Twitter Reportedly About To Launch App-Install Ads

    March 28, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Twitter reportedly has a new mobile ad product in the works, which may launch in the coming weeks. It’s an app-install ad format, which would enable developers to get users to click to download their applications.

This comes from Bloomberg News, which cites “people with knowledge of the matter”.

The ads would reportedly appear in users’ Twitter feeds on their mobile devices, and would direct them to the advertiser’s page in a mobile app store where the app can be downloaded.

Facebook has had such ads for roughly a year and a half, launching them in October of 2012. By the end of that year, the ads were already being used by 20% of the top grossing iOS apps.

If brands really are growing “disillusioned” with Facebook, they’re going to want to see some more options come to market.

According to Bloomberg’s sources, Twitter has been testing the new ads for at least a few weeks and one advertiser participating in tests found the ads to be “as effective” as Facebook’s.

Twitter isn’t commenting on the ads.

Image via Twitter

  • Guest

    Just another thing to become accustomed to. It will probably be “effective” in the beginning and then almost totally ignored just like the old pop-up ads. In fact, I was so used to closing these pop-up ads immediately that it actually affected my work performance. The software that we use at one of my jobs uses pop-ups to relay important information about a customer/patient. I was so used to closing them immediately that I did it out of habit. This could seriously and negatively impact the outcome of someone’s life.

    Advertisers don’t think about these aspects. Wonder how this new advertising technology will work and how long it will take for people to ignore it…my bet, probably not long at all.