TSA Agent Desecrates Grandpa’s Remains, Laughs at the Victim

    June 26, 2012
    Chris Gabbard
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A man attempting to bring his grandfather’s remains home to Indianapolis, got quite a shock at a Florida airport when a TSA agent opened up the container holding the remains, sifted through them with her finger, and then spilled them on the floor. The jar was tightly sealed, marked with the words “Human Remains”, and clearly too small to encase any kind of weapon, but that didn’t stop the TSA agent.

“I was told later on that she had no right to even open it, that they could have used other devices, like an X-ray machine. So she opened it up. She used her finger and was sifting through it. And then she accidentally spilled it.,” John Gross told the ABC affiliate in Indianapolis, rtv6.

He was forced to crawl around on his hands and knees trying to pick up his grandfather’s ashes while passengers waited behind him. The TSA agent, simply stood there and laughed.

“She didn’t apologize. She started laughing. I was on my hands and knees picking up bone fragments. I couldn’t pick up all, everything that was lost. I mean, there was a long line behind me.”

According to a TSA spokesperson, under no circumstance are human remains to be opened at a security checkpoint and are instead supposed to pass through an X-ray machine. They are supposedly looking at security tapes to figure out what happened. In the meantime, Gross wants an apology for being treated so shabbily. Given TSA’s track record, an apology might be a long time coming.

“I want an apology,” Gross said. “I want an apology from TSA. I want an apology from the lady who opened the jar and laughed at me. I want them to help me understand where they get off treating people like this.”

  • William Mott

    I don’t think an apology would be enough. To disrespect his grandfather like that and then to have her laugh. She better loose her job for this.

  • Sandra E.

    This is what Bush & Obama have reduced Americans to. I am sorry that your grandfather’s remains were so grossly mistreated. I am sorry that there are TSA Agents who feel that they can manipulate their authority at will on 3 year olds, the elderly, and now even remains. I think that it may make the airlines & TSA take notice if everyone boycotts flying for 3 days. Then maybe they will get the message we are not terrorists. I think enough is enough. AMERICANS STAND UP OR FALL FOR ANYTHING! We are the new IRAQ IRAN & ALL THE OTHER TYRANT RAN COUNTRIES WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE AGAINST!

  • Will

    While the agent’s response was inexcusable, she did have the right and duty to examine the container and its contents. Just because someone says that it’s Grandpa’s ashes doesn’t mean it is. What if it had been some explosive? Nearly every US airline requires that cremated remains travel in a sealed container in checked baggage. Either check the procedures and abide by them, or send Grandpa by registered mail to Indianapolis.

    • Russell

      @Will, you are a jack-ass. Do you have any family that you have even a tiny bit of affection for? I can answer that: NO. If you did you would understand that losing a loved one and having to travel with their remains is a sad thing. The natural thing to do would be to have them traveling with you, not in the cargo hold, that’s just wrong on so many levels. And even the TSA themselves have stated that they have procedures for this exact situation (even the idiots in charge understand that people would want the deceased to travel WITH them) without having to open the container. The issue is the uncaring, sociopath that was on duty that day who obviously doesn’t even know or understand the protocol she was hired to institute. And if, in fact, she DOES know what the proper procedure should have been, then even more reason she should be kicked to the curb. Or at least find her a position that she is better qualified for. Like taking care of the diaper changing stations. If nothing else, they need do to move her for her own safety because one day she’s going to pull that crap on someone who’s going to educate her on proper respect for the deceased, and we can only hope that it’s a painful lesson for the bitch. Where the hell do they grow people like her anyway? And as for your statement “send Grandpa by registered mail to Indianapolis”, I’m sure that is exactly what you would do as long as they have a cheapo super saver rate. Wait a moron.

    • Fernando

      Will, I guess you were never the brightest light in the room. You are telling me that with all the expensive machinery they still cannot tell if a container has explosives? This is just another example that most TSA agents are nothing more than little people trying to feel important. Losers who wouldnt make it very far in the private sector.

  • Renee

    My family and I travel all the time for business and the way TSA people act make me sick. I forgot about a water bottle in my carry on bag. It did not even have a half an inch of water in it. The TSA worker yelled out really loud “Whose bag is this” and then threw the bottle at my face and told me to throw it away. True story! When I asked why she did that she said not to argue or she would keep me off my flight. This happened over a year ago and I really didn’t know who to report this to. There are some crazy TSA people. We just got back from DC and a TSA was being so mean to a grandma who was behind me in line. She was asking her why she did not know what was in her own bag and if this was for sure her bag talking terrible to her. It was just sickening to watch and made me so mad. I think the grandma might have had a hearing problem but the TSA didn’t care. I was told the pay is crappy for being a TSA and most of them can’t afford to fly. It is a jealously thing for them to have to check all of these people and never get to go on vacation since they make terrible wages. Also if you try and video their behavior they treat you even worse. They think they are Gods!

  • Tanya fox

    1st of all Sandra….this is what 9/11 and TERRORISM has caused!!! 2nd of all Renee…to put all TSA agents in one category is quite ignorant!! “they” do not All act like jerks, I have met some quite nice and professional TSA agents… And Jealousy is the most obsurd argument I have ever heard!!!

  • elvis singleton

    3 words, class action lawsuit, name the-airline.- airport,-tsa agent, then get the video for court purpose, then sue everyone involved for misconduct, retraining in tsa duty, and require that this woman be dimissed and given a less central position, like waste removal, trash detail, or anything more befitting her stupidity.

    • JPF

      that is a terrific suggestion you have, add on clean the toilets.

    • Sean

      Hell, even Forest Gump had a job that took more intelligence then this dumb ass could muster, and all he did was cut grass!!
      Speaking of, this bitch makes Forest Gump rank right up there with Albert Einstein!

  • James Hardison

    The rules aren’t even as good as the agents enforcing them. When I wasn’t allowed to carry on nail clippers, I was allowed to carry on my fountain pen. Not only is it sharp enough to puncture, but, there’s no telling with what it may be filled.

  • Cristito M Angob

    Bringing human remains though tightly sealed and marked “Human Remains” is still needs proper documentations to ensure its contents. If it had however and to avoid any doubt to ensure security and safety, the TSA agent concern must refer the matter to his/her shift supervisor for final disposition rather than opened it. I think proper investigation is necessary to give justice to the aggrieved party. TSA agents must strictly enforce and implement all laws and policies without fear and favor in order to protect the aviation industry, but, it must be done with due courtesy and respect.

    • Bythe Beach

      Cristito, you are a TSA agent. In the few stories I’ve read about the TSA, you have defended them. This useless, money consuming government agency is indefensible.

      I’m sure in a few weeks, the TSA will issue a statement that states the agent was following old protocal, but within the duties of an agent. Total hogwash!

  • Festus Hagan

    Someone should of snap her photo, and then spread it around facebook and google+ and made some rant about how rude she was and disrespecting the guys Ashes .. after few million facebook post of stupid TSA agent maybe they would remover her .. Just Saying .. idk..

  • arriviste

    Regardless of all the complaints and reprehensible conduct by the T.S.A. Nothing is going to change. We here in the U.S. have become sheep, and are incapable of acting in a cohesive body in order to bring change. We could, as a citizen body, get rid of the T.S.A. overnight, but we will not, we will accept the crap that they and our government keep dishing out to us, and nothing will change. However, as one poster has stated, the day is not far off, when the T.S.A. will pick on the wrong person, and the ensuing aftermath of the encounter will rock not only our sad and pathetic government, but the top leaders of the T.S.A. It’s coming, it’s just a matter of time.

  • reply to dumb poster

    They should fire her. There are many unemployed people that need a job, they need to fire her and hire someone who has some common sense.

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