Trump’s Obama Announcement: It Could Change Your Vote

    October 23, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Donald Trump swears he has some inside info on President Obama that will change the way everyone looks at him, and will probably even change the way people approach the voting booth in a couple of weeks.

Trump chose to share the news of his news with gossip site TMZ after leaking hints about it on Twitter and on Fox & Friends, telling them he can’t officially talk about it until Wednesday.

“It’s very big, and we’ll see what happens. I’ll be discussing it probably around noonish on Wednesday.”

Trump said he wouldn’t comment on whether Obama would be unhappy with this surprise news, saying that is up to the president.

  • KAT


    • D-Boy Wheeler

      Hear hear!

    • Ricardo Hess


    • Steven

      Trump don’t need any help from the IDIOT FAMILY to be a Complete IDIOT so shut-up IDIOT FAMILY

    • ment

      This president is concerned about the people. you should be too.

  • http://2011Taxes.org Steve

    He must have paid someone at Occidental College for Barry’s entrance documents where he was accepted as a foreign exchange student.

  • Tina Schuenke

    Mr. Trump, with all due respect, should leave his nose out of something he has no business putting it in. I really think he has a high opinion of himself. He needs to get over himself and just SHUT UP! He has been playing this bash Obama game too long. It is getting old and frankly, nobody cares what he has to say. He is a rich man trying to get his candidate in office so he can get the rich man’s tax break. He will say anything to get that done. Here’s me NOT LISTENING!

    • fedup with government

      Free Speech!!!!!!

    • mike

      yes tina you are right hit it on the nose. he trying to get the lyer in office so he won’t pay taxes. that will not change my vote. and people with good since should put it together now you want to come out shut up trump. you republicans are dirty and full of dog b…

      • johnd

        Mike, with all due respect….learn how to read and write.

  • Vikki

    The media gives him a platform, why?

    • Johnny DoNothing

      If the media was interested he would not have to resort to Twitter

  • roverboy

    No one will believe him anyway. No one will believe a truth when they hear it. Only the lies will they believe.

    • Republicans don’t lie

      That is how the Republicans keep their sheeple in line.

      • http://google Dave

        9th time PEOPLE….3RD PARTY IS A MUST! these assholes have screwed the American people long enough-or do you enjoy getting F**ked with NO KISS!
        Guess most of you do!……you keep voting for them!!!!

  • j

    T R U M P is a PHONEY & I will NEVER watch his nbc show again.

    what a nothing!

    • Johnny DoNothing

      You actually sat through his show??…really like pain don’t you

  • k. w. shields

    No one spends so much effort and money to hide their personal records – as Obama has – unless they have something to hide. It is unfathomable that our representatives have not vetted this information from someone who not only became our President, but someone who has since tried to deceive the American public with a shameful presentation of a bogus birth certificate.

    • Republicans don’t lie

      Ummm, right. Obama deleted the hard drives from his company’s computers. Then, he sold the hard drives and computers. He wiped his hands and laughed. No, wait, that was Romney.
      Wake up before you point fingers. Christianity is supposed to tell the truth.

    • Johnny DoNothing


    • Curt Novak

      do you like drinking trump’s koolaid?

  • david

    i have a BIG annoucement too, but i wont wait until high noon….
    Trump is an Ass

    • J

      That’s not an announcement, that’s a well known fact

      • david

        lol…its sooooooo important, ‘i’ll tell you tomorrow’

  • johnd

    Sound to me like the Obama camp is nervous.

    • Ken

      No they are not. Seems like the Anti-Obama people are running out of time and options, so bring in the smear machine.

  • KayneWestStoleMyTires

    I am guessing he has proof that Obama registered as a foreign student at one of his schools. To register as foreign student he would need
    to show documentation for the country of origin.

  • mary



    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Mary, don’t be so ignorant. turn off the caps and sit your sorry arse down. You are clueless!

  • cindyb

    I am truly amazed and saddened with people attacking each other just because we have different political views. We need to be thanking our lucky stars we live in a country where there are several different parties. If only one party is in total control, I truly believe our great nation would lose its checks and balances that are essential to the intregrity of our elected officials. They are after all–HUMAN–and we tend to love POWER…God bless us all.

    • http://yahoo gatorboy

      Cyndi. You are so naive! This isn’t about politics, it’s about two seperate and very distinct philosophy’s, liberty or tyranny, Capitalism or Socialism, unfettered government or minimal government interference in a free enterprise system. Believe me as history unfolds you will get down and thank God that we got rid of obamageddon on November 6th!

  • http://yahoo nick nicholson

    obama is nothing but a BULLY. think about it. he always has to belittle, put down, or bash the other guy to make himself look better. that’s what bullies do. he does this with all his “opponents”. he makes promises he still can’t keep. PLEASE not another 4 years!!!! we’ve already lost sooooo much. NO MORE!!!!

    • Tom from Canonsburg

      Where can you possibly get that idea? The GOP started their attack on Obama about 4 hours after the election. The GOP has put our financial stability in jeopardy. Mitch McConnell and his 83 filabuster’s and you blame Obama? Romney has been pounding on Obama for several years and mostly unjustified BS. Obama finally fights back and you call him a bully? Goodness!

    • thepsalmist

      This idiot and racist. If you followed everything about how President Obama came into the office and what he was handed down from the Bush administration, then you will know that it will take more than 4 years to clean up the mess that America was already in. Too bad it took this long and on President Obama’s watch for idiots like you to recognize this. That what all you racists want is for the Black man to clean up the mess you made and then once it’s straighten out, then you are ready to take the credit. That’s been the way it always has been before you were born. Wake-up and smell the coffee!!! Remember no one picked a “color of their race” God made us all. It time someone reminded you of that and give credit where credit is due. No one hates Mitt Romney – he is just not qualified for a Commander and Chief. Also, I must add – if you followed the political battle – you would know that Congress (Republicans/Democrats have to approve anything the President ask for. Your Republicans rebutted against everything that this President asked for with the exception of things that was approved by the Executive Office. You better pray that your name is not on the list of haters/racists people because all of us have to answer to a greater source.

      • Eyenoe

        It’s Commander-in-Chief, stupid!!!

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    The only serious comment that this DUCK can say is that President Obama is Homosexaul, because(Obama) did not went to prison for child abuse,rape,or murdering someone except for his cat,or he indulge in drugs in someway asisde from this RACIST LOW-LIFE has nothing else to go by. I dont know or fully understand why the News Media keep giving IDIOT the time of day are night.Maybe he own there building for them to keep give him air time(s)

  • Michael

    Ohhh,, I bet ol’ ‘kiss an American Haters Butt’ is sweating now.. I see from the rants his kind are already tore up. YAYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO MITTMAN !!!!

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    The only serious comment that this DUCK can say is that President Obama is Homosexaul, because(Obama) did not went to prison for child abuse,rape,or murdering someone except for his cat,or he indulge in drugs in someway asisde from this RACIST LOW-LIFE has nothing else to go by. I dont know or fully understand why the News Media keep giving IDIOT the time of day are night.Maybe he own there building for them to keep give him air time(s) the answer to your Yahoo this is my first message that I am posting I dont know where you got idea that I have already made this comment,if I have then I would like for you to show on your as evidance to the fact.

    • Joe


      Looking at your post with all the spelling and grammar errors, I would certainly not call someone else an idiot if I were you.

      And if that is your first post like you say, you should probably stop at that one because you sir are the idiot.

  • J

    The big announcement is that Barry and Donald are long lost brothers…..wouldn’t that be a trip?

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    Yes it seems as though you were correct with statement for this I truly apologize for what seems to be my mistake, and misunderstanding because I did not realized that I had submit this message before.The reason seems to be this computer is acting crazy. Once again I sincerely apologize to you all.

  • Mary

    Regarless of what Donald Trump brings up, Democrats are still going to vote for President Obama. Apparently, Trump must feel threatened that he is going to win.

  • chuck

    Obama is one of if not the worst President’s this country has ever had. He said when running for President if he couldn’t fix the problems he would be a 1 term President. He’s made it much worse. The numbers speak for themselves. There is no way that anyone with 1/2 a brain can defend this idiot.

    • thepsalmist

      You’re the idiot because any dumb fool knows that when you come into office – they have left the mess for President Obama to clean up. If Bush had 8 years and then some to mess things up, then it will take 8 years for President Obama to turn things around. Oh’ I forgot he’s Black!!! If you don’t know how politics work – then you shouldn’t have a voice on this, IDIOT!!!

  • Tom from Canonsburg

    Donald Trump should be ignored about everything. The man is so consumed with himself that he lost reality many, many years ago.

  • Justin

    He will keep pushing it off, saying stuff about obama being bad and stupid people will jump all over it. When the election comes he’ll claim something like obama sued him or the govt censored him to keep him from talking. In the end he will say nothing. Its just propaganda.

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    Trump is a total RACIST IDIOT he should find a hole deep enough to cover him with his stupid @#$$%^$& once and for all and give all of us peace of mind. This secert that Trump has right now we all are writing comments about him he sitting back LOL at all of so lets stop writing about this IDIOT maybe then he will just disappear off the face of the earth where we will not anything else about IDIOT he also love it when we call him names.

  • don bettiga

    donald trump is a smart business man look at what hes has so don t be jealous he knows how to make money

    • Micheal Ramsey

      Yes, he certainly knows how to file bankruptcy multiple times and stick everone else with his bills!!!! Really smart with money isn’t he??? What a Schmuck

  • Jason

    Who thinks Donald should pay his fair share of taxes? “I DO” I think he’s just pissed off, since he will have to pay the same tax rate as every middle class person (Welcome to the real world). Romney and Donald are exactly the same! He’s like the little annoying red headed step child that never shuts up!

    • Micheal Ramsey

      Well, we all know that he never shuts up…..ever!! But we also know that he never has anything intellegent to say either.

  • Ken


    All of these billionaires trying to steal the election for Romney. How much sense does it make for an employer in Florida to threaten his employees, when the election is going to be decided in Ohio. Not mention all the lies the people believe about this President with no REAL verifiable evidence

  • King MOre

    You stupid white thinks that you are smart……..you are still dreaming……cos you never tot a black man will become the president….but the truth is that a black man became the president of the USA……even if Obama dont win……he is still a standout among all you foolish white idiots..

    • tyrone

      Nobody cares anymore about the color of a mans skin except men of color. Look beyond color and racism will go away. The thing about obama is he just stinks as a president.



    • King MOre

      I love this

  • King MOre

    And as for you the foolishest of them all TRUMP……you are a big time loser…..you can never stand Obama…….anytime any day…..so shut your pine hole and go back to your whore concubine

  • mark

    Nick, I hope that your not one of the low information planning on voting. Romney is the bully not Obama. Romney could keep up last night on the truly intellectual debate of the 3. He was out classed. I didn’t hear you dumbass Republicans crying when Bush and the Vulcans were destroying this country. Obama 4 more years!!

    • TAZ

      You are obviously must be one of the 47% that need welfare and food stamps. You also must be muslim. This is one of the most dangerous men in politics at this time. A muslim, illegal, illegitimate son of a commie socialist atheist. Sad so many people are so fooled by this idiot. He’s trying to bring Sharia Law to America. You do know what that is? Right!!!!

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    From the very first day Obama went into WH all the RACIST LOW LIVES, came out of hiding place. But what I believe is that so many people have forgotten what the Republicans said that were going to do Obama their only intention is to sure he became a one term President this is why you need photo IDs to vote this year only for this year 2012.

    • David

      Paul, it is just a good idea to have photo ID’s. I need one at the bank to cash a check. I need one to drive. I need one to even get into a bar. Doesn’t it make sense to have one to vote in this most important election? Anyone who would complain about it would lead me to believe you wanted to do something illegal… like maybe vote more than once, or have dead people vote, or…???

      • shirl

        you get him …ha ha Maybe he wants to vote dressed in different wigs….but now cannot get away with it.

      • Auntie Cairo

        THere are many people who don’t have a photo ID – they don’t drive cars don’t have the time or money to get one — if Republicans want voter ID”s – then they should also ban the investment and use of voting machines – as in Romney’s son Tagg’s investment in voting machines in Ohio. . . . and the REpublicans have had a surrogate in Florida charged with voter fraud —

  • http://yahoo paul jones

    From the very first day Obama went into WH all the RACIST LOW LIVES, came out of hiding place. But what I believe is that so many people have forgotten what the Republicans said that were going to do Obama their only intention is to sure he became a one term President this is why you need photo IDs to vote this year only for this year 2012.

    • http://Yahoo dan

      Just reading your post leads me to suspect that you probably didn’t do well in school. You should probably go back to your college and request a rebate. Please do the Constitutional Republic a favor and don’t go anywhere near a voting machine lever…you’re not ready to be a responsible citizen yet.

      • shirl

        he is verrrrry worrrried about the prrrreeesident and I hope he gets the help he needs so he can vote some day.

  • timmy jones

    Yo King MOre, your right Obama will stand out as the only black man to hurt the entire black race as being a con man.

    • John

      Explain how Obama is is con man, please.

  • Amy

    This is just Donalds way of injecting himself into something that’s not about him. If anyone takes anything he says to seriously then I have a plot of land to sell you. He really believes he is that important. WOW

    • David

      Amy, this is not only about him, but about ALL of us here in the USA. Trump just happens to be more prominent than most of us. The fact is that if we continue with Obama’s policies, we will collapse as a nation. The government CANNOT create jobs, it CANNOT take care of us as a society, it can only govern. We, as the people, must make the decisions and do the actions necessary to rebuild our economy. But if the government continues to do the things we are supposed to do, we will not be willing to do them ourselves and will crumble. Look at ANY socialist country ever, you will see. Trump is simply trying to avoid a collapse. As am I. I will vote for Romney, not because he is THE best for president, but because he can bring us to where we need to be much better than the other amature. And those are pretty much our only 2 choices for now.

      • Auntie Cairo

        Both Trump and Romney have used bankruptcy, federal money to fund their businesses — and left taxpayers holding the bag in many instances. Both have business interests in China – all the while trying to make China out to be the enemy. Don’t kid yourself that either man cares about anything more than himself and the money they both have. Both Trump and Romney were born into money – we’ll never know if they would have succeeded on their own. . . . I do know Romney’s father was born in Mexico — and his grandfather was a polygamist – if I were him I’d want to stay as far away from Trump as possible when it comes to the birther issue. .

  • Misty

    I for one would like to hear what Trump says just to see what new lie Obama comes up with. Just like with the Rev. Wright, “I hardly know him”. Right but when he was introducing Rev Wright he said he married me and he is my ADVISOR…. I dont know about you but if I said someone was my advisor I would probably know him pretty well.

  • http://yahoomail Bill

    I am tired of hearing if someone is against Obama they must therefore be a racist. I am fundamentally against him as I was against prior Presidents in prior elections. ,Call Trump what you will, the man is, if nothing else, a fiery competitor. Obama embarrassed him earlier in the year at a speaking engagement around the time Trump was considering a run for office. I don’t care who you are you do NOT ridicule Donald Trump in a public forum unscathed. If Trump has dug up dirt on Obama and it proves relevant, who cares about the source?

    • John

      I bet you’re one of the people who thought Obama’s ridicule of Romney’s clear ignorance of what makes our military strong last night was over the line too. You don’t ridicule the President of the United States in a public forum either. Seriously, who cares about the source? I bet you would consider the source mightily if some other reality t.v. star dug up some dirt on Mitt. I sense some pretty heavy hypocrisy here. Trump is talking about the President, not Kim Kardashian. Why announce a day ahead of time if you already have the information? Hmmm, maybe to cause a scene over absolutely nothing. If Trump actually cared about the U.S., he would just write an op-ed in the Post about whatever info he has, not tell an entertainment zine that he has something to say about Obama the day before. That of course assumes that Trump can actually spell. As usual he is clearly just trying to drum up controversy to get his show’s ratings up. I bet it’s some more birther stuff. The guy is a joke.

      • David

        John, you think Trump is a joke, yet the whole world is awaiting what he has to say. And here we are, me and you, writing anonymously on some obscure website. Interesting.

        • shirl

          Are you a bit nervous? John?

          • John

            Exactly my point David. You and I have much more interesting things to say here, anonymously on the internet than Trump could ever trump up. And if you think the whole world really cares what Donald Trump has to say, you might want to brush up your foreign policy. The man has made a fool of himself by championing the birther movement, so much so that Romney had to distance himself from him. And Shirl, no, I am not nervous at all. As I stated above, if this was actual damaging news, he would be talking to the real press, not TMZ. This is publicity stunt from one of the world’s great morons.

          • shirl

            to john. yes i have to say your right about (telling something that important only to wait until a specific day). I never liked Donald Trumps character and really feel he is the one who is the person for all these comments.The debate last night was two men and that is all they are (men) who are trying to win the right to run a country and see if they can make a change. I feel Romney needs that chance but regarless who wins it will be a hard road.Everyone I meet are worried that the USA will never be the same if O/B becomes president.

    • meah

      You are right, Trump is a fiery competitor, who drops out of presidential race. what informs his decisions? I discovered that indecision, inconsistency and mismanagement of facts usually trails top businessmen (e.g. Romney and Trump). Bill you never knew what Trump initially did to Obama to deserve such treatment. So You cannot judge from one side alone. Records show for Obama, you are a racist too. Even though Romney is a successful business man, he is often inconsistent and inexperienced in this race. He also lies a lot, he is dishonest to the American people. This is not the kind of President we need. We need an honest man. …And Obama is honest. Look at how he lifted a shattered economy to where it is today. Eight years of Bush’s tenure was what brought this recession we are struggling with. Yet the republicans are talking as if Obama was responsible. You should be grateful to Obama, otherwise US will be struggling with China as the strongest world power. What agenda does Trump have for America other than enroll as one of America’s millionaires (sorry billionaires). Obama has been president in his capacity and Romney, Governor in his capacity. we all see what Obama has done, what has Romney done? He has a poor record as Governor. The truth is that all these rich men are pushing Romney to be president so that they will not suffer from Obama’s tax policy, because they know that if Obama wins, they will pay more taxes. The rich will get richer and the poor poorer. USE YOUR HEAD PEOPLE! This election is a battle of the rich and the poor. Obama want to save the poor (middle class), Romney want to save the Rich. Can’t you see? Rich guys are threatening their employees to vote Romney otherwise they will be fired. why? because they want to keep avoiding tax. And then shift the tax burden to the poor (middle class), you and I. Obama want to correct a corrupt system, but not without a price such as threats from rich men like Trump. At least with Obama we are moving forward, and we all agree with that. If you so NO, ask yourself if we were moving forward with Bush? This is the difference. This election will determine if we are going to return to republican policies on which Bush ran and Romney will run, to take us BACK another 8 years, or Obama’s policies to move the country forward. Romney could not differentiate between himself and Bush because they both run on the same republican mandate. America wants to be strong again but not with the present republican template.

  • http://yahoomail Bill

    I am tired of hearing Libs tell me that anyone who is against Obama is therefore a racist. I am fundamentally against Obama for his policies and nothing else. Call Trump what you will, the guy is a tenacious competitor. Earlier this year while attending an Obama speaking engagement, Trump, who had not as yet made a decision on running for office, was mocked, ridiculed and embarrassed by the President in a public forum. Trump smiled but was seething inside. I’m guessing this Trump “announcement” whether credible or otherwise is his return salvo. Personally, I don’t care either way as my vote goes Nov. 6th, but if what Trump has to say carries merit, who cares who the source is?

    • shirl


    • Auntie Cairo

      Bill – they were at the Press Corps dinner – they are called jokes. Trump is always about Trump – and yes he has freedom of speech. But the relentless attacks on President Obama don’t serve any purpose. If he has meaningful information why “spring” it at the last minute? Trump is always vicious in his attacks -because like most insecure people he lacks an ability to laugh at himself – which is probably why he likes Romney. Will be interesting to see what happens – it could really blow up in his face and by proxy Romney – who has been hanging with him. While President Obama is busy running the country two right white guys are coming up with ways to defeat Obama not associated with anything relevant to helping our country.

      • John


  • lee

    you hate Obama because he is black shame on you tramp.

    • shirl

      noone said anything about color….except you. If he was white and done a bad job he would get ugly remarks also.Did you just get born?

  • Art Maiorino

    The nonsense that comes out of this clown’s mouth proves only one thing. You can make millions and still be a certifiable Idiot. Does anyone take this man serious beside himself??

    • http://yahoo louis stone

      As you live week to week, paycheck to paycheck do not disrespect the people who make it on their own and not off of the government. Shame on you

  • val winstead

    I can’t prove it but I have seen video of Obama telling his peers right after he was winner into the Illinois senate. he said he was born in Kenya and he was of the Muslim faith. How does he stay in office when he appears to be illegalliy in this country. He is not a citizen of US according to that video. Therefore, should be impeached and deported. The Democratic party, as dumb as they are, would not dare to call any hands on this. They love the idiot who is taking this country down, down, down with the power of the office.
    Just the power of the office – he is top dog so nobody seems to care that he is an iliegal President. In the debate, last two, he runs his jaws while Romney is trying to the answer the moderator’s question. He does not know how to shut that big mouth of his. I get a little angry along this election subject because of the blindness all around. That is all I have to say right now!

    • john


      • Anna L. Richard

        Val Wisntead, You will have to prove this statement, to be believed. You see we have so many Republican Liars, that it is in doubt thaey have ever told the truth, in their lives. You’re just another unhappy camper still trying to feed the public your lies. Sorry, I know where Obama was born and your lies can send your soul to the fires of he;ll…to burn eternally but you don’t care, even about your soul right now…just go right on lying. God will take care of you and your Republican friends for lying! Carry your crying towel, you’ll eed in in a couple of weeks when our brilliant PrEsident wins his second term and McConnel1(MINORITY LEADER) SHOOTS HIMSELF. McConnell is so sure of himself , he made it his priority for Obama to be a one term Prsident. Now, I’m going to worK on my many, many relatives in KY(I was born there but got out)to make this McConnell’s last term as Senator, because he thinks he controls the voters of KY.

      • ronald

        I really have a little of an issued when people are so quick to be critical to the President.The things that are said is that he is an illegal immigrant. He is an idiot in so much other things. the truth of the matter is many people has had an issue with the president way before he even took office.As much that is going on the main thing you guys bring up is his faith or where he was born. Its funny because not to many people have anything to sat about the governor of california who barely speaks good english.The way Ex president george Bush use 9 11 as an way to play the American people as an yoyo. Racism is clearly open in the united states. The truth of the matter is President Obama never had a clear chance at getting the country together. He is an black man and many people including the ones who is bringing up the false or misleading info against the President. In to receive an Country when it is depleted and has had all of the life suck out of it by our former President. And then to have someone actually try to get something done in everything that is put before congress is rejected. RACISM said to say but its so true.

        • Ann marie


          I totally agree!

    • Tom Leland

      You are an absolute moron. Not a thing you will ever be able to do about it…as morons never know they’re morons. They just keep seeing the world through their misguided, ignorant moron lenses.

    • Colored Girl

      Please don’t disrespect the President of the United States. He is a good man who really wants to make a difference. I hate to say this but maybe he shouldn’t win because good people shouldn’t run this HORRIBLE country. If you ask me, everything President Obama wanted to do, Congress fought him on! This is nothing but a plan to destroy him. If President Obama was a WHITE president with the name Richard Weber, then he wouldn’t be considered a failure! This country is full of bullcrap!!!! It is just plain racism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo louis stone

    Trump loves the attention but don’t most people with huge ego’s? What I would not do is to bet against Trump. When you can move the amount of capital he can people will move earth and mountains to find out what is out there. Obama told most of it in his book but it is what he didn’t tell that Trump is after. Doesn’t matter anyway, Obama is definately a one term president.

  • Hattie Longacre

    Whatever happened to Trump’s big “investigative team” in Hawaii?
    What a d-bag he is.

  • John

    This will be another publicity stunt for the donald. When all is said and done it will be nothing. But he will get his fifteen minutes. When will this pompous blowhard fade from the scene. He is at best a real estate agent with a tv show. The real movers and shakers in New York want nothing to do with this buffoon. He is the financial genius who has gone bankrupt and run how many casinos into the ground. The business savant who turned down 360 million dollars for a casino that he later sold for 36 million. Gee, maybe I should sign up for those seminars at Trump University.

  • john

    this is not news. or even a news story. after this blow-hard fool discloses the “big news” it STILL will not be a story. idiots

  • Russ

    It amazes me the ones who post on here don’t know basic spelling and grammer, then calling others idiots. They would better off to just stay quite…

    • shaun

      grammar and quiet… jesus

      • Alex


    • Yvonne

      Russ I think you meant to say “quiet” not quite.

    • Eduardo

      Quite what?

  • Russ

    He is going to slam Barry like he did Rosie….

    • Anna L. Richard

      I highly doubt anyone is interested in anything anybody by the name of TRUMP has to say. I’ve alrady voted and there’s no way, I’m even remotely, interested in a Republican, Racist, Hatemonger, moron has to say. He won’t embarass himself, he’s too full himself and of arrogance, to know when he should be embarassed. That’s OK, he can lick his wounds, in a coupe of weeks. Trump is a nobody in politics, anyway!

  • http://www.plz-inform.blogspot.com akoon

    I am excited to hear what the news is, I even wrote about this on my blog. Donald Trump is a joke and likes to get media attention as he done in the past. If this isn’t great news, I will surely hope he embarasses himself.

  • Medibiker

    Yo Dum Trump, do not ruin it all for Romney if it’s as big as the “birther”. Every time you try to help Romney his polls plumet. Please put your foot in your mouth instead.

    • Patti

      Shhh, he’s secretly on Obama’s side.

  • Patti

    Just a way to get the buzz going about the new Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars since of course it will be mentioned on all the newscasts that will broadcast the “Very Very Big” news.

  • lou osika

    Donald Trump, granted he is rich but………just shows even idiots can get rich in good old America. I would trust this jerk as far as I could pick up one of his sky scrapers!

  • Charles Holloway

    Jerk off Donald tramp

  • http://webpro EGH129

    Why do people say the right hates BO because he’s black? There are so many more reasons to hate this failure than that. Actually only a small % of people don’t like him because of his color, unfortuneatly not me, I’d supply the rope and tree.

    • http://www.sexyblackpeeps.datingbuddies.com akoon

      I’m black and I don’t like the way Obama handled the country, he is too sensitive. Obama arrested the a guy for making an Islam movie and blamed the movie for the attack in Libya. He gotta go!

      • Tom Leland

        You are an absolute moron.

      • http://Webpronews ZEKE

        Are you kidding you can’t be black with a name like akoon second i’m of all this prejudice for a man who’s very well capable of running the country!! third how can you trust a liar and cheater who obviously didn’t follow the rules at last nights debate check You Tube ABC News got him on camera with cheat notes!!! He’s out of touch with the real America the 47% hard working trying to provide and live Americans

        • Sam


      • Donn

        You Tell Them, He’s A Failure in Middle East Policy,
        And,in Defence Budgeting.This is from someone who is 1/3,
        ITALIAN,IRISH&MEXICAN.with 2 Enlistments of Experience.

    • Ann marie

      Wow, your a mean one, aren’t you! I want all the people who dislike Obama so much to give me 10 good reasons why? Also, will you please explain to me what you would do if you were in his shoes? Heavens……especially after 8 years of Bush. I’m disgusted with anyone who doesn’t support this man for at least hanging in there for the last 4 years. I think we’ve all seen him age!!

    • kimo82

      egh, you’re a bigoted motard.

    • Sam


    • Sam


  • Shawna

    Mr.Trump for years you have acted as if your opinion matters. You are as fake as your hair. I dont care how much money you have or how you got it. You are egotistical and ignorant. You make Howard Stern look like a saint. Why not just roll in your money like a pig rolls in mud. If you wondering if I am refering to you as a pig…YES I AM!

    By the way fellow bloggers I am not voting this year so therefore I am not defending or supporting anyone. Regardless what he has to say means nothing. This man thrives on attention. I wish someone could finally say to him …YOUR FIRED. But like toilet scum that you can never really get rid of we will never be rid of him.

  • Jacked

    Trump only cares about one thing: his “brand”. He wants to get his name out there as often as possible, as if anyone cares what he has to say anymore.
    Hey Donald, go file bankruptcy again or something… just stay out of politics! Or better yet, go wash that stinking dead squirrel you have been wearing on your head for the last two decades!

  • sandra

    When will Donald Trump ever give up persecuting which his ridiculous obsessions.Even now after the 2 debates when it was revealed what a insure Man Romney is and he is the worst possible candidate. Romney will make things worse as far as i am concerned. So it was proven that Donald Trump was wrong about the birth certificate so he looked for something else so he would not look like the total fool.If anything he invented something he is after all a Romney supporter so what ever it is it would be about Obama. Who would believe him anyway ?

    • Sam


  • mary jennings

    Obama is an idiot!!!

  • mary jennings

    Obama is an idiot!!!

  • mary jennings

    Obama is an idiot!!!

  • mary jennings

    Obama is an idiot!!!

  • rsprad

    The only thing this announcement could possibly do for me is make me run–not walk–to the nearest voting booth to cast my vote for Barack Obama. Trump . . . you’re fired.

    • Jo Jo

      RSPRAD if you vote that way you are an idiot!

      • Sam

        I guess you said it first.

    • shirl

      if it was a poor man or black man talking would you run faster?

      • Sam

        HELL YEA, lolloL

  • David Blakeman

    Come on people, Politicians only tell the truth two times in their careers: 1)Elect Me! 2)Reelect Me! The rest of the time they do not know or even care who we are. And Donald Trump is no different. He is just an idiot and a clown with money, that thinks people give a s@%* about his opinions. Hey Donald, opinions are like A##holes, everybody has one.

  • Sam

    Trump should get a life. We should all stop watching” The apprentice”.
    Because all he does is laugh at the stars go through changes, and make fools of them selves. He is a douche bag. He should get a hair transplant and stop parting his hair from the side. I am sure it’s not because he does not have the funds. I think it’s because he is lazy and thinks he look great. Think again MR! Why don’t you just keep your mouth shut for once and NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY DB.

    Questions: How Many Bankruptcies Have You Filed – Like #7 ????????

    Mr. Trump
    Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Larry Ellison, Lakshimi Mittal, Amancio Ortega, Eike Batista, Mukesh Ambani and Li Ka-shing.
    ********* THEREFORE *********




  • Sam

    TRUMP YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Randi

    If he had anything, he wouldn’t be waiting to put it out.

    He just has his toupee on too tight.

    • Carlos

      LOL , best laugh in quite sometime

  • LIndy

    The pseudo-news stations aren’t giving any pre-attention to the Grand Trump Announcement. Is there anyone who doesn’t see this as free publicity for the Trump show? I am assuming he has a new show about to air.

  • Sam

    Questions: How Many Bankruptcies Have You Filed – Like #7 ????????

    Mr. Trump
    Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Larry Ellison, Lakshimi Mittal, Amancio Ortega, Eike Batista, Mukesh Ambani and Li Ka-shing.


  • aroleflin

    Trump has discovered the Obama is a communist. But we already knew that and our economy is but a reflection of that. Vote to save your job. Vote Romney-Ryan and restore prosperity to your family and our country.

    • Sam


    • omar


    • Jefe

      I’ll grant you that Trump is a show all to himself. But to say that Obama is for the poor and Romney is for the rich just goes to show how ignorant of facts and circumstances people have become. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS. IT’S ABOUT PERSONAL FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY. When Putin, Chavez and Castro…men who have nothing but disdain for our country and would like nothing more than to see America in ruins…throw their support behind Obama, we should run in the opposite direction as fast as we can. I lived in Venezuela for 2 years where you have the elite and the poor…no middle ground, no middle class whatsoever. Chavez and his minions sock millions into swiss bank accounts while they make the poor people feel like they should be happy to get a free loaf of bread. Why do you po’ folk hate Mitt? Look at the professional athletes, the entertainers and the leftist news anchors that make MILLIONS for themselves and you don’t say a word. HYPOCRITES ALL!!!! Mitt has built businesses that prosper for many people. He understands the fundamental laws of economics. Obama spouts his propoganda of helping the poor by giving the poor freebies. He just wants your vote so that he can stay in office and have his wife flaunt herself with $500K vacations. I’ll bet you anything you want that Mitt has never taken a $500K vacation. Ya…vote for the man for the po’ and see where it gets you. Suggestion: Go to Cuba or Venezuela where the propogand machines are not and live with the people and see for yourself how these so-called leaders for the poor keep it all for themselves. Oh and by the way, go take an Economics 101 class and then let’s talk.

      • Shane

        Bravo Jefe!!

        Unless being black makes a man an unpatriotic socialist then no, race is not an issue! He keeps attacking Romney’s “math” but he obviously knows nothing about addition or multiplication, only subtraction and division…
        As for having an “agenda”…you can only have GOALS, an agenda gets you where king O has gotten us; NO HOPE, NO CHANGE and moving BACKWARD!!!

        And to blame the GOP for not passing his bills? The idea of being a leader is getting everyone under you to support your ideas, if they don’t support you then you need to change and tweek it until they do…it’s part of LEADERSHIP!

    • Kathy

      Already early voted for Romney. This man Obama is no good! He is going to destroy our country if he is able to serve another term. Watch the movie 2016. I just do not understand how so many people are being so blind to what is happening around them.

  • linda


    • Richard

      Its the money, no one really cares what color, except the predjuice. Obama for the poor people, Romney for the wealthy.

      • Ron

        It is all about the money!!! Obama for the welfares!
        Romney for those who want to work work for it!

      • Annie

        You know its funny……I am at the “bottom” of the income totem pole. I am far from being rich and barely have a savings account, yet all the presidents that have been labeled “for the wealthy” have actually brought me paying jobs, better income and more job choices??? Hmmmmm…..

    • Jefe

      Right on sista. Can I have an AMEN???

  • FAYE

    If the United States was founded on Godly principles why do you’ll spend so much time on trying to destory a man because of the color of his skin. Jesus died for all mankind and none of us is no better than the other. Just bercause you are weathly that do not define your character.The things that is going to make the economic beter is when man came back to GOD and seek his way then and only then will GOC heal
    our land. TO PRESIDENT OBAMA their many!!!!!!!!!! saints praying for you and your family. What the devil mean for bad just trust GOD HE will trun it for your good. JUST stay encourged. It is time out for all this racial prejudiced. The president did not create in mess this was done before his time. you’ll just don’t want it to be said that a black man turn the country around the more you’ll try to destory the president the the worse things are going to get, if GOD be for you HE is more than the whole world against you. Study your and applied it to your life. We who are with sin let him be the first one to throw the first sotne. We all have feet or clay.

    • Richard

      Ment to post what I posted below this message here. He hasn’t turned anything around, the republicans are running the house, they won’t let anything Obama does pass. Obama? rumours! he is a Russian spy, how to take over the USA with out firing a bullet, his real father is Malcolm X, no birth certificate? doesn’t that sound suspicious to you?

    • george

      Puuuuuleasssssssssssssssssseeee Faye. Why is it you insist on playing the race card when nobody really cares what color he is?GET OVER IT! It’s not cause Obama is black! It’s because he is throwing our country under the world bus and he doesn’t care because it does not fit his agenda! It’s obvious that you are out of touch with reality. Obama would sell his soul to get re-elected,. His character assasination of Romney in Florida this morning is just more proof that he is neither fit to be respected or the leader of our country. At this point even Al Sharpton looks like he has more class than Obama. It seems you are the one that want to fan the racist flames here!

    • patty

      race? who said anything that Donald is about to say is about race? not supporting Donald’s game, but race? you just wanted to rant so you tacked it on to this story

  • Richard

    oooohhhh, this is going to be more exciting than opening Capone’s Vault!!! He’s supporting Romney because Romney is for the wealthy, because we don’t have money does that make us stupid Mr. Trump?

  • http://www.thevrl.com Stephen Page

    I think it will be related to TheVRL.com

  • Kristy K

    What I care about is our tax dollars paying for Donalds newest golf course downtown NYC. He gets the profits without making an investment. Why would I care what slander he has in store for our Beautiful Powerful President ? I want an answer to my tax quesion …eh The Donald!

  • Leann

    No Wonder his name is Trump. He’s always trying to trump up some type of BS. Wolf Blitzer told Donald he’s starting to look “a little ridiculous. I think he’s always looked extremely ridiculous. Why doesn’t he go to the hospital to look at newborns. I am sure he will see someone who will join the ranks of his multiple ex wives in about twenty years from now.

    • Ed


      I have a John Deer Tractor & Chain you can use to pull your head out of your rectum.
      D.T. worked for his money.
      you most likely are receiving wellfare,

  • Abiodun Eruabor

    Mr Donald Tump, please, please, stop beating a dead horse……One Love

  • REX


    • http://webpronews Barbara P

      Saw the movie…eye opener for sure. Scarey stuff. Amereica beware!!!

      • Kathy

        People need to beware of this president. I have seen 2016 the movie and learned a lot more about obama and his history. It is unbelievable that this man is even serving as our president. People need to watch this movie! A part where he is speaking with Russia on stage, thinking the microphone is off. He is not looking out for our best interest! How are so many americans so blind!!! Hopefully, he will not win a second term because it will only bring harm to our country. Go Donald!!! I am looking forward to hearing what else obama has been dishonest about.

  • Renate Robertson

    Donald you need to buy a new wig, and leave our President along and grow up.

  • Lyn

    Trump is a very very pathetic man. I feel sorry for the guy.

  • albert

    I know here is the big announcement, he will say that he is going to give back all the money us tax payers lost on his many bankruptcies.

    • http://webpronews Barbara P

      I suspect it won’t be as damaging to Obama as I’d like it to be, but who knows…maybe he’s really got something.

  • James S.

    Haven’t we already gone through this with the Trumpster once already? If you have something to say…then say it! It probably some more fiction that he dreampt-up. I say his wigs loose.

  • Darnell

    donald trump….humm! whatever the so called news you have about obama it doesn’t change how feel about him…wheater he wins or not he is still a better man than you could ever be..you dont seem to get it with all your wealth the only thing you can do is find someway to try and bring someone down..it doesnt make any more popular it makes you look stupid..you could be out helping someone less fortunte that you. and when you say you create jobs i bet the you are one of the the employers that pay employee shit wages…but it all good because no matter how much money you it wont getyou into heaven..as the bible says it would be easyer for a camel to go through the eye of an needle than it would be for a rich man to get into heaven…food for thought.check this out a blk man a chinese man a hispanic and donald trump was on a big mountain..the chinese man said this is for my people and jumped off..the hispanic man said this is for my people and jumped off..the blk man said this is for my people he grabed donald trump ass and through him off…morle of the story donald we dont give a FUCK about you or anything you have to say…..

    • http://webpronews Barbara P

      What a biased, uninformed fool you really are. How can you compare a successful businessman who employs so many people to a man in the white house who is giving us a royal screwing….wake up and smell the roses.

      • Annie

        Thank You….. Well said!!

      • Robert

        Ok Barb. You have to be a Member of the GOP to see things like you do. But take a look at the GOP congress. They are holding the american worker hostage because they don’t like the black president. The dems put bills on the floor that your gop wrote and still the gop will not vote for them. Its not Obama that is screwing you its the GOP congress. Your congress have aligned themselves to a little man named Grover Nordquist, instead of alinging themselves to the People of the United States of America! So Barb please rethink what you have posted. And look what your GOP party has become. They have become a seditious mob, with intentions to undermine the safety and security of the country.

    • Carl Spaeth

      You can’t spell and conjugate at the same time. That’s “threw him off” you ignorant peon.

    • http://thekellerteam.com jim keller

      Darnell, for a guy that dosent give a F***, you sure seem to!!! got to love tolerance

  • KW

    Donald Trump … a piece of fetid shit by any other name.

  • KW

    Donald Trump … “Scum Sucking Pig” a quote brought to you by Marlin Brando in the movie “One-Eyed Jacks”

  • Amber

    If Obama has nothing to hide, Im sure he wouldn’t mind cooperating. Small thing to do for 5 mil to a charity of your choice. Obama is a joke and his supporters are ridiculous. Get a job and quit looking for handouts. Half the idiots that voted for him only did it for one reason, and we all know what that is. We have a right to know who our president really is. Those of you that turn a blind eye to the born in kenya rumors and foreign exchange student thing are turning your back on your country. I will dance in the streets when he loses :)

    • roma

      amber if you are Jesus , tempted by devil you will do it simply bcos its simple to do to gain the whole world.be everybody cant be like you money hungry. donald trump will give 5 million to charity and comes back to claim task cut on them at the end of the year. not all of us are full like you . some people still reason

  • elaine philp

    Donald Trump should use some of that money to do a complete makeover.

    Hopefully he will look like a somebody and not like a fox.

  • Amber

    Some of these comments are quite sad. MILLIONS of americans have the same concerns that Trump does. WTF is wrong with you people!? Obama has the opportunity to have five million go to charity. Put the doubts to rest! Obama supporters should want obama to cooperate, make trump look like a fool, go ahead. But he WONT bc he IS hiding things. You dumbasses will run back in McDonalds crying your sandwich was made wrong yet you freakin dont care your own president is a shady FRAUD, who hasn’t done jack! You sit here talking about trumps hair. Good god

  • Carl

    Why won’t O’Bama allow his college records to be seen. Did he attend school on a foreign student loan? And if he did this would he be a fraud and a liar. We will not know that until he is gone unless he man’s up and is truthful about his past. What did people really know about him? His ability to give good speeches reminds me of Adolph Hitler and look where that got all of the brainwashed German people.