Tsarnaev Held Behind Steel Door in Prison Hospital

By: Sean Patterson - April 29, 2013

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is now being held under tight security in a federal prison hospital.

According to a report from CBS, the surviving Tsarnaev brother is being held in a cell with a steel door at Federal Medical Center Devens. The facility is located just outside of Boston.

Tsarnaev’s room also reportedly has a viewing window and video surveillance. Medical personnel at the facility monitor inmates in shifts. A prison spokesperson told CBS that keeping the bombing suspect locked up was “business as usual” for the facility.

Tsarnaev was injured in the same firefight with police in which his brother, Tamerlan, was killed. Though Dzhokhar was able to escape on that occasion, a city-wide manhunt eventually located the 19-year-old in a boat parked in a Watertown, Massachusetts backyard.

Another detail about the Tsarnaev brothers also emerged this weekend. Russian police reportedly recorded a phone call in 2011 between Tamerlan and his mother, during which the suspected bomber talked of his radical religious views.

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  • Ted

    Being locked up is the best place for this terrorist MF. I know lots of people would rather see him dead but doesn’t his religion make him a martyr or something if he is killed by the enemy. Please don’t let our legal system screw this up with all kinds of appeals, insanity and the like. If he was nuts he could not have pulled it off. Follow all the legal procedures by the letter and get this prik in prison for good. OH and stop telling everyone where he is.

  • norm

    gee imagine that a steel door in prison

    • ‘bev

      @Norm lmao

  • http://WebproNews Daisy

    So hes behind a steel door oh my. Where is his mug shot. All other pics have been posted but I have not seen a mug shot. I thought all criminals have a mug shot.