“TSA Rape” Blog Post A Matter of Free Speech?

First Amendment rights on the internet at the heart of this case

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“TSA Rape” Blog Post A Matter of Free Speech?
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As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, many will take the time to not only reflect upon the day itself, but also the decade following the WTC attacks. American life has changed dramatically since that day, but it’s not always easy to cite tangible examples of how it has changed.

But sometimes it is. And the TSA is one entity that has gained quite a bit of attention since then. As airports have continued to implement stronger safety measures over the last decade, many have put the Transportation Security Administration into the crosshairs, railing against random searches and pat-downs – which they say violate some of their basic human rights. One thing on which we can all agree – getting patted down in an airport isn’t a whole lot of fun.

What is the limit of free speech on the internet? In a situation where no facts have been entered into the legal record, should someone be able to make accusations in a blog post? Let us know in the comments.

One woman had a particularly nasty experience during a TSA pat-down. According to columnist and blogger Amy Alkon, her experience with a particular TSA agent went way past uncomfortable.

In a blog post, Alkon details a March 31st incident where she accuses a TSA agent of “raping” her with her hand during a public pat-down in Los Angeles.

Alkon writes about her disapproval of the whole procedure in general, saying that the pat-downs are both a physical violation as well as a constitutional one. On that day, she admits that she decided to make a scene on purpose, to bring attention to what she thinks is an unfair act, “to make it uncomfortable for them to violate us and our rights,” she said. So she began sobbing, loudly. According to Alkon, this was what happened next –

Nearing the end of this violation, I sobbed even louder as the woman, FOUR TIMES, stuck the side of her gloved hand INTO my vagina, through my pants. Between my labia. She really got up there. Four times. Back right and left, and front right and left. In my vagina. Between my labia. I was shocked — utterly unprepared for how she got the side of her hand up there. It was government-sanctioned sexual assault.

Upon leaving, still sobbing, I yelled to the woman, “YOU RAPED ME.” And I took her name to see if I could file sexual assault charges on my return. This woman, and all of those who support this system deserve no less than this sort of unpleasant experience, and from all of us.

Apparently, the lawsuit idea fell through as her lawyer told her she had an unwinnable case.

But now, the TSA agent in question is threatening to sue Alkon for her blog post, claiming defamation. Thedala Magee has asked for $500,000 as well as the removal of the blog post.

It doesn’t look like Alkon is going to comply with that request, as she writes today on her blog –

Magee is looking for me to pay her $500K, apologize to her, and take down my blog item about her — because I had the nerve to exercise my First Amendment rights and complain after she jammed her hand sideways into my vagina four times. (Unfortunately for Ms. Magee, I’ve always made a pretty crappy victim.)

She has also gained the services of a First Amendment lawyer named Marc Randazza who is working the case pro bono.

The letter that Magee sent Alkon requesting the monetary damages and the retraction of the “rape” allegations says that the “outbursts in public and writings on the internet” have subjected Magee to “hatred, contempt, and ridicule” and caused her “severe emotional distress, fear, and problems doing her duty.”

Alkon’s lawyer Randazza sent a letter back, saying –

Your client aggressively pushed her fingers into my client’s vulva. I am certain that she did not expect to find a bomb there. She did this to humiliate my client, to punish her for exercising her rights, and to send a message to others who might do the same. It was absolutely a sexual assault, perpetrated in order to exercise power over the victim. We agree with Ms. Alkon’s characterization of this crime as “rape,” and so would any reasonable juror.

He then quotes precedent defending the use of the word “rape” as hyperbolic language. So even if Magee didn’t “rape” Alkon in some meaning of the word, he says that she has the right to characterize it as such.


Response to TSA Agent legal threat

TSA pat-downs have remained a hot button issue for years. Recently, the Texas legislature was forced to pull their “Groping Bill” when the U.S. Attorney for Texas warned that the passing of said bill would most definitely result in flight shutdowns. The “Groping Bill” would have made any TSA pat-down that involved the anus, buttocks or sexual organs a crime.

If everything actually happened as Alkon reports, then you have to agree that this TSA agent’s actions crossed the line – no matter where you stand on the larger issue. Still, some would argue that penalizing the agent for enforcing policies under the instruction of the federal government is the wrong approach. Although it’s highly unlikely that a superior has ever told an agent to go as far as Magee allegedly went.

At this point, it seems to be a case of one person’s word against another person’s word. Should Alkon have the right to make these statements about her experience on her blog? Does a blog post like that fall into the realm of defamation of character? Let us know what you think.

“TSA Rape” Blog Post A Matter of Free Speech?
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  • Bob

    You did it again Josh!

    Do women pat down men at the airport? If so, I need to fly more often. Women patting Bob down will sure send a thrill up his leg just like Chris Mathews. It’s all about the stimulus package! Come on fellow Americans. Why are we so uptight about twitting and texting during sex? Please enlighten me. It’s uncomfortable but the pleasure is immense, ain’t it! Come down and enjoy the ride!

    Back to coding.


  • http://www.westnet.net.au/~gordon451/ Gordon Edwards


    Benjamin Franklin wrote:
    “They that can give up Essential Liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/daveyouman David Youman

    THERE SHOULD BE NO LIMIT TO FREE SPEECH NEITHER SHOULD THERE BE ANY LIMIT TO FREEDOM OF RELIGION ! As of late Christians are being literally robbed and have been and continue to be stripped and robbed of our religious rights as followers of Jesus Christ ! If we let our Government take away these basic rights,not too long after that,the bulk of us will probably find ourselves sitting in the Holocaust of the United States !

    • SLBushway

      Who is taking away the rights of Christians? I hear you people whine about it all the time but haven’t seen much proof of it. Yes, you haven’t been able to erect as many monuments as you like but in a country that is supposed to be about freedom from religion as much as freedom of religion – you shouldn’t have it your way all the time – there are others to consider and as a christian you should know that already. No one is stopping you from going to church, no one is stopping you from decorating your house, your body or your car with religious symbols and no one is preventing a governor from having a prayer day on the steps and so what are you whining about? Maybe society as a whole hasn’t lost faith in a higher being as much as they have the messengers.

      • Youseff

        The answer to the church/Christian questions, I believe can be found here. I have this information in printed form, and was surprised to locate some of it on the internet. However, the printed form gives a much clearer picture of it all.


  • Ken Keicher

    Our government agencies seem to think that they can take any action that they see fit in security situations, but fail to realize that we have rights that, when violated, should be known by all, especially when those who claim to be simply doing their job are crossing the line between job duties and abuse, we still have our rights. Government seems to think that they can break their own laws and rules whenever they see fit and without probable cause. We see this type of behavior time and time again especially with roadblocks to get drunk drivers off the road. But the simple fact remains that until someone actually hurts someone else through their own negligence, they should be left alone. We keep seeing our rights violated over and over by law enforcement, simply because they seem to believe that they are above the law. I believe that such is the case with the TSA rape incident and I also believe that the burden of proof lies with the law makers and their agents to somehow convince us that they didn’t cross the line or abuse their power.

  • Pete Dashwood

    This has nothing to do with free speech. What people put on Blogs cannot be taken seriously by anyone. You might as well legislate against people telling campfire stories or shooting the breeze in bars.

    If you object to being patted down then don’t travel.

    Sadly, the world we live in now requires measures for our collective security that it never used to.

    If the TSA officer was out of line then the lady concerned should have requested another officer be present and stated calmly that she had no objection to being searched provided there were two female officers present. Putting on an act and boo-hooing (as she admits she did) just holds up everyone else and causes a whole lot of aggravation unnecessarily.

    It is NOT a violation of your rights to be searched at airports; you CONSENT to it so you can travel. As a frequent traveller, I am happy to see security in place even though it is sometimes inconvenient/ uncomfortable. It is a lot more inconvenient/uncomfortable to be blown to bits by some lunatic.

    America has become so obsessed with litigation that people are losing their perspective and seem unable to resolve problems WITHOUT it.

    If you were being indecently assaulted by someone, would you stand there and let it happen? Maybe, if you thought there could be a big payday at the end of it. Not me. I’d stop the attack and risk defending my actions in Court later. A supervisor should have been summoned and the problem resolved on the spot.

    As soon as someone gets a sniff they could get some cash, then the performances start.

    Labelling this as rape does a disservice to real rape victims, and suggesting that blogs should be censored or free speech should be curtailed undermines the roots of freedom.

    If you don’t like what’s on a blog, ask them to remove it and, if they don’t, set up your own blog to counter it. (It’s actually a lot cheaper than legislation.)

    • Mick

      How eager some are to trade their liberty for the illusion of security. Sickening and the founders must be rolling over in their graves at how easily so many make the leap that in the name of security, all is permissible.

  • Ken Keicher

    Last time I checked, I did not have to sign a consent form to be abused so that I could travel and there’s a huge difference between being patted down and having invasive actions performed on you.

  • http://www.DontRapeTheCitizensoftheUSPLEASE.com Bill Concerned Citizen

    My immediate solution getting involved something like this.

    PROMPTLY: Punch the SOB in the face or kick them where they touch you. Very simple.

    Fight this thing. Win it. K*** them (leagally speaking) Please, now!

    Raping a visitor is legal in foreign countries where they have limited rights and high drug trafficing.

    US? hmm…. looks like things are changing…

  • Ken Mackenzie

    The story is a great example of the Streisand effect and why resort to defamation suits is usually a poor option for the plaintiff. Millions of people who would never have read the blog post are now reading about the rape allegation.

  • Victim

    I think this is subtle rape or sexual voliation.

  • Freethinker

    I express appreciation and congratulations here to “Yussef” and all others in this response string who have taken the time to cite more or less full legal references and pertinent case material. This is a rare and necessary display of care, awareness of rights, and awareness of some of the general if not some of the finer points of law that is to be commended on all counts.

    There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever, and I think any jury would agree, that Officer Magee seems to have overstepped the limits of her authority and very probably the limits of her operational instructions, and that she engaged in an act of abuse of power. That such abuses happen, and have happened many times over the course of the history of security agencies, on the part of security personnel, security guards, police officers, ATF agents, DEA agents, FBI personnel, military intelligence personnel, etc., is so well and so abundantly documented over many, many years, in legal, historical, social science, journalistic, and also in confidential internal investigation/disciplinary action materials (in so far as these have been declassified or made accessible under FOIA) that to pretend otherwise, and to pretend that everything is always all right and that an agent/officer is always right by the simple virtue of being a uniformed and/or sworn agent/officer would be utterly and completely laughable.

    Vicki Roberts’ wording of the 12 July 2011 letter is somewhat less than legally circumspect, as I think many legal practitioners would readily concur. Describing Ms. Alkon’s behavior as “ranting” and “yelling”, at this stage, is not evidentially supported, not until witness testimony and investigative procedure should establish such as verifiable circumstance. The use of the word “yelled” in Ms. Alkon’s blog does not constitute strong or sufficient evidence, especially as it is very clearly and demonstrably used in a highly emotional context. Ms. Roberts is, at best, being imprudently expressive in her letter, potentially prejudicing the case of her client. If the letter was by any chance not generated by a senior person in the law firm but by a junior substitute, the firm should possibly review with appropriate care and diligence its procedures for approving outbound correspondence. I am also noting here, on the evidence available thus far, that the TSA as such does not seem to have become involved directly. The agency in question would presumably act, on purely procedural and organizational grounds, through official or legal channels other than www.RestMyCase.com.

    All that said, I do not think anyone reviewing this material dispassionately and in full awareness of legal precedent and of possible lawful ranges of agent behavior would have any strong grounds to disagree that at the very least an internal investigation or a disciplinary hearing and/or training review regarding the agent/officer in question is to be highly recommended. Probably, in this instance, an investigation by an external third-party procedure- and/or training-review authority should take place as soon as possible. An agent/officer is not absolved, by virtue of exercising authority in a specific venue and under specific circustances, from preserving Constitutional rights, and human rights and human dignity as understood under “rights of the individual”.

    I am sorry to have to say to Pete Dashwood and others in this discussion string that, regardless of any putative security considerations, it is the obligation of TSA and other agencies to ensure that agents/officers interact with the public in a professional manner. Ms. Magee’s actions as thus far evidenced are unlikely to have been adequately professional or fully consistent with procedural and Constitutional limitations, pending further investigation and verification.

    • bugle

      Thank you so much for your intelligent and ethical commentary.

  • k. murphy

    First, everyone assumes that the TSA agent actually did what this woman said she did. It’s an accusation not a verdict. People seem to forget that we’re supposed to be considered “innocent before proven guilty”!

    It’s obvious that the majority of “comments” made here were written without much thought or maybe just pure ignorance of a woman’s anatomy. It would be next to impossible for the agent to have “put” her finger let alone her hand up this woman’s vagina – especially with pants on, and… without others noticing!

    If what Ms. Alkon is accusing the agent of were true she would have had to cooperate and participate in the actions of the agent. She (Ms. Alkon) would have needed to spread her legs so that the agent could get up in her crouch to enable her to “go up inside” her vagina without a struggle. And, I’m pretty sure this maneuver would have been noticed by someone.
    I don’t know about anyone else but, if a TSA agent had touched me even once, in the way Ms. Alkon is accusing, I sure as hell wouldn’t have just stood there and especially not quietly to allow it to happen THREE MORE TIMES! I’m sure I would have jumped (out of surprise) and most likely have said something like whoa, or ex – cuuse me? Something, and moved away. Try to imagine for a minute something like what is being claimed happening to you – would you really just stand there and let it continue THREE MORE TIMES? I highly doubt it! REMEMBER, she ADMITTED she was going to make a scene.

    Although, IF the accusation being made was true, perhaps Ms. Alkon liked the feeling so much she shoved (or thrust) herself against the agent’s hand.

    The whole accusation is so ridiculous and sad – I’m sure that the 1st Amendment wasn’t intended for things like this. Our laws were written to protect our civil liberties and to protect us FROM persecution and not libelous accusations. Salem witch hunts anybody?

    If Ms. Alkon was truly being “raped” why didn’t she call the police right then and there and have the agent arrested instead of waiting and publicly accusing the agent… intending harm. REMEMBER, she ADMITTED she was going to make a scene.

    By the way, to set the record straight for the people like the person in a previous comment above, who think that the x-ray machines take nude pictures for “all” to see, are totally mis-informed. They are x-rays and look just like an x-ray of a broken bone. Plus, the x-ray “picture” comes up in another room where another agent is looking for weapons and they have no idea what the person being x-rayed even looks like – they see a skeletal figure and NOT a photograph. It’s actually the least intrusive way in making sure we’re all safe.

    Unfortunately, the events of 9/11 changed our world and sadly it will never be the same as it once was. But, sadder yet are the people who have to make it even harder than what it is instead of coming up with solutions to make it easier to cope with the changes.

    No, I’m not employed by the TSA. I’m just getting tired of people complaining. It seems that the same people who complain about security measures are the first to complain when something happens that threatens our security.

    People think because no one with an explosive hidden on their body has been caught by the TSA that it doesn’t work. But, perhaps it’s because of the precautions that anyone has even tried. I guess the only way to know for sure would be to get rid of all security measures and when the next plane full of people explodes we’ll know for sure – won’t we?

    How many trains, cars and buildings have been blown up in Europe where security isn’t as “intrusive”? Isn’t as secure? MANY! Too too many!
    I personally don’t want another 9/11 tragedy to happen – here or anywhere else! Do you??

    While I think our country has gone a little overboard and haywire about some things like; illegally and secretly taping our phones, I don’t think it’s right for a person to single out another person and potentially ruin and/or harm that person for doing their job. If Ms. Alkon has a problem with the way the TSA is handling things she should take it up with the administrators at Homeland Security or her congressman and not the guy at the bottom.

    As far as Ms. Alkon’s recent attorney taking her case pro-bono (free of charge) I’m sure it’s not because it’s a winning case but rather the possible publicity that he’ll get by representing her!

    It’s too bad Ms. Alkon had to get her “15 minutes of fame” at the expense of someone else – REMEMBER, she ADMITTED she was going to make a scene.

    Ms. Alkon is NOT brave as her attorney proclaims but a coward who needed to fabricate a situation to get some sort of glory. REMEMBER, she ADMITTED she was going to make a scene.

    • Steph

      Have you ever flown from a US airport??

      If you would have ever been subjected to a search, whether a pat down or a even just a wand, it is absolutely NORMAL procedure to have to spread your legs. NOT doing so will get the cops called over to you.

      I don’t know about anyone else but, if a TSA agent had touched me even once, in the way Ms. Alkon is accusing, I sure as hell wouldn’t have just stood there and especially not quietly to allow it to happen THREE MORE TIMES! I’m sure I would have jumped (out of surprise) and most likely have said something like whoa, or ex – cuuse me? Something, and moved away.

      She tried, remember? But, she was just making a scene, right? When does it go from “sure wouldn’t stand there quietly” into “just making a scene”?

      This is the problem with trying to go against the TSA. Only 37% of Americans even own a passport, let alone fly. So about 2/3 of the population don’t even KNOW first hand what is going on.

      And the worst thing is, these people are so misinformed by a politically run American media syndicate that they feel smug in their beliefs of the way the world works and spew this type of trash. But you know what they say: garbage in, garbage out.

      But hey, you get what you pay for.

    • DG

      You sound like a TSA plant or union thug. Now we all know

    • bugle

      I find your suggestion that the alleged victim ‘liked the feeling so much she shoved (or thrust) herself against the agent’s hand’ absolutely ignorant and reprehensible. Your logic throughout your discourse has more holes than Swiss cheese. You just have it all figured out; don’t you, Einstein? Please tell us all more about how rape victims should behave, who they should complain to and what they should complain about, and please school us more about the anatomy of a female. You must be a gynecologist and obstetrician!!! You must have also written a book on human behavior, but I guess you forgot to write the chapter about how traumatic sexual assault is and that many victims never tell anyone their entire lives!! Furthermore, you state that the accused should be considered ‘innocent before proven guilty.’ I agree with this one point, but why don’t you take your own advice? You already lit the match on Ms. Alkon’s
      Salem witch hunt!!

  • mrdelurk

    The terrorists never caused any problem to me (as opposed to TSA who stole my foot cream and fruit juices), so on the whole, I think I’d feel safer traveling with a terrorist airline like Al Qaeda Air.

    No need for pat downs or metal detectors any more, it’s an all-terrorist flight, so people could just proceed to the plane and travel unexamined. Carrying guns on board would be a requirement; if you brought none, you would get one with the headphones. This way if a pretend towelee tried to hijack the flight, the 300 armed others could easily overpower him and shove his federal badge up his wazoo. (As long as the guns they issued worked better than those earbuds they hand out nowadays.)

    Why, packing all that heat, we might even get courteous service.

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  • Th

    It is interesting that you assume innocent until proven guilty for the tsa ‘employee’ (they are Not trained law officers), yet you pass judgment upon ms alkon. As an airline pilot I CAN say the person who is speaking without much thought and speaking ignorance would be you. I see only a daily basis the abuse performed by the tsa. I see them over step their legal boundrys every time I walk through an airport. Unfortunately there is little we can do about it at the moment. The only thing we have is one small voice at a time. Like ms. Alkon. We need more like her! Until we become a unified loud voice unfortunately we will continue to be violated in the name of safety!

  • Th

    In reply to k murphy it is interesting that you assume innocent until proven guilty for the tsa ‘employee’ (they are Not trained law officers), yet you pass judgment upon ms alkon. As an airline pilot I CAN say the person who is speaking without much thought and speaking ignorance would be you. I see on a daily basis the abuse performed by the tsa. I see them over step their legal boundrys every time I walk through an airport. Unfortunately there is little we can do about it at the moment. The only thing we have is one small voice at a time. Like ms. Alkon. We need more like her! Until we become a unified loud voice unfortunately we will continue to be violated in the name of safety!

    • Jan

      We need to be united.

  • Steph

    I’m a Canadian who lives in Germany. My parents live in a border town, only 20 miles away from Detroit airport. I suffer through the 300 mile drive from Toronto airport after an 8 hour flight because I can not STAND to fly into or out of the States.

    I haven’t figured out how American airports are more safe than European airports due to patdowns which include even getting within an inch of my private zones.

    This has nothing to do with “safety”, “rights” or anything else defined by your constitution. This is about money, hard and fast. It is about selling as many of those body scanners as possible and to do so, you have to quickly bring about acceptance for getting a full body scan. Make patdowns as awful and akward as possible so that any passenger in their right mind would rather walk thru that scanner than get patted down, and voila! the airport will need MORE of the scanners to deal with all the passengers.

    In this world everything comes down to dollars and cents, no one gives a rat’s patootie about your safety. And definitely not your government. They care about pushing their lobbies and self interests through and grabbing what they can. Have you asked yourself who enforced the laws for patdowns and body scanners, and who owns the company that makes them? Just a happy coincidence, I’m sure. Maybe I should buy stock in that company, they seem to know how to push their products. And I’ll earn a buck or two along with it, and invest that money in a rental car to drive 300km from Toronto and laugh at Americans stuck with body scanners and a rabid TSA.

    • http://www.jacksononthemoon.com Sharon J

      Excellent comment, Steph

    • Jan

      So true.

  • Alexios Tsiaparas

    I think that we miss the point entirely! Someone has the right to enter his/her finger in vaginas? And then make claims because someone told his/her story? I sympathize with September 11, but this is outrageous!

  • anders

    Good for her. The TSA is engaging in sexual assault, their activities would land anyone else in jail. That’s a fact. Rape is a common term for sexual assault, and if you can rape someone with a flashlight you can rape them with your hand. The TSA employees should be ashamed of themselves and if their union leadership had any morality they would work to prevent their workers from having to molest people.

    If the TSA agent did not do those things that would be a problem of course. However I don’t think she’s really claiming she didn’t, only that when she does it it is ok. “When the president does it isn’t illegal” “When I do it, it isn’t sexual assault, though I’d sue anyone who did it to me!”

  • http://myjobcentre.co.uk/ Anne Jolki

    I think that you can do what you want in terms of the search! To use airpline anyway is safer then drive with a car! Statisctics show that car accidents happening mutch more often and if you compare the effort you will understand that for safety matters it is necessary to involve sometimes drastic rules!

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  • Warren

    Body cavity searches are ‘unreasonable’ because we live in an ‘unreasonable’ world. Body cavity smuggling is everywhere. Any TSA agent can tell of incidences where things were hidden in body cavities, including those of men and women. Not just terrorist items, but often drugs. My son worked as a supervisor for airplane security for a major airline at a major US airport. He said they find things onboard that are not a threat in themselves, but added up they are. Many people smuggle items onto a certain plane, each on different trips, hidden on the plane. Finally someone comes on board to put it all together and it ends up being something that is a threat, like a bomb. Terrorists would like nothing more than the elimination of body scans and probes. Why did Amy Alkon refuse the body scan which would have satisfied TSA without her being probed? Why did she make loud, insulting comments about the agent on a return trip to the airport (it did not say when)? She was “over the top” and aggressively obnoxious herself.

  • http://interiordesign-today.com Natalia

    It’s interesting blog you got here. Aren’t we lucky this days that we can access all this information on the web!!!

  • http://soberlivingsearch.com Tom Rees

    All’s I can say is that victim must have been wearing a pair of pants no thicker than a stocking — or she has mighty large left and right labia — foe a gloved hand to get inside there through her pants.

    I think it is all BS, myself. A bunch of radical towel-heads attacked our country. So that it doesn’t happen again, we all must put up with a little extra security. The extra security is everywhere, though, and you can bet it will be tight in the new buildings going up at the WTC. It is just something we all have to deal with. After all, it has been 10 years and they have caught hundreds of plots to get us again, some of them using airplanes.

    As a patriotic American, I am willing to put up with pat downs, and if a TSA agent moves my testicles from one side to the other, I’m not going to sue them or start sobbing loudly. I’ll tolerate it just like the rest of us should, without running to some scumbag attorney to sue somebody. Personally, I think attorneys are a much bigger problem and have a bigger hand in wrecking our way of life than the TSA.

    • http://www.jacksononthemoon.com Sharon J

      Calling people “radical towel heads” does not forward any helpful, intelligent discussion on this issue.

      Making comments on the size of her labia is equally ignorant and pointless. I am sure, however, that your penis is absolutely splendid, so I will not go any further commenting on that.

      When traveling by air, I have no objection to having my body scanned and my suitcase checked and my shoes removed. However if someone repeatedly is groping private parts of my body to allegedly find a bomb that could be identified by another method of scanning, then I am sorry, someone has crossed a line.

      Based on your reasoning, you would not mind someone fondling your testicles or repeatedly putting a finger in your anus. If that is so, then God Bless you, you are obviously a more tolerant and gentle person than I am.

      • Dude

        I’d love to see his reaction if this happened to his daughter (if you do not have one, try imagining it then. I dought you would say the same thing to her: honey, you sure you are not BSing me? You sure that TSA person shoved it high enough for you to feel it, not once but four times?

        Yeas, the BS is your response here. As a TRUE American, I would use my first ammendment right and kick your a** if you were the agent.

    • Jan

      Just an empty head can write this. Patriotic testicles he said? ;o)

    • Tom Hillgardner

      You, sir, are no patriotic American. A patriotic American resists government tyranny; he/she does not acquiesce and submit to it. Acquiesence and submission is what Sheeple do. And NEWS FLASH: it doesn’t make you any safer relatively speaking.

  • Opinionated

    I think the point that everyone is missing here is: since when is it your right to use this mode of travel? Everyone seems to act like or believe travelling on an airplane is their god given right, and not a service provided by companies at their discretion with government oversight.

    Can someone point me to the section of any constitution, amendment, or other charter that says we all have the right to fly?

    Until someone shows me otherwise, I believe that the safety of those who travel should be put first.

    No one HAS to fly, it is a choice, not a right.

    With that said,I am certainly not without sympathy towards those who suffer at the hands of the TSA. Like any other authority position, the power is abused by some individuals. There has to be accountability for the actions of those enforcing policy.

    • Roger Gentian

      No one has a right to drive either. By your reasoning, it would be reasonable expect a random full cavity search as a condition for having the privilege of getting getting in our cars to go somewhere.

      • Kandi

        Thank you Roger. I totally agree. People are such stupid blind following SHEEP. I posted my own Randy above. I think you will agree with it.

        • Kandi

          Sorry that should have been posted my own RANT…auto spell check…gotta love it…

  • http://www.bookreviewsbyangy.com Angy

    I fly frequently, both within Australia where I live, and internationally. As I have a metal hip replacement I am always subject to extra security – usually a female officer with an electronic detector, in the same open area as the baggage security checks. She will pat me down, usually after asking permission, only in those areas which set off the metal detector. I allow extra time for this. Good humoured though this usually is, I would opt for the body scan if available.

    I have made a complaint once, when new proceedures involved my having to wait for the female officer in a very small space, hemmed in far too closely by a large male officer. The complaint was promptly dealt with, with reference to the cc footage, and the proceedure revised.

    That said, my experiences with US international airports have been consistently worse than other countries, and I am seriously considering not returing to the US even though I have friends and family there.

    And I would certainly complain if touched as Ms Alkon claims she was touched – and, to Tom, the disbelieving gentleman, yes, it is possible, even through clothing. I would, myself, not sob or shout, nor disrupt my own travel plans; but I would make sure I had the name of the officer and I would go through as many different official and legal channels as it took to get the issue widely publicised.

  • Kandi

    Okay I am sick and tired of the “If you don’t wanna be groped or scanned don’t fly” bullcrap. What if you are REQUIRED by your JOB to go to POLAND (yes this is a true and accurate example). What are you supposed to do? WALK? Oh I guess you could just change jobs. Yeah that would work. In this economy you could probably get a job quickly making minimum wage instead of the $63,000 you now make. Yeah THAT is the answer.

    The 4th amendment grants search and seizure under implicit terms. Probable cause. Probable cause is NOT the fact that you want to get on a plane. So if you wanna keep making fun of and running down those of us who are trying to protect YOUR 4th amendment rights, then so be it. But you would be fit to be tied if one of your other rights such as the right not to incriminate yourself was suddenly taken from you. You can’t pick and choose people. Either stand up and defend our constitutional rights AGAINST unlawful search before we end up losing ALL of our rights, or we WILL.

    If what this woman is saying in true, it is NOT in any way libelous. And you know what? I’ll bet she did feel as if she had been RAPED. What if you are at work and your coworker walks by and slaps you on your ass or brushes his hand over the breast. ASSAULT. TSA agents are ASSAULTING people. PERIOD.

    So yeah, walk to Poland my dear husband, because you have a choice of whether you want to fly there or not. Sure he does. But he also has a RIGHT, NOT to be sexually assaulted just because he wants to get on a plane.

    So how many of you idiots defending this type of behavior (because after all flying IS a choice, and they are only doing it to keep us safe..GAG!) would have said the same things if it was your 13 year old daughter that had a woman shove her hand into her vagina???? What about your 13 year old daughter getting scanned where everything is visible and free for the viewing later…

    You people need to wake the hell up, stop being so freakin’ stupid and take a stand in defense of your rights before you and everyone else lose them ALL.

    • Dude


      This is the way any person with common sense would think. Those who support the TSA agent’s actions are either doing so to get a reaction on this forum, work for at or for the airport, are somehow sickos or simply stupid.

      • Jan

        I agree with you 100 percent.

  • Kandi

    Oh and I forgot to mention that pilots and TSA agents are EXEMPT from this type of groping and scanning. Now you tell me how hard it would be for a terrorist to get a hold of a uniform and walk right on by and get on a plane? HELLO, MORONS!

    People just don’t THINK for themselves anymore. They let the government decide what is good for them. Excuse me, but doesn’t that sound a little something like COMMUNISM??????

  • Leslie Fish

    Why has nobody mentioned the fact that, to date, two jihadist would-be bombers (the Shoe Bomber and the Crotch Bomber) got past the TSA onto airliners, and were stopped not by any Air Marshals but by the other civilian passengers? So much for the value of the TSA! We’d do better to arm and instruct all the passengers. In fact, we’d do better with the Swiss System, period. It’s high time we realized that the government can’t really do anything to guarantee our safety, economy, or anything else. We have to do it ourselves.

    –Leslie < Fish

    • Jan

      I am with you.

    • http://www.softoolsme.com/holdyourhorses.htm SB

      How do you know that for 2 such cases there were not 200 cases that were caught but not reported for obvious reasons.

  • Joe Airlines

    I can understand both sides of this and it very well may have felt like being raped. But we also know that a few bad apples in our society will always make a large group look bad and this is a stereo type of accusation. I work at an airport and I know we have very dedicated TSA agents who take the job very seriously.Think about this if you had to do this day in and day out, don’t you think that you could just move your hands and not even realize what you might be doing. I understand we have rights and no one wants to be feel raped but I’d rather them get the bomb than be bombed. Joe at the Airlines

    • Jan

      What makes you think that to next will be via airplane? How about train, bus, car … poison in water …whatever that might be. What than?

      • Jan

        …the next hit…

  • Alfonzo

    We are re-living in a Pre war German State. Before you know it our 2nd amendment rights will disappear too.

    But what if she did have something in her vagina? Perhaps a bloody Tampax. Would that be considered rape?

  • Alfonzo

    You also have to ask yourself, “Who owns a major number of shares of the company selling the scanner machines?” And how are they in bed with homeland insecurity.

    Find out more at: http://www.counterpunch.org/2010/12/09/fears-mount-on-tsa-body-scanners/

  • Jan

    TSA should stop its inhumane practice now!

  • Linja

    Most comments are ignoring the free speech question. Seems to me the blogger has the right to tell the truth as she sees it. The fact that TSA sanctions touching someones genitals does not make it okay. It still feels like rape to the person being touched and so she can say so. It will be interesting to see how the case turns out.

  • http://myjobcentre.co.uk/ Job Centre

    In my opinion you can perform forced search in a name of the safety everywhere and in any form! ….but – you need to propose it in a certain way and you need to make it up to the person that is kind of search ‘victim’.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • http://www.travelwrite.co.za Caroline

    The TSA are despicable and also the reason I am willing to visit almost any country in the world except the United States … I applaud this blogger and all other individuals to stand up for their rights. Flying used to be a pleasure … thanks to the TSA they have turned into a nightmare … and for what?

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