Twins Fighting In Womb? See For Yourself

    December 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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With everything that could go wrong during a pregnancy, it’s incredible that so many babies are born completely healthy…especially twins.

It’s hard to imagine living in that cramped, watery world for nine whole months but we all do it, and it’s a fascinating thing to see captured on video. A rare look at twins fighting for shared space has been captured during an MRI designed to test for a condition which occurs in identical twins and can lead to one fetus absorbing the blood of the other, leading to dangerous or even fatal side effects.

For most mothers, it’s probably easy to imagine the acrobatics that go on inside the womb; any woman who has ever sat and watched her belly move like there’s an Alien about to pop out of it knows that movement for a fetus is tricky at times. When two of them are sharing that small space, sometimes a small battle for territory must be waged.

  • Deire

    OMG this is so cool… I am an identical twin. My mother told me that when my sister and I were fetuses that I would kick her all the time just like that little one. Maybe its normal. She said we were positioned head to foot and they would see me just kicking my sissy in the head repeatedly.

    • Lisa

      Thank you for seeing this as exact;y what it was. A COOL video. I don’t know why people have to make things religious, all-to scientific, blah, blah, blah. It was just an ultra-sound of twins. I don’t think anyone is trying to take anything away from scientist or the bible. Lighten up folks.

    • http://yahoo SANDY

      I don’t see fighting either. The one on the right is more than likely kicking out of frustration for lack of leg room and ends up kicking the other twin. That’s “reaching” when the parents are wanting exposer. Be real people.

  • Darlene Mathis

    So much for the “blob of tissue ” falsehood. The science is proven that these are human beings not disposable inconveniences. Therefore the problem is moral not scientific. We have become an immoral nation that is killing its future by killing its children.

    • Chris Wood

      I’m guessing “blob of tissue” falsehood would not be the scientific terminology, however using the context I’m gathering you’re referring to a much earlier stage of the pregnancy, that what is seen in this footage. Read a book.

    • Lesigh

      Bring on the dramatics!

  • Joseph

    There can be ONLY ONE! :O

  • Joseph

    There can be ONLY ONE! :O

  • Melanie T

    Thats crazy but understandable. My brother and i fought alot but then we became great friends as we got older. And us killing our children as darlene says..yeah cuz we both know there are not many unwanted children out there to begin with. And not everyone should be a parent as in hearing in the news of all these parents hurtin or torturing threre kids. Get a clue lady.

  • sydney

    they’re just moving…what’s the big deal

  • jteshuwah

    I never fail to be surprised when science “discovers” something like this – didn’t the Bible talk about Jacob and Esau fighting in Rebekah’s womb? It’ll never happen, but I think we’d all be amazed at how much science would get accomplished if it stopped trying to figure out things the bible clearly explains – the end of the world, for instance, babies fighting in the womb, etc – and study something NEW and IMPORTANT, like curing diseases or wiping out famine. To be so smart, most scientists are so d-u-m-b!

  • Debbie

    I don’t see them fighting. I just see them moving around. I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Janie

    No fight there!The littler one may just be agitated like I get when the dog or cat has been up against me too long!LOL!I’m constantly pushing them away at night.

  • Kelly Hartle

    It looks more like the smaller one has his dancing booties on.

  • Aky

    what so fascinating about it that we have not hear before where did you but the bible ? what science is discovering is not a discovery at all it is in the bible already,the bible spoke about fighting twins JACOB AND ESAU. and yet some people still doubt the bible

    • http://Thisone Lenyyearhere

      Omg dude…. the only valid response to your comment is *face palm*.

  • http://WebProNews Nancy Gail

    I thought the sonogram was very interesting and enjoyed seeing it. However, the twins were not fighting. But still glad I saw it! It was cool.

    • Marco Zg

      I totally agree with the no-fighting. The smaller guy was dreaming wiht a tricycle for X-mas !!

  • MacPeanut

    I don’t know what I expected to see, but it certainly wasn’t the sweet frolicking I just saw. I’d say the headline is a bit sensationalizized.

    12 year old journalists.. ugh

  • carol turner

    I had twins 50 years ago, before ultrasoundI wrote home saying it felt like two in there having a fight and sure enough when I had a x-ray at 8 months there were two in there

  • Matt Ragan

    OK I guess the sensationalized title worked to pull us in to watch this video, but the twins are so obviously not fighting.