

    • Joey

      You can’t see hundreds of miles into the horizon. The curvature of the earth doesn’t allow this. So basically, you’re saying, they were looking into space?? Assuming, the people are in Southern California and not the Pacific Ocean, is what I’m basing all of this on..

      • Kenny

        So you’re stating that we can’t see hundreds of miles into space. Funny how I can see the moon and the sun. Some nights I can even see mars. That’s just with my 20/20 vision.

    • BillW

      Joey, get a clue – you can see from Palos Verdes in So Cal 100 mile to the channel islands on a clear day. The airships were higher in the sky and obviously very bright to be seen on clear night. And if you have ever seen a missile or rocket launch from Vandenberg AFB, the con trails can be seen for hundreds of miles. Go back to physics 101.

  • Victor

    The two top UFO researchers, Jack Vallee and J. Allen Hyneck, have separately come to the same conclusion. These beings do not come from another planet, they come from another dimension. And they also both concluded that they are hostile because they pretend to be something they are not.

  • deede

    No, I did not see it….the UFO….but than again I did not have even one drink on this day!!! Hey we do not really know what our military is doing!!!!!!!!….and there is nothing we can do to fight Mother Nature…! Forget it idiot

  • Ross Page

    Why is it no one ever gets a close up of them. It’s always a long distance shot showing only a light.

  • Jamie

    They really just need to come out with the truth already. Why do you think they’ve been making movies and television shows? They are slowly letting the public know that we are not alone. The universe is effing huge. People have seen these things..some claim to be abducted. I’ve heard of secret files and photographs..
    They really just need to come out with the truth already..not all of us Americans are dumb.

    • @Jamie

      You are right, but the average American hates their neighbor and can’t stand a person that doesn’t have the same skin color even though skin color is purely a function of where you were born. Can you imagine how crazy it would get if an alien race just showed up one day? My God. You would have every redneck in Georgia shooting shotgun shells at their space craft. You ever see independence day? When the people in Los Angeles were shooting the ships. That would so totally happen in real life.

      • Jamie

        Hahaha it totally would though!

      • @ @Jaime

        I was at the doctor the other day and a jacked up pickup truck went through the parking lot and spray painted on it was the words: The South Will Rise Again. So yeah, I agree with you. Rednecks in Georgia would shoot at any UFO they saw. Heck, they still want to shoot Yankees.

  • Victor

    Of course there are UFOs and if there are aliens, they are either afraid of us or are in control of us is why they do not make contact. But this occurrence looks like a hot air balloon shooting things in the air. So I am not impressed.

    • elmo

      they have made contaci with our gob is a secret educate yourseli with the serious disclosure preject dr. allan greer

  • Linda

    Although I strongly support UFO sightings, the zigging orange light looks like a laser pointer.

  • Victor

    To believe in Roswell is to believe aliens can travel the universe but can’t keep their spacecraft from crashing once they got here. Roswell wasn’t the only alleged crash. The logical fallacy of Roswell and the other alleged crashes are a clue that can put you on the path to the truth, but the reality is people think they are so smart that they are stupid to figure it out.

    • @Victor

      What does traveling across the universe have to do with crashing? Nothing really. I can fly a plane across the ocean but my plane can still crash.

      Anything that is mechanical can fail and anything piloted by a living organism is subject to pilot error and any software written to fly a machine is subject to coding errors. Errors cause crashes. Even in the most advanced technologies.

      I think you should reexamine your logical fallacies for well …. logical fallacies.

  • NickJ470

    They are called sky lanterns. Check You Tube,you can make them any shape or size, Candles are used to make them fly. That is what they most likely saw glowing in the sky.

  • laughing hyena

    Even in this age, a balloon can still be called a UFO.

  • Jamie

    Whether you people think it’s a “laser pointer, balloon” whatever you think..you are always going to make excuses because you are afraid, and I mean it is a scary thing to think about. But what you really should think about..there is no entire way..we are alone in this entire universe. What, so every weird thing anybody has seen is a balloon or laser pointer? No. Why do you think the government lies to you? The government has fucking ways to start the apocalypse. People need to wake up.

  • Sara

    On New Years Eve my husband thought he saw UFOs traveling across the night sky. But after watching them for a while we figured it out to be floating lanterns which are frequent where we live.

  • Fred Grams

    i thought i saw a ufo it turned out to be six hot air balloons flying in formation of a triangle.

  • Tgoka

    If you smoke enough pot, you can see a lot of Unidentified Flying Objects, of which I am one.

    • kfrobe1

      YOU made me laugh out loud! Thanks:>)

  • henry ford

    klatuu barata niktu

  • TC

    Who says they need to travel through space? They can probably bend it and we know time can be manipulated. Ever wonder whether things are paused in this world for us to be led in a certain direction? How would we know?

  • A Balloon

    On the day aliens land and make contact, there will still be some brainwashed person in the media claiming it was only a balloon.

    I saw a blimp once and that could be easily mistakable for an alien ship if it is very foggy. Blimps can sneak up on you quite fast. In fact, I was walking into a restaurant once and the restaurant was sort of on a cliff. It is hard describe. Anyhow, a blimp covered in lights came from the canyon below the restaurant and then floated over top of it. It was dark and foggy and the damn thing was quiet. With all those lights and how it rose from the canyon and how the lights went through the trees surrounding the restaurant. For a second, I did think it was an alien craft and it scared the shit out of me. I was glad to find out it was a blimp.

    From that day forward, I knew I really don’t want to see an alien craft. Trust me. The day first contact is made. There will be lots of scared people out there. That is why the government is conditioning us to accept aliens through the movies. Still though — I was literally scared of that blimp I saw and I am not a person to scare easily. I have been to some of the worst places on this earth. Places filled with death. I wasn’t too scared at those places. But with the prospect of seeing an alien race. Yeah, I was scared.

    • http://facebook 2smart4thiscrap

      @ A Balloon:
      That happened to me.We were driving thru Livermore past the gravel pits.
      We went up the hill and at the top in the distance there it was.It looked just like a Alien ship.
      I watched for awhile then it turned & I could see it was a blimp.From a distance it can look alien.I was in awe, didnt think to get scared.
      I believe most people will not be frightened.

  • eddie payne

    watch the video ufo in the bible it speak about ufo in the bible in context

  • allen s

    uh,no kidding theres ife out there(more intelligent than us no doubt)why do you think nasa s trying so hard to find “goldylocks’planets.out of boredom?

  • zoom

    All rocky planets as ours are hollow planets. We think that aliens come from planet which are at light years distances. It’s false. They live near us. But they don’t talk and observe us like animals in a zoo.

  • craiggrnt

    Why do UFO’s have lights?????

    • Ken Boland

      craiggrnt, says, “Why do UFO’s have lights?”

      If a spacecraft is to be capable of traveling the vast expanse of space, it would need to have a powerful energy source for propulsion. It would also stand to reason that this energy might radiate as visible lights.

  • Yeah right

    Kinda strange that it occurred on New Years Eve? I think people were just boozed up pretty good is all! Roswell Is the only event I have believed in because there is so much evidence it really happened.

  • rob

    I agree ET we all need to wake up

  • Bostonez

    Um, could it be a Hot Air Balloon?

  • Judy

    I’ve been to Roswell and it’s a total joke.

  • Jack

    If you can’t tell that the first video is a hot air balloon, you should get you eyes and brain checked.

  • http://facebook 2smart4thiscrap

    About 60 miles north of Sacramento in the foothills lies the small town of Oroville.There is a earthen dam here that has 2 doors in the side.One everyone can see, and one hidden from view.If you look at the dam after dark all lit up it really looks like a landing strip.
    The storms up here are few but strange.
    One memorable one came in the night, 3,000 lightning strikes in one hour.No rain,no clouds, no wind.It was as if there were a strobe light outside our window.We live 3 blocks from this dam.
    And everyone up here believes.

  • VK

    I’m in Utah but I saw this same exact thing earlier this week! My friend saw it too.

  • sonny

    Well i just said the other day that i thought the KARDASION clan were aliens and now it has been proven.Yes that was the mother ship summoned by KK husband KW to come and take the whole bunch of KARDASHION clan back home to there planet called the plastic boob planet.now if KWs planet would just send a ship to transport him back.

  • Rick Walls

    My son and I both saw at least 4 bright red to orange lights on New Years Eve at about Midnight. They disappeared and then came back a short time later. I thought I was the only one that saw these until my son came outside and saw them also. Of course we did not report them to any officials.

  • john60

    I see one every now and then during the summer,sometimes at night,but usually during the summer.It’s kinda rare during the cold winter months,lmao.

  • c bennett

    “There is no way to know what is real and what is not”…. most things are a lie and people can make just about anything look real. I have seen things in the sky too,…. but most people have, it really is no big deal, even if they were here and the aliens were to come out of the spaceship it is really no big deal either way.

  • I C U

    Something tells me Steven Hawking is correct. We don’t want to contact them, let them look us over, the “zoo” theory. Can you imagine everyone with their guns shooting at these beings…smaaart. They are so advanced they can jump dimensions (the disappearing act), you think they couldn’t squash us like bugs? lucky for us theres a 50/50 chance they may be trying to save us from ourselves. ON the other hand, lets hope they don’t land. We would shoot first and we would lose. The only way we can save ourselves is to elevate our humanity, stop war, and solve our problems peacefully. That’s the only way we will all survive. Maybe they are waiting for us to elevate our thinking and stop acting like baboons. By the way, I’m handy with a gun, I just choose not to own one. And I’m a staunch Catholic. Go figure.

  • Michael

    simplest Explanation it’s a houx some teens or young adults made a remote control flying craft made to look like a alien craft with really bright lights. it probably was much smaller than most people think that it would because it was much closer than they thought it was Take two objects one is about 3 times the size of the other put the bigger one much closer to you especially in the case of flying things. because there isn’t any points of reference in the sky except for trees even then it’s hard to judge most people over estimate the size of something they’ve never seen before. There was this Test that people would guess how big an animal was in the woods in the dark most people overestimated the size of each creature by over 35-40%! There a Few people who estimated that a racoons was 4 feet tall. Some Estimated an owl to be around 5 feet wall.

    Now I do believe there are aliens out there in the universe I just think people who actually think that they’ve visted earth are retarded or they just want it to be true so bad they they become blinded by the notion so every strange light or sound in the sky must be aliens.

    As for our Quick Advances in Technology. it had nothing to do with aliens or anything like that there is a simple and easy explanation. War World 2 1939 to 1945 The Roswell incident happened in 1947. here is what happened if you guys knew anything at all. During world war II the U.S was Scrambling to advance our technology most people don’t realize that the TV and Probably over 70% of discoveries are completely accidental so alot of Technological Advances like air/space even mundane things were advanced because of the military efforts to make weapons defenses and all around better technologies to defeat the Germans. And a lot of the research was declassified by the military after the war and used by private companies and independent researchers Which advanced quite alot of things.

    So when you look at it that way you realize that Roswell was exactly what it seemed it was most likely a testing of either a Test suit or some kind of Military proportion which failed miserably.

    Lastly anyone who believes that aliens would vist our world should ask themeselves A Question

    Why would aliens Want to visit earth?

    first question:Why would they visit earth? Resources. Nah We’ve found planets and moons in our own solarsystem that is way richer in most resources the even water if you believe most scientist about europa its either an frozen world on top with a huge ocean of water underneath it would be easily accessible for them if they wanted it and there would be less hassle. if it’s natural resources other than water agian our own solar system has way more than the earth could offer. and most likely there would be other planets that are uninhabited that has way more than the earth that is in close proximity to the earth from the aliens point of View so I highly doubt they would want or need our resources.

    Could be it’s us humans they are interested in I doubt that aswell. they wouldn’t even consider us interesting.

    Could it be they need a labor force. Uh no if that was the case we would all be slaves already and doing anything the aliens wanted from us.

    Why do they hide “Poorly” I might add. I mean they are able to travel between the stars prehaps thousands of light years and yet they are spotted by us humans I doubt it they would have the ability to stay invisible we humans are learning to do just that right now.

    • Michael

      Conclusion. I believe in aliens I just don’t believe that they have visited earth.

      I don’t think they have in the past present I think it’s very unlikely they will anytime soon.

    • babloisvand

      *some*body here has a degree in rocket science…

    • @Michael

      We study all sorts of animals. So why not study humans?

      You speak of the Germans. The Germans completely believed in alien life. Read what Von Braun spoke about all the time. He was convinced that there was an alien power working on this planet and he had no idea where it came from. Read his work.

      Read Corso’s book. He was a military insider.

  • Mike

    Obviously a hot air balloon with the flame going for lift.

  • babloisvand

    The perfect explanation is that it’s the spaghetti monster of course.

  • brenda gilbert

    You have to be either vain or just downright ignorant to actually believe that we are the only beings that exist in this vast space of universes. So those people that live under rocks perhaps it is better they stay there. You know what the old saying is “Ignorance is bliss.”

  • elmo

    im glad the main media is starting to take ufo seriously this is the story of the century,yhe gob. is in contact with them educate yourself

  • Ramie

    I think this thing do really exist… But, how they can travel that far..Even we human cant get out of our solar system..

  • rmanpr

    That was a Chinese lantern. I have seen them before and that is exactly how they look like from afar. They are becoming a trend now on news year. Being released to float in the air.

  • Mom

    My daughter caught the same thing over our fireworks here in Raleigh NC!

  • http://webpronews chris ewing

    There has never been ANY evidence of alien visitation. Corso has been debunked as a crackpot over and over. Lights like these have been seen many times … it is merely a reflection.

  • http://webpronews chris ewing

    The same paranoia and fear that led to religion has led to the absurd belief that aliens have visited us. There is not one shred of evidence

  • http://webpronews chris ewing

    Sorry, but anyone who thinks there’s proof of alien visitation is a fool

  • http://webpronews chris


  • Aron

    I was in Livermore, California on New Years eve 2014, I went outside to smoke between 12:05am to 12:10am, looked up and saw 6 to 7 red / orange lights circling upwards until out if sight. This was downtown, the lights were over the First Street Alehouse area, downtown. I didnt report the event at the time. I Just watched a UFO vid on youtube (literally 3 minutes ago) that looked very similar to what I saw, decided to do a Google search, and found myself here. Originally I thought they could have been Police drones (you know the 4 bladed quad copters)… The formation was little too perfect.. After reading this report Im thinking something else but not sure what…