TSA Protest: Oregon Man Gets Naked For The Cause

    April 18, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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It would be hard to find a group that has taken more criticism from the population in the past few years than the TSA. Accusations of harassment, lawsuits, and yes, protests have been commonplace news stories in the new millennium.

Let’s just take a trip back in time to some of the most recent stories of dustups between the TSA and travelers:

Last year, a blog post from a woman crying “TSA rape” prompted legal considerations. In February, a TSA agent was accused of stealing money from someone during a patdown. Just a week later, a Denver woman made news when she refused a patdown.

Hell, even a U.S. Senator was reported to have a dustup with the TSA.

We’ve also seen video of old ladies, young children, and even people in wheelchairs going through the TSA checkpoints. The TSA has a knack for hitting on issues of privacy, personal liberties, and saftey & security like almost no other entity in modern American culture. Just this week, a video went viral of a woman sobbing uncontrollably while being frisked by agents.

That’s why I can’t say I’m surprised that an Oregon man stripped buck-naked at the Portland National Airport on Tuesday in protest.

Google+Reader”>According to CNN, 50-year-old John E. Brennan was charged with disorderly conduct and indecent exposure after walking through a TSA security screening area in the buff. His reason? He said that he’s a frequent flyer and he took off his clothes to protest what he felt was harassment by the TSA officials.

His actions caused a couple of screening lanes to be shut down for a little bit.

While nude protests might not always be the best way to go about this (there are kids around, man), it’s pretty clear that people are becoming more and more fed up with the recent complications of flying.

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  • William Choate

    I don’t suggest going to jail for a protest. I rather do it with my car. I get there sooner than by
    air with all the delays if it is less than 200 miles away, and by preplanning I don’t use air travel
    at all. It appears there are TSA folks who know full well what are true hazards but like to abuse
    their authority. We appreciate the security, but if the game is to keep a step ahead of terrorists
    and suicide operatives, there may be more effective ways of detecting and defusing the danger.

  • Ira

    Let’s stop the insanity, and admit that ‘racial’ (really, ethno-religious) profiling works. Middle-aged rednecks, little Christian boys, old Jewish ladies, and teenage Asian girls are not likely, in any universe, to hijack, or blow up a plane. And quit allowing pervy screeners to the security screening system to cop a feel of hot starlets:


  • Davis

    I don’t think the TSA agent got the butt of his joke. :)