True Tori: The McDermott-Spelling Family Releases Holiday Cards

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To say that the marriage between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott has been rocky is a huge understatement. The couple’s marital troubles have been made public both in the media and their reality show True Tori. Issues regarding McDermott’s infidelity, substance abuse, sex addiction, and many more, have been revealed thanks to the show. While there are many rumors claiming that McDermott and Spelling have broken up, it seems that might not be the case. Tori recently posted a Holiday Card on her website that shows the former Beverly Hills 90210 star posing with her family… McDermott included.

The accompanying text makes it seem that all is well in the McDermott-Spelling household. “I have so many amazing and supportive people in my life that I'm super grateful for, and during the holidays I like to remind them how much I truly love and appreciate each and every one of them,” Tori wrote. “And with 4 kids, finding time to put together our family holiday card can be daunting...but not this year!” It is worth noting that last year, when McDermott’s infidelity was made public, he was noticeably absent from Spelling’s Christmas-themed photos.

True Tori is now in its second season, but it has been recently revealed that McDermott will be leaving the show. In an interview with The Today Show, McDermott talked about his reasons for wanting out. “It's been a good process but as it goes on, as it continues, it's taking a toll on me,” he said in the interview which was aired on Wednesday, November 19. “I'm done with the show. I want some of my privacy back. I think I've shared too much of my soul, my demons, with strangers. It's just not a good space for me.”

However, despite his departure from True Tori, McDermott says he will still support Spelling in her decision to keep the show going. According to him, “If it helps her, absolutely, I support her [going on without me] 100%.”

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