Twitter Improves Search with New Filters

Josh WolfordSocial Media

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It would be in Twitter's best interest to become a true search destination - to have people check Twitter when they want to find photos, videos, and news on breaking topics. Search is just one arm of Twitter's possible reach when it comes to being a true news distribution service. Simply scrolling up and down the timeline is the preferred method of use for most users, but every little thing the social network can do to improve search can only serve to make it more attractive.

Enter a Twitter search update:

Twitter has added a bunch of helpful filters to make wading through the vast waters of erroneous tweets a bit easier. Before, you could only narrow your search results to include people or photos only - but now you can refine your searches to pull tweets with videos or tweets with a newsy feel.

Twitter has also added parameters to help you narrow down who you see in your search results - either all users or just people you follow, and either all users or only users in your area.

Try it out - it looks like this one is a wide rollout. If you don't yet see the new filters when you search, just give it time.

Josh Wolford
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