Trucker Protest Cancelled

    October 8, 2013
    Jennifer Curra
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October 8, 2013, may become known as the day of the “almost” trucker protest. Reports earlier claimed that a group known as the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution” with Mr. Earl Conlon at the forefront was planning to take Washington D.C. by beltway storm. The plan was to block D.C. traffic in order to protest the government shutdown, ultimately resulting in the arrest of congressmen.

Earl Conlon, who vocally spearheaded the initiative, spoke with U.S. News. “Everybody that doesn’t have a supporter sticker on their window, good luck. Nobody in, nobody out. It’s going to be real fun for anyone who is not a supporter, if cops decide to give us a hard time, we’re going to lock the brakes up, we’re going to stop right there, we’re going to be a three lane roadblock,” Conlon said.

The protest was originally thought to begin on Friday and continue for three days where truck drivers would still be mindful of the 55 mph speed limit restrictions. It was reported that the truckers would clog three lanes while leaving the emergency lane open. However, fast forward a few hours and the anticipated end result had already changed. Or, maybe the result had not really changed, but rather someone got played along the way. The question is: Who got played?

“The comments to U.S. News were designed to do one thing and one thing only: stir the feather of the mainstream media. Nothing gets the attention like the mainstream media, like some sort of disastrous threat. I knew it was going to ruffle some feathers,” Earl Conlon said later.

Was Earl Conlon merely fighting for his american right to demand that elected leaders listen to the populace who voted them into office in the first place? You decide. Earl Conlon did take to his Twitter page where he promotes himself as “trucking and fearing for my country” to explain the whole ordeal.

[Image Via Earl Conlon’s Facebook]

  • Well

    They should have gone through with it. I don’t think people really understand how bad it just may get in this nation. The war on terror is never going to end. Never. Your grand children will be fighting it.

    Year after year, they are going to take away more rights as more “threats” are found. The problem is that the definition of a terrorist always changes. In 1979, we created Al Qaeda and funded them with $3.5 billion dollars. In 2013, they are public enemy number one. The list of terrorists or people of interest is a mile long.

    I also don’t think people understand the technology that they are using and what is going to come on line. America this is just the BEGINNING and the end is no where in sight.

    • BJ

      They ARE going through with it. This guy is not part of it.
      Look up truckers for the Constitution on face book. They are the ones organizing this.

    • Nancy

      They are going through with it. Once again Earl is a lying POS who is trolling trying to cause trouble for them. Ignore this crap. It is on for 11th through the 13th.

    • http://youtube jerry reid

      Scary, very scary.

    • fski

      Yeah and a trucker protest will solve all the worlds problems…

      Nice job, genius!

  • Teresa Bogener

    When I first read about this trucker stopping traffic the 50 million vet march was to be included in the protest also. This country needs the truckers and vets (the only ones with the guts to do it) to sit idle for 12 hours. Our two strongest, toughest, largest groups of people would be a force for Washington to deal with. I wish it would happen. I think they and only they are the ones who can shake it up enough to get something really accomplished.

    • rosi

      Oh it’s gonna happen. The truckers got their guidance tonight, The vets are gonna be there on Sunday, too.

  • Sidney Johnson

    Earl Conlon sold out. He had a hell of a lot of support and has been backed down. So, who got to him and what did he take for quitting? Or was this just a bunch of hype for headlines, full of hot air and just $%^&*!

    The truckers and farmers in Europe have enormous power and have scared the politicians many times. Have they got bigger cojones?

    • @Sidney

      We got to remember the powers to be killed a President — Kennedy. Make no mistake — what happened in 1963 was not the result of a lone crazy person. Anyone can be got to.

      Something that people are not talking about is that people are getting locked up a lot for “terroristic threat” charges. This guy lives in Georgia. One in every 13 people in Georgia is in jail, on parole, or on probation. Georgia has a very high rate of “terroristic threat” charges and the average person receives 5 years for those charges.

      I would not be surprised at all if someone persuaded him to back out. Really truckers have a lot of power. If they banded together, they could really send a message. The shutdown would be stopped in a day.

    • Nancy

      Sidney Earl is nothing in this movement The Ride for the Constitution is still on. He was nothing but a bit player and the people who are heading this up kicked his sorry lying arse to the curb because he was causing all kinds of trouble. Now he is trying to cause problems for them.

    • Topcat

      Earl Conlon spoke not reflecting the views of the organizers of the main march on Washington . After quite a bit of back and forth he was asked to email US News with a retraction of his statements . This he did and US News printed a follow up story . Its that simple . Earl Conlon has done nothing but remove himself from the march . All this information is on US News site follow the links.

    • JAMES

      No he didn’t get scared off and didn’t anyone buy him out,you should realize that real people are sick and tired of that dung beck,limpbaugh,bachman and the other dingys on capitol hill are spewing isn’t worth the time or effort to deal with them.It is the repuks that is in the big oil company pockets,that is why diesel feul is so high now,”W” made sure all his rich friends made plenty of money and run the country into the ground and then want you to blame everyone but them.That same crowd trying to get you to start a shutdown in D C,ask them will they ride in your truck and lead the parade? I have been in the trucking industry for 30plus years and haven’t seen a republican give a hoot about a single trucker.Ask any of those tea party people to help you and see what you get.They always talking about the government and they are employed by the same government they are complaining about.Tell them to quit working for big government and then some of us might listen!!!!!!!


        SORRY to say you are way off on this one!!! you have no idea!!It does not matter what party you are from it is about OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTION!! NOTHING MORE!! AND TRAITORS IN WASHINGTON!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! YES KEEP GOD IN IT!!! AND GET RID OF ILLEGALS!!! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!

  • mastergreenhead

    #1 I do not believe a liberal journalist published on liberal Yahoo
    #2 many truckers are Teamsters and support the lib’s no-matter what. Especially after the Big-O gave many unions the right to depart from ObamaCare for a year while forcing non-union Americans to suffer thru it

    so there

    • indano

      anyone who works for a living is NOT represented by the republican party. Repubs think everyone is OVER paid, except them, and the white collar, and business owners, you don’t have to believe me, check on any law they support that protects workers pay
      ,safety, or conditions they hate you, but love your support

  • Richard

    Just hope no one got bought off.

  • calvin van wagner

    AWW just a bunch of PUSSY’s,, I’v been trucking for years,prolly before most of you piss ants were born !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frank McNeal


    • BJ

      Look up Truckers for the Constitution on facebook. He had no authority to speak for the group.

    • Nancy

      Earl Conlon was booted from having anything to do with the Truckers ride for the Constitution. He WAS NOT THE CATALYST for this movement. He was a small bit player who spoke out of turn trying to play big shot and get his 15 minutes of fame buy telling false story to US News. He WAS NEVER THE spokesperson for this event. NEVER. He is a know it all big mouth who doesn’t know squat. You truckers Know the kind who sit in the truckstop and tell BS stories of how good they are. If he did half as much trucking as he does jacking his jaws with BS he would be on heck of a trucker. Instead he is a self aggrandizing POS. The ride for the Constitution is still on. Zeeda was on Glenn Beck today and also she was on FOX News tonight with Greta Van Sustern. So stuff it Earl.

    • rosi

      He was told to sit down and shut up and stop pretending to be the spokesman spreading these lies

    • toni

      He never was a representative and he and Newsweek and others have been warned about misrepresentation.

    • Irshgld

      Frank, the contact person running this show is Zeeda Andrews, Earl was never an Admin just someone trying to get attention. He was never authorized to speak to the media on behalf of Ride for the Constitution….good news it is a go! :)

  • em more

    Check Truckers Ride For The Constitution FACEBOOK page. This article is false.

  • BJ

    This is not true. He was NOT authorized to make these statements and they are not true. Please look up Truckers for the Constitution on face book for the real scoop.

  • rodney dollarhide

    this is not true this guy does not have anything to to with the trucker strike he isnt even a trucker and he does not speek for them do not belive a word this man says the strike is still on for the 11 12 13 shut down DC

  • Wylie Coyote

    Lies, Lies, lies…all disinformation. It’s still on!!!!!!!!

  • Cindy

    It’s not canceled. Truckers Ride For The Constitution is still on. But they are going in peace, they are not going to arrest congressman or Obama. You can’t believe everything you read. They are still on Facebook, see for yourselves.

  • Louise

    This article is a LIE. Someone either needs to check their facts with the APPROPRIATE source, or go find their big-girl panties ‘coz their assburn is just too bad. TRUCKERS WILL RIDE ON DC AS PLANNED!

  • Shana

    This article is BULLCRAP..The Rally is STILL ON!!!!!!!

  • http://Theyarestillriding! Sam

    The ride is still on! The truckers are still going to DC.

  • Gary

    I think you’re planting a false story and hoping everyone bites. Obviously, you do not follow Facebook, but almost everyone else does. Nice try, but the truckers, and the vets are still on. I know because I’ll be there.

    • Brenda

      I hope the Bikers join them. It’s time someone is standing up to this bunch of do nothings, crooks ruining our Country and disrespecting our Military and those fallen soldiers who should be brought home as Heroes and families should not have to worry about anything. The disrespect Nancy Pelosi and her little gang of thugs marching with the illegal immigrants, demanding citizenship showed today made me sick to my stomach, while our War Veterans can’t get into the Memorial and Mr. Obama closing parks and sites that should never be touched. God Bless you truckers who are true Americans!!

  • David

    Note the creds for this “writer”. She “spends her time writing fantasy”. Nuff said?

  • CS

    Truckers Ride for the Constitution is STILL ON. This article is FALSE!
    Go to facebook and check it out. Help support them. Give them your Blessings.Roll ON, We love you all for the sacrifice you are making for this country.Oct. 11 – 13, 2013.

  • While

    While they are there, could they please find someone in Washington that can tell me how building 7 fell and why it was not even mentioned in the commission report.

    They could also put pressure on them to release the 85 tapes they have of the Pentagon on 9/11. I want to see the plane that hit the building because after the crash there is mainstream media video that shows a fully intact outer pentagon wall and there is no plane in sight. If you want to see the video. Go to YouTube and type — Should we ignore new 911 details.

    Also, ask them about the $2.3 trillion dollars that was lost at the Pentagon and $9 trillion was lost at the FED. Maybe they could find that out too. Rumsfeld talked about this and Grayson went before the FED inspector about this.

  • Nancy
  • rhonda

    This article is a LIE! The truckers for Constitution ride is going strong! This girl needs to get fired! Never reading anything from this site again!

    • Darlene K

      I PRAY u r RIGHT!!!!

  • While they are there.

    While they are there, could they please find someone in Washington that can tell me how building 7 fell and why it was not even mentioned in the commission report.

    They could also put pressure on them to release the 85 tapes they have of the Pentagon on 9/11. I want to see the plane that hit the building because after the crash there is mainstream media video that shows a fully intact outer pentagon wall and there is no plane in sight. If you want to see the video. Go to YouTube and type — Should we ignore new 911 details.

    Also, ask them about the $2.3 trillion dollars that was lost at the Pentagon and $9 trillion was lost at the FED. Maybe they could find that out too. Rumsfeld talked about this and Grayson went before the FED inspector about this.

  • Mark Barnes

    Jennifer Curra-
    I write fantasy too.In my story, you are sucking all the truckers dicks. Twice.

  • rosi

    Those truckers are gonna keel haul that glory-hogging Conlon. They already told him once to sit down and shut up. He ain’t nobody, just a puny SOB lookin for the spotlight. Spokesman’s name is Zeeda not earl. Like the song says, “Goodbye, earl”

  • http://youtube jerry reid

    Do whatever it takes, man. Superglue their asses to their chairs until they finally wake up or piss themselves.

  • Darlene K

    Truckers hav NO BALLS . . . at least the BIKERS followed through. Now is the time to act & if u don’t. U hav no right to complain of the injustice, control by the president on AMerican people.

    • Claude Warner

      The Protest is still on and very much growing. Ignore disinformation to the contrary. I’m glad that guy finally stopped trying to hijack the movement. See ya in DC. Bringing some vets.

    • Irshgld

      Hey Darlene, the truckers are following through and this has not been cancelled. Even the bikers had the same crap happen to them prior to their run. It seems there are some who walk among us that like to stir up crap and controversy just like the POS in DC and go out of their way to create havoc, I believe they are know as trolls. There seems to always have to be 1 or 2 in the crowd and it seems Earl is ours…..oh well……

    • Greg

      “On American People”? What injustice? Obama is doing exactly as his supporters want him to do. How about all of us meet you out there?

      • Kyle

        How about you and I set a place to meet man to liberal and we can take it up at the time and place? I am in Raleigh, NC and I would be glad to travel 4 hours or so to meet a tough talking democrat. I will know it is you by your rainbow shirt…hit me up Greg, I’d love to meet up.

    • Jerry Alexander

      Darlene K…are the wife of fski?

  • Amer I Can

    This is a government lie. Is Mr Goebels working here?

  • Leslie

    This article is false!

  • Tim Branthoover

    Lies, lies, lies – it has not been cancelled!!!! Quit lying, I am with the people on this and our people just did 2 interviews, including Beck and Fox- quit spreading lies!!!!!

    • Steve

      Love the idea of this protest, hate the fact that you are using faux news to spread the word. The ones that faux news holds on high caused this mess.

  • toni

    First Conlan is not nor ever has been the representative for Truckers Ride for The Constitution! Secondly quit spreading rumors and lies…because this protest is still in FULL Effect.

  • cb

    Earl Conlon does not represent the REAL protest, which is still going forward. DO not listen to him. He is NOT a spokesperson for anyone other than himself.

    There are other Trucking groups out there spreading false information. They are not part of this group in anyway. Truckers To Shut Down America and Ride For The Constitution are the founders of this movement. Everybody else are copy’s to divide and conquer but it will not work…Godspeed! Everyone!

  • http://guerillamedianetwork.com Susannah

    GREAT NEWS!!!! The protest was not cancelled and never was!! The only thing cancelled was EARL.

  • Jen3gade

    Their fear takes the shape of falsehood. It’s so hard for these lowlife to believe that not everyone drinks liberal koolaid.

  • Claude Warner

    Pay no attention to any and all disinformation. It’s still very much ON! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/10/08/are-truckers-really-going-to-shut-down-washington-d-c-this-weekend/ See ya in DC. Bringing some vets that just got back stateside. :)

  • Paul

    Yeah – if you create a roadblock, and the person in the ambulance that can’t get through ends up dying, you know what that makes you? Other than a thoughtless idiot, I mean?

    • Nicole

      First of all greg, let me make this clear, obviously you are not aware that, the movement is not just about dems and reps, its about we the people standing up and firm to what we believe and if you can not support that as an American Citizen and a patriot, you need to get the hell out of the USA and as for you paul, you must not be reading or listening to the movement stating that emergency lanes will be left open.

      • Nancy Bell

        The whole problem with this country is this Democrat Republican Independent Liberal thing. We should be working as ONE to get this country back on track. Stop with the Party BS!!!! Almost everyone who is a Senator or Representative or any other elected official are all a bunch of crooks – look at the mess they’ve gotten us in…..

        • http://yahoo gina

          If we had just one party then we would lose all our rights and they would rule changing and making laws that only benefits them a lot like what they have been doing anyway but we do need a law that stops anyone from being in office more that 4 years and we need people that are not millionaires looking for more power and Money, we need people that really know what the rest of the people deal with daily, Did you know that all but 22 people in our Government are millionaires and the ones that are not are the ones fighting to cut the waste and wanting the Government to stop sending our money overseas while people like Nancy Pelosi which has a net wroth of $185 Million says she know what we need and how hard it can be, Well I say she can not know this nor do I under stand how she could stand in the house and say we need to pass the health care act so that we can know what’s in it, that is just Crazy. I do wish our Governors would each call the Representatives and senators back to there state and all the Governors them get together and put a stop to what is happen in Washington, Are it would be Nice if our Vice President would step in and remove Obama for what he is doing against the Constitution Did you know once Obama started handing out wavers to some people and changing the law it became void because he did not send it back for a vote nor did the Court after they rewrote it making it a tax so with it being Edited by the justices and Obama after the Vote it did to go back for a vote but was not which means it is Voided

    • Dana

      Listen here Paul, usually the first person to stop and give aid in an accident is a truck driver. We pull thousands of people out of wrecks a month and start first aid before anyone has time to get there. We put out car fires and change tires for elderly people. If you don’t know what truckers are about, then shut your stupid mouth. We sacrifice more than anyone to do our domestic jobs. This is a peaceful protest but you want to start some shit< I guarantee we will finish it.

      • Annie

        Love this movement, hoping for a peaceful demonstration…. That being said, if a Dem throws a stone, throw em’ 18 wheels for me!

      • fski

        Here is a tough d-bag…..actually truck drivers are the worst lowest forms of garbage on the road….i see them all the time running cars out of lanes and driving erratically…they cause the accidents….I have never ever heard of a trucker being a first responder or helping old ladys with tires….truckers have a schedule and can’t stop to help anyone…..

        Let’s get real for a second and face it….anyone can be a trucker….not that hard…drive….whoa…get a Masters Degree for that…there are signs all around DC that you don’t even need to have graduated HS….as long as you have a valid license….

        I would like to see you finish anything tough guy….how about HS….so tough on a message board…I would love to see who you really are…probably some short, old, bald, fat, loser that spends all their time driving because they have no life….

        • http://None Myke Britt

          fski, STOP WHINING, YOU’LL STILL GET YOUR WELFARE CHECK THIS MONTHS AND NOW YOU CAN GET “CASH BACK” on your EBT card to buy beer and pizza with.


          ANYONE who runs their filthy mouth about truckers does not know a dam think about truckers!!I grew up with my dad riding with him for many tears on the road on my summer vacations and I saw for many years how truckers are and were very respectful people. AND!!!! They had to learn and be trained to drive these BIG RIGS!!! Maybe back in the day it was not considered having a DEGREE BUT,,,,,they still had to go through alot of training to get a CDL!!! Let’s see you get your nasty self in a truck and drive it and back it up!!! I am betting you could NOT DO IT!!! So shut your DAM PIEHOLE ALREADY NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR YOUR BIG MOUTH!!!

        • jerry arbaugh

          fski remember all this degrading you done here when you have no fodd on your table for your family enough said

    • jenny

      emergency lane is being left open by the truckers for that reason

  • Sandra Garvin

    Yes it’s still on!

  • Greg

    You think your REALLY gonna stir things up, as IF nothing is stronger than a force of truckers? How about 3-400,000 angry Democratic supporters? You won’t hold dem trucks very long!

    • Dana

      I’m your huckleberry. Bring It tootsy wootsy.

    • kelly

      They don’t have to touch u, asshole. If they just refuse to deliver goods your world is all fucked up at that point. See what happened in the 70’s when truckers decided they were not delivering goods..Good luck filling up your pos car with gas that hasn’t been delivered or your fat a$$ with food that never made it to your state. LOL

    • Susan Shearer

      Get out of the way you shit stain… our truckers are coming, and GOD BLESS them ALL

    • Jack Carolina

      HOW ABOUT 200 million people that know people like you ARE MORONS !!

  • Greg

    If I’m in that traffic and these yahoo’s got us all stopped, there’s A LOT of truckers gonna start losing A LOT…A LOT of tires!

    • Steve

      Really? Sounds to me like you are a little boy who cannot back up his words. Internet is a great place for you, in real life you lose hard and often.

    • joe

      either your real stupid or a puny little dope behind a keyboard… I would just love to see you try and do damage to one of the truckers tires….

    • Jack Carolina


    • Jerry Alexander

      What do you drive Greg? What is your tag number oh brave one? Come out of your shell…who are you? Show your face,or,are you going to hide behind you mother,and cry?

    • http://yahoo gina

      Greg you and Mrs. Fski sound like a couple of ass-licks and very dumb talking grab about people that are willing to stand up for the Constitution and for what it stands for just like the people who fought to free this country and the men and women in our Armed Forces that are dying each day to keep you safe and free at home, the Armed Forces are in powered by the Constitution to up hold the constitution and the rights of the people not just the one’s that hold office, and Mr. Obama has proved to them that he could care less about any of them by his actions and how dumb is he to shut down the parks across the country just to piss the people off when in fact he has hurt the country more by do this by not having the millions of dollars a day that these places bring in and now saying that there will be no food stamps for November for the people that need them when he know the Government is still bring in $250 Million a mouth and could keep the food stamps going to the people and the Republicans have sent a bill over and he won’t sign it so the people can have food. Why will because he wants people to do without and to get people all worked up basic causing all kinds of crazy stuff to start so that he can have the police and Armed Forces start killing people and jailing them and he knows that people will fight back so there will be many people killed while he and his thugs hide in their bunker eating and drinking food he bought with our tax dollars, until about 30% of the now Americans are dead then he hopes to be able to stop it by giving food out and making him the one that saved America and becoming the life long leader and if anyone stands against him they will be jailed or killed are turned into a slave for the Government which really is what the people will be once this takes places, So you see the People protesting are trying to get you to WAKE UP so this can all be stopped before it takes place, like it did in Germany and you see in history how that turn out so read the history books and the Bible and the Constitution and know the bill of rights, and stand with the people not against the people who only want the best for us all.

  • http://none phil

    what Iheard today about the dead heros that the familys are not getting thier insurance makes me ashamed Iam a vet Korea I am 82 so I cant be there Iamashame of my country

    • http://None Myke Britt

      PROTESTS DON’T WORK??? Now, you’ve hurt AL’S (THE UNPUNISHED CRIMINAL)FEELINGS!! Protests are his main source of tax free revenue!

  • Dana

    Maybe you wish it was cancelled. It’s not. The only thing cancelled was Earl.

  • Missy Horsley

    Please, please let this be a true protect. My heart can’t take the disappointment. I’m (we’re) counting on you truckers, you are the hope of America. The patriots on 18 wheels! I believe in you all. Bring the hammer down in Washington. Godspeed to you all. #MakeDcListen

    • fski

      Yo’re an idiot…..people like you are a disgrace….sitting at home on your couch bitching and moaning and telling others to do things that you wouldn’t dare do….

      • Jerry Alexander

        What is your real name fski..
        I think your mother approached me once on 42nd St before Disney came along.She called herself Mrs fski.
        I turned her down…she stunk!

  • Toby

    Typical DIS-INFORMATION by Socialist Obama~ites. They’re trying to minimize any protest by saying it’s cancelled.

    DON’T let them get away with it. GO TRUCKERS!!!!

  • Susan Shearer

    Get out of the way you shit stain…our truckers are coming, and GOD BLESS them ALL

  • fski

    Another lame “protest” by a bunch of idiots that think they know what is best for the country or how to get people to listen…

    Newsflash a-holes…protests don’t work and you will either cause traffic problems for no reason at all or no one will show and there will be one truck trying to do a protest….

    Idiot a-holes!

    • http://None Myke Britt

      PROTESTS DON’T WORK??? Now, you’ve hurt AL’S (THE UNPUNISHED CRIMINAL)FEELINGS!! Protests are his main source of tax free revenue!

  • fski

    By the way….you ever drive in DC…you leave one lane open for emergency vehicles….I guarentee you every single car will go in that lane to try to get around you scumbag low-life nasty truck drivers….which when a real ambulance comes through…they will be stuck and you will be murderers….

    How would you feel to kill an innocent person because of your idiotic and lame “protest”

    • Ken

      You are the sheep that are being led to slaughter. Keep up your mindless drivel fski!

  • fski

    Hey everyone, the truckers called….they said that you are all retards and get back to your meaningless worthless lives…..there was never a protest just a bunch of a-holes trying to look cool for the media….

    • http://None Myke Britt


  • raw twig

    SERIOUSLY; You’re all a bunch of undecided nobs. You have a shit storm heading your way and all that you can do is diss each other.

    • raw twig

      PS; for those that are saying the Trucker run isn’t on…You are Wrong. Yes it is and its Full Speed Ahead…HAMMER DOWN

      • ann barnett

        I think it’s about time that the truckers do something to wake up all of these spoiled rotten ungrateful American consumers! They are quick to bash us, but the real deal is that they may have a piece of paper proving they went to college, but they have no clue what it takes to provide them with the comforts they have come to expect.What’s next????? Farmers???? A bunch of backwood bib overall wearing non educated people??? My my, where do they think the cream for the latte”s comes from? Oh yeah, the cappaciano fairy. I hope the truckers do refuse to haul freight!!!! Let them make their way down to the docks and the rail yards to do their shopping!!! GO TRUCKERS!!!!!

  • Jack Carolina

    well Jennifer sure looks like a bunch of FANTASY your writing here that’s for sure ~!!!


  • Buster Crabb

    Shut up miss fski,or,I`ll tell them about you mother.

  • Kimberley

    This protest is against all elected officials Dems, Rep and Ind! We The People need to unite to stop the corruption of all in office. Do not allow them to divide us any further! Stand Up for the USA our Constitution and the Freedoms it gives us which are dwindling quickly at the hands of our corrupt elected!! They sit pretty with their million dollar bank accounts while we struggle to survive and that has nothing to do w/ a political party its government as a whole! GOD BLESS OUR TRUCK DRIVERS!

  • Patrick

    That is so wrong!
    A few of these comments seem to be as if you were unwilling to fight for the constitution and cant recognize the coruption that has been taking place over past 30-40 years.
    Do you even realize what is at stake here?
    These are Americans who want our leaders to uphold what they took an oath to and it is right to demand that they do so.
    Do you understand the princables of the constitution,do you not want freedom?
    It seems there are those that love the government alfabet soup and will trade liberty and freedom for security,to you i say “you deserve neither”.

  • Michael

    Your worried about Emergency Services getting thru our Protest? Someone may die for the cause of it? Our government kills people everyday all over the world. Protest that. Support our movement every American – Natural born and legalize citizenship! You earned the right to stand for your freedom! When it come to our constitutional freedom, You better stand for it! Be there and be heard!

  • Carrie

    Earl Conlon is NOT ASSOCIATED with this event!!!

    Jennifer Curra wrote a bogus story!!!

  • Debbie W

    Some of you people on here make me sick (fski). Do you realize that pretty much EVERYTHING that you have or own has been hauled by a truck driver? Do you realize that they spend days, weeks and months away from their families, just so you can have what you want or think you need. All those nice shiny toys, cars, tv’s, food that you eat, cloths on your back, even the supplies that it took to build your house were hauled by a trucker. So while you sit there and put down these drivers, think about all the things they give up so YOU can have everything you want. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and a lot of other important things that you all take for granted everyday. My boyfriend, is truck drivers, and he deserve more respect than anyone ever gives him. So the next time you are enjoying riding in that car you own, or putting on a new pair of jeans, or eating, think of a truck driver and what they have sacrificed for you to enjoy it. And by the way, As far as my boy friend, I couldn’t be any more proud of him and to be honest, he is quite intelligent too. Godspeed!

  • Trenton

    HAHA it has not been canceled and if you think Protests don’t work then maybe we will do more than protest.

  • Tamie

    If you are writing this story for the truth< You better do some more research. The Truckers Ride For The Constitution is still rolling!

  • dan

    The Trucker Protest Is On! Jennifer Curra is out of touch. The media and Government is doing all they can do to shut down and minimize this event.

  • Carol Batten

    Try as you will.There are many going and if those that started this as a hoax back away there is always someone ready to take over.

  • TG

    Just more media dis information… now they do as they are told by the government and will ignore this event as news worthy for the MAJORITY of Americans.
    The sheeple will continue believing they are happy.

  • http://yahoo Glenn

    Our Constitution is what we want the Government to live by so This is for Mrs.Fski and Greg and the rest of the sheep, That sadly can not see the truth and what is happening to our country as it is being ran into the ground by Obama and the thugs that back him, just like the two justices he placed in the highest court we have keeping the case’s that will prove he is in offices illegally and force him to unlock his school records and the records on why he lost his law license, which would also prove he is not a American, But this will all be proved once he is out and he will be sent to prison along with the ones that helped him cover this up. There is proof that Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean lied and made him the winner over Hillary in the first race, and you know the health care act sounds good but once you read it and see all the things hidden within it and that it is really the biggest tax hike ever placed on the American people and it will hurt us all even the people that wanted it now they see they to must pay, they no longer want it. also the dumbest thing I ever heard was when Nancy Pelosi Said we needed to pass it so we could see what was in it with that kind of thinking in our Government you can see how we got here, But I think that Nancy Pelosi wanted it passed for other reasons and that’s how her net wroth grew by $100 Million from 2008 and 2010 for getting it passed, And I find it hard to believe it when the Democratic in our Government say they understand how hard it is to live payday to payday while raising a family and putting kids though collage. When all but 10 of them are Millionaires and have free health care, and their kids get free collage that we all pay for so really how could they know what it’s like in the real world. and looking at history it was Hitler and the German Government that first came out with Government health care for the people then they took the guns from the people and started the brainwashing and it was their way are you die, and look how that turned out not good for anyone. Did you know a while back a reporter asked the Prime Minister of China why he though no country had ever attacked America and he stated it was because it is known that the American people have guns in their homes and no country could ever fight against a country where all the people would have the power to fight back also that why it won’t happen, that was in 1989. So why is Obama and John Kerry trying to take our guns and our freedom and rights we have form our Constitution. Am not say that the Republican’s are all good nor are all the Democratic are bad but we must put a stop to all the crazy grab they are doing to us all. You want a health care for the people then start with stopping all the grants for how a frog has sex and junk like that and have drug testing for welfare and food stamps people and stop sending billions overseas to the people that want to kill us all anyway, and use that money to have health care for the people that need it, one more thing in 2016 if you are thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton you should know you can look up the truth about her and how she has been a Millionaire from the 70s and how her and Bill have been linked to Drug dealers, Bank scams, Land Scams, Murderer, Murderer cover up, Witness tampering, stealing of $250 Million from a children program though the Government, and how 5 ladies have reported they were raped by Bill, and how once Bill Clinton was found guilty and impeached, the Democratic party gave him a full pardon so he stayed in office and still gets the pay of a president and when Hillary was the first lady she was the only first lady to ever be served a subpoena to report to court on charges. But Mrs. Obama and Mr. Obama are the first people to serve in the white house and have both of their License’s to practice Law taken away from them both for crimes they had competed.

  • http://yahoo American Dad

    We must start with a protest to let them all know we are awake and watching them and will not stand for much more of this grab and their lies and them doing as they please with our country and the laws. Take the health care act it was passed and made law then after it was passed people sued and the supreme court said it’s not a law but a tax, but then they reworked it twice to make it fall under the constitution but once they rewrote it they did not send it for a new vote so it should be void under the constitution but the Government pushed it on us anyway then Obama had his friends and big companies and the congress asking for wavers and not to be part of this new tax Law So he changed it once again give his group of friends and big money backer wavers from this law, and did not send it back to the house are the congress for a vote, but just pushed it on us but once he started changing it was not the law that was passed so need a new vote, So it is void once again but they still feel they can do as they please and push it on us. So maybe you can see why the people are so upset about how they are doing this, just like how Mr. Obama shutting down all the parks even when the Government makes millions a day from people going to them, just to piss the people off and hurt the Government even more by cutting the money intake from all the visitors to these places, and to stop the Vitamins form going to their own park is a slap in the face to all American and the men and women that are in our armed forces and for the ones that fought for our freedom and the ones we have lost while they fought for us all, If you think about it you may think he has lost his mind going against the American people and the Armed Forces and treating people like they don’t even matter and thinking the people would just take it. and with his threat to call out the national guard to stop the people has he forgotten the men and women in the national guard are Americans first and stand for the Constitution and the people not for a Man trying to become a dictator.

  • http://yahoo American Dad

    I hope the trucker have a safe time protesting, and don’t run into anything are hit a guardrail while trying to turn around and have (5) five or(6) six police officers run up on them guns drawn yelling at them, freaking them out to the point they fear they are about to be shot to death so they try to get away from the police officers so not to be shot, But then fined that now they are shooting at them and do kill them, and then have a press meeting saying how they stopped the trucker that was trying to get in the white house even though he was many miles away and not (3) three blocks away like the unarmed lady with a child in her car. Wow she was a real threat with that little car and NO gun and with her baby in there with her, she could have taken over the Government Right, That was so CRAZY, SO be careful the people in Washington DC are not playing with a full deck.

  • http://yahoo Nancy P

    You Fools making a grand stand for nothing, you have already lost and we have won and we control the Government and can close all the depts. that helps you morons and we can stop gas and food we can close the banks, we are the new Government and you will do has we say are pay the price so stop protesting us IT’s Over and you have lost now learn your place and see how you may serve us the new Government, we do care about you, that’s why you need us to tell you what you can do.

    • http://yahoo gina

      Lady YOU are Crazy and you nor anyone will never control the free the Brave American people, better read the history books this country fought for it’s freedom against a King and won it’s freedom, and then again it fought against it self North against the south over many thing one being that most of the Americans were against the 6 state that had slaves and wanted it stop because we are all people and not pets so don’t think the people of this land will ever be your dogs and do as you say WE will stand and fight for our rights giving to us by God and the Constitution of America and the bill of rights So if I were you I would pack and get a plane and take your buddies and fly away while you can, You truly are Crazy.