Trucker Protest Cancelled

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October 8, 2013, may become known as the day of the “almost” trucker protest. Reports earlier claimed that a group known as the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” with Mr. Earl Conlon at the forefront was planning to take Washington D.C. by beltway storm. The plan was to block D.C. traffic in order to protest the government shutdown, ultimately resulting in the arrest of congressmen.

Earl Conlon, who vocally spearheaded the initiative, spoke with U.S. News. “Everybody that doesn’t have a supporter sticker on their window, good luck. Nobody in, nobody out. It’s going to be real fun for anyone who is not a supporter, if cops decide to give us a hard time, we’re going to lock the brakes up, we’re going to stop right there, we’re going to be a three lane roadblock,” Conlon said.

The protest was originally thought to begin on Friday and continue for three days where truck drivers would still be mindful of the 55 mph speed limit restrictions. It was reported that the truckers would clog three lanes while leaving the emergency lane open. However, fast forward a few hours and the anticipated end result had already changed. Or, maybe the result had not really changed, but rather someone got played along the way. The question is: Who got played?

“The comments to U.S. News were designed to do one thing and one thing only: stir the feather of the mainstream media. Nothing gets the attention like the mainstream media, like some sort of disastrous threat. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers,” Earl Conlon said later.

Was Earl Conlon merely fighting for his american right to demand that elected leaders listen to the populace who voted them into office in the first place? You decide. Earl Conlon did take to his Twitter page where he promotes himself as “trucking and fearing for my country” to explain the whole ordeal.

[Image Via Earl Conlon’s Facebook]

Trucker Protest Cancelled
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  • Patrick

    That is so wrong!
    A few of these comments seem to be as if you were unwilling to fight for the constitution and cant recognize the coruption that has been taking place over past 30-40 years.
    Do you even realize what is at stake here?
    These are Americans who want our leaders to uphold what they took an oath to and it is right to demand that they do so.
    Do you understand the princables of the constitution,do you not want freedom?
    It seems there are those that love the government alfabet soup and will trade liberty and freedom for security,to you i say “you deserve neither”.

  • Michael

    Your worried about Emergency Services getting thru our Protest? Someone may die for the cause of it? Our government kills people everyday all over the world. Protest that. Support our movement every American – Natural born and legalize citizenship! You earned the right to stand for your freedom! When it come to our constitutional freedom, You better stand for it! Be there and be heard!

  • Carrie

    Earl Conlon is NOT ASSOCIATED with this event!!!

    Jennifer Curra wrote a bogus story!!!

  • Debbie W

    Some of you people on here make me sick (fski). Do you realize that pretty much EVERYTHING that you have or own has been hauled by a truck driver? Do you realize that they spend days, weeks and months away from their families, just so you can have what you want or think you need. All those nice shiny toys, cars, tv’s, food that you eat, cloths on your back, even the supplies that it took to build your house were hauled by a trucker. So while you sit there and put down these drivers, think about all the things they give up so YOU can have everything you want. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and a lot of other important things that you all take for granted everyday. My boyfriend, is truck drivers, and he deserve more respect than anyone ever gives him. So the next time you are enjoying riding in that car you own, or putting on a new pair of jeans, or eating, think of a truck driver and what they have sacrificed for you to enjoy it. And by the way, As far as my boy friend, I couldn’t be any more proud of him and to be honest, he is quite intelligent too. Godspeed!

  • Trenton

    HAHA it has not been canceled and if you think Protests don’t work then maybe we will do more than protest.

  • Tamie

    If you are writing this story for the truth< You better do some more research. The Truckers Ride For The Constitution is still rolling!

  • dan

    The Trucker Protest Is On! Jennifer Curra is out of touch. The media and Government is doing all they can do to shut down and minimize this event.

  • Carol Batten

    Try as you will.There are many going and if those that started this as a hoax back away there is always someone ready to take over.

  • TG

    Just more media dis information… now they do as they are told by the government and will ignore this event as news worthy for the MAJORITY of Americans.
    The sheeple will continue believing they are happy.

  • http://yahoo Glenn

    Our Constitution is what we want the Government to live by so This is for Mrs.Fski and Greg and the rest of the sheep, That sadly can not see the truth and what is happening to our country as it is being ran into the ground by Obama and the thugs that back him, just like the two justices he placed in the highest court we have keeping the case’s that will prove he is in offices illegally and force him to unlock his school records and the records on why he lost his law license, which would also prove he is not a American, But this will all be proved once he is out and he will be sent to prison along with the ones that helped him cover this up. There is proof that Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean lied and made him the winner over Hillary in the first race, and you know the health care act sounds good but once you read it and see all the things hidden within it and that it is really the biggest tax hike ever placed on the American people and it will hurt us all even the people that wanted it now they see they to must pay, they no longer want it. also the dumbest thing I ever heard was when Nancy Pelosi Said we needed to pass it so we could see what was in it with that kind of thinking in our Government you can see how we got here, But I think that Nancy Pelosi wanted it passed for other reasons and that’s how her net wroth grew by $100 Million from 2008 and 2010 for getting it passed, And I find it hard to believe it when the Democratic in our Government say they understand how hard it is to live payday to payday while raising a family and putting kids though collage. When all but 10 of them are Millionaires and have free health care, and their kids get free collage that we all pay for so really how could they know what it’s like in the real world. and looking at history it was Hitler and the German Government that first came out with Government health care for the people then they took the guns from the people and started the brainwashing and it was their way are you die, and look how that turned out not good for anyone. Did you know a while back a reporter asked the Prime Minister of China why he though no country had ever attacked America and he stated it was because it is known that the American people have guns in their homes and no country could ever fight against a country where all the people would have the power to fight back also that why it won’t happen, that was in 1989. So why is Obama and John Kerry trying to take our guns and our freedom and rights we have form our Constitution. Am not say that the Republican’s are all good nor are all the Democratic are bad but we must put a stop to all the crazy grab they are doing to us all. You want a health care for the people then start with stopping all the grants for how a frog has sex and junk like that and have drug testing for welfare and food stamps people and stop sending billions overseas to the people that want to kill us all anyway, and use that money to have health care for the people that need it, one more thing in 2016 if you are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton you should know you can look up the truth about her and how she has been a Millionaire from the 70s and how her and Bill have been linked to Drug dealers, Bank scams, Land Scams, Murderer, Murderer cover up, Witness tampering, stealing of $250 Million from a children program though the Government, and how 5 ladies have reported they were raped by Bill, and how once Bill Clinton was found guilty and impeached, the Democratic party gave him a full pardon so he stayed in office and still gets the pay of a president and when Hillary was the first lady she was the only first lady to ever be served a subpoena to report to court on charges. But Mrs. Obama and Mr. Obama are the first people to serve in the white house and have both of their License’s to practice Law taken away from them both for crimes they had competed.

  • http://yahoo American Dad

    We must start with a protest to let them all know we are awake and watching them and will not stand for much more of this grab and their lies and them doing as they please with our country and the laws. Take the health care act it was passed and made law then after it was passed people sued and the supreme court said it’s not a law but a tax, but then they reworked it twice to make it fall under the constitution but once they rewrote it they did not send it for a new vote so it should be void under the constitution but the Government pushed it on us anyway then Obama had his friends and big companies and the congress asking for wavers and not to be part of this new tax Law So he changed it once again give his group of friends and big money backer wavers from this law, and did not send it back to the house are the congress for a vote, but just pushed it on us but once he started changing it was not the law that was passed so need a new vote, So it is void once again but they still feel they can do as they please and push it on us. So maybe you can see why the people are so upset about how they are doing this, just like how Mr. Obama shutting down all the parks even when the Government makes millions a day from people going to them, just to piss the people off and hurt the Government even more by cutting the money intake from all the visitors to these places, and to stop the Vitamins form going to their own park is a slap in the face to all American and the men and women that are in our armed forces and for the ones that fought for our freedom and the ones we have lost while they fought for us all, If you think about it you may think he has lost his mind going against the American people and the Armed Forces and treating people like they don’t even matter and thinking the people would just take it. and with his threat to call out the national guard to stop the people has he forgotten the men and women in the national guard are Americans first and stand for the Constitution and the people not for a Man trying to become a dictator.

  • http://yahoo American Dad

    I hope the trucker have a safe time protesting, and don’t run into anything are hit a guardrail while trying to turn around and have (5) five or(6) six police officers run up on them guns drawn yelling at them, freaking them out to the point they fear they are about to be shot to death so they try to get away from the police officers so not to be shot, But then fined that now they are shooting at them and do kill them, and then have a press meeting saying how they stopped the trucker that was trying to get in the white house even though he was many miles away and not (3) three blocks away like the unarmed lady with a child in her car. Wow she was a real threat with that little car and NO gun and with her baby in there with her, she could have taken over the Government Right, That was so CRAZY, SO be careful the people in Washington DC are not playing with a full deck.

  • http://yahoo Nancy P

    You Fools making a grand stand for nothing, you have already lost and we have won and we control the Government and can close all the depts. that helps you morons and we can stop gas and food we can close the banks, we are the new Government and you will do has we say are pay the price so stop protesting us IT’s Over and you have lost now learn your place and see how you may serve us the new Government, we do care about you, that’s why you need us to tell you what you can do.

    • http://yahoo gina

      Lady YOU are Crazy and you nor anyone will never control the free the Brave American people, better read the history books this country fought for it’s freedom against a King and won it’s freedom, and then again it fought against it self North against the south over many thing one being that most of the Americans were against the 6 state that had slaves and wanted it stop because we are all people and not pets so don’t think the people of this land will ever be your dogs and do as you say WE will stand and fight for our rights giving to us by God and the Constitution of America and the bill of rights So if I were you I would pack and get a plane and take your buddies and fly away while you can, You truly are Crazy.

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