Tupac Shakur's Music Is Set For Broadway


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Tupac Shakur was a beloved icon in the hip hop world, and after dying 18 years ago, his music is finally being used for a musical.

He will always be hailed as one of the greatest hip hop artists of all time, and someone who wrote insightful lyrics in a time when the genre seemed to actually care about what people were saying.

His music will be hitting the Broadway stage in a matter of months, and while many fans of the late Tupac Shakur may not be a musical fans, perhaps the two genres will combine well to give the show even better results.

Although the music of Tupac Shakur will be used throughout the show, it will not be an autobiographical tale of the rapper's life. It will feature a plot about two friends in the inner-city in the Midwest.

It is also set to intricately use his poetic music and lyrics in order to open a window into the realities of the streets still relevant today.

The musical will be called Holler If You Hear Me, and comes from an autobiographical song by the same name which appeared on his 1993 album titled Strickly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. The song tells the story of a girl who witnesses her father’s death, finds money to buy a gun, and rallies her young friends to avenge his death.

Casting has not been announced yet for the upcoming show, although with it set to premiere in a matter of months, fans should find out soon. Broadway fans can expect good things from the creators with the musical being written by Todd Kreidler and directed by Tony nominee Kenny Leon, who is also working on a revival of A Raisin In The Sun starring Denzel Washington.

Tupac was originally from Harlem, although he moved to California and was one of the main leaders of the west coast rap scene, while constantly feuding with Notorious B.I.G. back in New York.

He was killed at a young age, and while the crime has still never officially been solved, he was shot down in Las Vegas in 1996 at the age of 25. Tupac had a number of positive and poetic songs that he released throughout his career including "Keep Ya Head Up" and "Changes," as well as the ode to his mother who raised him and his sister alone called "Dear Mama."

Holler If You Hear Me will open on Broadway at the Palace on June 19. Preview performances for the brand-new show begin May 26. Tupac Shakur fans should stay tuned for more info, and keep on the lookout for the upcoming show, which will be here soon.

How do fans feel about the upcoming musical?

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