“Two And A Half Men”: “Filth”, Says Teen Star

    November 26, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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“Two And A Half Men”, which is now in its tenth season, can count a loyal fan following despite the scandalous behavior of one Mr. Charlie Sheen and some cast changes, which saw Sheen replaced by “That ’70s Show” alum Ashton Kutcher. And while the sitcom–which also stars Jon Cryer and teen actor Angus T. Jones–also has its detractors for a decidedly sex-based sense of humor, the stars have always seemed happy with the writing…until now.

Jones, 19, has come forward with the opinion that the show is “filth” and is urging fans to stop watching.

“If you watch Two and a Half Men, please stop watching Two and a Half Men,” the actor said. “I’m on Two and a Half Men, and I don’t want to be on it. Please stop watching it, and filling your head with filth…people say it’s just entertainment. Do some research on the effects of television and your brain, and I promise you you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to television, especially with what you watch. Jake from Two and a Half Men means nothing.”

The rant, which was part of a religious testimonial he posted to YouTube, is garnering a lot of attention. Some say “Two And A Half Men” hasn’t been the same since Sheen left, and are wondering if Jones’ rant will be the final nail in the coffin.

  • http://Su Jug moser

    A teen with little or no understanding of philosphy condemning his show is about the same as a soldier of 18 critiquing the military. The real mistake here would be taking this knucklehead seriously. Same old story, sex is not to be condoned, laughed about, and enjoyed. If so, we go to hell. The ratings would say otherwise. Sign me up for that express train to hell.

    • Sweets Marin

      I totally agree…I don’t like the “new” 2 and a Half Men since Sheen has left and I don’t watch it but if viewers can’t see it for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT, then turn the station. Now that Angus has “found” God we’re supposed to blindly do what he says??? Good for you, but I didn’t ask to be saved…

  • Brad

    Just wondering if young An_us, is so upset by the “filth” he’s a part of, that he refuses his pay check. I am *GUESSING* this is either a bargaining tactic to get a better contract, or is it a “I’m Better Than This And Deserve To Be Let Out Of My Legitimate Contract… to the certain detriment of the show.” maneuver?

    Either way, if you’re serious Mr. Jones, quit dicking around and put yout money where you bitching is.

  • Jake

    The young man is right.

    If he can see the moral filth of this show, I’m glad he has a good head on his shoulders to know the difference.

    I’m glad this show has not influenced him in any way, instead it makes him sick to be even on it. He makes about $350,000 an episode so it’s not the money. The young man has moral fiber.

    What about us viewers? He’s right. I stopped watching this show before Sheen left.

    I cut off my cable 4 years ago. And don’t miss any of it. Saved over $3,000 a year and in 4 years thats $12,000!

    People…cut your cable! It’s not worth it…he’s right, these shows are filling your mind with garbage.

    • Priest

      aww… come on…. just stop writing such a bullsh**!!!!

    • http://yahoo.com Mikalene Smith

      Good Goin young man,some one help me cheer him on

  • http://yahoo.com Mikalene Smith

    Good Goin young man,Im happy, you have seen that evil program for what it is.TRASH

  • Honeyluv

    He has and will be making his money for 2 more years.. he can do what he wants…

  • robert adams

    good for you i have stopped watching two and a half men it was good but now it is not good to watch keep going with god and he will take care of it thank you for doing a good job and good luck

  • Roberta

    Good for him. If he’s involved with something he feels are against his principals, he should step away. Changing your mind doesn’t make a person a hypocrite.