Twitter Reminds You to Upload a Header Photo with an Animation

    November 9, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Back in September, Twitter unveiled a pretty significant redesign of user profiles which gave you three different photos to worry about: your profile picture, your header photo, and your background image. The header photo is that giant new option that encompasses your profile pic, and the background image displays on the “whitespace” surrounding your stream.

Once a user uploads these images, they remain constant across all devices – meaning your profile will look the same to someone accessing it on the web or on their iPad.

Today, Twitter has put out a punchy animation that reminds users that it’s quick and easy to round out your profile with a header photo, and for god’s sake please upload a profile pic because people are tired of looking at that egg.

When Twitter unveiled the new header photos, people immedately began to compare it to the Facebook Timeline. To be honest, the two do share a general look and feel.

Maybe Twitter put out this instructional video because adoption of the header photo is low or at least not where they want it to be. I still see plenty of grey space behind profile pics, now that I think about it.

  • http://karras-bommer.blogspot.com Karras Bommer

    Oh sheesh, I’d love to do an animated header photo. Can anyone post a link to directions on how to do an animated? (I know, way behind the learning curve here:)

  • http://www.texdesignstudio.com Darryl Manco

    Why animation?

  • http://www.sleepwise.co.uk HMK

    If Twitter wants animation maybe they need to do some joined up thinking. I looked at the setting / header / learn more help link and it clearly states that animated gifs are not permitted for profile pictures. Very little info is given for header graphics, so I assumed that the no animation applied to the header image as well. Listen up Twitter – Give the proper guidance and you will get the response you want. If you want animation, tell your customers what they are permitted to do and how. One further comment about header images, around 20% of those I have seen have made the whole header almost unreadable as the header image competes visually with the text and profile image.

  • http://jasonclements.ca Jason

    I found the title of this article a bit confusing. I read it to mean that I could now upload a header photo that is animated (i.e., an animated GIF).

    I think what the article is trying to say is that Twitter has created an animated video to remind people to upload a header photo.

    Twitter Uses an Animation to Remind You to Upload a Header Photo

  • dumbHeaderidea

    i think myspace is an old site,but somehow still a thousand years ahead of twitter..all the stuff they doing now myspace already did 6 years ago!!Smdh!