Two-Faced Kitten’s Mother Rejects Her

By: Amanda Crum - June 13, 2013

A kitten born with a rare “double-face” has been rejected by her mother, so the owner is giving her extra love and feeding her through a syringe.

Little Deucy was born at 6:11 a.m. on 6/11 in Amity, Oregon. She has one set of organs in one body, but her face is split in two. Interestingly enough, her birthday puts her under the Gemini astrological sign.

Animals born with defects are often rejected by their mothers in the wild, as they are seen as undesirable offspring. Luckily for Deucy, she was born in captivity with a loving owner to take care of her.

Although a local veterinarian proclaimed her to be healthy, he said he’s only known of four or five similar anomalies–called Janus cats–and they lived unfortunately short lives. Her owner, Stephanie Durkee, said she plans to keep her and is taking extra care to keep Deucy warm and safe now that the mother has spurned her.

While the condition–called diprosopus–is rare, it’s not unheard of in the states. There have been a handful of reported Janus cats born in recent years around the country.


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  • dee

    Thank goodness for the loving person taking care of this little kitten!

  • sherrie scarlett

    If you decide to put her up for adoption we would love to have her to LOVE…

  • Tyrone Lett

    Sad thing to be rejected by a parent.

  • Dee

    I would LOVE to adopt her to if you decide to put her up for adoption. Thank God you are taking care of her!!!! I adore you!!!

  • gigi

    I guess humans are not the only ones. so sad! who needs that mother anyway

  • http://Yahoo BillyBoy13

    AMEN!!! God Bless U for saving this Fantastic Cat!! INCREDIBLE Freakish MIRACLE !! Y e a h ! makes me believe (on OCCASION) that “God” really exists! I rescued 2 starving stick figure tiny kitts abandoned in our vacant horse stable 3 yrs ago. Had to use medicine dropper to give em milk. they climb up my jeans to Greet me….painful,but I let em do what they WANT! Pet Animalsare SO MUCH BETTER AND fAITHFUL THAN PEOPLE!!!!God Loves U, and so do I ! Bill in IND. (

  • http://Yahoo BillyBoy13

    I Have rescued 2 gorgeous tiny kittens recently. Had to give em milk from an eye-dropper. thier “mom” abandoned them in my vacant horse stable. Godd Bless YOU……and me-haha

  • Joe

    Had obtained an orphaned “new born” kitten years ago. It was loved and better taken care of than any other animal on the planet. As it opened its eyes for the 1st time, by nature it thought my wife was it’s mother (and as I had said, it was nurtered and given EVERYTHING it could of possibly needed or wanted). The ONLY sad part – By nature, it attempts to mimick and learn everything from its mom. Was extremely cute and sometimes funny, but I always felt so sorry for it because there are things that it just could not do, but it sure tried lol. So point of the story: Just be ready for that because it will think you are its mom :) .

  • Cat

    Which head do you feed?